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Chapter 1486 – The Ancestral World has been Lost


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“My husband!”

“Sister Qing!”

   Lin Feng’s eyes were fixed on those of Qing Huang Tian. There was no need to talk too much. Their hearts were intertwined. Lin Feng’s were a little sad but more surprised. Finally, Qing Huang Tian finally came back to life, and her beautiful eyes shed tears of excitement. She was afraid that she would never see Lin Feng again in her life.

   Now after seeing Lin Feng, she really didn’t want to think about anything. She thought it was enough. She had no other wishes in her life.

   Lin Feng walked step by step to Qing Huang Tian, and held her cold body in his arms. Qing Huang Tian felt Lin Feng’s heartbeat, and felt extremely happy and satisfied. She put her head close to Lin Feng’s chest. This was the first time she was held by him so closely.

“In this life, it’s really enough to have you in my life!” Lin Feng sighed with emotion, satisfied. Qing Huang Tian could most women blush. For love, she had committed suicide. How couldn’t Lin Feng fall in love with such a strong-willed woman, doing that to keep her reputation?

Lin Feng couldn’t refuse her now, and wouldn’t. This was a woman who was true to him. She even committed suicide for him. Lin Feng felt guilty for her.

   Lin Feng took a deep breath and settled down his thoughts. At the moment, he only wanted Qing Huang Tian. Qing Huang Tian also felt that way. She thought it was worth everything to have such happiness and warmth in her heart as now. Lin Feng didn’t forget her, but loved her more. It was enough!

   “Sister Qing, didn’t do stupid things for me in this life, will you?”

“Well, okay!” Qing Huang Tian stopped crying and smiled happily. Lin Feng also laughed out loud at the satisfaction of having this woman in his life.

   Qing Rong Jiao looked at the foot of the mountain quietly. His sister and Lin Feng embraced each other. He felt sad, but he still wished them happiness. After all, he was the man his sister loved, so he couldn’t be a bad man. Although he and Lin Feng didn’t see each other much, he also knew Lin Feng’s character.

   Qing Huang Tian and Lin Feng soon left the foot of the mountain. Qing Huang Tian was going to tell all the things to Lin Feng during this period of time, and reveal some secrets.

   Of course, the secret in her heart was that Qing Rong Jiao was her brother. But Lin Feng didn’t know that.

   Time passed a little and Lin Feng and Qing Yutian were in theor room. They hadn’t been out for a long time. There were no other sounds except laughter. Many people were disappointed. They didn’t hear the same sounds as when Lin Feng and Qian Jin Cai Yue were together that day.


   In recent days, Lin Feng had always been with Qing Huang Tian. Qian Jin Cai Yue was happy to know that Qing Huang Tian had been revived. However, she was very rational about choosing to go back to Ni Huang’s world to have a look, leaving him a few days to be with Qing Huang Tian. Qing Huang Tian appreciated her kindness.

   According to the status of the Phoenixes, she was just a Rainbow Phoenix of the Phoenix Clan. Qian Jin Cai Yue was the daughter of Ni Huang. Her status was very high. However, she and Qing Rong Jiao both had the power of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood. To a certain degree she was the Ancestor of the Phoenix Clan!

   No matter what Qing Huang Tian thought, there was only one way to take Lin Feng from her hands, and that was if she was dead!


   Time passed away, and Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian had been together for a few days. Lin Feng had to focus on the World of Battles. It was better to be moderate in these matters. It was inevitable that it could delay major events, especially during this eventful time.

   Sinkholes and sky caves had broken out in different places. After being resolved, all the boundaries fell into an unprecedented gloom. It was said that the Ancient Demon would appear in the World of Battles soon… but whether that was true was still unknown.

   Moreover, the new competition for the List of the World of Battles was about to start. It was presided over by the Ancestor of Five Cardinal Points and his master, Yi San Ren, the Old Mentor. After all, they were candidates for the List years ago, and now they were responsible for it. Besides those two, Ancestor Tai and Ancestor Long would help.


 Lin Feng summoned the father and daughter of the Si Ma family. Since they had come to the Region of the Eight Corners, the three hadn’t had a formal meeting. Although the strength of the father and daughter was not the highest, they were still people who couldn’t be ignored. After all, they were the only two people able to use the way of passing through different worlds.

   Their ability to transform space-time was particularly strong. This was a power others couldn’t achieve. It might be innate to them.

“How is the channel to the Ancestral World coming?” Lin Feng asked. The thing he most wanted to do was to break into the Ancestral World and look around at the world full of demon animals. He was always in the World of Battles. Inevitably he would be a little bored.

“Lord Lin, the Ancestral World’s passage cannot be built!” Si Ma Xiao shook his head and said bitterly. The wrinkles on his face were in sharp contrast to his daughter’s purity and beauty.

   Hearing that, Lin Feng brow couldn’t help wrinkling. He was a little surprised. He saw Si Ma Xiao and his daughter had the same expression. His mood was very down as he said, “Is there any difficulty? I have people! I can give them to you to help.”

“It’s not the lack of people. The Ancestral World had been lost!” Si Ma Xiao shook his head, his face gloomy.

“Lost? How could it be lost?” Lin Feng shook his head. He couldn’t believe that the big Ancestral World would be lost in this universe. That was a big joke. Even the World of Battles existed here. How could the Ancestral World be lost?

   Everyone couldn’t understand such things, including Lin Feng. But it was a fact, especially after Si Ma Xiao’s explanation. It could not be a lie.

“The Ancestral World used to be located in the next dimension to the World of Battles. I tried to open the channel three times. They all failed, so we can be sure that the Ancestral World is not there!”

“The Ancestral World has been lost? That’s amazing.” Lin Feng smiled silently. He had not expected such a result, but it was what it was. That is to say, the fate between himself and the Ancestral World had come to an end. He might not have a chance to go to the Ancestral World in his life.

   Lin Feng shook his head, feeling a little depressed. He wanted to go to the Ancestral World to see all kinds of strong demon beasts and cultivators gathered together, or some other situations. But… he also had some worries. The Ancestral World had powerful demon beasts and strong cultivators. He might not be able to leave, and might die there.

   It was okay if he died to some opponents. But if he was killed by those beasts, it would be a shame.

“That’s all. Let’s put the Ancestral World away first!” Lin Feng waved his hand and stopped thinking about things related to the Ancestral World. The World of Battles was in crisis. He didn’t want to worry about the Ancestral World.

“Are you living comfortably here?” After Lin Feng relaxed, he asked some other questions. Even if he could not open the channel between the World of Battles and the Ancestral World, he would be able to use the Si Ma family in the future. Their time and space conversion ability was too strong.

   Maybe in the future, going back to the Continent of Nine Clouds, to God’s Land, and even the Earth would depend on their time-space conversion ability. How could such talents not be treasured?

   Since they would stay, he had to make certain of their needs and make sure they have no problems with it.

   Si Ma Xiao and Si Ma Lian Xiang shook their heads. They were just a declining family’s heirs. They were so grateful to have a force to accept them. How could they be picky?

Si Ma Xiao looked at Si Ma Lian Xiang. He smiled bitterly and asked Lin Feng, “I’ve got used to living here. I want to say something to you, but I don’t know how to start!”

   Hearing this, Lin Feng was surprised to look at two people and immediately smiled, “Of course, say it!”

“Well, recently, there is a young man in the Region of the Eight Corners who is making various excuses to harass Lian Xiang. Well, could you warn him about what he is doing?” Si Ma Xiao said with a smile, but his words were very cautious. He carefully looked at the changes on Lin Feng’s expression and he feared that he would be angry. Si Ma Lian Xiang even hid away from Lin Feng.

   But after hearing this, Lin Feng couldn’t help feeling funny. The young man in the old man’s words should be Chu Chun Qiu. Nobody knew why Chu Chun Qiu was paying special attention to Si Ma Lian Xiang. With his own experience, Lin Feng thought it was not easy!

“He is Chu Chun Qiu, my brother. If Miss Lian Xiang doesn’t like him, I’ll tell him not to disturb her in the future!” Lin Feng solemnly promised and turned around. He was going to inform Chu Chun Qiu.

   At that time, Si Ma Lian Xiang was a little worried. She stamped her feet and stared at Si Ma Xiao angrily, then ran quickly to catch up with Lin Feng. She said, “Oh, Brother Lin, I don’t mind him!”

“Huh? You have no problem with that? What are you talking about?” Lin Feng pretended to be puzzled. He looked at Si Ma Lian Xiang, whose face was very coy. She stamped her feet and stopped talking, acting shy.

   Si Ma Xiao sighed. A girl of age should be married. He had brought his daughter to the Region of the Eight Corners for less than a month, and her soul had been almost taken away by Chu Chun Qiu. At first, he wanted Lin Feng to take her. After all, with his status and strength, he could completely rebuild the Si Ma family.

   But now it seemed that this would be impossible. Qian Jin Cai Yue, who he saw few days ago, and Qing Huang Tian he saw today, were both better than Si Ma Lian Xiang.

   He sighed. Never mind. Let her make her decision herself.

“You don’t regret it?” Lin Feng found that it might not be a joke, and seemed serious.

   Si Ma Lian Xiang was shy, but her beautiful eyes showed unprecedented firmness. She declared firmly, “Yes!”  

Hearing this, Lin Feng confirmed the matter. He left the meeting hall and went to see Chu Chun Qiu directly. Maybe Chu Chun Qiu would not be alone in the future!


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