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Chapter 1496 – The Explanation of the Twelve Ancient Buddhas

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“Lin Feng…” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points came up and sighed in a complicated mood. Looking at his previous apprentice, and his younger martial brother, he felt inexplicably lost.

Lin Feng’s eyes flashed, and he sent off the Fire of Jia Yan, instantly burning the corpse of Kun Dao to ashes. Since Kun Dao was dead, what was the meaning of leaving the bones and body behind?

All the people that Lin Feng had brought gathered around. Lin Feng looked at them. The injured men were not in bad condition after the treatment of their companions. At present, they just waited for Lin Feng’s orders.

“Lin Feng, we are so silly. We believed in the tricks of Kun Dao by mistake. I hope you will allow our families a way to live… “

Dozens of former friends of Kun Dao had no one to depend on now. They had a thorough understanding of Kun Dao now, so they had to devote themselves to Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng did not say a word. It was not his purpose to kill these people. His purpose was to unify the North and keep these people for himself. That was the best policy.

But these things had to be done by the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. After all, he originally built up the North. It had just returned to its original master.

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had originally trained many of these begging men. When the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points saw Lin Feng looking at him, he nodded. There was no need to say anything else. There was a tacit understanding between them!

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points stayed to deal with the North. Lin Feng hurried to the Region of the Eight Corners with his men, worried that the Ancient Demon would attack the Region of the Eight Corners!


Lin Feng was flying back to the Region of the Eight Corners with all of them. Suddenly, he felt an abnormal aura wave coming from exactly his Region of the Eight Corners. Lin Feng could not help but feel a sense of awe!

He saw smoke rising in the sky. Two Earthly Godly Ancestors were coming his way quickly. Lin Feng was stunned when he saw them. He seemed to know them; they were people from the Zhen Wu Dynasty!

These two people had seen Lin Feng several kilometers away, and they could not help but shout loudly, “Lin Feng, our alliance leader, the Zhen Wu Dynasty has been besieged!…”


When he met up with them, he knew that in just a few days, the whole World of Battles had quietly changed a lot!

The Eastern World of Battles, where the Dragon Su Clans were originally located, and the Southern World of Battles, where the Human Ancestor led the people, and the Southeastern Region dominated by the Demon Ancestor, had been occupied, one after another!

The strength of the Southern World of Battles was quite strong. Although they were not as strong as the Zhen Wu Dynasty and the Region of the Eight Corners, how did they fall in such a short time?

“You don’t have to worry. Tell me what’s going on?”

Lin Feng comforted these two messengers, one of whom said, “Young Master, I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s urgent for us, we are besieged by three forces in World of Battles. You can’t stand by!”

Lin Feng was depressed inside. Was he the kind of person who could not save the lives of others? What’s more, what kind of existence was the Zhen Wu Dynasty? It was his right arm! In addition, Nian Ling Jiao, the daughter of Zhen Wu Dynasty’s Ancestor Tai, was his own life-saving benefactor. How could he let it go?

However, Lin Feng also had some scruples in his heart. Why did these forces besiege the Zhen Wu Dynasty? Was it because of the Ancient Demon? Would they attack the Region of Eight Corners?

Anyway, it was not far from the Region of the Eight Corners. It was not too late to go back and settle down, and then proceed to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. It was two to four hours away. With the strength of the Zhen Wu Dynasty, it would not fall so quickly!

He sent the two messengers back, and at the same time, sent dozens of Earthly Godly Ancestors to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Lin Feng and the Old Mentor went directly back to the Region of the Eight Corners!

As soon as he returned to the Region of the Eight Corners region, Lin Feng arranged for defensive measures, and had Shi Yu, Qing Huang Tian, Song Qiu Jiu, Zi Jin Xiao, Prince Ghost, and other people direct the Godly Ancestors at all levels to strengthen their vigilance. Only after they were safe could he leave the Region of the Eight Corners and go straight to the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

The most important thing was to ensure the safety of the Region of the Eight Corners and not leave any future troubles for themselves. Otherwise, he would not only bury the Zhen Wu Dynasty, but also beat the eggs on the ground!


Lin Feng and Yi San Ren took another twenty people at the level of Earthly Godly Ancestor and flew straight to the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

This was a matter of great urgency. Lin Feng didn’t want to have a delay in the middle of the night, but when he was flying over the Buddhist mountain, he met the Twelve ancient Buddhas. They seemed to be waiting for him!

Why were all Buddhas here? Lin Feng was anxious. Was it possible that the Mountain of Buddha had met some troubles? However, it was peaceful and quiet. Besides chanting Buddhist scriptures and the sound of prayer wheels, there was nothing.

After the twelve ancient Buddhas introduced themselves, they said, “Lin Feng, do you know that you are in great danger?”

Lin Feng was puzzled. He was going to the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Was this trip dangerous for him? On the other hand, were there other secrets?

The twelve ancient Buddhas said directly, “Lin Feng, this time three forces are attacking the Zhen Wu Dynasty! Their leader is the Demon Ancestor of the Southern World of Battles, and the main force behind him is the Ancient Demon!

“I’m afraid that you cannot compete with the Ancient Demon with your current ability. So we’re here to help you.” Lin Feng’s face brightened, but at the same time, he was puzzled. Were they going to go with him?

The Buddha Sorrow Mountain was a pure land in World of Battles, and the twelve ancient Buddhas were good at abstaining from killing. Why would they go to a great slaughter together with Ling Feng?

“Lin Feng, you think too much… “

Lian Deng was so embarrassed, and coughed once. He quickly explained that they would not go with him. They just came here to give him an all-out skill, so that he could use it to protect his life in time of danger!

The twelve ancient Buddhas surrounded Lin Feng, and put their hands on Lin Feng’s chest and back. They let Lin Feng accept the spirit of each of the Buddhist hearts.

Before Lin Feng had any time to ask, he felt the palms on him were blazing, and countless turbulent and majestic auras were directly infused into him. As soon as this aura entered his body, it opened up a rapid flow and revolved around his Ancestor’s Body!

After a while, Lin Feng had countless messages in his mind. He realized the hard work of Buddha’s heart. When he opened his eyes again, some people could not help but be surprised. There was an extra Buddha’s shadow in Lin Feng’s eyes, but it was just a flash of the Buddha’s shadow, and they could no longer see anything different.

“Well, Lin Feng, that is dangerous to go to the Zhen Wu Dynasty to fight with the Demon Ancestor. We’ve put our Buddhist hearts into you. At the critical moment, just call upon us twelve ancient Buddhas to protect your life. Go quickly!”

After that, the twelve ancient Buddhas returned to the temple of the Buddha Sorrow Mountain. Lin Feng could only be grateful, and head off to the Zhen Wu Dynasty again.

However, he felt different as he flew there. He was several times faster than before, and his body was very light. Even the Old Mentor was left far behind, let alone the other twenty Earthly Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng had to stop and wait for them.

“Lin Feng, it seems that you have good fortune with Buddhism. At a young age, you have received the Buddha’s Heart and the Buddha’s Hand. In the future, you will become the supreme Leader of the World of Battles!” Yi San Ren praised him. 

Lin Feng was a little proud. He had already reached the Zhen Wu Dynasty. Looking down, he saw smoke on the ground rolling for hundreds of miles, like a black dragon!

He also heard the huge roars of fighting near the Tai Qing Gate. Lin Feng and Yi San Ren flew down to see the warring parties through the smoke and dust, and descended right in front of the people of the Zhen Wu Dynasty.

As soon as Lin Feng appeared, they immediately cheered. Although the Zhen Wu Dynasty was powerful, it was left behind a little bit in numbers and momentum in the face of the attack from the other three forces. Lin Feng’s arrival had made up the gap!

What was more, everyone knew that Lin Feng was first in the List of the World of Battles, the new generation of unrivaled Overlords. He could defeat three other Overlords!

People who were fighting on both sides were attracted by this situation. They stopped and returned to thier lines. Nian Ling Jiao ran over first, her armor covered with blood. She stood in front of Lin Feng and complained, “How could you come so late?”

Lin Feng smiled bitterly, patted the head of Nian Ling Jiao and said, “OK, I’m here now? So many people are looking at me!”

“Don’t be a pauper. I’m your savior, you are my…  Anyway, there is nothing to laugh about… ” Nian Ling Jiao was not embarrassed at all. Instead, she was even more tired of addiction. She was flattering Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, you came in time. We are going to judge you for your crimes!” a voice like thunder arose in the distance.

 Lin Feng looked up, and saw that the Demon Ancestor was shouting at him from in front of the enemy troops thousands of miles away.

Lin Feng gently pushed Nian Ling Jiao away, and then stood up with his hands behind his back. He was not angry, but self-confident. He walked towards the Demon Ancestor like walking idly in court. 

The Demon Ancestor’s brow furrowed; he was immediately wary. He knew that Lin Feng was not a person to be offended!

“Stop, Lin Feng! Don’t come ahead right now!” another voice suddenly called out.

Lin Feng was stunned for a moment. Wasn’t that Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor? Unexpectedly, he had also arrived!

However, with the warning of the twelve ancient Buddhas, Lin Feng did not show much concern. Since it was the Ancient Demon who had caused this trouble, how could there be no Demon Emperor?

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had also become an Earthly Godly Ancestor, presumably helped by the Ancient Demon. Then the Ancient Demon was the same without surprise.

Lin Feng stopped and sneered, “You all came to invade the Zhen Wu Dynasty without justice; do you want to start a war for all of the World of Battles this time?”


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