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Chapter 1498 – The Fusion of The Ancient Demon

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   This Ancient Demon was really not easy to deal with. Lin Feng was in such a mess in front of him. Was it true that he was in a bad situation today?

   If Lin Feng really encountered something terrible, no one could stop the Ancient Demon. Everyone in the Eight Corners, Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao of the Zhenwu Dynasty, Yi San Ren, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and the others who followed him were doomed!

   What was more, even the relatives hiding in his Spiritual World would die!

   “No, I can’t lose to this old devil. I can’t let the people I protect and the people who follow me die because of my negligence!”

  Demon Ancestor and Xuan Yuan Demon Emperor came to the Ancient Demon’s side. Demon Ancestor nodded and said, “Congratulations to you, Ancient Demon! This time, you beat Lin Feng easily! You will unite the World of Battles soon!”

   But before he had finished speaking, Ancient Demon suddenly reached out his huge claw and grabbed the Demon Ancestor. The Demon Ancestor cried out in fear, “What are you doing?”

   The Demon Ancestor was also an Earthly Godly Ancestor, and an Overlord. However, he was so easily grasped by Ancient Demon which really shocked everyone to the extreme. No one knew the cultivation level of the Ancient Demon!

   Although no one could say it out, one thing was certain: no one was qualified to be his opponent alone!

   Ancient Demon laughed with a weird noise, and said to the Demon Ancestor, “Demon Ancestor, didn’t you swear to be loyal to me? Do you regret what you said?”

   The face of the Demon Ancestor was pale, and he said quickly, “Ancient Demon, how dare I repent what I said, but why are you grabbing me…”

“Ha ha, since you are so curious, I may as well tell you that I want you to die.” Ancient Demon sneered, as if he was telling a very relaxed and humorous joke. “Demon Ancestor, I have just made it clear that I am going to devour all the eight masters in World of Battles, and then refine your cultivation essence for my use. Only in this way can I break through from Earthly Godly Ancestor and be promoted to Heavenly Godly Ancestor. Are you happy for me?”

   Ancient Demon looked at the struggling Demon Ancestor in his hand. When the Demon Ancestor heard this, he was scared out of his wits. At the same time, he understood that he had been cheated by the Ancient Demon!

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t say anything about this. He said that when it came time to unify the World of Battles, the Demon Ancestor would be the only Overlord left in World of Battles, and he would never die!

   But now the Ancient Demon wanted to eat him first. It was a great irony, but it was too late for him to regret!

   Ancient Demon didn’t give the Demon Ancestor any chance to beg for mercy. He opened his mouth and threw him inside. Before he died, the Demon Ancestor finally swore loudly, “Ancient Demon, you will die horribly!”

   This scene scared all the people present, especially the scene of chewing a living man. Needless to say this horror was so disgusting that people were about to vomit!

   Lin Feng was closest to the Ancient Demon, so he could see clearly. He could see the Demon’s mouth opening and closing, making bursts in his mouth, and the bloody mist spraying!

   The crackling sound was formed by the crushing of the Demon Ancestor’s core spirit. The Demon Ancestor completely disappeared and directly became food in the mouth and excrement from the stomach of another this time!

   This kind of ending was too cruel and humiliating for an Overlord in World of Battles. No Overlord wanted to end like that!

 Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had already vomited. When he sobered up, he forgot all about cooperation with Ancient Demon and directly fled into the distance!

   However, the Ancient Demon would not let him go. He stretched out his arm, and a giant claw came out of his body, streaking through the air. In a flash, it caught up with the fleeing man and took hold of his core spirit!

   The giant claw grabbed the remnant of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and flew back. It sent the corpse to the mouth of the Ancient Demon, who ate it right in front of them. 

  All the former attackers were scared witless, and began to flee. They didn’t care about attacking the Zhen Wu Dynasty. 

Lin Feng dared not stay here anymore. He flew to Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao, protecting them and retreating towards the Tai Qing Sect!


   They only managed to retreat a few miles before the Ancient Demon caught up with him. He laughed and shouted, “Ha ha, you can’t run away! You’d better give up your lives and let me have a good time, Lin Feng, Ancestor Tai… If you two surrender voluntarily, I can promise not to hurt your family……”

   Ancestor Tai was so angry that he became hysterical and shouted, “You are a dead pervert; I will not believe your bullshit! I will fight with you!”

   He said that and was about to turn back to fight with the Ancient Demon. Lin Feng quickly grabbed him and said, “Don’t be impulsive! Now hurry and escort Nian Ling Jiao and your people back to the Tai Qing Sect. I will stop him!”

   Lin Feng sent out the Emperor’s Seal Formula, catching the Ancient Demon unprepared. He directly smashed a prominent lump onto his head, and the Ancient Demon screamed in surprise!

   Lin Feng didn’t give him a chance to fight back. He used the Fan Tian Yin to attack continuously. A group of people helped attack the Ancient Demon. The Ancient Demon was temporarily passive and could only defend himself!

   But after all, the Ancient Demon had just eaten two Earthly Godly Ancestors in the Demon Ancestor and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. His ability had greatly increased. He was in the process of turning into a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. With a roar, he increased several times in size!

   He was more than ten meters tall now. What was more, the lumps on his head had turned into small heads, and countless arms and legs were sticking out of his body, just like the monsters Lin Feng and others saw in the devil’s prison. He looked like an eerie spider!

   Among these small heads were two Lin Feng knew, as they had just been swallowed: the Demon Ancestor, and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor!

   What an evil power it was to devour two Godly Ancestors and refine them into a part of one’s own body!

   The transformation of the Ancient Demon had greatly increased his power. Countless arms waved together, and countless masses of blood were formed. They poured down on Lin Feng and others like bombs!

   Countless spheres of blood exploded around Lin Feng and others. Many cultivators were directly blown apart because of their low level and untimely location!

   Seeing this situation, Lin Feng was shocked. He fought and retreated quickly. It seemed that if he didn’t use his desperate skills today, he would die!

   Lin Feng didn’t worry too much beyond that. He used the triple skill of Shen Dao, the First Wave, the first part of Emperor Yan’s Scripture, the Aggressive Fist, the Great Tao, and so on into practice. There was no more time to hold back!

   He couldn’t fail. If he failed, not only would the Zhen Wu Dynasty be hard to protect, but the life of Nian Ling Jiao would be in danger. The entire World of Battles would become a Hell on earth!

   “Ancestral Body attack! Dragon and Phoenix Blood attack!” Lin Feng shouted loudly, and thousands of lights burst out all over his body, and rushed out with the determination to die together with the Ancient Demon!

   TheAncient Demon was like a big mountain. Lin Feng was no different from an ant in front of him. The Ancient Demon bent over and laughed and said, “Lin Feng, you’re ignorant, you can’t even save yourself! Go die!”

   Lin Feng was caught in his hand, and thrown directly into his mouth!

   The people who saw this scene all exclaimed, but everything came too fast, too suddenly; they could only see Lin Feng go into his mouth!

   The Ancient Demon opened his mouth and chewed. Lin Feng was shocked as he was attacked by the huge teeth. He was about to become a delicacy in the mouth of the Ancient Demon. He could not help but lament that it was over!

   But at this critical moment of life and death, a voice came to Lin Feng’s ear. Twelve ancient Buddhas came around. Countless symbols of the Buddha’s Heart appeared on Lin Feng, wrapping about him tightly!

   Ten Thousand Buddhas Mind Method!

   Lin Feng immediately became a hot ball of light. The Ancient Demon’s mouth was so hurting so bad that he could not help shivering all over. How could he dare swallow Lin Feng now?

  Lin Feng was suddenly inspired. Even if he was afraid, he had to take this chance to take the initiative to slide down into the Ancient Demon’s throat!

   As soon as he entered the throat, he felt drawn in by a strong force, and entered an inexplicable vortex, just like a black hole, slipping in directly!

   It was an extremely strange world, like a large-scale devil prison world. It was actually a place with a hole in it. Actually, there was a world with mountains, rivers, and living things!

   It was, however, an evil world. The world was dark, and the smell was very bad. There were wandering corpses between the mountain and waters. The arrival of Lin Feng immediately created a turmoil. The walking corpses seemed to be very interested in Lin Feng, and they all attacked him!

   Lin Feng sympathized with and disliked these dead bodies. They might have been cultivators devoured by the Ancient Demon, but they had lost their nature and become leeches for the Ancient Demon, helping his tyranny!

   Lin Feng let out the Fire of Jai Yan. All the walking corpses he saw were burned to ashes. But there were so many walking corpses, which left Lin Feng a little worried!

   As Lin Feng fought hard inside him, the Ancient Demon was in such pain that he kept rolling on the ground, shouting, “Lin Feng, get out quickly, I will kill you!”


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