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Chapter 1484 – The Ancestor of Terran was freed, but failed to Break Through

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“Well, I don’t understand!”

   It took a long time for Huo Sheng Jun to recover, but he was still full of doubt. He had been away from the outside world for a long time, so he did not understand the world nowadays.

“I’ll get you out of here first!” Lin Feng finished up. Huo Sheng Jun didn’t understand the current situation in the World of Battles. At present, the most important thing was to rescue these people, especially the mother of Huo Wu. She was already dying.

   The woman looked a little like Huo Wu, and was very dignified. Her face was as white as paper, and her aura had almost disappeared. Lin Feng walked beside the woman and infused Qi into her meridians. She was almost a normal person. He needed to be very careful to instill Qi.

   It took two hours for Lin Feng to restore the woman’s strength in front of him. Her aura had stabilized, and her life was saved. But how long she would take to wake up depended on her willpower.

“Aunt, Huo Wu is waiting for you to wake up!” Lin Feng helped the woman up and whispered in her ear. Huo Sheng Jun stood up and held the mother of Huo Wu in his arms. The two elders behind him were also infused with pure Qi by Lin Feng. They all recovered.

“Let’s get out of here first!” Lin Feng said calmly. He walked in front of everyone, and the four people behind him followed quickly. As they drew close to the entrance of the cave, the bright sunshine came in. Huo Sheng Jun finally relaxed.

   Walking out of the cave, the green forest outside came into view. Huo Sheng Jun and the two elders all sighed.

“Huo Sheng Jun, I don’t know what’s going on in the God Region. Shall we go back and check it out?” An old man looked at Huo Sheng Jun with a worried face. He just wanted to go back to the God Region and see what was going on.

“Yes, I don’t know what Luo Chen did to the God Region!” Another old man had the same worry. They couldn’t forget their hometown. Huo Sheng Jun understood that.

   Huo Sheng Jun nodded, then looked at Lin Feng… and saw the cultivators behind him. He was shocked. Were they all as powerful as Luo Chen? He gradually understood that it was not Luo Chen who was strong, but was him who was shortsighted. After being locked in the cave by Luo Chen, he was like a frog at the bottom of a well. He had only met Luo Chen.

“Lin Feng, can you send us back to the God Region?” Huo Sheng Jun asked worriedly. Hearing that, Lin Feng and the other cultivators were all stunned. The God Region? Which God Region? Was there still a God Region in the World of Battles?

   Lin Feng smiled wryly. The God Region that Huo Sheng Jun spoke of was the world Lin Feng was in after he left the Highest Heavens. But now they were in the World of Battles. There was no way back to the God Region.

  “Um, Huo Sheng Jun. I’m afraid I can’t help you to return to the God Region. This is a completely different world from God’s Land!” Lin Feng had to tell Huo Sheng Jun.

   Hearing that, Huo Sheng Jun was shocked, and his face paled. He fell back several steps and was propped up by the two elders. However, Huo Sheng Jun’s worries increased and he was sadder.

“You, you said that here and the God Region are two different worlds?” Huo Sheng Jun raised his head and asked stupidly.

   Lin Feng didn’t want to lie to Huo Sheng Jun. He nodded, “Yes. There are not only two different worlds. This world is called the World of Battles. There is the Country of Eternity, which is between the World of Battles and the God Region, which is in the Country of God!

“So, I can’t send you back. If you like, I can send you go back to my world first, and you can make your own plans!”

   The so-called plan was undoubtedly to send them into the World of Battle and reunite with Huo Wu. As for sending them back to the Country of God, that was beyond Lin Feng’s ability.

   Huo Sheng Jun nodded. He did not know what to do. He could only listen to Lin Feng. After all, Lin Feng would not hurt him.

   Lin Feng held Huo Sheng Jun and Huo Wu’s mother. The Yi cultivators grabbed the two elders, and they all flew straight into the sky and headed back to the Region of the Eight Corners in the direction they had come from.

   Not long after Lin Feng and others left, a man in black appeared in front of the cave. The man silently stared at Lin Feng who had disappeared. He shook his head and said, “Lin Feng came to the Mo clan stealthily. I was worried about whether he was going to make troubles. It seems that I worried too much!”


   …At night, the stars scattered all over the sky and white moonlight sprinkled on the land. In the center of Man Yu, Huo Sheng Jun and others settled in a quiet villa, arranged by Lin Feng.

   After listening to Lin Feng’s explanation on the road, Huo Sheng Jun was no longer confused. He learned about things in the World of Battles and things of the World of Eternity. He couldn’t help sighing emotionally. He couldn’t imagine how the world had changed so much in the years after they were captured by Luo Chen. In his mind, he still admired Supreme Emperors, but now people judged their strength by Godly Ancestors!

   It was not so easy to accept this change. Huo Wu’s mother was awake and shouting to see Huo Wu. Lin Feng had no choice but to go into his Spiritual World and explain the situation to Huo Wu. Huo Wu was so excited that she couldn’t say anything, and only cried.

   Lin Feng came to the Region of the Eight Corners with Huo Wu in his arms. This was the first time that Huo Wu had left the Spiritual World. The rift in their relationship was slowly healing after Luo Chen’s plot broke down and Huo Sheng Jun was rescued.


   There was peace and warmth in the room as Huo Wu and her mother hugged and cried. Huo Sheng Jun shook his head and sighed. The two elders were excited. The family was happy again.

   Lin Feng left silently. He didn’t want to disturb their family reunion. The grievances that Huo Wu had suffered for so many years could also be told to her family. She was so angry that she ran away from home, and her family ended up being controlled by Luo Chen. Now she had atoned for her past crimes.

   When he walked out from the yard, Zi Jin Xiao came to him in a hurry. Lin Feng knew that something had happened. What’s more, it must not be a small thing to make her panic so.

“Lin Feng, the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points…” Zi Jin Xiao wanted to say, but Lin Feng waved and interrupted him.

“Go to the meeting hall and we’ll talk about it.” Lin Feng glanced at the peaceful scene in the courtyard. He didn’t want to disturb them. He directed Zi Jin Xiao to head to the meeting hall.

   Zi Jin Xiao nodded and quickly followed Lin Feng. There was no one in the hall except the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points.

“Senior!” Zi Jin Xiao saw the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points and hurriedly bowed with fists. The Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points waved his hand and looked at Lin Feng. “How are things going with the Ancestor Ta?”

“It’s done. The Ancestor Ta has found his relatives. You don’t have to worry about it in the future.” Lin Feng nodded and felt better. Ancestor Ta had found his lost memory and family. It was a big deal.

   Di Zu nodded and relaxed. Yi San Ren was always asking about it these days, but Lin Feng hadn’t come to visit yet, so he didn’t know how to answer. Now he could answer appropriately.

“You guys talk, I’ll leave now.” Seeing that they were in a hurry, the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points knew that they must have something important to talk about. He didn’t want to overhear, so he was ready to leave.

   As he was walking out of the hall, the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points suddenly thought of something. He couldn’t help turning around and saying, “Lin Feng, get ready for the New World of Battles List Event one week from now!”

“In a week? Okay! ” Lin Feng nodded. He had to face this kind of grand event. Whether he could become a powerful Overlord depended on this event!


   The Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points left. Zi Jin Xiao reported the other news that needed to be relayed, “Lin Feng, here is some news from the Human Clan. The Human Ancestor of Terran is out of seclusion. He failed to break through to Heavenly God Ancestor!”

   The atmosphere was a little somber. Lin Feng stopped talking. Zi Jin Xiao stood aside unhappily. Only when the Human Ancestor was strong in the World of Battles could the World of Battles return to normal. If the Human Ancestor did not break through the Heavenly God Ancestor, no one would know what would happen once the Ancient Demon appeared!

   Once the Ancient Demon appeared, there would be a mess in the World of Battles. It was likely to collapse and be ruled by him alone. That would be a disaster for the World of Battles.

   The Demon Kirin couldn’t be counted on. He just wanted to sleep underground peacefully. As long as the World of Battles didn’t disappear, he wouldn’t care who was in charge. It had nothing to do with him. The Ancient Demon wouldn’t take the initiative to eliminate him.

“If the Human Ancestor failed to break through, we will find someone to replace him!” Lin Feng fell into deep thought, thinking of his son, Lin Zu. Lin Zu would become the second Human Ancestor in the future. This might be a chance for him.

   Lin Feng was not going to rescue Lin Zu. As long as Lin Zu was in the Human Clan, it was the safest place for him. It would be difficult for the Duan Family if they wanted to harm him. The Human Ancestor would not let another family’s descendants make trouble in his territory. He didn’t need to worry about it anymore. 

But Qing Huang Tian hadn’t died yet. He owed Sister Qing. Was she really not coming back?

“Zi Jin Xiao, I’ll go out and have a rest!” Lin Feng walked out of the main hall with some worries. He left the center of Man Yu in silence.

   Zi Jin Xiao couldn’t guess what Lin Feng was thinking about. It was not the time to interrupt. He could only do his own job well to ensure the safety of the Region of the Eight Corners. He needed to make sure that there were no mistakes before Song Chou Jiu came out from seclusion.

   The night was thick and quiet. The earth was stained with a layer of silver. Lin Feng walked alone through Man Yu, and inadvertently looked up at the mountains. He saw Qing Rong Jiao standing on the top of it releasing and recovering the power of the Dragon and Phoenix. Lin Feng was stunned.

“Sister Qing has the strength of Dragon and Phoenix. Qing Rong Jiao is the leader of Dragon and Phoenix Blood. Can he bring sister Qing back to life?” When there was hope, people would be extremely excited. Lin Feng had found a hope of reviving Qing Huang Tian. He couldn’t help stepping out and going straight to the mountain.


   Qing Rong Jiao was in a good mood recently. He stayed with the blood dragons every day, and was relaxed physically and mentally. He felt a sense of belonging, which made him very satisfied. He would not help Lin Feng kill people. What he could do was help Lin Feng train more than a thousand blood dragons and make them one of the trump cards of Lin Feng in the future.

“It’s so late. Why don’t you go to sleep?” Qing Rong Jiao didn’t need to turn around to be able to feel the familiarity of the blood connection. Apart from Lin Feng, there was no second person who had the aura of Dragon and Phoenix Blood.

   Lin Feng stood behind Qing Rong Jiao in silence, looking confused. After a deep breath, he couldn’t help asking, “I have a confidant who also has the power of the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix, but she fell from the sky. Can you help her?”

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