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Chapter 1493 – The Ancient Demon

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   They took action without delay. They were exceptionally energetic about it, which would be beyond Kun Dao’s expectation. 

  Lin Feng and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points immediately summoned the powerful cultivators in the Region of the Eight Corners to the hall. More than fifty Earthly Godly Ancestors and two hundred people below the Earthly Godly Ancestor directly set out for the North of World of Battles and Kun Dao!

   When they arrived at the North, they immediately caused a lot of disturbances. The cultivators that garrisoned the North rose to stop them. Lin Feng was prepared for it and directly gave the order to kill everyone!

   Anyone who dared to block them would be killed, none of them would be spared. These defending forces were not too powerful, and there were not many people at the level of Godly Ancestor, so they were too vulnerable!

   Maybe Kun Dao didn’t expect the Region of the Eight Corners to attack so quickly, or perhaps they had transferred too many people to the Northeast. On the way, they met three groups of strong opponents, one of whom had run away without fighting!


   Half a day later, Lin Feng’s men approached the headquarters of Kun Dao. Just they arrived at the palace of Kun Dao, they were ambushed!

   The leader of the ambush was Kun Dao. There was another person beside him, the man who had hurt Ancestor Nü in the Competition for the List of the World of Battles!

“Ha ha, Lin Feng, you finally came! We have been waiting for you for a long time!”

   Kun Dao was very tricky and he seemed to be looking at prey that had trapped itself. Lin Feng felt bad. It seemed that he was lured in by Kun Dao this time!

   But now it was too late, and they could only make the final plan. Since they were already here, they had to find a way out.

   Sooner or later, there would be a fight. Either he would attack Kun Dao, or Kun Dao would attack him. Lin Feng was calm, and turned his attention to the man from the Demon Region.

  Lin Feng found that although Kun Dao now was speaking like a hero, he glanced at the person inadvertently after finishing each sentence, as if he was subconsciously asking for his opinion.

   How could a person from the Demon Region, who was also a guest, have such a great influence?

“Kun Dao, you are a traitor. What kind of conspiracy is this? Did you really collude with the Demon Region?” Yi San Ren demanded angrily.

   As the apprentice of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Kun Dao should have been in charge of the Northern World of Battles, together with his master. However, Kun Dao was an ungrateful and vicious person. He had stolen his master’s territory. Now he was even colluding with the Demon Region!

   Kun Dao snorted coldly. He answered grimly, “You don’t have the right to call me a traitor now. The law of the jungle wasn’t set by me. I’m not the only one who follows it. You should blame yourself, who gave me the North!”

  The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was too angry to say anything. He was so stupid that he trusted this guy and even liked him once!

“Kun Dao, you really worked hard to design a trap for us. Let’s fight today!”

   Lin Feng waved his hand. The storm of the wave was like a river and sea falling onto Kun Dao. At the same time, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and others all used their own skills, and started fighting with Kun Dao’s people!

   This fight could be said to be the most intense one Lin Feng had ever experienced. All the people present were top-notch. Lin Feng had only one goal in his heart: he wanted Kun Dao to die!

   Since they were here, even if they were mauled heavily, they would at least kill Kun Dao. Otherwise it would be really hard to solve the problem in their hearts!

   Although Kun Dao had the same intention, he had understood that he would never win the battle with Lin Feng by himself. Lin Feng was no longer comparable to the past, so he had arranged several competent people to attack together!

   However, it seemed that the man from the Demon Region had found his opponent. He targeted the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and took a group of Earthly Godly Ancestors to deal with the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points!

   Lin Feng alone was fighting with five opponents at Earthly Godly Ancestor, which was intolerable, but Lin Feng’s intent to kill Kun Dao was firm, and all the killing moves he used were directed at Kun Dao!

   The Emperor’s Seal Formula and the Emperor Yan’s Scripture were used alternately. Their magnificent auras covered the sky, and the sun even broke half of the sky above them. The huge golden seal was falling from the sky and kept pounding on the light shielding Kun Dao. 

Kun Dao did not step back. Many magic weapons and implements were used, and they fought to a tie with Emperor Yan’s Scripture!

   They wanted to sneak in originally, but now they needed to break through the ambush. It was a bit of a drag. Kun Dao had a lot of people, forming an encirclement. Fortunately, the people on Lin Feng’s side were of greater strength, otherwise they would have been defeated long ago!

   What Lin Feng didn’t know was that it wasn’t exactly a plan. The Northeast World of Battles had been a real mess. Ancestor Nü was injured, and there were several traitors among her men!

   In fact, they had been bribed by Kun Dao a long time ago. At the same time, Kun Dao also wanted to seize the position of the Overlord of the Northeast World of Battles and stir up a mutiny against Ancestor Nü!

   Fortunately, she also had her own confidantes among the important people, and was able to retreat to a safe place in time, or she would have fallen to internal strife.

   In addition to the traitors in the Northeast World of Battles, there were also fighters from the Demon Region attacking Ancestor Nü. Both sides drew a tie. They fought to the death, turning whole cities into ashes. Countless low-level cultivators died in the disaster!

“Lin Feng, you’d better give up. Why don’t you join me and surrender to the Ancient Demon, and we can unify the World of Battles together?”

   Kun Dao was fighting against Lin Feng while trying to persuade him to surrender to the Ancient Demon, using the pressure of the Ancient Demon!

“Kun Dao, you are an Overlord. How could you be willing to be a servant of the Demon Region. Aren’t you afraid of people’s ridicule?”

“Ha ha ha, Lin Feng, all the people in the world are just ants. How much are their words worth? As long as we unify all World of Battles, I want people to live and people will live, I want people to die and they will die. How will they dare to laugh at me?”

   After that, Kun Dao suddenly blew a whistle, and his men disappeared from the battlefield. Before Lin Feng understood what had happened, they felt a huge earthquake in the heavens and the earth, and the sun and the moon disappeared in a moment!

“No, we’re being ambushed again!” someone shouted loudly. 

A hoarse voice came from the air, “Lin Feng, Yi San Ren, and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, you were so stupid as to enter my trap. Now you have nowhere to go, you will be trapped in my Sky Thunder and Earth Fire Array and die! Hahahaha!… “

   This voice was so familiar and terrible. It was the voice of the Ancient Demon!

   All of them were sweating coldly. Unexpectedly, this was a trap by the Ancient Demon. The Ancient Demon had really come to the World of Battles. What were his intentions for coming here?

“Ancient Demon, if you are bold, come out! Don’t hide in the dark like a turtle. I want to fight with you!”

   Lin Feng was standing right there, but he didn’t know the location of the Ancient Demon! He wanted to lure him out, or the situation would be too passive.

“Ha ha ha ha, Lin Feng, don’t use this kind of foolish method to lure me. My Sky Thunder and Earth Fire Array is where the Demon Region cultivates heaven and earth. You are my furnace stone. I can refine your essence without doing anything. Why should I show myself, ha ha ha ha!…”

   The voice gradually faded away. Lin Feng knew something was wrong. He hurriedly led the others, chasing in the direction of the receding voice. However, he found something wrong. He even couldn’t fly with the cultivation of an Earthly Godly Ancestor!

   As if the scorched earth was a sucking disc, it firmly dragged people to the ground!


   With a loud bang, a huge thunderbolt a hundred meters thick came down from the sky, directly pounded in their direction, turning the ground turn red!

   A man who came with Lin Feng was running in front of him, and was directly crushed by the lightning, leaving only a scream, “Ah! Help me…”

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