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Chapter 1502: Long Dream!


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The crowd started explaining everything to Lin Feng so he could understand what was going on. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe it. Could it be that the Ancient Demon was really that strong? How could he control so many cultivators who had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer and less? 

Lin Feng still remembered his long dream. In his dream, he had seen the Ancient Demon and the legendary Chi You! 

Of course, in his dream, Lin Feng didn’t know he was dreaming, so he had thought everything was real…


He was in a boundless field, or more precisely, a formless primal chaos space. There was no sky and no ground, no mountain and no grass. Only emptiness and an extraordinary supreme being, a god whose face was blurry! 

“Lin Feng, you know who I am?” asked that god. 

“I don’t. Have we met before?” asked Lin Feng. He was confused because that voice sounded extremely familiar, but he didn’t know where he knew it from! 

“Hehe! You can put it that way, but you could also say we’ve never met. It doesn’t matter anyway. I want to ask you whether you will submit and pledge allegiance to me now, or not? We can conquer and rule over the World of Battles together, as well as Hong Meng and all those worlds.” 

He sounded like a demon. Lin Feng wanted to nod and agree, but as he was about to agree, another voice warned Lin Feng, “Don’t make a promise so easily. Sometimes, you need to think about yourself…” 

Even though Lin Feng didn’t understand what that voice was trying to do, he understood what it meant. It meant he had to make his own decisions, and think for himself. He couldn’t trust this familiar person he didn’t know so easily! 

Lin Feng decided to think of what HE wanted. What would he gain if they ruled over so many places together? What were this person’s motives? 

Lin Feng thought of Qing Huang Tian, Nian Lin Jiao, Meng Qing, Tang You You, Liu Fei, Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, Huo Wu, Huang Nü, Qing Feng, Yi Ren Lei, Qian Jin Cai Yue, the Old Mentor, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, Ancestor Tai, Yan Di etc., and the evil Ancient Demon’s ugly face! 

AAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Was this person Chi You? The Ancient Demon’s clone? 

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He hastily tried to calm down and pretended to be confused, asking, “Where are you from and who are you? Why would I trust you?” 

The gigantic body made of primal chaos said in a voice which made the whole world shake violently, “I am the only Heavenly Godly Ancestor you admire, Chi You. I created everything. I just want to take it back, that’s all.” 

Luckily, Lin Feng didn’t need to investigate too long. This man was Chi You, the Ancient Demon’s clone! 

Now, Lin Feng had only one thing in mind: escape! Lin Feng knew one thing for sure: he couldn’t offend Chi You! 

If he didn’t submit, there would be a tragedy. 

But at that moment, Lin Feng realized something terrifying. He couldn’t move his hands and feet. He wasn’t tied up or anything, but he couldn’t control his body, except for his eyes and mouth. 

Lin Feng calmed down. Could it be that his destiny was now to sit and wait for death? Could it be that he had no choice but to submit? 

“But… Why do you need me? There are so many Overlords in the World of Battles. Why me?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. He also tried to waste time. At the same time, he activated his Ancestral Body, his Dragon and Phoenix Blood, his Buddhist Sutra, his Yan Huang Jing, everything! 

He slowly activated all his strengths, but he was limited to his fingers and toes. Even though he could make his energies flow throughout his body, it didn’t change anything. Besides, if Chi You saw that, he would restrain him even more! 

“He, Lin Feng, actually, I think you understand. You come from the Earth and now you are already the strongest cultivator of the World of Battles. You’ve been through almost everything in life. If you accept, I can let you replace me to control all the isolated worlds. You would be like one of my clones. Your position would be just under mine, but above everybody else’s…” Chi You said sincerely. He seemed excited. 

But there was a problem, Lin Feng couldn’t become his clone. It would be like the Ancient Demon; becoming a mere shell for another mind was a nightmare. 

If that was the case, he preferred dying! 

The reason why he had ended up in this world after the Earth was his destiny. Could it be that he was now destined to become the slave of a strong cultivator? 

Lin Feng was disgusted by Chi You. Chi You said it was the second highest position after him, but it was a nice way of calling Lin Feng a puppet, a little dog! 

“So? Initially, I chose the Ancient Demon, but I hadn’t thought he would be useless, and surprisingly you destroyed his inner world… What a piece of trash…” sighed Chi You. 

When he mentioned the Ancient Demon, Lin Feng disliked Chi You even more. He had chosen the Ancient Demon first, which meant he had probably made some promises he hadn’t kept because his inner world had been destroyed. Chi You thought the Ancient Demon was a useless piece of trash!? 

So? What about Lin Feng? He was a young genius. If a new young genius as strong as Lin Feng rose in the world, it would be a fierce competition! 

My destiny is in my hands. I, Lin Feng, can never be someone’s puppet! 

“I don’t accept!” Lin Feng said resolutely and decisively. Chi You’s silhouette started swelling. His Qi surrounded Lin Feng. 

Chi You shouted fiercely, “Lin Feng, how arrogant and insolent! I am giving you face by negotiating with you, and you don’t give me face? Are you saying you want me to resort to special and extreme methods to make you change your mind?” 

Lin Feng remained silent. His different strengths were activated. His legs could move now. At the very least, he could escape without any issue. However, he was in nothingness. There was no ground, no sky, no direction, so where could he go? 

Chi You sighed, “I think you are a great cultivator, and I didn’t want to force you to do anything. I just wanted to help you progress on the path of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer. You think I need to waste time talking to you? Think carefully! If you are forced, you’ll be a cultivator of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer forever! Or do you want to take the initiative to follow me and break through to Heavenly Godly Ancestor…” 

Lin Feng suddenly understood. If Chi You modified his body, then he would be a cultivator of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer forever and he would never be able to break through again! 

Lin Feng was furious. Breaking through and being Chi You’s dog wasn’t great, either. How could he become someone’s puppet? 

“Chi You, I don’t accept. Besides, I will not let you modify my body, because I’m leaving!” And Lin Feng ran away, faster than a rabbit! 

Chi You was stupefied at Lin Feng’s nerve. On top of that, Lin Feng had managed to start moving again in this extremely powerful sealed world? 

How was that possible? He was just an insignificant Earthly Godly Ancestor Overlord, how had he managed to overcome the restrictions of this world? 

Chi You started doubting himself. Had his clone become weaker? How come an Earthly Godly Ancestor could break his fundamental essence of life-sealing strength? 

“Lin Feng… Where do you think you’re going!?…” shouted Chi You explosively, worried that Lin Feng was going to escape from his primal chaos world! 

Chi You’s gigantic silhouette became even more gigantic. He flashed through the space and time of this Spirit World. Lin Feng hadn’t escaped yet, so he could still absorb Lin Feng into his broken consciousness and modify his Primordial Spirit. Then he would make Lin Feng his puppet and use him forever! 

Lin Feng was trying to escape when he felt a terrifying absorbing strength appear behind him. It was extremely fast. The limit of the isolated world he could see in front of him was now moving farther and farther away. It was becoming more and more blurry… 

Suddenly, everything became dark. He couldn’t see anything. Threads of strength appeared all around him, rolling in waves. They wanted to crush his internal organs! 

Lin Feng looked desperate. Was he going to become a walking-corpse? 

“Dao isn’t Dao, I am Dao… Buddha is not Buddha, my heart is Buddha…” 

Lin Feng heard that voice inside of his body. Suddenly, his Ancestral Body turned golden and dazzling, and his Dragon and Phoenix Blood started boiling. Many mantra talismans appeared in the air and shook as his blood boiled. His inner Qi was getting ready for a fierce and final battle! The absorbing strength starting absorbing him into its broken consciousness! 

Lin Feng’s eyes rolled. Lights flashed in his brain. Lin Feng lost his will to fight back. He slowly started submitting to the broken consciousness…

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