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Chapter 1501: Lin Feng Awakens!


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Qing Huang Tian and Nian Lin Jiao didn’t intend to abandon Lin Feng, even if he was contagious. Shi Yu put her hands on Lin Feng’s back and used her Qi to help him resist against the poisonous strength. 

However, as soon as her spiritual strength penetrated into Lin Feng’s body, he felt a kind of strength emerge from his body which pushed Shi Yu away. There was an explosion and a huge crater appeared on the floor. 

Shi Yu was now an Earthly Godly Ancestor. How terrifying! 

Lin Feng’s entire body seemed like it was going to burst. His Dragon and Phoenix Blood and Ancestral Body protected him from exploding. He was having a battle to death against a strength that defied the laws of physics! 

One kind of strength was pure and righteous. The other kind was evil. The two powers were irreconcilable. They were both ready to do anything to take control of his body! 

Lin Feng pushed the crowd back. He understood that the terrifying strength was the evil Qi of the Ancient Demon. When Lin Feng had been in the inner world of the Ancient Demon, he had absorbed too much evil strength. And now… 

Lin Feng did all he could to remain calm. He sat down cross-legged and meditated, chanting the incantations of Yan Huang Jing as well as the Buddhist Sutra. Two new fresh veins appeared in his body, a blue one and a white one. The white one was a Buddhist one and the blue one was a Dao one. They moved towards the terrifying black strength. 

The three kinds of strength intertwined. It was a surprisingly difficult battle, and Lin Feng was in pain. He kept chanting incantations and glancing around. He hoped the incredible energy would disappear and at least completely leave his body! 

But slowly, Lin Feng realized that his efforts were useless. The black strength didn’t disappear and leave his body. On the contrary, it gradually fused together with his other two veins! 

Strictly speaking, it turned into a vein connecting the other two veins. His three veins were of different colors, but it was difficult to differentiate them. 

The strangest thing was that as those three colors fused together, Lin Feng’s pain slowly disappeared. Suddenly he felt extremely comfortable! 

What was going on? 

Could it be that that Ancient Demon’s power could coexist peacefully with the Buddhist and Dao strengths? Even though Lin Feng didn’t understand what was going, it was a fact! 

“Lin Feng, how do you feel? Do you need the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and the others…?” Qing Huang Tian asked worriedly. 

Lin Feng wasn’t in pain anymore so he smiled, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. I think I understood a few things. I won’t die.” 

Lin Feng thought of death just now, because he knew the Ancient Demon’s evil yin was poisonous. He should have died, or at least his cultivation should have been crippled, but now he could feel his body had changed. Lin Feng couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised. 

If he managed to make that evil Qi into his own strength, it would be incredible. Even though Buddhist and Dao strength were powerful, it wasn’t enough! Lin Feng felt a bit too kind when using them! 

But evil demonic Qi… It was aggressive, brutal, and powerful! It was also explosive, or he wouldn’t have been able to push Shi Yu that far away! 

A moment before, he had willingly released that strength, but he had also felt that another thread of Qi from outside had fused together with it. It was just an instinctive reaction of the evil demonic Qi. If Lin Feng had tried to use that Qi to attack, it would have been even more powerful! 

After a long time, Lin Feng didn’t feel sore at all, and stood up. He still felt exhausted, and Qing Huang Tian and Nian Lin Jiao supported him by the arms. 

Lin Feng didn’t feel like doing anything at that moment. He just needed to sleep. He had used too much energy. He was exhausted! 

Lin Feng slept for seven days and seven nights. Nobody could wake him up. What Lin Feng didn’t know was that during those seven days, many incredible changes occurred in the World of Battles. 

Cultivators who had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer and under suddenly pledged loyalty to the Ancient Demon and started attacking and killing their own people and leaders who were Earthly Godly Ancestors. They wanted to take control of the World of Battles!

Even though those people weren’t Earthly Godly Ancestors, they were numerous. Together, they were extremely strong!

Many were the Earthly Godly Ancestors’ children and disciples. The Earthly Godly Ancestors who were betrayed felt confused. 

They couldn’t deal with so many people. They couldn’t kill the members of their own clans. There was only one option: escape! 

Of course, some wildly ambitious Earthly Godly Ancestors also pledged loyalty to the Ancient Demon. They wanted to take advantage of that opportunity to belong to an Overlord group and take control of the World of Battles as well! 

The entire World of Battles was going through the same things, except the Region of the Eight Corners. Everything was as usual there. The Earthly Godly Ancestors who were betrayed finally decided to go to the Region of the Eight Corners and seek asylum there! 

Suddenly, something which had never happened before occurred. All the other regions suddenly became allies and started to surround the Region of the Eight Corners! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points controlled the North. Chu Chun Qiu and Zi Jing Xiao had replaced Lin Feng in the Northeast. The cultivators of the Dynasty of the Lord of Profound Heaven took care of the servants of the Ancient Demon one after the other. 

Half of the cultivators of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer and above of the World of Battles had gathered on a public square in the Region of the Eight Corners. It was the first time in the history of the World of Battles. It was spectacular! 

Even though the different influential groups used to compete with each other and killed their enemies for their territories, it was the first time something like this had happened. Some people were ready to lose everything they had in order to follow the Ancient Demon and conquer the World of Battles. 

Even though those people were ambitious, they had never found a good leader. The only person who gained their faith and trust was someone who had been sleeping the whole time. It was almost like they were the disciples of death! 

That person was Lin Feng! 


Qing Huang Tian and Nian Lin Jiao kept crying around Lin Feng’s bed. They were afraid he would never wake up! 

All the Earthly Godly Ancestors who had come to seek asylum in the region were worried as well. Had the legendary Lin Feng been poisoned by the Ancient Demon, and might never wake up again? How terrifying!

Lin Feng was first in the rankings of the World of Battles. Nobody could compete with him anymore. What if, in the future, Lin Feng woke up and pledged loyalty to the Ancient Demon as well? The Region of the Eight Corners would collapse!

“I think we should kill him while he’s still asleep! Otherwise, what if he’s changed and decides to follow the Ancient Demon?” said someone loudly, criticizing Lin Feng while he was asleep! 

“What did you say? Lin Feng isn’t like that. Why would he change after waking up?” refuted someone else. 

“Hmph! Don’t forget that back in the days, when he entered the Ancient Demon’s world and came back out, he changed. He was different. Do you still trust and believe him? You’re going to turn into his slave if you do!” sneered another Earthly Godly Ancestor. Gradually, two groups formed. Some wanted to kill Lin Feng, the others wanted to follow him!

Nobody listened to his followers, like the Old Mentors and Shi Yu, anymore! 

The people of the Region of the Eight Corners were worried something would happen to Lin Feng, so they his room and guarded it, locking the door. If the strong cultivators from the other regions wanted to fight, it would be a battle to death! 

The strong cultivators from the other regions couldn’t wait anymore and starting causing trouble. They also surrounded the great hall. 


On the seventh day, early in the morning, the Old Mentor, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and the others pushed the outsiders away after an entire night of fighting. They were exhausted, but they didn’t dare sleep, because their enemies might attack again! 

That kind of battle was exhausting. It also challenged people’s determination and willpower. All of them could collapse at any time. And if they collapsed, then they wouldn’t be able to protect Lin Feng’s life! 

At the most crucial moment, they heard a cough coming from Lin Feng’s room. Lin Feng was coughing! 

It was the first time they had heard him in seven days and seven nights. Qing Huang Tian and the others looked overjoyed and shouted, “Lin Feng woke up! Lin Feng finally woke up!” 

Lin Feng opened his eyes. His vision was blurry. When he saw so many people were waiting outside, he looked confused and asked, “You… What are you doing? What happened?” 

Everybody was worried and on tenterhooks. Nobody could be sure Lin Feng was fine. Had he changed or not? Qing Huang Tian asked, “Lin Feng… the Ancient Demon…” 

Lin Feng stood up. He looked grave and serious. He asked, “What? That old demon showed up again? Could it be that he came to the Region of the Eight Corners?” asked Lin Feng. Suddenly, everybody looked relieved. Lin Feng hadn’t changed. He still wanted to fight against the Ancient Demon! 

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