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Chapter 1491 – The Thrilling Fight

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   Kun Dao resisted the surge of Qi and blood. Now he just wanted to kill. In the whole World of Battles, Lin Feng was undoubtedly his biggest eyesore. If he didn’t die, Kun Dao would never be able to sleep well, and it would be even more difficult to complete his goal of dominating the World of Battles!

“Come, Evil Lord! Help me purify the universe!”

   Kun Dao directly used his Tao skill Evil Lord Befalls. Previously, in order to protect the Spiritual Warriors clan, Kun Dao had fought with Lin Feng. At that time, Lin Feng used the cold air of the Ice Spirit in his Spirit World to counter Kun Dao’s skill. As a result, Kun Dao failed!

   Today, Lin Feng was injured, and the Evil Lord Befalls from Kun Dao had made great progress. He believed that his Tao skill would win this time!

   Ten thousand meters of vigorous Qi came out like sharp arrows. It was extremely sharp and drove at the chest of Lin Feng!

   This vigorous Qi was really too powerful. All the people and things within ten thousand meters were breaking. If not for the support of the Overlords, it seemed that the people who were too low in level would be gone!

   Lin Feng’s heart grew even colder. He wanted to use the cold power again, but in front of the public, how could he open his Spiritual World? If anyone saw this, it would bring disaster to his relatives in the Spiritual World!

   Even if he died on the spot, he couldn’t implicate them!

But what could Lin Feng do? He was not foolish enough to die. He quickly used the Imperial Imprint and turned all his strength into a big stamp!

   However, Lin Feng was greatly disappointed by the effect. The skill was dragged down by his own strength. The skill only exerted thirty percent of its power. After the first wave of Qi was blocked, it was cut in two by the second wave of Qi, broken in an instant!

   The second wave of vigorous Qi crashed directly into Lin Feng’s chest, and Lin Feng was sent flying over a thousand meters away!

   If it wasn’t for the huge stone platform with a diameter of more than two thousand meters, Lin Feng would have fallen directly off of the platform!

   Even so, Lin Feng still slid tens of meters along the ground, leaving shocking bloodstains on the solid stone ground!

   There was a shocked cry from the stage!

   The cry was made by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and others. Even Old Mentor, who had always been full of confidence in Lin Feng, had to stand up in consternation and look anxiously at Lin Feng, who was struggling on the ground!

 There was a great deal of noise in the stands. All the people in the Zhen Wu Dynasty who aligned with Lin Feng sighed with emotion and kept beating their chests and shouting with regret!

   Lin Feng had become a symbol of invincibility and the most dazzling new star in the List of the World of Battles in their minds. No one ever thought what would happen if he fell here today!

   Lin Feng had always been regarded as an eyesore by much of the World of Battles. People who hated him were very excited, shouting the name of Kun Dao to cheer him on.

   “Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!”

   “Kun Dao, don’t be soft! Cut the grass and root!”

   However, some of the leaders in World of Battles who were neutral were silent. They understood that Lin Feng’s death was not a symbol of safety, but the beginning of a vicious circle!

   Lin Feng was now in charge of the Northwest and the Region of the Eight Corners. He and Kun Dao were restraining each other, so the other was afraid to expand his influence to other regions. If one side fell, the other side would become dominant!

   Without an enemy to contain him, he could only grow more confident and more fearless. This would arouse the ambition of Kun Dao, an Overlord. These Overlords didn’t want Lin Feng to die!

   What they would like to see was Kun Dao and Lin Feng both defeated and die together!


   At this time, Lin Feng slowly turned over and sat up at the crowd’s exclamation. Kun Dao’s face grew angry. Unexpectedly, Lin Feng was really something, and still alive!

   Even Kun Dao wondered if he was seeing things. He knew the killing power of Evil Lord Befalls. Even iron would be smashed, let alone a living man!

   But Lin Feng actually stood up slowly. He didn’t look like he was seriously hurt. He was very safe and sound. His eyes were filled with endless emptiness. The Buddhist light was surging!

   “Lin Feng, if you don’t admit defeat or step down, then I can only finish you!” Kun Dao shouted angrily.

   According to the rules of the game, if one side was really dominant, the other side could admit defeat in public. As long as he conceded, the other side could no longer attack and kill him!

   Or, like Ancestor Nü, who was blown off the stage, which could end a fight.

   But Lin Feng’s state at this time was not to admit defeat, but even a dangerous provocation. Kun Dao’s next action could only be a more fierce and brutal attack!

   Lin Feng looked in the direction of Kun Dao, but the Kun Dao in his eyes was slowly changing. He seemed to grow further and further away, until he could see the face of Kun Dao again, which had completely turned into a nonexistence in his eyes.

   The sound of twelve Ancient Buddhas chanting sutras sounded in his ears. With the chants, his Ancestral Body quickly radiated golden light. He was like a golden statue, so bright people could not look directly at him!

   The Blood of Dragon and Phoenix in Ancestral Body quietly integrated and grew purer!

   Kun Dao didn’t dare hesitate any more. Although he still didn’t understand what had happened to Lin Feng, he knew that the time was passing. It would be bad for him if he gave Lin Feng one more second to recover!

“Tao Skill, Kun Dao Kill!”

   Kun Dao showed out his own skill of Kun Dao Kill, a secret skill that he rarely revealed to the public. Suddenly, a huge sword appeared in the sky!

   This huge sword was thousands of meters long, and dozens of meters wide, shining darkly. It almost snuffed all the light in the arena.


   With a shout, the giant sword thrust at Lin Feng’s chest. Such a big sword couldn’t use the word “stab”. It could be said that Lin Feng was like a small ant in front of the giant sword. He would be wiped out easily!

   The wind-cutting noise through the sky was very bleak, and the fierce wind driven by the huge sword seemed to have split open a huge gap between the heavens and the earth. All the onlookers held their breath, stunned!

   No wonder Kun Dao had always been so arrogant. It turned out that there was still such a killing move that he had never been used before. Today, Lin Feng, the fearless Earthly Godly Ancestor, was doomed to fall!

   At this time, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was standing on the stags, his heart breaking. His tears could not help flowing down. The Old Mentor’s face was pale. He slowly closed his eyes and sighed in his heart, Lin Feng, my apprentice. It is human’s life. Please don’t die!

   Kun Dao and Lin Feng were both apprentices of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Now they were killing each other. It was a trick of fate. What was more ironic was that the traitor was killing Lin Feng in front of him, but he couldn’t say a word!

   As an official, he had a great responsibility. The first thing he should uphold was fairness and justice. He couldn’t help either side in this contest of life and death, even if the man on the stage was Lin Feng!


   The whole world was shocked. A strong aura rose from the stage. The strong aura directly broke through the protective array specially set for the supervision platform by the Zhen Wu Dynasty. The shed was directly blown into powder!

   Audiences under the platform and the Overlords were even more shaken at this time. Their protections were directly broken, with countless cracks!

   Several people under the Earthly Godly Ancestor were spitting blood!

   The Old Mentor was shocked and his eyes widened suddenly. He was shocked to see that the huge sword had been caught by a pair of giant palms that had appeared in the sky!

   The giant hands clasped the sharp sword. They held each other in midair. Kun Dao took a backlash from this huge shock. He couldn’t help spitting a mouthful of blood again, and it turned into a bloody mist!

   Lin Feng’s mind was still so calm, and he was still smiling, even though his face appeared somewhat red. Kun Dao wiped the blood off his mouth, and fiercely sent several palms at the end of the huge sword, each of which had the power of ten million jin!


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