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Chapter 1508: Danger in The New World Order!


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Even the Sima family couldn’t make teleportation tunnels. Now, even though Qing Huang Tian and the others were safe, seeing them again seemed impossible!

Some people said that death wasn’t scary because when one was dead, one forgot about one’s previous lives. The scariest part of death was leaving loved ones behind forever!

Lin Feng looked at Dao Yi and Fu Xi. They both smiled indifferently. What did it mean? Going back to Earth was possible? Otherwise, why would they tell him these things? 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with hope again. He stood up, bowed hand over fist and said, “Masters, please help me go back to the Earth. Please! I need to see them!” 

Fu Xi and Dao Yi waved. Some strength appeared around Lin Feng. Dao Yi said, “We accept, but…” 

“But what? What do you need? Just tell me and I’ll do my best to help!” said Lin Feng resolutely. 

Lin Feng didn’t realize that Dao Yi and Fu Xi were both smiling. Lin Feng had no choice but to accept! 

Fu Xi cleared his throat and said, “Lin Feng, the Ancient Demon is Chi You’s clone. Chi You is on the Earth. We can take you there, but you to have to promise us that you will help us get rid of Chi You, alright?” 

“Alright! I accept!” Lin Feng accepted without the slightest hesitation. Was he really going to go back to the Earth? 

He still had so many people in this world though. He had to give them an explanation, “Masters, can you give me two days? I want to give my people an explanation. I may be gone for a very long time, after all…” 

When Lin Feng left the great palace, he was much more relaxed. He was excited. He was going to get his revenge, and he would also see his relatives! He just wanted to hurry up and sort everything out before going to the Earth to see Qing Huang Tian and the others! 


Lin Feng left Hong Meng. He moved as quickly as he could, much faster than when he had arrived. His body had been refined by the powerful energies of the Holy Shrine, after all. Lin Feng’s bones had been refined and were much stronger now! 

“Lin Feng…”

“Wait for us!” 

As Lin Feng arrived at the border of Hong Meng, he heard two familiar voices. He turned around and saw Hong Meng and Dao Yi! 

“You are…?” 

“Hehe. Lin Feng, we just had a chat and we decided to leave Hong Meng like you. We want to go and see our old friends!” said Fu Xi. 

Dao Yi said, “Hey, we haven’t been out for so many years. I hadn’t thought you would make me come out. We’re going to face ordinary humans, haha, I feel ashamed…” 

Lin Feng laughed. These two Heavenly Godly Ancestors were funny! 

The three of them chatted and laughed for a little while. Lin Feng listened carefully. Ancestor Huang was Fu Xi’s first wife, and their daughter was indeed Qian Jin Cai Yue. Dao Yi’s first wife was Ancestor Nü, and their daughter was Bai Nü! 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh. He hadn’t thought… He had obtained both their daughters. Surprisingly, Fu Xi and Dao Yi were his fathers-in-law. If he went back to Huaxia, everybody would think he was insane. 

Lin Feng brought Dao Yi to the Buddhist Mountain of Sadness to see Ancestor Nü. Ancestor Nü had recovered a lot. She looked relatively healthy again. 

“My little Nü…” Dao Yi said in a trembling voice. Ancestor Nü sat up and opened her eyes. She couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment, and then she slowly started crying. 

She slowly stood up and grabbed Dao Yi’s hands. She said in a trembling voice, “Husband… I… You… finally left Hong Meng?!” 

Dao Yi nodded and took her in his arms. Lin Feng and Fu Xi left. 

“Lin Feng, eh… should we leave?” asked Fu Xi. Lin Feng thought it was funny. Dao Yi and Ancestor Nü’s reunion made Fu Xi feel emotional. He couldn’t wait, so he said goodbye to the twelve ancient Buddhas. 


Lin Feng then took Fu Xi to the Region of the Eight Corners. When Lin Feng came back, the Old Mentor and the others all shouted and cheered happily. Everybody gathered around Lin Feng. He had been gone for months already! 

Lin Feng had the feeling he had just spent an hour in Hong Meng, but such things didn’t surprise him anymore. He brought Fu Xi to Ni Huang. When they saw each other, they immediately burst into tears and hugged each other. Lin Feng left them alone. He didn’t want to disturb their reunion.


He went back to his great hall. It was full of people who had been told Lin Feng was back. They had been worried about Lin Feng’s safety the whole time after he had left to chase the Ancient Demon. Now Lin Feng was back and looking mysterious! 

Lin Feng organized a banquet and told the crowd what he wanted from them. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t tell them everything in detail. There were many things in Hong Meng ordinary people didn’t know. Lin Feng told them he was going to leave that world to go back to his own, the Earth. 

When he said that, the Old Mentor and the others all started crying. They had become so close. They had never thought they’d ever have to bid farewell! 

“Lin Feng, you really want to leave this world to go back to Earth?” asked the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

“Hey, disciple, don’t make Lin Feng feel bad. Qing Huang Tian and the others are on Earth now. Do you think Lin Feng has reasons to stay here? Lin Feng, do what you have to do. Listen to your heart. As your teacher, I will always support you!” the Old Mentor sighed. 

Lin Feng felt sad. All the people who were there were people he knew well. They had joined hands and fought against enemies; they had had fun times together, and now he had to leave. 

Lin Feng didn’t want to feel sad, so he changed the topic and asked about the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that even though the Ancient Demon had been defeated, the world order was different, especially after he had left. Things had started changing again. 

Because the Ancient Demon had brought such chaos, many Earthly Godly Ancestors had fallen or gotten severely injured. Many Overlords had fallen. Now people were competing to become new Overlords!

Many people plotted against their enemies. Some people took advantage of the chaos in the Region of the Eight Corners to create a new alliance. Their only goal was to conquer the Region of the Eight Corners! 

Old dangers faded. New danger arose. The world order kept changing. Lin Feng had to sort out some things. He had to teach those troublemakers a good lesson. If it wasn’t enough, he would slaughter them all! 

Lin Feng didn’t know whether the evil black Qi influenced him or not, but nobody could make him change his mind. He asked, “Who are the main enemies of the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners?” 

“The Demon Region from the South, and those who used to be with Kun Dao. They gathered with some other cultivators. They want to take advantage of the chaotic situation to destroy the Region of the Eight Corners and conquer our territory. They also want to destroy the Yi Clan!” 

Lin Feng remembered his promise to the Yi Clan, that he would always ensure their safety. Back then, the Yi Clan had helped the Region of the Eight Corners a lot. Since he was going to leave, he couldn’t let anyone pose a threat to the Yi Clan! 

Because of that promise, Lin Feng had destroyed the Spiritual Warriors Clan. Now, he had to destroy the remaining enemies who could pose a threat to the Yi Clan! 

He had seven more days, anyway. It was enough to do everything he needed to do! 


After the banquet, Lin Feng left the Region of the Eight Corners and went to the South of the World of Battles. The Demon Region and Kun Dao’s servants were all there. Lin Feng was going to see them all by himself! 

The Old Mentor, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, and the others wanted to follow Lin Feng, but he refused. He couldn’t let them leave the Region of the Eight Corners. 

Lin Feng wanted to destroy people, so it would be troublesome for the others if he brought them along. 

When Lin Feng arrived at the border with the South, the Demon Region had already noticed him. Lin Feng didn’t try to hide, either. He landed on the ground, eyeing the guards of the Demon Region menacingly. Lin Feng had his hands clasped in his back. He slowly drew closer and smiled thinly! 

It was like he was at home, looking down upon those guards! 

“Lin Feng, you… you better stop! If you take another step, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

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