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Chapter 1506: Going to Hong Meng!


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Lin Feng continued chasing the Ancient Demon. The Ancient Demon was moving towards the central part of the world, the forbidden territory of Hong Meng! Lin Feng was worried. The central part of Hong Meng was a forbidden territory. Nobody could go there without authorization! 

If the Ancient Demon really managed to enter Hong Meng, would he follow? 

However, the Ancient Demon continued on and entered the territory of Hong Meng. Lin Feng instinctively stopped. He didn’t dare take the risk of going to Hong Meng. It was too dangerous there! 

He still had many things to do. He couldn’t take such risks to seek revenge. It wouldn’t be responsible. 

After the Ancient Demon entered Hong Meng, he stopped and turned around and looked at Lin Feng mockingly, “Lin Feng, don’t you want to kill me? Come in then! I am a Heavenly Godly Ancestor’s clone, Chi You’s clone, I come from Hong Meng! I can go back and forth as I wish, hehehehe! But you, eh? You are arrogant and strong, but you’ll never break through again! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!…” 

Lin Feng heard something explode, so he reacted quickly and threw a palm strike using his full strength. He used all the attacks he knew. He wanted to kill the Ancient Demon! 

But something strange happened. The strength penetrated into Hong Meng and disappeared. It completely lost all  power! 

Lin Feng didn’t understand and the Ancient Demon looked at Lin Feng laughed arrogantly, “Haha! Lin Feng, you fucking moron! Hong Meng is a place for Heavenly Godly Ancestors! Even if you are a cultivator at the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, if you enter Hong Meng, you are nothing! Hahahahahahahaha!” 

The Ancient Demon seemed amused. He liked to see Lin Feng sighing helplessly. How awesome! 

The Ancient Demon then said, “Lin Feng, you thought I was afraid of you? I had a reason to bring you here. All the soldiers I brought along were my clones. I think they must be done slaughtering all the people of the Region of the Eight Corners now! Hahahahahahahahahaha!” 

When he said that, Lin Feng just looked at him icily. He hadn’t thought the Ancient Demon would be so sly and evil. 

“Ancient Demon, you are an evil man, and you plotted against me. You better never leave the central area of Hong Meng ever again. If you do come out, I will crush your body into a billion pieces!” shouted Lin Feng, before turning around and leaving.

The Ancient Demon burst into a frantic laughter, “Hahahahahaha! Lin Feng! We’ll never meet again! I can come and go in Hong Meng as I wish. Now, go back, Lin Feng, go back and bury your dead!” 

After that, he disappeared. 

Lin Feng turned around. He was worried about the Region of the Eight Corners. He had to go back as quickly as possible!

However, when he went back to the Region of the Eight Corners, all he saw were corpses everywhere. The cultivators of the Demon Region had left already. Some people on the ground weren’t dead, but they were agonizing and in pain! 

Those who were severely injured begged other people for help. Lin Feng was devastated, and nearly collapsed. The Ancient Demon had indeed plotted against him! 

When the crowd saw Lin Feng come back, they looked at him like orphans about to get adopted. Lin Feng hastily asked the Old Mentor, “Teacher, what happened?” 

The Old Mentor was crying already. He was an Earthly Godly Ancestor; it was the first time he had ever cried so much. He was shocked by what had happened! 

“Lin Feng, you chased the Ancient Demon, right? He plotted against us!” 

The Old Mentor told Lin Feng what had happened after he left. Lin Feng was astonished. 

When the members of the Demon Region surrounded the cultivators who sought asylum, the situation suddenly changed. The several hundred strong cultivators from the Demon Region had fused together and turned into one person! 

The black cloud had disappeared and turned into a second Ancient Demon a hundred meters high. All the strong cultivators on Lin Feng’s side had tried to escape. 

The Ancient Demon had attacked the Old Mentor and the other members of the Region of the Eight Corners. The enemy attacked Lin Feng’s relatives first: Qing Huang Tian, Nian Lin Jiao, Qian Jin Cai Yue, and so on! 

The Ancient Demon’s clone had plotted against Lin Feng’s relatives, but he hadn’t killed them. He had used some kind of Demon Region skill. A vortex had appeared on the ground! 

The vortex had absorbed Qing Huang Tian and the others! The Old Mentor and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points didn’t have time to come and save them. Then the vortex had exploded and suddenly, many of the people who were seeking asylum had  exploded and died! 


When Lin Feng heard that, he fainted. It was unbelievable. Lin Feng was determined, but it was too hard to accept. 


When the Old Mentor and the others saw Lin Feng faint, they caught him hastily. After a long time, Lin Feng came back to his senses. 

Lin Feng cried. He hadn’t thought the consequences would be so tragic. The women he loved had died for nothing! 

“Lin Feng, you have to stand your ground. The Region of the Eight Corners needs you. The situation is terrible already. We were waiting for you to help…” Everybody looked at Lin Feng imploringly. However, Lin Feng had lost people he loved, how could he cheer up?! 

Lin Feng suddenly stood up and wiped the tears off his eyes. He turned around and flashed away. He went to the place where they had died. Nobody knew what Lin Feng wanted to do! 


When Lin Feng arrived in front of the entrance of Central Hong Meng, he ground his teeth and continued on. 

This time, he went in without the slightest hesitation. Even if the Ancient Demon hid in the remotest corners of the world, Lin Feng would find him and crush his body into a million pieces! 

“Ancient Demon, come here and fight! I, Lin Feng, am here, you can’t do anything against me! You killed some of my family, so I refuse to live under the same sky as you. Ancient Demon, come here and fight…!” 

Lin Feng’s voice was barely audible in Hong Meng. There was no echo at all and no trace of the Ancient Demon! 

After a very long time, Lin Feng was exhausted. Lin Feng was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, but in Hong Meng, he was an ordinary person. He was tired and thirsty! 

“Ancient Demon… come and fight…” Lin Feng didn’t give up. He glanced around and hoped the Ancient Demon would show up. Lin Feng had to kill him! 

As Lin Feng continued shouting, he saw some buildings on the horizon. Five beams of light of ten different colors flashed. Lin Feng didn’t believe his eyes; he blinked, but he could still see the grand palace! 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask himself questions. Was the Ancient Demon hiding in there? Or was it a trap? 

Lin Feng walked towards the great palace. However, it grew more and more difficult as he walked forwards. The buildings started glowing in strange colors. Lin Feng struggled each time he took a step, and had to use lots of energy!

However, he didn’t feel like giving up. He couldn’t give up on this opportunity. He didn’t intend to surrender! 

If someone were watching him at that moment, they would have seen something strange. Lin Feng’s silhouette looked like he had a clone. Each time he took a step forward, his shadow remained behind him, so two Lin Feng’s appeared briefly each time. His steps took forever… After a while, it was like dozens of Lin Feng’s were queuing… 


After a very long time, Lin Feng finally managed to arrive in front of the building, relying on his determination and strength. Lin Feng looked at the gigantic palace. It was at least ten million zhang tall! 

If he went in, he might never be able to come out, but Lin Feng was determined and wasn’t going to give up! 

“Lin Feng… you’re here, finally…”

A voice echoed throughout the whole territory of Hong Meng. Lin Feng suddenly stopped and looked around. He saw two people at the gate. They were looking back at him: Fu Xi and Dao Yi, two Heavenly Godly Ancestors! 

“Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought you’d be able to get to the central part of Hong Meng. That’s unbelievable! Could it be that…?” Hong Meng didn’t understand, and he grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and shook it! 

Dao Yi grabbed Lin Feng’s other arm and shook it as well. Lin Feng looked at them curiously. He had a bad feeling. 

“You have Ancient Demon Qi inside your body, surprisingly…” 

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