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Chapter 1490 – The Success of Kun Dao’s Plot

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   Lin Feng did not talk any more. The light from his whole body spread out for several kilometers, covering the whole site. The light dispelled the black Qi of Kun Dao!

   However, Kun Dao was not in a hurry. With a flip of his hand, a big blood mist appeared out of nowhere, and came straight at Lin Feng. Lin Feng shouted angrily, “Third level of Godly Tao Skill, Clouds Dashing Against the Sky!”

  A strong aura flowed out from Lin Feng like a river to the sea, and the bloody mist from Kun Dao was suddenly submerged by this torrent!

   The power of the waves was not small. The colorful flags on the stage were blown away, and the people around the stands were attacked. They used their skills to resist one after another. Some people with low power were blown to the ground directly!

   “Ho ho, Lin Feng, why are you and I still use these low-level moves? Didn’t you break through the next level of the three levels of the Godly Tao Skill? I’m so disappointed!” Kun Dao joked and made a series of palm strikes at the same time!

   As soon as the palm stikes came out, Kun Dao seemed to become a monster with thousands of hands, controlling the countless palm strikes to shoot at Lin Feng from all directions, driving a mass of black Qi and stirring up the waves of Lin Feng’s attack!

   Lin Feng had already prepared for this. Others didn’t know about this move, but Lin Feng had seen this insidious move with his own eyes. Ancestor Nü had failed because of this move!

   He didn’t know when Kun Dao practiced this kind of move, but it could fight against the pressure of the wave. Several palm strikes had landed on the light protecting Lin Feng a hundred meters away!

   Bang bang bang, bang bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

  The palms slammed on the light’s protection, and countless bloody palm strikes were printed onto it. Under the continuous attacks, a tiny crack appeared in the light’s protection!

   An evil black spirit flew into the crack in the rapid penetration, and gathered again, forming a new palm strike. It attacked Lin Feng directly!

   Lin Feng smiled and said easily, “Let me try your new boxing today!”

  He directly used his own Aggressive Punch, and the surrounding space up and down suddenly filled up with tens of thousands of fist shadows. They met Kun Dao’s palm strikes in mid-air!

   The biggest characteristic of the Aggressive Punch was that it was very strong and powerful. It was equal to the incoming attacks when it slammed into the incoming palms!

    Kun Dao’s face was satisfied. He was smiling. He thought of Lin Feng, I was afraid you wouldn’t take my fist. Since you won’t, don’t blame me for being rude!

   Everyone had seen his treacherous smile. Shi Yu and Qing Huang Tian couldn’t help feeling worried!

 People had already felt the danger from Kun Dao’s aura. This kind of aura was not like Kun Dao, but like the style of the Demon Region!

  Was it true that the man from the Demon Region had colluded with Kun Dao? Otherwise, how could Kun Dao use the skills of the Demon Region?

   It passed all these people’s thoughts in a flash. Lin Feng, as a part of the fight, was the first to see that it was unusual. But obviously this time, he was still in the middle of Kun Dao’s plot!

   Just now, when fighting with fists and palms in the sky, Kun Dao’s palm strikes seemed to have produced sharp thorns. They hit Lin Feng’s fist shadows and left black holes in the shadowy attacks!

   What Lin Feng didn’t expect was that the black Qi in the palm strikes directly rushed into the shadows of the fists and went up in a flash. They directly hit Lin Feng through his Qi!

   Lin Feng’s situation was not good. This strange move had never been used by Kun Dao before. This time, he didn’t do a good job of preparing in advance. The black Qi made Lin Feng feel numb all over. His arms suddenly fell down softly. He couldn’t use them!

   No, they were poisoned!


   The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, who was in charge of the duels, stood up with a shout. He did not expect that Lin Feng would suffer such a big loss!

   In his heart, Lin Feng was now equivalent to an invincible member of the younger generation. Although Kun Dao was the apprentice of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, he was a treacherous and ungrateful traitor. No one knew the sinister nature of Kun Dao better than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points!

   The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points couldn’t help feeling worried for Lin Feng. But as an overseer, he couldn’t help, which made him very anxious!


   Down in the crowd, the Overlords at the level of Earthly Godly Ancestors had their own thoughts. There were many people who hated Lin Feng. They immediately cheered loudly, “Kun Dao, don’t let Lin Feng fight back, kill him at once!”

“Kill Lin Feng and we can divide the Region of the Eight Corners!”

“Return us our World of Battles. Don’t let outsiders seize our territory!”

   Naturally, there were many forces that supported Lin Feng. The people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty were Lin Feng’s strong supporters!

   The Competition was being held in the territory of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, so the number of people from the Zhen Wu Dynasty was the largest. When someone gloated, they immediately launched a counterattack and shouted out loudly!

“Lin Feng hold on, don’t be discouraged!”

“The Demon Region is the common enemy of our World of Battles. We can’t let Kun Dao betray the World of Battles!”

“Kill Kun Dao and expel the demons!”

   The following shouts broke the sky, so many top-ranking Earthly Godly Overlords shouted at the same time. The voice spread all over the place in World of Battles. Every corner ten thousand miles away could hear them clearly!

   The forces left behind in the Region of the Eight Corners were all anxiously concerned about the battle!

   Shi Yu, who had rushed back to the Region of the Eight Corners at this time, couldn’t help being ashamed of herself for not being on site to cheer Lin Feng on!

   But the most shocked and excited one was Sima Xiao, who cried out with a quavering voice, “I understand, I understand!”

   Sima Lian Xiang, the daughter of Sima Xiao, did not understand what he said. Sima Xiao said in a trembling voice, “The Ancestral World is lost. It must be the comeback of the Ancient Demon. It seems the Ancient Demon is ready to launch a new round of invasions into the World of Battles!”


   Qing Rong Jiao, who was far away on the top of the mountain, was even more anxious at this time. His younger sister, Qing Huang Tian, had just revived and followed Lin Feng across the World of Battles. If Lin Feng was defeated, then Qing Huang Tian would need to be worried about her life!

   As a brother, Qing Rong Jiao knew Qing Huang Tian’s character clearly. In order to be with Lin Feng and keep her reputation for Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian had committed suicide. Now Lin Feng was in danger. How could Qing Huang Tian not give up her life to save him!


   In fact, it was exactly the same as he imagined. At this time, seeing Lin Feng’s limited movement and pale face up on the stage, she immediately got up and flew towards the stage, trying to block all the palm strikes for Lin Feng!

   However, Qing Huang Tian was just a Holy Godly Ancestor. How could she withstand the palm strikes of Kun Dao? She would just die!

   In the field, Lin Feng was the one who could see clearly. He was in the center of the storm and was poisoned by the unknown poison in his fingerprints. However, Lin Feng was completely conscious in his mind!

   Seeing that Qing Huang Tian even gave up her life to save him, Lin Feng suddenly lost his focus and shouted, “No!”

   The result of this distraction was very serious. Just now, Lin Feng, in order to resist the invasion of the poison, had just started the first level of the Emperor Yan’s Scripture and concentrated the Tao in his heart. However, he was distracted by Qing Huang Tian and directly collapsed!

   Suddenly, the evil Qi invaded his heart, and blood gushed out. The protective light around his body broke away, generating a huge explosive wave in an instant!

   In this wave, there was a strong aura of the Tao. It knocked Kun Dao flying away!

   It was something that no one thought of. No one had expected this power to be so strong!

   Qing Huang Tian heard Lin Feng’s voice, but in a flash, she was blown away by this huge force. Fortunately, Ancestor Tai had anticipated this and helped Qing Huang Tian in midair, or she would have been seriously injured!

   Kun Dao was indeed the Leader of the North. After being blasted hundreds of meters away, he landed on the ground steadily. However, his face had turned red and purple. He was constantly hurting inside, and his throat had a bloody feeling to it. He wanted to spit blood!

   That was so domineering that it gave me an internal injury! Lin Feng, it seems that I must kill you today. You should die!, Kun Dao thought.

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