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Chapter 1488 – The Man from the Demon Region

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“Tomorrow, there will be a big Competition in the World of Battles!”

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Lin Feng went back to his residence’s inner hall and began his last self-cultivation. He recalled that he came out of Jiu Xiao continent and entered Shen Lu, and then entered the Kingdom of Eternity. Finally, he crossed into the World of Battles through the time and space tunnel of the Four Battle Ancestors. In the World of Battles, he had risen up in the Region of the Eight Corners. Relying on his own strength, he finally stood on top in World of Battles after incomparable hardships!

His review of these mental processes was the best training for Lin Feng. He always reminded himself not to forget his original intention: not to lose the ambitions of a strong man to win!


The next morning, Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian, Shi Yu, Ancestor Tai, the Ancestor Lone, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and the Old Mentor arrived at the arena for the List of the World of Battles Competition. The arena was magnificent, looking like an ancient fighting animal. There were more than ten square miles of area. Eight forces were gathered on the stage, and a huge stone platform in the middle of the field was left for the competitors!

Old Mentor and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points flew to the platform. There was a lot of noise in the crowd, but the noise was not just for the two supervisors of the Competition, but also for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, as the founder of the Region of the Eight Corners, had become the most dazzling new star in World of Battles. Many people had strong emotions about him, such as envy, resentment, and hatred!

Most of them could only envy, because they had no qualification for jealousy and hatred. They all fantasized that Lin Feng could make great achievements in this Competition and finally overthrow several Overlords.

Lin Feng sat directly on the Region of the Eight Corners’ grandstand facing the high platform with a cold face. Originally, his position was the most conspicuous, and he was noticed by many people. It was a great pressure!

The deep, hoarse voice of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points rang out again and spread to all sides. No matter how far away they were, everyone on the ground stopped shouting, “According to the Competition system, the first round is a free challenge. One side can challenge the other side freely. As long as both sides agree, they can come to the stage! The winner is promoted and the loser is eliminated!”

In fact, the rules were not new. Everyone who came to the Competition had his or her own position in mind. They had already thought about their opponents. When he finished his words, someone immediately took the initiative.

What surprised Lin Feng was that Ancestor Nü was the one who took the initiative to come to the stage. Ancestor Nü was dressed in white and gave off a holy light, quite different from the past. Lin Feng only looked at her once and couldn’t help feeling a little emotional. Unexpectedly, Ancestor Nü had improved a lot!

She was one of the new candidates to compete for the List, but unexpectedly she was so eager. She must think highly of herself. She took the lead, immediately arousing a lot of admiration from the others!

Everyone knew the name of the Ancestor Nü, there was no need to introduce her. Next would depend on who she challenged!

Qing Huang Tian whispered to Lin Feng, “Husband, do you think I’m better than Ancestor Nü?”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but look at the serious Qing Huang Tian with a curious face. Her small red face was very cute, and the serious eyes were full of expectation, but Lin Feng had to let her down!

Lin Feng said “Not until we come out. Ancestor Nü leads the Northeast and has nothing to do with our Northwest. There is no need to fight to the death, so as not to be cheapened by other forces!”

Lin Feng honestly thought that the current power of Qing Hung Tian was not worse than Ancestor Nü, but it would just not be easy for her to win.

What’s more, Qing Rong Jiao had just handed over Qing Huang Tian’s life to him. Her body was still weak. It was hard for Lin Feng to take such a risk!

Seeing Lin Feng worry, Qing Huang Tian’s little face was a little more crimson. She said with a coquettish smile, “I was joking. I know you worry about me. Are you afraid I will suffer losses?”

Although Lin Feng was a little slow in his feelings, he was not a deceitful person. He simply nodded frankly and said sincerely, “Qing Huang Tian, you are still a Holy Godly Ancestor. If you want to break through, you need to absorb at least thirty percent of your brother’s Blood force to break through. It will not be too late to fight again. “

Just as they whispered, a big man came flying up on the stage. The appearance of this man caused a little commotion. People’s whispers were everywhere…

“Where in the World of Battles is he from? How can he be so unfamiliar?”

“This is the man who defeated Jie Xuan, but it’s not clear why…”

“What, he even defeated 47th Jie Xuan from the last List?”

People under the stage were talking about it, which made Lin Feng watch this man’s eyes, his rough body and arrogant face, but his level was enough to make him have the proud qualification of Earthly Godly Ancestor!

In fact, he was of equal rank to the Ancestor Nü. As for who won or lost, it depended on their performance today!

As a new and strange face, he would naturally attract more attention. He also glanced around the stage unceremoniously, and said, “I come to the World of Battles on behalf of the Demon Region!”

After saying that, he immediately set off a great storm in the whole field. The Demon Region!

These two words were able to frighten anyone. Lin Feng was no exception. He couldn’t help shivering slightly. Lin Feng was not afraid, but confused!

Maybe this man was a demon cultivator. The Demon Ancestor hadn’t appeared for a long time. Today, there was another demon Earthly Godly Ancestor. It was not a good sign that the demon cultivators were appearing in public!

However, since he was participating in the Competition, Lin Feng couldn’t go to investigate this fellow’s details at present. The man only reported where he came from, but didn’t give any names. He turned to face Ancestor Nü!

The distance between them was more than three hundred meters, but the auras from both sides had collided, forming a huge wave in the middle. This was an aura of the Earthly Godly Ancestor level, and huge ripples had been stirred up, sweeping out for more than a hundred miles!

Lin Feng was particularly surprised by the move that this man used, because it was a Tao skill from the Demon Region. It was very different from the style of Ancestor Nü. It was rigid and soft, the fight would go on for a while!

However, Lin Feng soon saw that although the moves of the man from the Demon Region were fierce, they were a little strange, and his stamina was obviously insufficient. Under the skill and effort of Ancestor Nü, he gradually lost his edge!

This relieved Lin Feng. As expected, the man was soon beaten to spitting blood by Ancestor Nü, and directly thrown out of the challenge arena in the air, flying a hundred meters away!

He smashed down directly towards a grandstand, where the North was sitting!

Lin Feng glanced at Kun Dao, who was eccentric and domineering. He was afraid that the man would be beaten to pieces by Kun Dao!

However, what surprised Lin Feng was that after Kun Dao made a move, he caught the man who was falling in midair, and then gently put him down on an empty space!

After the man vomited two mouthfuls of black blood, he pretended to be righteous and indifferent. He closed his mouth and snorted twice. It seemed that he could not accept losing to Ancestor Nü!

Kun Dao had arrived at his side. After two people whispered, Kun Dao’s face changed a few times. He looked up at the Ancestor Nü on the stage. At this time, the Ancestor Nü was stepping down. Kun Dao shouted for her to stop and flew to the stage!

Ancestor Nü’s face was unhappy, as if she was not satisfied with the sudden appearance of Kun Dao. Kun Dao turned to her and said, “Since you are here, why are you hurrying to leave? Let me come ask for training!”

This appearance of Kun Dao could be said to be extremely unexpected. His strength was well known, and he even took the initiative to challenge Ancestor Nü, which was a bit of self-sacrifice!

Generally, the weak challenged the strong. His active challenge made people suspicious. Shi Yu murmured. It seemed that Kun Dao had something to do with the people of that Demon Region. This was for the Demon Region!

Lin Feng also thought about this. It was not impossible that Kun Dao could ally with the Demon Region. If the North really formed an alliance with the Demon Region, it was a great disadvantage for Lin Feng. A cold light rose in Lin Feng’s eyes. It seemed that the Kun Dao couldn’t stand by any longer. His ambition had been clearly revealed!

Lin Feng had taken the Spiritual Warriors Clan from Kun Dao, killing thousands of Spiritual Warriors Clan and embarrassing Kun Dao. This time, he would be demonstrating for himself!

According to the rules, the Ancestor Nü could refuse his challenge. After all, they were still in the stage of free challenges. Only when both sides agreed could the challenge take place.

However, in the face of so many forces, Ancestor Nü was arrogant. How could she not agree? If not, it would be tantamount to giving way to Kun Dao!

If someone was a leader of the World of Battles, they could not shrink back. Otherwise, what they lost was not just reputation, but prestige in the whole World of Battles.

With a smile, the Ancestor Nü replied, “Kun Dao, what do you mean? Do you want to join the Demon Region?”

Her intention was very obvious. First, she would give Kun Dao a big hat for colluding with the Demon Region, suppress his anger, and let him establish hostility with other forces!

The Demon Region was the most feared existence in every World of Battles region. No matter if it was the Ancestor, the Lord, or even the Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, they had all been the public enemies in the World of Battles. No one dared to be openly associated with the Demon Region.

Kun Dao was suspicious in nature and cautious in his words and deeds. He couldn’t hear the meaning of Ancestor Nü’s words. It was impossible for him to be silent and be silly!

Kun Dao laughed loudly, scorn and ridicule on his face, but his voice was very soft, “Ancestor Nü, this is a fair game. Since you came to the stage, I challenge you completely in line with the rules. As for the rest, you think too much. I don’t want to have anything to do with the Demon Region, I just want to get a place on the List of the World of Battles! Of course, if you feel that you are not my opponent, then I will not force you!”

After saying that, Kun Dao turned around and left, making the gesture of stepping down. This was a slap against the Ancestor Nü. If she didn’t stop him, it meant that she acquiesced with Kun Dao’s word: she was afraid of Kun Dao and had escaped in time, and dared not fight with him!

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