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Chapter 1495 – Kill Kun Dao!

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   The Buddhist symbols turned into countless charms. They were like eyes as they specially devoured the blood mists. Every time they absorbed a mist, they grew bigger!

  Most of the dark Qi emitted by Kun Dao was quickly swallowed up. Kun Dao was shocked. “Lin Feng, what is this skill? How can you swallow the blood mists in my palm Qi?”

   “Ha ha, Kun Dao, you were too proud of yourself! Even the mind world of the Ancient Demon is now mine. Your blood mists are nothing. What are your last words? Hurry up and say them! There will be no chance later!”

   The dozens of Earthly Godly Ancestors of Kun Dao shuddered, but were still trying to control their emotions. They said, “Lin Feng, don’t be too proud! You can’t try to kill us all. Don’t think about it!”

   Lin Feng was angry and laughing at the same time, but he still had a last trace of benevolence and said, “You are Earthly Godly Ancestors. It must not be easy to rise to that level. I don’t want to kill all of you. So now I give you a last chance to join my Region of the Eight Corners. If you don’t, I will throw you all into the space of the Demon Prison and burn you to ashes!”

   As soon as he said these words, the people around Kun Dao were in a mess for a while. Some people were frightened and whispered to each other!

“Shut up, who dares to betray me?! Don’t blame me for being ruthless, your families are all in my hands.”

   Lin Feng couldn’t help laughing. It turned out that Kun Dao used this kind of means to control the cultivators, by controlling their families!

   These people had worked so hard for him, in exchange for complete distrust! It was so sad.

   Suddenly, an Earthly Godly Ancestor exclaimed, “Kun Dao, it turns out my family is threatened by you. You are such a despicable villain. You even blamed the Region of the Eight Corners for it. I’ll kill you!

   He turned on Kun Dao and thrust out a palm. Kun Dao didn’t expect that this man would betray him so fast, and was hit hard. But at the same time, he also smashed the man thousands of miles away!

   Although this man and Kun Dao were both Earthly Godly Ancestors, Kun Dao had reached the top, and there was still a considerable gap in strength between them. Kun Dao’s fierce killing move immediately caused a sensation in his own camp!

   The people around him were all scattered. They dared not stand by him anymore. No one knew who Kun Dao would kill next!

“Ha ha, why did you force me to be like this? Since you want to leave me, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

   After that, Kun Dao clapped several palms crazily and smashed his own men away, surprising Lin Feng and the others. Kun Dao was really a cold-blooded and merciless man!

   Those who were not injured flew to Lin Feng’s side and shouted loudly, “Lin Feng, please help me to kill the crazy Kun Dao. Otherwise…” In the middle of speaking, Lin Feng’s eyes widened. Not only Lin Feng, but all the people were shocked by what they saw in front of them. At this time, Kun Dao had changed incredibly!

   His body was now ten meters tall, and his face had changed a lot. His whole body had produced layers of black hair, and he looked like a giant chimpanzee!

   His voice also changed, turning into the voice of the Ancient Demon, “Ha ha, Lin Feng, I am the Ancient Demon. You want to destroy me? I have refined Kun Dao into a devil ape, whose strength is as great as ten Earthly Godly Ancestor Overlords. Today I will destroy you all!”

   Devil ape… ten Earthly Godly Ancestor Overlords!

   That was incredible. It was not the body of the Ancient Demon, nor the body of Kun Dao. It was the spiritual beast of the Demon Region, controlled by the Ancient Demon’s mind world!

   The devil ape, covered with black fog,came at Lin Feng directly!

   Yi San Ren, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Lin Feng, and the others used their power at the same time to resist the attack. However, the Ancient Demon spoke the truth. Even if the ape didn’t have power of ten Overlords, at least it was not what Lin Feng and the others could resist!

   With a loud bang, the ground was directly smashed by the ape, pounding out a huge pit over a hundred meters deep. Lin Feng and others were directly smashed into the pit!

   Several people once under Kun Dao became meat pulp directly. Some people on Lin Feng’s side were injured and couldn’t get up anymore!

“You take the wounded away first. I’ll deal with him!” Lin Feng ordered loudly. At this time, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points saw that Kun Dao had been refined into an animal by the Ancient Demon. It was really impressive!

“Kun Dao. Are you really going to kill your teacher?” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points shouted angrily. The ape was stunned for a moment. He stared at the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, his mouth bloody red. It seemed like he had recognized his former master.

   Then the ape looked up and roared at the sky When it looked down again, it had no humanity left. Its half-meter-long tusks were shining with cold light, and it rushed at Lin Feng and the others!

   “Emperor’s Seal Formula!” Lin Feng shouted loudly, using the skill. The big seal hit the top of the ape’s head directly. When it came into contact with the ape’s head, it bounced back dozens of meters. Lin Feng almost lost control of it!

   Lin Feng was flung back by this huge force, his feet driven deeply into the ground. Although he didn’t kill the ape, he stunned it, and it seemed to be dizzy!

   Taking this opportunity, Lin Feng moved all the wounded to a safe place, leaving only Yi San Ren, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and others with Overlord-level cultivation.

   Lin Feng didn’t give the ape much time to recover, and another Emperor’s Seal hit it. This time, the ape was smart. Instead of resisting the Seal directly, it dodged the attack. At the same time, it came hurtling at Lin Feng!

   Lin Feng’s eyes were already red, and the Eye of Jia Yan was up and running. Two red flames burst forth from his eyes, converging on its arm. In an instant, the black hair on the arm of the ape was burned clean away!

   The ape’s skin was burning fiercely. The ape was in pain, and jumped back, realizing Lin Feng’s strength and now afraid of fighting. The ape turned around and jumped straight out of the pit, fleeing towards the temple of Kun Dao!

   Lin Feng wouldn’t let it run away. It seemed the devil ape was afraid of fire. If he let it go today, it would hurt many innocent people. It had to be completely eliminated!

   Lin Feng stepped on the air. In a second, he caught up with the ape and jumped directly on its back. The ape turned back to clutch at him. Lin Feng’s Jia Yan Fires forced back the giant paw. Lin Feng grabbed the long hair on its body and hit at the back of its neck!

   Taking a dozen more steps, the ape wailed when his foot stomped on it, its body suddenly a little bit smaller. It constantly spewed out stinking black Qi from its seven orifices. The ape was like a balloon, and it shrank to the same size as the human!

   Its hair had all returned to its body, and it had resumed the appearance of Kun Dao again!

   As soon as Kun Dao appeared, he struck back. He unexpectedly tore several deep wounds on Lin Feng’s chest, and Lin Feng quickly stepped back and dodged away.

“Lin Feng, do you have to kill me? I’m the apprentice of your master, too. Please don’t kill me… ” Kun Dao gasped, obviously unable to do anything more. With his arrogant character, how could he say such things to Lin Feng?

   Lin Feng was not distracted by his words at all. Kun Dao was cunning and fickle. If he didn’t kill Kun Dao today, he would surely repay such kindness with revenge in the future. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was an example!

   “Kun Dao, now you realize that you and I are brothers. Unfortunately, it is too late. Since you betrayed the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, you have had no right to say that. Go die!”

   Lin Feng slammed out his palm again. It had a complex aura, full of the power of his Ancestral Body, the purity of Dragon and Phoenix Blood, and even the boundless width of the Ten Thousand Buddhas. Although Kun Dao was struggling to fight back, he couldn’t resist it anymore. He was directly blasted into the air, and fell heavily under the steps in front of his temple!

   Kun Dao spitted out more black blood. He lifted up his heavy head and stared at Lin Feng with bloody eyes. He cursed Lin Feng viciously, “Lin Feng, I’m not done with you! Even if I’m a ghost, I won’t let you go!”

   He jumped up and tried to escape into the temple, but Lin Feng had prepared in advance, and clapped his hand directly on Kun Dao’s back. Kun Dao directly flew up and hit the huge golden plaque of his own temple!

   Boom! The plaque broke into countless pieces and was scattered on the ground. Kun Dao was directly impaled by the huge iron nail of the plaque, leaving a bloody hole in his chest.

   Kun Dao hung there, his head down. His eyes slowly rose to look at Lin Feng, but there was a helpless smile on his face as he murmured, “Lin Feng, even if you kill me, you can’t escape from death! The Ancient Demon will take revenge for me…” With a sigh, the last blood came out, and Kun Dao closed his eyes and died!

   Looking at the corpse of Kun Dao, Lin Feng felt both happy and complicated. Kun Dao, who he wanted to kill, was really dead this time?

   With a wave of his hand, the true soul of Kun Dao was shattered, and Kun Dao was gone forever!

   The Ancestor of the North, the Overlord of the Northern World of Battles, had died like a dog. All these things were real. Kun Dao no longer had the prestige of the past. His domineering momentum disappeared with his death!

   Lin Feng was afraid that the news of his death would become a hot topic in World of Battles. An Overlord had fallen and World of Battles would mourn. As the person who killed Kun Dao, he would become the liveliest topic. People would both praise and disparage him!


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