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Chapter 1500 – The Essence of the Ancient Demon



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If Chi You, a Heavenly Godly Ancestor appeared, the consequences were unimaginable. Let alone a mere Overlord, even all the cultivators of the World of Battles would not be his opponents!


“Then tell us, where is Chi You now? Is he also in the World of Battles?” Lin Feng asked, worried. If Chi You was also in the World of Battles, he really needed to find a corner and hide quickly, or sooner or later, he would be destroyed!


He was not timid, but he couldn’t pretend to be brave in front of that kind of strength. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor hesitated for a long time before saying “Lin Feng, I can’t answer your question, because I’m just an Earthly Godly Ancestor. How can I know where Chi You is…”


When Lin Feng asked again, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor still insisted that he really didn’t know, and he absolutely didn’t dare to lie. Lin Feng believed him; after all, it was also reasonable. If the location of an Heavenly Godly Ancestor could be easily known by an Earthly Godly Ancestor, that would be unreasonable!


Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s voice was weaker. He coughed incessantly. Lin Feng didn’t torture him again, so he would not die.


Lin Feng was a little restless after Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s words. It seemed that his biggest enemy was not the Ancient Demon, but Chi You!


But he still hoped that Chi You would not appear. It was better if he never appeared! At the very least, before had enough ability to protect himself, he didn’t want to meet this old devil!


While Lin Feng was thinking, Shi Yu suddenly called to Lin Feng from outside. Lin Feng asked her to enter the inner hall. Shi Yu said with a heavy face, “Lin Feng, Ancestor Nü from the Northeast has come to see you.”


How could Ancestor Nü come to find him? What was so important that she would come in person?


Although Lin Feng was the first in the eight regions in terms of strength, Ancestor Nü was an Overlord too. Lin Feng didn’t want to offend her, so he hurriedly went out to greet her.


When he saw Ancestor Nü, Lin Feng was shocked. She didn’t see her for several days. How could she change like this?


She was no longer a fairy. At this time, her eyes were deeply sunken, her cheeks were concave, and her skin was extremely pale. When Ancestor Nü saw Lin Feng’s astonished expression, she smiled happily and said, “Lin Feng, are you scared by me?”


Lin Feng quickly took back his eyes, embarrassed and asked her why she was like that. Ancestor Nü shook her head and sighed, “After being hurt by the warrior of the Demon Region that day, I was poisoned by a strange poison. I was drowsy all day and didn’t want to eat or drink. I feel like I have been hollowed out. My spirit is getting worse day by day.”


When Lin Feng thought about it, he asked her what was going on right. She sighed and finally explained her intention, “Lin Feng, my body is disappearing day by day. I don’t know which day it will fail, but the Northeast cannot have no leader, and right now you are unique among the eight Regions, so I want to give the Northeast to you. Would you like to do me this favor?”


Lin Feng was speechless for a while. Unexpectedly, the proud Ancestor Nü had said something so disheartening at this time. She was giving up her world. Was she going to fall?


Lin Feng was not a man with a cold heart. Although he had to be merciless during cultivation, Lin Feng was not only affectionate, but also kind-hearted.


Lin Feng thought for a while and comforted her and said, “Ancestor Nü, look at what you just said. You don’t need to be so pessimistic. You need to recover yourself. I believe that you will be able to regain your dignity in a short time…”


“Lin Feng, you don’t need to comfort me. No matter whether I can survive this or not, my heart is dead. I really want to give you the Northeast. You don’t need to refuse anymore. If you don’t take over, I’m afraid that it will be coveted by others, and then it will be a waste of my life.”


After her persuasion, Lin Feng had no choice but to agree. He wanted to annex the eight Regions, but when she gave in, he was embarrassed!


“Then… What’s your plan for the future?” Lin Feng’s heart was troubled.


“Lin Feng, in fact, I know that you have a deep friendship with the Buddhist. In fact, I came here at the guidance of the twelve ancient Buddhas. Now that I have finished this wish, I will go to the Buddhist Mountain to have a rest for a period of time, and to calm myself.”


Lin Feng suddenly realized that it was the twelve ancient Buddhas who had helped him. Lin Feng paid his respects in awe. The Buddhist Mountain was the purest land in the eight Regions. If Ancestor Nü went there to calm herself, maybe she could guarantee that she would not fall, which was a good thing for her!


Ancestor Nü sent word out and called several Earthly Godly Ancestors. She introduced them to Lin Feng one by one, saying that these were the backbones who had assisted her in the Northeast, and told them that they should follow Lin Feng’s orders in the future.


These people had heard of Lin Feng. Although they used to be independent, they admired Lin Feng’s strength. At this time, they did not quibble, and they all agreed with this!




After Ancestor Nü told him everything, she didn’t stay any longer. She left with her two female guards and headed for the Buddhist Mountain.


Lin Feng was not familiar with the Northeast. Now he couldn’t part with it. After thinking about it, he called Zi Jingxiao to take his place in the Northeast to ensure its stability!


After Zi Jingxiao left, Lin Feng felt a little bit like he was separated for three generations. Now the three Northern Regions were under his control. Kun Dao was dead, and Ancestor Nü had retreated. It could be said that the North was peaceful.


How about the Southern World of Battles, the Dragon Clan in the Southeast World of Battles? The Su Clan’s attitude was not clear. The Eastern World of Battles had not been subjugated by the human race. The leader of the Demon Clan in the Southern World of Battles was still stuck in the bone token!


These were still uncertain variables, but the greatest variables were the hidden Ancient Demon and Chi You, whose whereabouts were unknown!


Thinking of the Ancient Demon, Lin Feng looked at the bone token on the table. Since the Demon Ancestor had hidden in the bone token, he hadn’t moved. Was he dead inside?


Lin Feng tried to convey the spiritual call to the bone token. After two calls, the tired voice of the Demon Ancestor rasped, “Who disturbs my dreams…”


Lin Feng thought that he was really arrogant. He was dead and wanted to sleep. Just thinking about it, he heard the Demon Ancestor suddenly cry out, “Oh, what’s wrong with me? I lost my body. And I am trapped in this bone token.”


And then he cried again. Lin Feng was speechless.


He didn’t act like the king of a world, he was a weeping old devil!


After crying for a while, he stopped and said, “Lin Feng, I can’t deal with you. I used to be enemies with you many times. I hope you don’t hate me. I’m old and confused. I was bewitched by the Ancient Demon. Now I just ask you to help me and keep my soul bone token. When I cultivate back to Earthly Godly Ancestor, I’ll find a body for my soul, so that I can be a person again…”


Lin Feng couldn’t help frowning. Lin Feng naturally knew what he meant. To be clear, it was to find someone’s body, and let the soul of the Demon Ancestor take it away and regenerate. But this kind of thing was a bit inhuman, wasn’t it?


Who would give up his life for the Demon Ancestor?


However, now that the Demon Ancestor was injured, he had already fallen below Earthly Godly Ancestor. Taking a body would be a later matter. Lin Feng just wanted to ask him how to deal with the South. Would the Demon Ancestor give it to Lin Feng?


When Lin Feng asked, he hesitated and eventually replied, “Lin Feng, in fact, my words are useless now, because when I was scammed by Ancient Demon and besieged the Zhen Wu Dynasty, he had taken it as his domain. There are many demon cultivators there. Maybe it has become the home of the Ancient Demon now!”


Lin Feng stood up immediately. Did the Ancient Demon really go to the South?


Then, was Chi You also there? Lin Feng asked the Demon Ancestor about Chi You. The Demon Ancestor didn’t know anything about it, but he pointed out a direction for Lin Feng to the Ancient Demon.


When Lin Feng was about to announce his plan to go to the Southern World of Battles, he suddenly felt cold all over!


This kind of cold was not the cold on the surface of the body, but came out from deep inside. It seemed that his internal organs were frozen, accompanied by a series of sharp pains!


Lin Feng clasped his chest and sat down quickly. It hurt so much that he couldn’t speak!


What was the matter? Lin Feng was sweating, and hurriedly looked at his inner world. However, he saw that there was a black countercurrent in his body he was unfamiliar with. This countercurrent had infected his soul vein with black, rushing left and right. Every time it, the pain increased by one point!


Overturning the tables and chairs drew the attention of others. Shi Yu rushed to Lin Feng and asked urgently, “Lin Feng, what’s the matter with you?”


Lin Feng bit his lips and replied, “I think I’ve been poisoned!”


Lin Feng immediately thought of Ancestor Nü, who had just been sent away. Did he get the same poison as she had? The poison from the Demon Region was so insidious!


Shi Yu grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and screamed. Lin Feng’s arm was changing color slowly. The blood vessels had turned blue and purple, wriggling like earthworms one by one. It was very shocking!


Qing Huangtian and Nian Lingjiao rushed in. Seeing Lin Feng’s uncomfortable appearance, they immediately rushed to hold Lin Feng and cried, “What’s wrong with you, Lin Feng? You have to hold on…”


Lin Feng forced past the sharp pain to squeeze out a sentence, “Don’t touch me, I’m poisoned, don’t infect yourselves!”

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