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Chapter 1499 – The Mind World of the Ancient Demon

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   The Ancient Demon spit out bloody mists continuously. Every time he spewed out a mist, his body would weaken. Lin Feng also heard his painful cry from inside the Ancient Demon’s world, thinking that he had to wipe out all his vampiric spirits today!

   But Lin Feng was also a little afraid; it was too hard to adjust to the foul air inside. It was suffocating and disgusting. If he stayed for a long time, would he lose his nature and become like the other vampiric spirits?

   After all, Lin Feng felt a little dizzy, and even his vision was a little blurred. There was a lot of confusion!

   As Lin Feng was struggling, suddenly two familiar figures came in from the side. Lin Feng was shocked. It was the Demon Ancestor and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, who had been swallowed by the Ancient Demon!

   Lin Feng hurriedly used the Emperor’s Seal and struck at them. The Demon Ancestor shouted as he dodged. “Lin Feng, don’t kill me!” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was also shouting, “Lin Feng, we feel irreconcilable hatred for the Ancient Demon. Let’s fight together. We are here to help you!”

   Lin Feng was stunned and asked in a harsh voice, “Don’t lie to me. You are both dead. How can you kill him with me?”

   At this time, the Demon Ancestor was stunned and he seemed to be awakened by Lin Feng’s words. He sighed, “I was also an Overlord of my own realm. I have been cultivating for tens of thousands of years, and I built my own cultivation. But I don’t want to end up like this…”

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was also sad, but he seemed to be more sober. He said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I’m going to lose myself. I can’t take revenge for myself. Now I only ask you to take revenge for me. I’ll teach you my lifelong cultivation. You must take revenge for me!”

   Lin Feng was so depressed that he couldn’t protect himself right now. How could he take revenge for them? What was more, he was not a relative or a friend of theirs. Why should he take revenge for them?

   What was more, the Demon Emperor didn’t have enough time to teach Lin Feng his lifelong cultivation!

   The body of Xuan Yuan Mo Emperor had become more and more weak. It seemed that it would disappear soon. This showed that after their soul was broken, their true soul had become weaker and weaker!

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor also noticed his changes and cried out, “Lin Feng, I will hide my pure soul in my bone ring now. This bone ring belongs to you now. You must take me out!”

   After that, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor directly turned into a ghostly wisp, streaming into a thing on the ground in front of Lin Feng, Lin Feng looked at it intently, and it turned out to be a ring. He picked it up quickly and put it into his pocket!

   At this time, the Demon Ancestor saw that Lin Feng had helped Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and stopped crying. He followed Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and let Lin Feng take charge of the Southern World of Battles for him, then he hid himself in a bone plate and disappeared!

   Lin Feng was depressed and scolded him, “You were all so smart. You know how important it is to protect yourselves with your incomplete souls, but you left me in this dangerous situation alone!”

   Lin Feng still put away the bone plate. After all, this was a rare treasure. Maybe it would be of use in the future!

   Lin Feng used the Emperor’s Seal. No matter where in the Ancient Demon it was, he could strike in any direction and turn the world inside the Ancient Demon into a mess. He struck out hundreds of times. With a bang, he made a hole, and suddenly a light shone in!

   Lin Feng flew out the hole. With a glance, he found that he was in the real world again! 

  The Ancient Demon was screaming sadly and covering the hole in his chest. He cursed loudly, “Lin Feng, you broke my mind world and destroyed my cultivation! I won’t let you go!”

   He turned into a black wind and fled. Lin Feng wanted to chase him again, but he heard the screams of the Old Mentor and others. Looking back, he found that they were struggling with dozens of cultivators of the Demon Region dressed in strange clothes!

   The Ancient Demon had abandoned these little soldiers and fled. Lin Feng became angry immediately, clapping his hands and killing a dozen of them in an instant!

   When they were all wiped out, Lin Feng and Yi San Ren rushed to Tai Qing Sect to meet Ancestor Tai and Nian Ling Jiao. 

They were all safe, but scared. When Nian Ling Jiao saw that Lin Feng was back alive, she jumped up and hugged him, crying. Just now she thought that she would never see him again. Now she just wanted to stay with him forever!

“Lin Feng, what about the Ancient Demon? Did you destroy him?” Ancestor Tai asked excitedly.

   Lin Feng sighed helplessly and told him the truth. He said that the Ancient Demon was seriously injured and ran away, but it should not be fatal, so it was not safe in World of Battles now. He would come back and do something again!


   What Lin Feng didn’t know was that the Ancient Demon was defeated this time, but he went to kill directly. His mind world was broken by Lin Feng. Along the way, he caught up with the cultivators of the Demon Clan. So many Earthly Godly Ancestors were just the right food for him to recover his mind world!

   It was amazing that all the people brought by the Demon Ancestor were swallowed up by the Ancient Demon, and the Ancient Demon replenished his energy. He fled back to his own place to refine his mind world, in order to find Lin Feng for revenge in the future!

   Lin Feng and others didn’t dare to stay at the Zhen Wu Dynasty, and returned to the Region of the Eight Corners directly. Nian Ling Jiao had just gone through life and death with Lin Feng, so she wanted to go back to the Region of the Eight Corners with Lin Feng anyway. Lin Feng had to let her stay!

   Nian Ling Jiao was growing more and more infatuated with him. There was no way out for Lin Feng.

   What worried Lin Feng was that Qing Huang Tian had just come back to life, and now Nian Ling Jiao was coming back to the Region of the Eight Corners with him. Both women were around him. Would there be any conflicts between them?! Women really made him feel uneasy. 

   When Lin Feng came back to the Region of the Eight Corners, he informed them of all the things he had been through. It was also shocking for Qing Huang Tian to hear that, but she accepted Nian Ling Jiao. This really moved Lin Feng a little.

“Lin Feng, where has the Ancient Demon escaped to now?” worried people kept asking. Lin Feng was also puzzled. Kun Dao was dead and the Northern World of Battles was under his control. The Ancient Demon should not come here. Where could he go?

   Moreover, the Ancient Demon obviously had a big plan this time. He must have a place to live, and there must be other helpers. No one knew when he would come out again!

   When Lin Feng returned to his inner hall, he remembered the Demon Ancestor and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. He took out the bone ring and bone plate from his pocket doubtfully. He found that the bone ring adorned with a skull, and was very simple. Lin Feng rubbed it gently.

   He heard a weak voice coming from the bone ring. Listening carefully, it was the voice of Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. The guy was still alive!

“Lin Feng, thank you for saving me…”

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s voice was weak, he seemed to be seriously hurt. Lin Feng frowned unhappily. He knew that although Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was a little pitiful, he was also a vicious and evil sycophant. Should he keep him or not?

   Thinking about it, Lin Feng started to smash the bone ring and wipe out Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Maybe Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor felt the danger and said, “Lin Feng, please be merciful. Don’t kill me. I have a lot of things to tell you. I’m useful to you…”

   Lin Feng stopped, and asked, “Then tell me what else you have to tell me. If you dare to lie to me, I will break your true soul immediately, and make you actually die!”

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor trembled and said, “Lin Feng, I actually know your secret.”

   Lin Feng replied hesitantly, “What secret do I have, and how do you know it?”

   “I will say it, but you shouldn’t betray me and kill me, you have to promise first!” was the reply.

   Lin Feng had no choice but to make the promise.

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor said, “I know you are not from God’s Land!”

   Lin Feng couldn’t help being surprised, and demanded, “What do you mean by that?”

   Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor quickly explained, “Lin Feng, I heard the Ancient Demon say that you were actually from a place called the Earth! The Ancient Demon is not its essence. If you really eliminate the Ancient Demon, its essence will not die. In the future, the next Ancient Demon will appear again… “

  Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s words shocked Lin Feng. The Ancient Demon knew that he came from the Earth, and it was just an avatar? So where was his true form?

“His essence is… Chi You… “

   Lin Feng was shocked, and the grasp of his hand increased sharply. He almost crushed the bone ring, making Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor shout. Lin Feng relaxed his hand quickly.

   Chi You was a Heavenly Godly Ancestor. Although a Heavenly Godly Ancestor was only one grade higher than an Earthly Godly Ancestor, there was a huge difference in strength. A top-level Heavenly Godly Ancestor was more powerful than ten Earthly Godly Ancestors! 


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