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Chapter 1485 – The Resurrection of Qing Huang Tian

 Edited by RED

“Yes!” Qing Rong Jiao didn’t even think about it twice before he nodded.

Lin Feng didn’t respond. He was stunned and didn’t make a move for a long time. After a long moment of relief, Lin Feng was shocked and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Of course, I don’t have to lie to you!” Qing Rong Jiao was still smiling. There was no change in his mood., so Lin Feng believed him. Although he didn’t have a deep connection with Qing Rong Jiao, and didn’t have much communication with him, Qing Rong Jiao was very real. There was no need to lie to Lin Feng.

“What do I need to do?” Lin Feng was extremely excited. He could not restrain his excitement, but he soon calmed down. If Qing Huang Tian could be revived, it would be the greatest thing ever. After all, he owed the woman. Now was the time to atone for his crime.

“I need you to give her to me and come back tomorrow!” Qing Rong Jiao said lightly. He looked at Lin Feng, waiting for Lin Feng to give her to him.

   Lin Feng didn’t have much doubt. After all, if he could revive Qing Huang Tian, he would not lie. There was no need to cheat Lin Feng.

“She was my woman. I hope big brother Qing takes it seriously!” Lin Feng took Qing Huang Tian out of the glacier region of the Spiritual World. He held Qing Huang Tian, who was cold and breathless, and carefully handed her to Qing Rong Jiao. 

Qing Rong Jiao grasped Qing Huang Tian’s left arm, and suddenly glowed with the golden-red light of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood. Lin Feng saw the body of Qing Huang Tian was also reflecting the golden-red light of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood.

“You may go away. Tomorrow at noon, you can come to pick her up here on this mountain!” Qing Rong Jiao glanced at Lin Feng as he spoke softly. Hearing this, Lin Feng looked at her pale face a little anxiously. He was worried, but he didn’t dare disturb Qing Rong Jiao. He quickly left the mountain.

   Qing Rong Jiao didn’t look after Lin Feng. He lifted Qing Huang Tian up and disappeared. The two lights of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood were very bright. The light covered the stars and the moon in the sky.

   When Lin Feng reached the foot of the mountain, he suddenly looked up at the sky. He felt that he could go back to the Earth someday. He didn’t know how far away the World of Battles was from the Earth.

   He didn’t want to think about those complex things. Lin Feng went back to his room with expectation. Now it was only to wait for the resurrection of Qing Huang Tian tomorrow.


   Time passed slowly. Lin Feng paced in his room for a long time, but he was still unable to calm down. He had to go to the courtyard to see Huo Wu and Huo Sheng Jun.

   Huo Wu had finally calmed down, and her mother had stopped crying. Huo Sheng Jun was filled with emotion and astonishment. After listening to Huo Wu’s description of Lin Feng, he knew how remarkable Lin Feng’s achievements were and how important Lin Feng was in the World of Battles.

   Lin Feng opened the door and entered the inner hall. When she saw him, Huo Wu’s hands suddenly shook. Her expression immediately became complex and guilty. She knew she was sorry for Lin Feng, but she had no excuse to ask for Lin Feng’s forgiveness.

   Huo Sheng Jun also was told to pay close attention to this matter by Huo Wu. He could only sigh. Huo Wu had to choose between filial piety and the relationship of husband and wife. Huo Wu finally chose filial piety. He couldn’t say it was her fault. It was only a little pity.

“Lin Feng, as a father, I would apologize to you for Huo Wu. If it wasn’t for us, she wouldn’t be like that. I hope you…” Huo Sheng Jun sighed. There was no other way to apologize to Lin Feng for Huo Wu. Lin Feng’s achievements and status were rising higher and higher. If Lin Feng really gave upon Huo Wu, it would be fatal for her.

“Uncle, it’s not necessary. I know that Huo Wu loves me. I didn’t blame her. If she chose me and gave up on you two, I would hate her. But now I won’t. Huo Wu is a good girl. I will cherish her instead of hating her.” Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu with love, and took the initiative to reach out his hand.

   Huo Wu blinked, and strong emotion appeared in her beautiful eyes. More grievances and wrongs burst out in her mind. She silently covered her face and cried. Lin Feng took the initiative to embrace her. 

She was Lin Sheng Jiong’s mother. She had been approved by Lin Feng for a long time.

   Seeing this, Huo Sheng Jun and Huo Wu’s mother finally set their minds at rest, nodding gently. Lin Feng was indeed a good man. Huo Wu had made a big mistake, and he could forgive and make peace with her as before. That was what a man should do. What could a man achieve if he squared accounts in every detail with a woman?

“You are so bad!” Huo Wu was crying like a beauty. She pouted her lips, her face full of tears, red flaring on her pale cheeks. She was so pitiful. Lin Feng was very calm now and he had forgot everything except Huo Wu for now.

   Huo Sheng Jun coughed. He took Huo Wu’s mother and silently walked out of the inner hall, sitting in the outer hall. They dared not disturb the couple getting back together, and let everything before go away.

   They didn’t know how long it took for Lin Feng and Huo Wu to walk out hand-in-hand. Huo Wu’s face was very shy, just like a newly married girl.

“Uncle. Aunt, you…”

“Brother Lin Feng, you should change your address to them!” Huo Wu interrupted. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly, some slight embarrassment on his face. He had to change and said, “Father in law and Mother-in-law, will you go to my world with Huo Wu?”

Huo Sheng Jun hesitated a little. He looked at the two elders in the clan behind him. They looked gloomy and solemn, but they seemed to have no choice. They understood the reality after hearing Huo Wu. The World of Battles and the God’s Region were separated by the God’s Country, which was also called the Country of Eternity. It was impossible to go back.

   Since they couldn’t go back, it was better to go to the Spiritual World with Huo Wu. Maybe in the future, they could make some achievements in the Spiritual World. As for God’s Land, they could only forget about it.

“Agree, eh!” the two elders in the clan nodded, looking helpless. If there was any other recourse, no one would make such a choice.

   Huo Sheng Jun nodded and looked at Lin Feng.

“Well, Huo Wu, you take your parents and two elders into the Spiritual World and give them to that old bastard Emperor Yan!” Lin Feng decided. Emperor Yan was the most powerful being in the Spiritual World. After the birth of the new human beings, the faction established by Emperor Yan virtually controlled the training zone in the Spiritual World.

“Well. Brother Lin Feng, you can open the Spiritual World. I’ll take them in.” Huo Wu was excited and happy. Of all the women in the world, who could really bring their relatives into the Spiritual World? She was very satisfied. At least in the future, the Spiritual World would not leave her feeling lonely.

“Ha ha, okay! Let’s go see our little grandson and our family by the way!” As soon as Huo Sheng Jun thought of Lin Sheng Jiong, he was excited. He finally had a grandson, and that was more important than everything.

   Lin Feng stopped talking and opened the channel to his Spiritual World. The blue force of time and space swept through the whole outer hall. Huo Wu, Huo Sheng Jun, and the others disappeared. 

Lin Feng closed the channel of the Spiritual World. Only he was left in the room.

“The sun came out, and I didn’t see what happened to Qing Rong Jiao!” Lin Feng was worried, and regretted. He should have asked about Qing Rong Jiao much, much earlier. If he had asked earlier, she would have been returned long ago.


   Out in the courtyard, the warm sun covered the land. Lin Feng felt the warmth of the sun, and the pressure decreased a lot. He couldn’t help flying to the foot of the mountain, but he didn’t dare go up. He was afraid of disturbing Qing Rong Jiao while he was reviving Qing Huang Tian.


   Time passed by. When the sun rose reached noon, Lin Feng could no longer contain his excitement. He began to fly to the top of the mountain, but suddenly a cold roar came down from the mountain, shocking him, “If you dare to move forward, your woman will die!”

Qing Rong Jiao’s words froze Lin Feng to the spot. He could only smile wryly and return to the foot of the mountain again, waiting for Qing Huang Tian.


   At the moment, Qing Rong Jiao’s mind was full of love. He had never felt like this before. After seeing the resurrection of Qing Huang Tian today, he had recalled something. It made Qing Rong Jiao’s rare smile surface.

“Sister, you have suffered so many years!” Qing Rong Jiao looked at Qing Huang Tian with love. After being revived, Qing Huang Tian recalled some things. She was also excited!

“Brother, are our parents really dead?” Qing Huang Tian’s was full of tears and her eyes full of pain. Her pretty face was sad.

   Qing Rong Jiao nodded with a complicated expression, “Yes, they died. Our parents lost their lives in the Mo Forest to protect us!”

“Then I rushed out of the Mo Forest with you in the chaos. You were less than five years old. Then I passed out. When I woke up, you had disappeared from my arms. I panicked and I searched for you all over the world, from the North to the South of the World of Battles. But I didn’t find you!

“I choose to forget the memory of the past in pain. I swore that I would not recall the memory until I found you!

“Ha ha! The Heavens really loved me. Finally, I found my sister!” As Qing Rong Jiao said that, he smiled at Qing Huang Tian again. He was excited and very satisfied.

Qing Huang Tian was thinking about Lin Feng waiting at the foot of the mountain, so she asked awkwardly, “Brother, I, can I go down?”

   Hearing this, Qing Rong Jiao was slightly shocked. But he soon smiled bitterly and said, “Go. Ah, a girl of age should be married. Your brother is important, but I am not as important as your boyfriend!”

“Oh. Brother! I will be chaste!” Qing Huang Tian said, glancing at him. She couldn’t wait to get up and run down the mountain. Seeing this, Qing Rong Jiao was very happy. As long as his sister had a good family, everything was worth it.

   One dragon and one phoenix would give birth to two babies. One was a dragon and the other was a phoenix, but they both had the Dragon and Phoenix Blood. The power of Qing Huang Tian had been sealed, Lin Feng’s actions only woke up the Dragon and Phoenix Blood of Qing Huang Tian, it was not formed by her.

   But Lin Feng’s power came from his own blood, which was different from both of them!

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