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Chapter 1497 – The Ferocious Ancient Demon

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“Lin Feng, you can’t complain first. Since we have come to fight, there are plenty of reasons. The List of the World of Battles is obviously biased! You collaborated with Ancestor Tai of the Zhen Wu Dynasty and won the first place with Yi San Ren and Ancestor Tai as the Competition officials!” Demon Ancestor shouted. “We don’t accept it, so we must wipe out all the forces on that List and return our World of Battles to harmony!”

Lin Feng frowned and asked, “When your people were in the lottery to fight with me, they gave up of they own initiative; how can you whine now?”

This was also true. At that time, the Overlords of World of Battles were all superior. They were all in the top ten, but none of them dared to compete with Lin Feng. In fact, they gave Lin Feng first place!

The Demon Ancestor had nothing to say, and his face was uncertain. The Demon Emperor spoke up, “Lin Feng, be ashamed. The reason why we didn’t fight you at that time was that we knew that you were hurt in the battle with Kun Dao, and didn’t want to take advantage of others!”

This excuse was a bit lame. It was very unreasonable, and great irony in Lin Feng’s ears. Lin Feng could not help laughing, leaving them confused!

“Do you mean Kun Dao? You can ask him in person. Who hurt whom at that time?”

“Well, we will naturally ask him if we have a chance in the future. It won’t concern you!”

“Oh? I’ll be relieved if you say so, but I have to tell you a sad story. Kun Dao is ashes. He has been burned clean by my fire, and there’s not even a hair left. Do you want to follow him to find out?”

As soon as Lin Feng said that, there was a commotion among those people!

“What, Kun Dao is dead?”

“It’s impossible, Kun Dao is the Northern Ancestor. How could he be killed by Lin Feng, with all his abilities?”

“Hum, he must be lying. How could Kun Dao die so tragically…”

All kinds of voices were heard, but the faces of the Demon Ancestor and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor were very ugly. Others might not believe Lin Feng’s words, but they both absolutely believed it. Lin Feng was a bit cynical, but he was a vicious character who never boasted!

Demon Ancestor murmured to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, “Didn’t you say that the Ancient Demon left his mark on Kun Dao? How could he die?”

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s face also changed repeatedly. He was a little unsure and said, “How would I know? The Ancient Demon did not give me a detailed explanation. If this is true, wasn’t the Ancient Demon’s avatar destroyed by Lin Feng?”

The Demon Ancestor had a cold feeling all over, and his eyes were fixed on Lin Feng. Did Lin Feng have such great power that he even killed the avatar of the Ancient Demon?

Though they had attacked the Zhen Wu Dynasty, there was a hidden card missing!

The Demon Ancestor even wanted to retreat now. If he knew that the Ancient Demon was so unreliable, he should not have listened to Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s encouragement and followed them to fight against Lin Feng.

Seeing their hesitation, Lin Feng felt more confident and said, “I advise you to go back where you came from…”

However, as soon as he finished his words, there was a sudden sound of gongs and drums in the sky. At the same time, someone was proclaiming loudly, “The Ancient Demon, the Supreme Godly Ancestor, unifying the World of Battles as the only lord!”

 A black wind appeared, and a large and exquisite sedan chair slowly descended from the sky. Two people carried it before and after it, and it fell between both sides.

A wave of evil swept the earth, and people felt a chill for dozens of miles. Lin Feng unconsciously clenched his fist; the long-lost Ancient Demon had finally shown up!

After the sedan chair fell to the ground, the four people carrying the litter went to the side, and a black wind flowed out of the sedan chair. In an instant, a huge figure appeared on the ground!

The Ancient Demon!

All the people saw that he was indeed worthy of being the Ancient Demon. His size and appearance were full of infinite mysteries, but his appearance was too much. In just a word, he was ugly!

His head was like a big pumpkin with four edges and eight petals. There were potholes, and his nose was turned over, his eyes were shining with blue ghost fire, and his mouth had four sharp fangs!

If he did not walk upright, people would think he was a boar. At the sight of the Ancient Demon, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor immediately stepped forward and bowed!

“Demon Ancestor,” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and so on all came to kneel, and they all shouted, “The eternal demon will unify the world!”

The Ancient Demon didn’t pay any attention to them, but looked at Lin Feng. There was a cold light in his blue eyes, chilling Lin Feng!

The Ancient Demon did not even open his mouth, but his voice had already sounded forth, “Lin Feng, do you really think you are invincible? How dare you be my enemy?”

Lin Feng snorted, “Ancient Demon, you don’t need to be mystical there. You just showed up on a broken sedan chair. Are you here to get married?”

The Ancient Demon was choked by Lin Feng’s words, and cursed angrily, “Lin Feng, you killed my avatar and stole my Demon Prison World. Today, I will send you after that trash Kun Dao!”

After saying that, the Ancient Demon suddenly disappeared. Lin Feng was shocked. With his current accomplishments, he could not see how the Ancient Demon moved!

But Lin Feng felt a powerful pressure from behind. It was only a short moment, but Lin Feng jumped forward intuitively!

This leap directly stopped a hundred meters away, but he didn’t escape the Ancient Demon’s palms. With a loud bang, Lin Feng felt like his back had been scalded with a soldering iron. It was quite painful!

At the same time, his body was driven forward more than ten meters before he could stop. He quickly looked back and saw that the Ancient Demon was standing in his original position!

The Ancient Demon was also very surprised to see his huge claw had not really harmed Lin Feng. He said grimly, “Lin Feng, it seems that I really despise you. Can you withstand this palm?”

He seemed to be a little unconvinced of his own strength. Suddenly, he gave a big blow to the ground. A big palm formed a pit several meters around and ten meters deep on the ground!

At this time, the people from the Zhen Wu Dynasty had retreated more than a kilometer. Nian Ling Jiao desperately shouted Lin Feng’s name. She wanted to protect Lin Feng, but she was restrained by Ancestor Tai.

Lin Feng’s heart was churning. The power of the palm just now was so great that he felt his internal organs were about to break apart. The pain of tearing was spreading through his chest!

At last, Lin Feng still couldn’t help it. A mouthful of blood gushed out, and a bloody mist rose in the air. At this time, the Ancient Demon said in a thoughtful way, “Lin Feng, don’t waste your blood, it’s the best material I need to use!”

Lin Feng didn’t understand what he was saying. At this time, Ancestor Tai and other people started to attack the Ancient Demon. The Ancient Demon roared up to the sky. With a sweep of his hands, waves of energy broke out!

The solid earth was peeled away by the force of his palms directly, and stones poured down towards the people in the Zhen Wu Dynasty like raindrops. Although they could not hurt the Godly Ancestors, the stone rain actually stopped their attacks!

The Ancient Demon didn’t pay attention to them at all, but approached Lin Feng step by step!

“Lin Feng, how is your Dragon and Phoenix Blood fusion? I have been waiting for so long. This is the day where I have been waiting for you to absorb your Dragon and Phoenix Blood, so I could complete my self-fusion. Ha ha, I am going to integrate all the Overlords of the eight World of Battles into my body! When the time comes, regardless of this small World of Battles, Heavenly Godly Ancestor Fu Xi, Dao Yi in Hong Meng, or what, how will they deal with me?”

The Ancient Demon laughed wildly, but his words frightened all the people present. The Overlords of the eight regions of the World of Battles here were torn between the kingpin who dominated one side, and who was willing to be swallowed up by him?

Lin Feng breathed a sigh of relief, and shouted out to end the madness of the Ancient Demon, “Ancient Demon, your ambition is too big. If you want to harm the World of Battles through my Dragon and Phoenix Blood, you will die!”

Although Lin Feng didn’t know if what the Ancient Demon said was true or false, he didn’t dare to step back. After all, he had seen the methods of the Ancient Demon before.

The Ancient Demon had refined Kun Dao. If the Ancient Demon wanted to, he would definitely have the means to refine them and the Overlords of the eight Regions!

The Ancient Demon smiled grimly, and his body disappeared again. This time, Lin Feng learned from the last time. When the Ancient Demon’s figure vanished, Lin Feng turned around quickly, and shot a mighty blow behind himself!


A mottled light burst out. He was not mistaken. Lin Feng’s palm hit the hand of the Ancient Demon. Lin Feng was like a kite with a broken string, flying backwards!

The Ancient Demon couldn’t help but groan fiercely. He never thought that Lin Feng had such strength in his palm. He also stepped back!

Lin Feng turned in midair, and recovered enough to adjust his position before falling down. He could not stop himself from taking several steps back after landing.

Lin Feng spat out a big mouthful of blood again, feeling that his body was as miserable as being hollowed out!


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