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Chapter 1494 – Break the Demon Region

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   When Lin Feng saw this, he ran straight to save the man, but he was grabbed by Yi San Ren and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Point as they shouted loudly, “Don’t go there!”

   Their eyes gradually adapted to the dark, and they could see. The ground was full of scorched earth. There were various pieces of bones scattered there, and they could smell burning flesh. They didn’t know how many people were buried here!

   Within a kilometer of them, countless huge stone pillars had risen, stretching up into the dense black clouds. The various pillars were constantly flashing with thunder and crackling loudly.

   Just as Lin Feng’s thoughts were settling, there were wailing sounds around him, as shrill as a ghost crying and a wolf howling. It was like a wave coming towards him, slowly approaching the center!

   Suddenly, a black shadow sprang out of the rolling black fog, straight at Lin Feng. The black shadow was unreal, but its eyes were extraordinarily bright, like two strong flashlights as red as blood!

   Lin Feng was so startled that he took three steps back. At the same time, he thrust out with one hand!

   The powerful wind blew away the black fog from the figure in an instant, revealing its physical form. People almost vomited when they saw it. It was a monster with no human face at all!

   They didn’t know whether it was once a man, because it had countless hands and feet. They grew on a mess of rotten meat as they grasped and clutched at nothing!

   Where the palm wind reached it, the fog rolled, and many more monsters appeared. There were tens of thousands of them. They were very terrifying!

“What are they!”

“It is so weird. Are these ghosts?”

   All the people formed a circle, and used their own skills to defend against these monsters. The monsters, relying on their large numbers, did not flinch at all, but came up to them screaming!

“Die!” Lin Feng had forgotten all about life and fear. It was his idea to sneak in this time. He felt guilty for trapping them in this array.

   Lin Feng rushed out of the formation and into the group of monsters by himself. He waved his hands and clapped them several times. The monsters within a hundred meters away from him immediately screamed fiercely!

   They were hit directly by the shockwave he generated. Flesh flew everywhere, and a few arms and legs were falling from the sky, horrible and disgusting!

   However, what scared the people even more was that even if these arms and legs left the bodies of the monsters, they were still alive, crawling and jumping on the ground, like thousands of worms.

   They seemed to get together spontaneously, and soon combined into a new monster!

“Lin Feng, we can’t defeat these things. I think we’d better break through in one direction quickly!” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points suggested loudly, but it was foggy in all directions. Who knew which way was out? Lin Feng looked around and suddenly had an idea.

   “Emperor’s Seal Formula!”

   Lin Feng used the Emperor’s Seal Formula, which was a thousand meters in size. The bright golden light instantly turned this part of the sky into day, like an artificial sun in the night!

   However, this space was incredibly huge. They couldn’t see the border at all. They could only see layers of stone pillars, as if they were in a sea of stone trees!

   He didn’t overthink too much. Lin Feng manipulated the huge seal to directly crush down on the countless monsters. With a loud bang, everywhere within a kilometer in front of him, the monsters instantly became meat paste wriggling on the ground!

   At the same time, countless stone pillars were smashed. The stone pillars that were not hit were struck by the strong wind, constantly shaking and falling, stirring up the black cloud in the sky.

   After the pillars broke, the structure of the formation was also exposed. It turned out that the pillars were hollow, and inside was a constantly erupting blue flame!

“Demon Prison Fire…”the Old Mentor cried out in amazement. As soon as the flame came out, the surrounding temperature suddenly increased, just like a melting pot, baking everything inside it!

   In a moment, everyone was sweating. If they hadn’t had the cultivation of Earthly Godly Ancestors, they would have been burned to ashes!

   Lin Feng also hesitated. If he continued to bombard them with this huge seal, though he could eliminate these monsters, it would set loose more Demon Prison Fire. The temperature would shoot higher and higher. Even if they didn’t die of heat, they would die of thirst!

   At this time, the Ice Spirit in his Spiritual World suddenly informed Lin Feng that he could use her ice Qi to deal with the heat. Lin Feng did not hesitate, and immediately silently recited the formula of A Frozen and Snow-covered Land!

   Ice Qi burst from the body of Lin Feng, directly covering thousands of meters around him. Dozens of people around him felt refreshed for a while, as if they had entered a cold winter from a midsummer heat!

   All of them breathed the fresh air greedily, as the cold suppressed the innumerable monsters and Demon Prison Fires. The flames within the stone pillars were shrinking, and no longer spread any heat!

   Those ghosts who could still move were directly frozen like ice sculptures. The whole earth and sky were covered by the cold killing air.

Lin Feng was still puzzled. Where did the Ancient Demon go? Why did he keep them here and disappear?

   Lin Feng’s biggest worry was that the Ancient Demon had trapped him in this place to attack the Region of the Eight Corners. If that was the case, it would be awful!

   This made Lin Feng even more anxious. He manipulated the big seal again. Like a bulldozer, he directly opened a huge path, leading his people in a certain direction, and kept pushing forward!

   After walking forward for a while, they hadn’t seen any border yet, and even returned to their original place!

   It was a familiar scene. The ground was full of ghosts’ remains, the collapsed stone pillars had fallen in disorder. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points exclaimed, “Lin Feng, why are we back here?”

   Yi San Ren also muttered that it was impossible. They moved in the same direction, without turning at all. How could they lose their way?

   Lin Feng was the most surprised. He was the clearest about the path he had taken. There was absolutely no change of direction. Looking around, he could see the huge channel created by the giant seal. Both front and back were as straight as a knife, and there was no end!

   Was this an illusion? Were they inside an illusion and bewildered by a mind-confusing skill of the Ancient Demon?

   Although the ice cold Qi was useful, it consumed a lot of energy very much. The Ice Spirit was now very tired, but she was still struggling to save Lin Feng and these people. She had no intent to compromise. Even if she exhausted her last bit of ice Qi, she couldn’t give up!

   The cold air was weakening, and the temperature was rising again.

   When Lin Feng was a little confused, a gentle voice came from the dark, but no one else could hear it, only Lin Feng.

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Mind skill. As long as you keep calm, you won’t feel the heat too much. Evil can never prevail over Buddhas.

   A series of formulas rushed into Lin Feng’s mind. At the same time, Lin Feng’s body started experiencing some changes. Countless tiny Buddha patterns were surging with golden light all over him!

   Lin Feng seemed to have become a living lantern. The Buddhist symbols penetrated his body and spread into his surroundings. They fell upon the black fog between the heavens and the earth, and became constantly changing charms!

   All the places illuminated by the charms soon revealed their original appearance. First, the ground under their feet became the stone ground. Wasn’t this the square in front of Kun Dao’s temple?

  Seeing this, everyone’s exclaimed came out together. Unexpectedly they had run for half a day, and were still on this square!

   Lin Feng silently recited The Ten Thousand Buddhas Mind skill. The light of Buddhas grew stronger and was covering everything in this array! Lin Feng was excited to see that there was a “卍” on his palm.

   This was the Heart Seal of Buddha. It appeared in his hand at this time, turning his palm gold. At this time, the gentle voice appeared in his mind again, “The world of Buddhism and Taoism has three thousand truths. The world is huge and it contains everything. This world of a demon prison is just one of them. Lin Feng, you can take it and use it…”

   At the end of this sentence, Lin Feng suddenly felt a huge suction in his palm, like a bottomless black hole. It rapidly sucked all of the remaining array into his palm!

   Their surroundings brightened again as they appeared in the square of Kun Dao’s temple. They also saw Kun Dao and others who were protecting the array around them!

   Kun Dao jumped up from the ground, and roared from a thousand meters away, “Lin Feng, How did you escape?!”

  Lin Feng and others looked around. The sky was still the original sky, and the ground was still the original ground. They immediately calmed down!

   Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and asked Kun Dao, “You are a fucking dog and really malicious. You set up this kind of Demon Region Array here to kill us all. Today, I won’t let you live in this world and harm others anymore!

   When he finished speaking, he thrust out his palm, the billowing power dashing against the sky!

   Kun Dao laughed grimly, “Lin Feng. I don’t expect that you could break a mindscape of the Ancient Demon. But if you want to kill me, you’ll have to use your real power!”

   Kun Dao also thrust out his palm. Black air was surging and the blood mist was dense, forming a barrier. It stopped Lin Feng’s surging waves!

   However, both Kun Dao and Lin Feng felt something different at the same time. This time, Lin Feng’s surging waves were different from the past. The surging waves were actually mixed with a lot of scattered Buddhist symbols!


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