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Chapter 1489 – Failure of Ancestor Nü

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“Slow down! I accept your challenge! Come!”

The Ancestor Nü summoned back Kun Dao, who had left without hesitation. There was a strange smile on Kun Dao’s face, but it didn’t escape Lin Feng’s eyes!

No, there was treachery in Kun Dao’s heart. Today Ancestor Nü would suffer!

This was Lin Feng’s intuitive judgment. Kun Dao was treacherous. Lin Feng had been told that many times. If he had no certainty of winning, he would not fight. He did not have enough purpose. He would not show up just for the stranger from the Demon Region!

The Ancestor Nü once again put her fists on her chest, and her whole body suddenly radiated blinding radiance. She was so holy that the whole venue looked like a fairyland!

The holy light was squeezing towards Kun Dao. With a boiling wave, the evil light around his body suddenly surged. The smell of green and shiny covered most of the venue; his aura was magnificent.

The people around who were lower than Earthly Godly Ancestor, all felt a heavy aura, it was difficult to breathe, and their hair stood up in fear!

Qing Huang Tian was only at the level of Holy Godly Ancestors. Forced by this strong aura, she quickly hid behind Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t mind it. This kind of aura didn’t have much effect on him. Lin Feng’s Blood of Dragon and Phoenix and Ancestral Body only released a little aura, shielding the whole area!

Lin Feng knew that Kun Dao’s current strength was not any less than his own. Compared to Ancestor Nü, he was no weaker. She had been fighting just now, and the consumption of her strength had a great impact.

Sure enough, Kun Dao had planned this. He pretended to be very elegant, “Ancestor Nü. I’ll let you make moves first. If you have any good skills, please go first!”

Ancestor Nü was pressed back by Kun Dao, step by step. His other polite words were meaningless, so she didn’t reply. She waved her hands gently, and immediately a strong shock wave came out of the air between her hands. It turned into a flower ball and hit Kun Dao!

It seemed soft, but in fact, it was full of the ability to overcome hardness with softness. People who had not been tempered by battle easily despised their enemy; the man from the Demon Region was too headstrong and had suffered from this move!

How tricky was Kun Dao? Naturally, he would not let this attack get close to him. He directly formed a small border with both hands, and made a series of blood clouds headed by a evil black spirit!

Two different colored lights burst directly in the center of the stage. The roar made the whole world seem like it was about to collapse. If it wasn’t for Lin Feng making a shield in advance, they were afraid that their ears would be hurt!

But after the sudden explosion of the light attack of Ancestor Nü , it became dozens of small light bundles again. Instead of being defeated, the explosion sped them up. With very erratic pathing, they converged from all directions towards Kun Dao!

Some of them were defeated by Kun Dao’s blood clouds, but there were more than a dozen which avoided his net and closed in on Kun Dao. Kun Dao’s face immediately showed a little surprise!

But this expression was fleeting, he moved a hundred meters away, and the lights from Ancestor Nü collided with each other. With a bang, countless sparks burst out, as splendid as fireworks.

Not good!

Lin Feng suddenly surprised himself and sat up, wondering what was going on.

Shi Yu, seated next to him, obviously didn’t know why Lin Feng was so excited, but the next situation on the field had explained everything. He saw the Ancestor Nü suddenly screamed without warning!

She directly flew out from the stage, tracing a bloody line through the air, directly towards Lin Feng on this side of the field!

Lin Feng had set up a border shield around himself. If Ancestor Nü collided with the shield, she would be hurt twice. Under his subconscious control, Lin Feng suddenly open the shield. At the same time, he executed the first of the Three Heavy Waves of the Huge Waves Godly Tao Skill Waves!

The force of his palm gently deposited Ancestor Nü to his side, falling into the arms of Shi Yu!

The Shi Yu immediately froze with fear. Although the Ancestor Nü was injured at this time, she was fully conscious. Ancestor Nü got up quickly and forced herself to thank Lin Feng, despite being injured, before turning away in shame!

She took all her people with her. She came to fight for her place with full confidence, and she didn’t want to be defeated like that. How could she have the face to stay!

It was a mess under the stage, because most people didn’t know what was going on, but only saw the defeat of the Ancestor Nü, and what moves Kun Dao used. Only Lin Feng could see the clue!

After looking around arrogantly, Kun Dao returned to his group, which was equal to a victory. He was so treacherous that he would never meet the second man again!

For a while, nobody went up on the stage. No one took the initiative to go up. Maybe they learned from Ancestor Nü. It was easy for those who came to the stage first to be defeated!

In the end, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had to change the rules. The same person could not fight two times in a row. That was to say, the practice of taking advantage of a prior fight like Kun Dao could not be done again. This was to dispel the doubts of the people following.


The Competition continued on in an orderly way. Ni Huang and Shi Yu both succeeded in winning a promotion to the next round. At this time, it was too late. The duels of the first stage were ended. Lin Feng and his party returned to their residence.

They were still quite satisfied about today’s matches. The only thing that left Lin Feng worried was the man who was defeated by Ancestor Nü!

No one knew anything about him, which worried everyone. Yi San Ren and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points also attached great importance to this matter. After all, every time the Demon Region appeared, there would be a bloodbath!

“Lin Feng, I don’t think we can take this lightly. We must make precautions in advance in the Region of the Eight Corners. We can’t let the Demon Region take advantage of this opportunity to make trouble.” As a thoughtful reminder, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points turned his eyes around and scattered himself.

Yi San Ren hadn’t spoken yet, Shi Yu had already stood up, volunteering, “I’ll go back to the Region of the Eight Corners! Lin Feng, you need to stay here!”

“You’re going back? Are you out of the running?” Lin Feng was surprised.

Shi Yu held the confidence to come, although she might not be able to occupy a place in the List. But just like this she started to withdraw, which was really upsetting!

“Lin Feng, just say that something needs to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the List or not. It’s important to ensure the safety and security of our Region of the Eight Corners. If the Region of the Eight Corners is home, then it makes sense. Otherwise, even if I end up first, isn’t it meaningless?”

Since she was so determined, Lin Feng and other people didn’t talk much more about the reason. The three people had their own opinions. After a short while, Shi Yu left quickly and returned to the Region of the Eight Corners!

Lin Feng left his residence and went to the residence where Ancestor Nü lived. He wanted to get some information from her meeting with the man today. But when he arrived, she was gone. The people she had brought were all gone, too!

He guessed that Ancestor Nü had also smelled the danger from the appearance of the man from the Demon Region. She didn’t dare leave the Northeast World of Battles for a long time and hurried back to prevent trouble!


In the next day’s Competition, there was a new situation. The biggest change was that the number of participants was significantly fewer, at least one-third of them had left. People from every region of the World of Battles had sent powerful people back to watch out for the Demon Region, which naturally accelerated the process of the Competition.

Directly in the second round of the final draw, Lin Feng’s first round draw was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, from Kun Dao’s Northern World of Battles. Lin Feng didn’t have to use much effort to fight him.

Lin Feng’s easy victory didn’t make him feel relaxed, but let him concentrate on the Competition more, because Kun Dao also achieved a complete victory, acting very eye-catching!

In this short period of time, Kun Dao’s cultivation had improved by a certain extent, reaching the peak state of Earthly Godly Ancestor, totally equal to Lin Feng’s level!

If the situation continued, the final battle with Kun Dao was bound to be even, which meant Lin Feng had to seize the time to practice the Mind skill of Ten Thousand Buddhas again, because Lin Feng found that even if he couldn’t break through for a while, he could increase the defense of his Ancestral Body.

As long as he could keep himself from being defeated by Kun Dao, there would be a way to deal him a fatal blow!

At present both sides had a clear intention. That was to say, if two tigers fought against each other, they would both be injured, and it was not as simple as hurting the other. It was necessary for Lin Feng to take the opportunity to kill his enemy Kun Dao!


On the third day of the Competition, Lin Feng and Kun Dao were actually grouped together in the first fight.

When Lin Feng and Kun Dao came to the stage, there was a lot of cheering. Both of them were extremely domineering. It could be said that they had great ambitions for the World of Battles, and were the greatest threats to the others. If both sides failed, it was good!

Kun Dao stood with hands at his back, a strong aura emanating from him. Although he was hundreds of meters away from Lin Feng, the auras of both sides darkened the skies.

Two strong auras collided in midair, constantly sending out waves of arcing lights.

“Lin Feng, last time you wiped out the Spiritual Warriors Clan, your means were so poisonous. Which clan do you want to kill next? Which region of the World of Battles would you like to annex?”

After all, Lin Feng’s rise was too fast, which had frightened many people in the World of Battles. They were secretly wondering whether the next unlucky person would be themselves. Kun Dao was taking advantage of this opportunity to make people more afraid of Lin Feng!

That way, he could join forces with other regions to restrain Lin Feng’s sphere of influence and bring pressure on him, even though Kun Dao knew the best way was to kill Lin Feng directly!

Today, he also came with that desire!

Lin Feng smiled gently. He didn’t seem nervous at all, nor was he provoked by Kun Dao. This completely frustrated Kun Dao’s plan, and he added, a little angrily, “You don’t want to talk about it, do you? Does that mean you have plans to annex all World of Battles?”

“Ha ha, Kun Dao, we are in the Competition at present! Only the winner has the right to ask questions. If you want to know the answer, you have to beat me first!”

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