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Chapter 1492 – Buddha’s Handprint Defeats Kun Dao

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   The giant sword hurled out by Kun Dao was like a huge nail rushing toward Lin Feng. With each hit, the giant sword was driven closer to Lin Feng. That huge palm and sword shuddered and cracked. It seemed that the strength of two sides were almost equal!

   No one in the crowd spoke or breathed. They stood like trees, staring at the strange situation on the stage.

   They were all scared. Judging by the strength of Lin Feng and Kun Dao, they could easily kill the majority of the Overlords present! 

“Kun Dao, you are old. Although your Demon sword is a powerful sword, you forget that since ancient times, the evil cannot surpass the kind, and the Buddha’s Handprint is your nemesis!”

   Lin Feng’s voice was like a great bell, ringing throughout the whole World of Battles.

  Kun Dao was afraid of death. He never thought he would be scared of dying before, but today it seemed that the God of Death had come to him!

   But how could a kingpin like Kun Dao, who never gave up, say some flattering words in public ub exchange for life? Kun Dao gritted teeth and cursed to himself, Lin Feng, it is not over!

  Kun Dao suddenly changed his palm into a fist. He recited several words in his heart, and then hit the back end of the huge sword with a spray of black blood in his mouth every time!

   It was a move to die together with Lin Feng. It was also a very effective move. The giant sword stabbed towards Lin Feng’s chest step by step. The tip of the sword had already pierced Lin Feng’s chest, but it couldn’t move forward anymore!

   Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body and the golden light of the Dragon and Phoenix Blood converged on his chest, and even slowly melted the tip of the huge sword!

   “Impossible, impossible!” Kun Dao protested loudly. This huge sword was the fiercest unholy weapon. It was infused with Demon Qi. How could it be denied by Lin Feng?!

   Before Kun Dao’s protest was over, the giant sword broke into countless pieces with a loud bang, and was devoured by the golden light around Lin Feng. It looked like the stars twinkling, and then the sword disappeared!

   Lin Feng and Kun Dao were sent flying backwards at the same time. The difference was that Lin Feng flew back for more than a hundred meters, while Kun Dao was sent flying out for more than a thousand meters, and landed off the stage.

   Kun Dao lost!

   Lin Feng won!


   There was a lot of exclamations and noise from the spectators. Yi San Ren and the other officials sat back in their seats. The cold sweat on their foreheads dripped down, and breathed deeply. A look of joy appeared on the Old Mentor’s face!

   Lin Feng didn’t let people down! He really defeated Kun Dao! The Region of the Eight Corners was preserved, the Northwest was preserved! Lin Feng, you were really strong!

   Lin Feng was disappointed that he didn’t kill Kun Dao in this fight. Kun Dao got a chance to fall off the stage and admit defeat. Next time, he was not sure if he could get the chance to kill Kun Dao. But Lin Feng was determined that that day wouldn’t be too far away!


“Lin Feng won, Kun Dao was defeated… “

   The vague voice of an Earthly Godly Ancestor conveyed the news to all the people of the World of Battles, who were shocked by it. People of the Region of the Eight Corners were even more inspired. They all went out to celebrate with high fives. This was a victory for Lin Feng and the Region of the Eight Corners!

   But no one thought that this was also the beginning of a catastrophe!

   Lin Feng tidied up his clothes and flew back to Qing Huang Tian. With tears on her face, Qing Huang Tian rushed into Lin Feng’s arms, crying about all her worries just now.

   Lin Feng smiled, touched her scattered hair to comfort her, and said nothing.


   Although the next fight for a ranking was brilliant, compared with the fight between Lin Feng and Kun Dao, it was not that impressive anymore. A few days later, all the contenders who drew a fight against Lin Feng chose to abstain, without exception!

   This had never happened in the past. Lin Feng advanced all the way to the end and became the first Overlord to win without fighting!

   It can be said that this was a kind of glory, equivalent to all the Overlords choosing to bow their heads. Defeating another without fighting showed the strength of Lin Feng!

   After the completion of the last day’s Competition, the fifty new names on the List of the World of Battles were released. The first one was certainly Lin Feng without suspense, the second one was Old Mentor, the third one was the Great Ancestor of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and the fourth one was the Leader of the human race, the Human Ancestor. In this list Competition, Lin Feng was an absolute big winner, leading the top three, and dominating the top position!

   Other people from the World of Battles came to congratulate Lin Feng. Whether it was from their bottom of their hearts or empty words, it was all flattering anyway. At least, no one dared to compete with Lin Feng publicly!


   After staying for three days in the Zhen Wu Dynasty, Lin Feng returned to the Region of the Eight Corners with Qing Huang Tian, the Old Mentor, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. When he flew over the Mountain of Buddha’s Sorrow, he couldn’t help feeling that his victory had something to do with the Heart of Ten Thousand Buddhas of the twelve ancient Buddhas!

   Just as Lin Feng was about to go down and pay homage to the Buddha and the Mountain of Buddha’s Sorrow, there was a loud and clear chanting voice from the Buddhas and the mountain of Buddha’s sorrow, “Lin Feng, the Ten Thousand Buddhas, you don’t have to stay! Go back to the Region of the Eight Corners quickly, otherwise, it will be too late…”

   Lin Feng could not help being surprised. Was this a warning to him? Was there an accident in the Region of the Eight Corners? He had won first place this time and defeated Kun Dao. Who dared invade the Region of the Eight Corners?


   Although Lin Feng was somewhat arrogant, he took the warning seriously and quickened his pace. By noon, he had reached the Northwest and the Region of the Eight Corners!

   But it was still peaceful here. Ordinary people lived and worked in peace and contentment. The cultivators were all performing their duties without any abnormalities. Seeing Lin Feng return, Shi Yu and other people came out to greet him. After greetings, Lin Feng called all the core members into the hall.

“Shi Yu, has anything special happened in recent days?” Lin Feng asked with some concern.

   Although everything was peaceful on the surface now, the warning given by Buddha Beishan was absolutely true. The Buddha never lied. If nothing had happened, they would not warn him.

   After thinking for a while, Shi Yu said that Sima Xiao and Sima Lian Xiang had been trying to repair the passage of the Ancestral World these past few days. They suspected that the Ancient Demon had deliberately destroyed the passage!

   While talking, Sima Xiao hurried in and saw Lin Feng excitedly and said, “Lin Feng, you finally came back. The Ancient Demon has come to the World of Battles!” 

Sima Xiao’s words were just like a bomb. Lin Feng’s brow furrowed. As for the Ancient Demon who had come to World of Battles, Lin Feng had already made psychological preparations. Now the only thing he couldn’t figure out was why he didn’t appear once he came to World of Battles?

   What kind of conspiracy was he plotting?

   He could not figure it out. At last, Lin Feng had to tell all people in the Region of the Eight Corners to step up their precautions. If there was any disturbance, they should report as soon as possible, without any delay!


   Unexpectedly, just one day after the order was handed down, something happened early in the next morning, but it was not the Region of the Eight Corners. It was in the Northeast, where Ancestor Nü lived!

  Ancestor Nü the Northeast sent someone to ask Lin Feng for help, saying that the North under Kun Dao suddenly sent troops to attack the Northeast. The forces were of great size, and there were also Demon Region fighters!

   Because Ancestor Nü was seriously injured, the enemies coming were very fierce, and most of the Northeast had been occupied by Kun Dao!

   Lin Feng was shocked. He and Kun Dao were more injured than Ancestor Nühad been. He had the Ancestral Body and the Blood of Dragon and Phoenix. He had completely recovered, but how did Kun Dao recover so fast?

   Moreover, there were demon fighters showing up in the armies of Kun Dao. This was not a simple thing. Lin Feng decided immediately that he had to help Ancestor Nü!

   If Kun Dao completely occupied the Northeast, then his next target would be the Northwest, and the Region of the Eight Corners. Their two areas should help each other!

   If Kun Dao was colluding with the forces of the Demon Region, it was better for Lin Feng to attack first and catch him off-guard. It was also a good way to find out where the Ancient Demon was hiding!

   Lin Feng sent a letter of invitation to the Zhen Wu Dynasty, asking Ancestor Tai to send some forces to help Ancestor Nü of the Northeast. Lin Feng directly attacked the Kun Dao headquarters from the other side. They would surround Kun Dao and attack him from both sides! 


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