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Chapter 1505: Last Battle!


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Cowards ran away and hid. The old men were cunning and sly, and had already disappeared. Who wanted to face the Ancient Demon? 

Lin Feng knew what was going on, but he hadn’t thought the Ancient Demon would be so strong. Surprisingly, he had recovered and his cultivation had become even better than before. He had also found and recruited so many soldiers. Many of them were Earthly Godly Ancestors and had incredible fighting abilities. It was depressing. 

Lin Feng turned around. There were nearly three hundred Earthly Godly Ancestors on his side. Of course, they weren’t all from the Region of the Eight Corners. Many of them were there because they wanted to seek asylum! 

Sigh... A massacre was inevitable! 

“Ancient Demon, you are extremely strong indeed. But don’t forget the old saying, Evil can’t stop Good. I know all your secrets. You are Chi You’s clone, nothing more. I suggest you go back to your own world. Otherwise, you will end up like Chi You’s clone, and your end will be explosive!”

The Ancient Demon was proud and arrogant. When he heard Lin Feg, he was astonished at first, but then he grit his teeth, “Lin Feng, what did you just say? You killed Chi You’s clone?” He couldn’t believe it! 

Lin Feng said, “Ancient Demon, I killed Chi You’s clone and I destroyed his primal chaos world…” 

Everybody around him looked completely dumbstruck. The Ancient Demon’s heart twitched. He shouted furiously and explosively, “You’re lying, Lin Feng! How could you defeat Master Chi You? Stop talking shit! Come and fight!” 

A black wind shot towards Lin Feng violently. Lin Feng got ready to fight! 

If he flinched now, everybody would mock him. He was the leader of the Region of the Eight Corners and he was ready to fight for his children and his women. Even if he risked dying here, Lin Feng didn’t intend to flinch!

He started chanting all the incantations he knew. Attacks like the Three Heavy Waves, the Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, the Aggressive Punch, or the Imperial Imprint weren’t enough against such strong cultivators. At most, he could use them as an aid. Otherwise, he mostly relied on his Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras, his Yan Huang Jing, his Ancestral Body, and his Dragon and Phoenix Blood. Those were powerful attacks!

Lin Feng turned into a dazzling ball of light. Buddhist words appeared all around him and charged towards the dark silhouette! 

Lin Feng threw a palm strike. Lights flashed. The sky and the ground shook violently and there were multiple explosions! 

A cloud of dust appeared, blotting out the sun. The ground crackled and a ten-meter crater appeared! 

The Ancient Demon and Lin Feng faced each other. They had both been blown away at the same time. The Ancient Demon landed in the middle of his people, and Lin Feng drifted from the sky like a leaf and landed in the middle of his people! 

Lin Feng coughed up some black blood. His chest hurt brutally, and he kept seeing flashes, wiping away his messy hair. Luckily, he had his Ancestral Body and his Dragon and Phoenix Blood, or his primordial spirit would have been destroyed! 

That attack was incredibly explosive. On top of that, many of the soldiers the Ancient Demon had brought from the Demon Region died because they were too close. Less than half remained! 

Their attacks rolled in waves over thousands of li. 

Some mountains in the surroundings were destroyed. Trees exploded. Birds and other animals were either injured or died! 

Where there were battles, there was death. It was inevitable. The weak were the prey of the strong, it was the law of the jungle. Strong cultivators lived, weak ones died!

Many people of the Region of the Eight Corners were either injured or killed as well. Luckily, most of them had gone back inside the great hall. Otherwise, the Region of the Eight Corners would have suffered heavy losses! 

Lin Feng had no time to deal with that issue now. How was the Ancient Demon doing? Did he cough blood as well? Or was he safe and sound? 

The wind carried the cloud of dust away and the Ancient Demon reappeared in everybody’s field of vision. His hair was messy. He looked ferocious and terrifying, but blood dripped from his mouth, and his ears were bleeding too! 

When Lin Feng saw that, he smiled. The Ancient Demon wasn’t any better off! I, Lin Feng, can announce that you are not stronger than me! 

Those who had decided to follow the Ancient Demon weren’t so lucky. Most of them had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer or less, so thousands of them died. The field was littered with corpses bathed in blood. It was a gruesome sight! 

The Ancient Demon looked insane. He hadn’t had the advantage at all. He had just recovered and now Lin Feng had crushed him again! He really was a monstrous cultivator! 


The Ancient Demon wanted to improve his fighting abilities, so he started playing the same old trick again. He grabbed someone, and then someone else, and then another person. All the people he grabbed were doomed to become a meal! 

In the blink of an eye, he ate hundreds of people. Lin Feng had already been inside his world, so he knew it was a boundless empty space. Hundreds of people could definitely fit in there, and even a few thousand wouldn’t be a problem! 

At that moment, the people who had followed the Ancient Demon came back to their senses. What the fuck is going on? What am I doing here? Initially, they had followed the Ancient Demon because he had controlled them! 

What an asshole! Those people were strong cultivators, but they were afraid! Suddenly, they all flashed away. Many of them wanted to ask Lin Feng to save them! 

Lin Feng couldn’t watch them. Even though those people had come to the Region of the Eight Corners to help the Ancient Demon destroy the Region of the Eight Corners and its people, they hadn’t followed the Ancient Demon on purpose. Now he was destroying and eating them! 

Lin Feng couldn’t let him continue feeding on them regardless. Each time the Ancient Demon ate a cultivator, his fighting abilities increased. The more time passed, the more danger Lin Feng was in! 

Lin Feng activated his Ancestral Body again, his Dragon-Phoenix blood, his Buddhist Sutra, his Yan Huang Jing, and he kept chanting “Dao isn’t Dao, I am Dao… Buddha is not Buddha, my heart is Buddha!” 

He had obtained those words in the primal chaos world where Chi You’s clone was. Lin Feng had heard it in the form of a voice, but he didn’t know who had spoken it. It didn’t matter; he understood it, and it helped! 

Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body turned dazzling gold. The golden lights refined and cleansed his Dragon-Phoenix Blood, his internal organs and his bones. His white Buddhist strength and black Qi fused together, turning into an extremely powerful and resistant shell! 

“Ancient Demon, don’t think I’ll let you kill any more people. I have to destroy you today. You are evil. Give the Worlds of Battles back, and die!” 

When Lin Feng finished speaking, he disappeared, reappearing right in front of the Ancient Demon. The Ancient Demon was stuffing himself at that moment. When he saw Lin Feng appear in front of him, he threw a palm strike with his sharp claws! 

He wanted to tear Lin Feng’s body apart and devour it. Lin Feng had destroyed his heart visaya, his inner world, after all! 

However, Lin Feng was more than ten meters tall. He looked like the ultimate god of the universe, far more powerful than the Ancient Demon! 

Lin Feng had no time to ask himself why his body had changed as he threw a punch. Lights flared. It turned into a gigantic Buddhist hand! 

It collided against the Ancient Demon’s black claws. The crowd heard the sound of metal cutting through flesh, then heard something crackle. Everybody started shaking! 

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the Ancient Demon screamed violently and fiercely. Lin Feng’s punch had destroyed his claws! Pieces of flesh and claws flew far away and disappeared. 

The Ancient Demon had lost an arm. His fighting abilities had been cut in half. He turned around and disappeared, reappearing a thousand meters away! 

He just needed more time to eat more souls, and his arm would heal quickly. He didn’t intend to risk his life against Lin Feng! 

However, Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him escape. He flashed and reappeared a thousand meters away as well. Nobody could see how he moved. He was so fast it was like he had teleported himself each time. 

“Ancient Demon, where do you think you’re going? If I don’t kill you today, I won’t be able to rest in peace!” 

He shouted so loud the Ancient Demon was terrified. He didn’t even dare turn around. On the contrary, he accelerated. As long as Lin Feng didn’t manage to catch up to him, he would consider his flight a success. He would have other opportunities to try again in the future. Someday, he would stage a comeback, and the Ancient Demon would become the ultimate ruler of the universe! 

The Old Mentor, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and the others chased after Lin Feng, but they were too slow. Lin Feng disappeared quickly. Lin Feng and the Ancient Demon had already turned into two tiny dots on the horizon, and they continued shrinking until they disappeared! 

On a strategic mountain of the Region of the Eight Corners, some people were fighting against the soldiers of the Demon Region. Half of the strong cultivators the Ancient Demon had brought were dead already, so only four hundred-some were left, but they were also the strongest. They were almost all Earthly Godly Ancestors! 

The cultivators of the World of Battle hadn’t managed to defeat them because the cultivators from the Demon Region were in perfect harmony. They were well-trained! 

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