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Chapter 1483 – The Rescue

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 “Jia Cheng Shan, I’ll take away your last breath.” Lin Feng raised his head and then reached out. The fake Cheng Shan’s neck was suddenly in the grasp of his hand. No matter how hard the fake Cheng Shan struggled, he could not hurt Lin Feng any more.

“Lin, Lin Feng, you…” The fake Cheng Shan’s face turned red and he coughed. He felt the blood coagulating in his meridians. A sense of suffocation spread all over his body.

“Speak! Where are the clan relatives of Huo Wu?” Lin Feng stared at the fake Cheng Shan coldly. There was no goodwill in the fake Cheng Shan’s heart. The only way for people like the fake Cheng Shan was to kill them. But before that, he needed to know everything he wanted to know.

   The fake Cheng Shan was finding it hard to breathe, and his head felt heavy and his feet were light. Lin Feng’s horrible aura almost broke him down. But when he heard Lin Feng’s question, he couldn’t help laughing. He knew that Lin Feng couldn’t help asking about them.

“Ha ha ha. I will not tell you even you will kill me!” the fake Cheng Shan clenched his teeth and glared at him. His face was ferocious and cheerful. Even if he couldn’t kill Lin Feng, he will make him feel terrible until the end.

   Lin Feng, his face cold, was very clear that it was impossible for the fake Cheng Shan to give him the whereabouts of the Huo Wu’s clan relatives. It was the fake’s decision to speak or not. Whether Lin Feng could find out or not depended on his own ability!

“I can’t believe that you have locked up the clan relatives of Huo Wu in the Mo Clan’s territory.” Lin Feng successfully opened the mind of the fake Cheng Shan, and immediately found this important bit of news. He not only detected that, but had a huge, unexpected find.

   The whereabouts of his son Lin Zu!

   Lin Zu was not kidnapped by the fake Cheng Shan, but he knew where Lin Zu was now. It was unexpected!

   Lin Feng smiled. He grew even happier when he looked at the shocked face and unwilling eyes of the fake Cheng Shan, “Do you think it’s difficult for an Earthly Godly Ancestor to invade the mind of a Holy Godly Ancestor?”

“You…You…” The fake Cheng Shan stared at his eyes and pointed at Lin Feng. He wanted to say something, but he could not at this time. There was no need for the fake Cheng Shan to live any longer. Lin Feng’s hand squeezed, and the fake Cheng Shan’s neck was directly crushed.

   The fake Cheng Shan’s eyes were still staring as his body fell as Lin Feng let go. The fake Cheng Shan’s body fell to the ground as if it had no bones. Lin Feng glanced at the fake Cheng Shan’s body, then threw out a flame with his left hand. The body was burned away, even its soul didn’t exist anymore.

   Turning around, Lin Feng looked at the cultivators of the Ancestor Ant Clan and said, “Come to the Mo Clan with me!”

   After learning the whereabouts of Huo Wu’s clan relatives, Lin Feng could not do nothing. He had to rescue the parents and relatives of Huo Wu. His son’s whereabouts were also confirmed by the fake Cheng Shan. But he couldn’t just rush to that place and get him back.

   The Human Clan! Lin Zu was in the Human Clan! This was something that Lin Feng didn’t expect. It was none other than the descendant of the Duan family that Qing Xin Yue had told him about before who had taken Lin Zu. He didn’t know whether this descendant was Duan Wu Dao or Duan Wu Ya’s heir, but no matter whose heir he was, he must be Duan Xin Ye’s nephew.

   But why did the descendant of the Duan family bring Lin Zu into the Human Clan? Was there any connection between him and the Human Clan? Lin Feng suddenly realized and clapped his head. He was confused before. Since he was a member of the World of Battles, he would surely join a force. The Human clan might choose him, and he would absolutely join their people.

   Lin Zu was brought into the Human Clan by the descendant of the Duan family. Was this fate or was it just a coincidence? When Lin Zu was born, he was identified as the second Human Ancestor. Maybe this was an opportunity.

   Since Lin Zu was not in danger now, Lin Feng was not in a hurry to rescue him. Maybe Lin Zu would have a better development in the Human Clan.

   Lin Feng didn’t know that what the Duan descendant had done would create a new second Human Ancestor, who would be the Ancestor of the Human Clan in the new generation.


   Many powerful people followed Lin Feng to the Mo Clan. The Mo Clan was in the South of the World of Battles. It was noon when Lin Feng and many powerful people arrived at the Mo Clan.

   The Mo Clan was a small branch of the Demon Region, and was also the force that Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan and Demon King Tai Gu had joined. It was also the force that Prince Ghost belonged to once. Of course, Lin Feng’s purpose this time was not to take revenge on Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan and Demon King Tai Gu, but to rescue the relatives of Huo Wu.

   It would be very easy for Lin Feng to take revenge. Neither Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan nor Demon King Tai Gu had the strength to beat him, and they knew it very well. So, from the beginning to the end, they dared not provoke Lin Feng, only spin some small conspiracies in the dark.

   Lin Feng was also tired. He didn’t have any thoughts about the life and death of Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan. He was obviously furious about Demon Emperor Xuan Yuan’s way of getting rid of him as soon as he had done his job, but it was not his fault. Lin Feng could only blame himself for being shortsighted and trusting the wrong person, who only regarded him as a pawn in a game.

   As for the Demon King Tai Gu, he was yesterday’s target. If he provoked Lin Feng, Lin Feng would kill him, or Lin Feng would just let it be.

   After Lin Feng became an Earthly Godly Ancestor, his horizons had broadened. He began to think more like an Overlord.


   It was noon, and the disciples of the Mo Clan were practicing at the back of the mountain. The atmosphere was quite ominous. In addition, the aura of the Mo Clan was so powerful that no one dared to make trouble.

   The Leader of the Mo Clan was in seclusion now. He wanted to be powerful enough to participate in the competition when the List of the World of Battles was updated. He wanted to compete with the former Overlords on the List and the new stars like Lin Feng, and finish in the top fifty.

   Lin Feng, with a group of powerful people, snuck into the back of the Mo Clan’s mountain. He bypassed the place where the disciples were practicing, and went straight to the jungle behind the valley. There was a cave there where the parents and relatives of Huo Wu were locked up.

   After arriving at the cave, Lin Feng ordered the others to guard here to avoid conflicts with the cultivators of the Mo Clan. After all, there were not too many conflicts between him and the Mo Clan yet. He had only some personal conflicts with the Emperor and King.

   Lin Feng entered the cave. The dark cave was not big. He soon reached the depths of the place. Gradually, there was a human aura, but it was very weak.

   Lin Feng accelerated. He recalled that when he was in the Hundred Regions, Huo Sheng Jun had taken care of him and he had fallen in love with his baby girl. Huo Sheng Jun was his father-in-law.

   It was so dark in the cave, But there were about five figures breathing weakling. They were chained and lying on the wet ground. The woman with a weak aura was on her deathbed, and would not live for two more days.

“Luo Chen, even if you torture us to death, I won’t let you frame Huo Wu!”

  Huo Sheng Jun was weak, but he still heard the footsteps coming from outside. He thought it was the fake Cheng Shan coming back, and could not help cursing him, but he was not strong enough…

   Lin Feng heard the familiar voice and he felt sour. This was the first senior he had met after he left the Highest Heavens World and went to the God clan. He was the father of Huo Wu, Huo Sheng Jun! He was the Elder of the temple!

   With a wave of his hand, the whole cave was immediately filled with fire. The blazing fire scorched the earth. Soon the damp air of the cave had disappeared and it warmed up a lot. Huo Sheng Jun felt the warmth of the sudden fire, and his body’s fire Qi gradually strengthened a lot.

   They were all fire cultivators. Now with the fire here, their bodies were recovering quickly. When Huo Sheng Jun saw Lin Feng, he couldn’t help wondering who this was. He had forgotten the face of Lin Feng, so it was hard to recall for a while. But he felt that he knew this young man.

“Senior, do you remember me?” Lin Feng slowly squatted on the ground and helped Huo Sheng Jun up, a warm smile on his face. Lin Feng was feeling the pulse of Huo Sheng Jun and frowned. How could it be so weak?

   But fortunately, the fake Cheng Shan did something good, helping them recover their strength and avoid dying because of the great disparity of strength. Now, Huo Sheng Jun had the realm of subordinate deity.

   Lin Feng gently mobilized the power of his Ancestral Body and infused it into the body of Huo Sheng Jun. He dared not give too much, as Huo Sheng Jun could not bear that.

   Gradually, Huo Sheng Jun’s body became much better. His face was as white as paper, but he was starting to redden a bit. His emaciated face also began to fill out. Looking up at Lin Feng, Huo Sheng Jun was very confused.

“It was because of me that your daughter left home!” Lin Feng smiled awkwardly and reminded Huo Sheng Jun.

   Before the sound of his voice had died away, Huo Sheng Jun suddenly stared at Lin Feng in astonishment. He gaped and said, “You, you are Lin Feng!”

“My father-in-law, I am Lin Feng!” With a brilliant smile, Lin Feng held the arm of Huo Sheng Jun. Huo Sheng Jun trembled faintly. After too many years, he had finally met Lin Feng, the best young man in the God Region, the man who had fascinated his daughter.

“You, why are you here?” Huo Sheng Jun hadn’t spoken for a long time. It was hard to avoid stuttering at the beginning, but he soon adapted.

“The fake Cheng Shan, ah, I killed Luo Chen, and so I found you here!” Lin Feng wanted to say the fake Cheng Shan. But Huo Sheng Jun would not know that the fake Cheng Shan was Luo Chen. So he changed his words to Luo Chen.

   When Huo Sheng Jun heard the words, he was frightened. He asked incredulously, “How is that possible? His-his strength is beyond imagination!”

   Huo Sheng Jun had never left the God Region. When Luo Chen kidnapped them, he was no better than a Supreme Emperor. Now he had broken through to subordinate deity, helped by Luo Chen. But facing the strength of Luo Chen, Huo Sheng Jun was desperate. In his eyes, Luo Chen was a ruler, an evil emperor, and a demon.

   But Lin Feng had killed Luo Chen. It made Huo Sheng Jun witless. He couldn’t imagine that a man as powerful as Luo Chen was killed by Lin Feng. What realm would Lin Feng have to be?

“You, how powerful are you now?” Huo Sheng Jun knew that he had been away from the God Region for a long time, and did not know the levels of the strong people nowadays, so he asked blankly.

   Lin Feng didn’t know how to explain it to him. After all, Huo Sheng Jun came from the God Region. But now it was the World of Battles, and the Country of Eternity between the World of Battles and the God Region. It was hard for him to accept the fact for a while.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Sheng Jun with confidence and smiled, “Well, I can kill ten Luo Chens, but ten of him can’t kill me!”

   Hearing that, Huo Sheng Jun’ mind was full of fear and he was stunned into silence.

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