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Chapter 1504: Meeting the Ancient Demon Again!


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Lin Feng snorted and laughed. Qing Huang Tian was funny! He hadn’t realized that since she had come back to life, she was much more aggressive than before! 

The old man smiled happily. He wasn’t angry, he said, “I am an old monster of the Demon Clan. I’ve meditated in seclusion for many, many years. When I came out, the world was in this situation. How awesome!” 

He smiled, glanced at Lin Feng and then at Qing Huang Tian, “Young Lady, do you have a teacher? Do you want to be my disciple?” 

The crowd burst into an uproar. The disciples of the Northwest were astonished. Qing Huang Tian was on Ni Huang’s side. How could she become the old grouch’s disciple? He was from the Demon Clan! 

Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian both thought he was joking, but when they looked at his face, they understood he wasn’t.  Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and said, “Mister, you’re very open-minded, kind, and intelligent. Surprisingly, you’re ready to put prejudices inside to recruit Sister Qing as a disciple. I admire you and want to prostrate myself in front of you…” 

Lin Feng’s compliments made the old man overjoyed! 

Qing Huang Tian had called him old man and it made him happy, because not so many people acted freely and without restrictions around him. It was something new, so it made him feel young again. Awesome! 

The old man looked at Qing Huang Tian. Ancestor Tai spoke hastily, “Old celestial, your position is extremely high, so Qing Huang Tian can feel flattered and honored. Lin Feng, won’t you let your woman accept the celestial being as a teacher?” 

When Lin Feng heard Ancestor Tai, he understood Ancestor Tai was giving him an excuse to teach this fellow a good lesson, so he said, “I said, Master, don’t you think you’re a bit too conceited to ask my woman to be your disciple? Who the fuck do you think you are?” 

Lin Feng released his anger. The elder of the Demon Clan pointed at Lin Feng and shouted explosively, “Ignorant brat! How dare you humiliate me? I’ll teach you a good lesson today!” 

At that moment, Lin Feng was only ten steps away from him. An ancient Qi emerged from the old man’s hand and moved towards Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng had gotten ready already. Since he had infuriated the other, he had to protect himself, so Lin Feng had recited the Chilicosm of the Great Tao.

The Chiliocosm of the Great Tao turned into a finger, then a palm, and at the same time Lin Feng fused it together with the Aggressive Punch he threw out. White Qi rolled in waves! 


There was an explosion. Lin Feng’s punch started a strong wind blowing. Dust, leaves, sand, and rocks started flying around them! 

The old man groaned in annoyance. Lin Feng surprised himself. He was also surprised the old man was so strong. He had attacked just like that and surprisingly, his attack was so strong. Luckily, Lin Feng had used seventy percent of his strength and his Ancestral Body! 

The old man didn’t know what to think. He had only used fifty percent of his strength because he wanted to sound out Lin Feng’s strength, but Lin Feng’s punch destroyed his energies, leaving him dumbstruck. 

He knew how strong he was, so he was astonished! 

He was almost a Heavenly Godly Ancestor, he only needed to understand a little bit more. Lin Feng was just an Earthly Godly Ancestor, a young man, and surprisingly he was so strong? What a joke! 

He naturally felt humiliated. So he attacked again, and this time used even more strength. 

He was extremely fast. Ordinary people couldn’t follow his attacks with their bare eyes. However, Lin Feng could see them and he reacted promptly, also releasing strength again. 

When Lin Feng threw a palm strike, a strange evil Qi emerged from his palm and moved forwards. Lin Feng looked at the black Qi worriedly. 

It was the primal chaos Qi he had seen in his long dream! 

Boom! Slash!

There was a loud explosion. The old man coughed blood at Lin Feng’s attack. He staggered and nearly fell down on his ass. Luckily, someone caught him and prevented him from falling. However, the old man’s face had turned yellow. He closed his eyes because he kept shaking, and his eyes started bleeding. 

Lin Feng was pushed back one step and looked tired. His chest hurt. The old man was extremely strong! If a moment before there had not been an accident with the primal chaos, he wouldn’t have been able to compete with him! 

However, now, everybody knew who the winner was. The celestial being of the Demon Clan coughed up blood? 

How astonishing! Nobody could believe it. How was that possible?!

The old man of the Demon Clan wiped the blood off his mouth. He seemed dumbstruck, looking Lin Feng as if he were a monster. What kind of cultivator was the young man in front of him? Why had he made an error of judgement? Why had he meditated in seclusion for so many years? He had just come out for the first in a long time, and he had lost against a young cultivator? 

He was furious, but what could he do? It was a fact. He had lost!

He had lost in front of everybody. They were all stunned. The Old Mentor’s eyes were wet. As expected, people as talented as Lin Feng were extremely rare! His disciple was amazing! 

All the people on the other side pulled a long face. Poor old ancestor… He looked miserable. A young man had humiliated him? 

The old man who had just asked to recruit Qing Huang Tian sighed with relief. Luckily, he hadn’t offended Lin Feng, or he would have lost face! 

The old man of the Demon Clan sighed in relief and asked, “Lin Feng, what kind of attack did you use? Is it from the Demon Region?” 

He could see there was something strange about Lin Feng’s cultivation. Lin Feng wasn’t supposed to have the advantage, but his Qi was evil Qi, it looked like invisible and intangible bronze needles, aimed at his opponent’s palms! 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Master, I don’t even know what kind of strength it is myself. It just came to my mind. I copied it in form, but not in spirit. Sorry for offending you. I hope you can forgive me!” He bowed hand over fist apologetically. It sounded as if he were talking about something normal, but he was actually talking about his terrifying attack. Did that mean that if the attack had been at maximum power, the elder would have died? 

In the World of Battles, the weak were the prey of the strong, it was the law of the jungle. The old man wasn’t happy, but he had to concede! 

At that moment, Lin Feng looked around and said, “Anyone else want to try?” 

Nobody dared say anything anymore. They didn’t want to die. Those who had just supported the old man initially still didn’t support the Ancient Demon. At that moment, they didn’t intend to take risks! 

The crowd remained silent. Lin Feng felt relieved, as he just wanted to intimidate these people. It was necessary for future negotiations. He had to show he was stronger before starting negotiations! 

Even though he had just defeated someone, they were too many on the other side. He couldn’t defeat them all alone! 

Lin Feng bowed hand over fist again. “Since there’s nothing else, I think you should go back to your own regions. If you want, you can also come and have a few drinks with me. We could drink and talk about the Ancient Demon…” said Lin Feng. As Lin Feng talked, his expression changed. On the horizon, the sky went dark. Everybody suddenly felt a powerful Qi! 

At that moment, everybody knew it was getting dangerous. They turned around and saw a gigantic black cloud floating closer and closer to them. The crowd could see some silhouettes inside it! 

Lin Feng shouted out, and Qing Huang Tian and the others went back inside the great hall. The black cloud blotted out the sky and covered the earth. Lin Feng and the others were in its shadow! 

Lin Feng glanced at the gigantic cloud. If it wasn’t the Ancient Demon, who else could it be? 

Now the Ancient Demon looked different. His mustache looked like whiskers, his eyebrows looked sharp, his eyes were dark blue, and looked like lightning. Suddenly, he looked like an ordinary person again. 

When he appeared, a black cloud also appeared. The crowd had gone insane when the black cloud appeared. 

“Ancient Demon. Supreme Leader of the World of Battles, Eternal King, Powerful and Brave!” 

Suddenly, those people were different from a moment before again. They all said they wanted to destroy the Region of the Eight Corners and Lin Feng. 

“Oh no… The black Qi destroys their willpower. Everybody, wake up!” shouted someone. Lin Feng took a deep breath. 

The Ancient Demon burst into laughter and said, “Lin Feng, you didn’t think I would recover so fast? Hahahahahaha! You destroyed my inner world, but I turned into a human again and absorbed a hundred Earthly Godly Ancestors’ souls! Now I am much stronger than before! Today, I’m going to get my revenge and kill all the members of the Region of the Eight Corners! I won’t spare anyone’s life!” 

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