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Chapter 1503: Breaking!


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“No! No! No!” Lin Feng shouted explosively, making the primal chaos world shake violently. 

“Lin Feng, you dare to fight back!? You want me to destroy your primordial spirit and your soul?” shouted Chi You when he realized Lin Feng was still determined to fight back. 

He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so determined. In addition, the kinds of strength in Lin Feng’s body were strange. Lin Feng managed to break most of Chi You’s absorbing strength! 

For the first time, he feared Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t be just an Earthly Godly Ancestor, or he wouldn’t have been able to resist a Heavenly Godly Ancestor’s broken consciousness! 

If he let Lin Feng leave, he would regret it. Lin Feng would destroy or take control over him in the future! 

Chi You couldn’t let that happen. He had never let anyone off in his life. He was the strongest primal chaos cultivator. He couldn’t let anyone challenge and replace him! 

However, Lin Feng shouted explosively, making the empty world tremble, “I am the master of my destiny, not life! I am Dao!” 

Boom, boom, boom!…

Some ten-thousand-zhang tall golden lights rose from Lin Feng’s body. They looked like ten million sharp swords, able to destroy the darkness of that world. They all looked like scorching hot suns that could melt anything! 

Chi You’s broken consciousness was no exception. Thousands of black holes appeared in the empty world. Gigantic balls of Qi appeared. They were explosive, and the broken consciousness inside them looked like emptiness as they began to leak! 

“No… Impossible, impossible…” Chi You lowered his head. He gave a long, mournful cry, feeling helpless and desperate. 

Chi You’s broken consciousness grew smaller and smaller. At the same time, the primal chaos world also shrank. When it became a tiny dot, there were two explosions, and it disappeared!


At the same time, Lin Feng coughed loudly. He woke up from his nightmare and looked around. That’s when he saw everybody around him! 

Lin Feng remembered his dream, which had lasted for seven days and seven nights. At that moment, someone shouted, “Come and defend! They’re attacking again!” 

Boom, boom, boom! The great hall shook violently. Lin Feng pushed past the crowd and flashed out. He shouted, “Open the door! I want to see who dares cause trouble here!?” 

When Lin Feng shouted, he didn’t realize there was something different, but the Old Mentor and the others noticed something different. It was as if Lin Feng had something different inside! 

That thing was a special kind of Qi, making him look dignified and majestic. It made people want to submit as they hurried and opened the door! 

A group of people were charging in, but when they arrived within thirty meters of Lin Feng, they all looked dumbstruck. Lin Feng! They were dumbstruck! 

“Lin Feng… Lin Feng, you’re awake…” the leader of the group flushed. Lin Feng just looked at him icily. He came out of the great hall and walked up to the crowd of Earthly Godly Ancestors. 

Suddenly, the whole crowd felt as if they were about to die. They were terrified. They had never seen eyes as terrifying as Lin Feng’s. 

Even Overlords weren’t as dignified and majestic. Lin Feng had just glanced at them, and suddenly they felt pressured. 

“Lin Feng, you finally woke up! The Ancient Demon is trying to conquer the whole world! So we wanted to seek asylum here… And we also hoped you could help us take our territories back…” said the cultivators currying favor with Lin Feng, hoping Lin Feng would help. 

Of course, Lin Feng couldn’t blame them. If he had changed, it would have been safer to kill him! 


When Lin Feng brought the crowd back to the front line, tens of thousands of cultivators who had been dominated by the Ancient Demon were attacking. 

Wildly ambitious Earthly Godly Ancestors were at the front. Half of the Earthly Godly Ancestors of the World of Battles were there, while those who had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer and under were ten times greater than those following Lin Feng. 

They all wanted to destroy the Region of the Eight Corners, even if Lin Feng had woken up! 

“Lin Feng, you… What will you do with those traitors?” The leader was an elder from the Demon Clan in the South. Ancestor Mo had already escaped into Lin Feng’s bone plate. Now, it was he who ruled over the South of the World of Battles! 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, not saying anything. He looked at the old men on his side. Those old men all had the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. 

They were all of the older generation, all famous old men in the World of Battles. 

Now, they were all here. How strange. Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he remained vigilant. 

The situation had sunk into chaos after all. If it deteriorated, many people would die or be severely injured. Then the Ancient Demon and Chi You would then cause even more trouble. 

Lin Feng pretended to smile and walked closer to the old man, “Master, I am the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners. May I ask you…” 

The old man looked at Lin Feng, his hands clasped behind his back, using his godly awareness to inspect Lin Feng. He couldn’t help but smile in amusement. He was young and an Earthly Godly Ancestor? Not bad indeed! 

But he was just an Earthly Godly Ancestor, yet he was so famous in the World of Battles, and he was the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners! It all seemed too simple! 

An Earthly Godly Ancestor was just average among the strongest cultivators of the world. How could he be first among them? 

The old man remembered back in the days; he used to be an incredible genius, and he was only fortieth in the rankings! 

The more he thought about it, the more he thought Lin Feng was too lucky, and that it wasn’t fair! 

Actually, those old men didn’t really support the Ancient Demon. They were strong cultivators, so the Ancient Demon couldn’t dominate them so easily. The reason why they had come was to see the famous Lin Feng! 

They wanted to see what was so amazing about Lin Feng, but in the end they were disappointed. 

When Lin Feng saw the old man’s expressions, he felt awkward. 

The old man on his side said, “So you’re the new leader of the List of the World of Battles. The Mo Clan says that you resorted to trickery to get there. Is that true?” 

Lin Feng felt even more awkward. He didn’t think he had resorted to trickery. If Lin Feng said anything, it would cause him harm. Besides, his questioner had prejudices already, so Lin Feng didn’t need to justify himself. 

At that moment, Qing Huang Tian said, “Old man, you have to prove what you say. Resorted to trickery? Back in the days, so many people participated, how come nobody said anything? How come nobody complained?” 

The old man flushed. He didn’t know what to say. He was an old celestial being, nobody had ever dared contradict him. He hadn’t thought a little girl like that would ever disrespect him. 

A young cultivator behind the old man pointed at Qing Huang Tian furiously, “You better watch your words! How dare you call the Ancestor of my clan an old man? Are you sick of living or what?” 

The young man was extremely aggressive. Qing Huang Tian was pissed off so she replied, “I’ll call him old man if I want to. Isn’t he an old man? Otherwise, I could say old grouch! Old man, old man, old man, old man…!” 

The young man’s Qi churned, but Lin Feng was standing there, so he didn’t dare attack. He wasn’t even an Earthly Godly Ancestor yet, so attacking Lin Feng would come down to committing suicide! 

He didn’t dare offend Lin Feng so he hid behind the old man and said, “Ancestor, that filthy bitch is so proud and arrogant because she relies on Lin Feng and doesn’t respect you. I think we should cripple their cultivation!” 

Lin Feng heard him. Suddenly, his eyes were filled with flames of fury and he glanced at the young man icily. The young man was terrified. He swallowed and didn’t dare say anything anymore! 

The old man noticed Lin Feng’s scary look and also swallowed. How scary and aggressive! 

But Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed again. He now looked kind and gentle. The old man was stupefied. 

The old man looked at Qing Huang Tian and smiled, “Young Lady, what’s your name and which region are you from?” 

Qing Huang Tian glanced at him and rolled her eyes, “I am not a Young Lady. And you’re an old man, so don’t look at me like that!” 

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