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Chapter 1509: Rescuing the Yi Clan!


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“If you want to see our Leader, we can go and call him. Can you wait?” 

Most guards were not Earthly Godly Ancestors. Even though they were extremely strong for ordinary people, to Lin Feng, they were insignificant! 

Lin Feng didn’t go about with his nose in the air, but he didn’t need to treat such people with respect! 

“Hehe, how arrogant. Do you think you can stop me, Lin Feng? And your fucking leaders should consider seeing me before dying as an honor!” 

Lin Feng then burst into laughter and continued on. The guards were furious and dumbstruck. There were over a hundred people, and Lin Feng looked down upon them and humiliated them! 

“Everybody together, let’s join hands!” shouted the leader of the group. Suddenly, a dozen Earthly Godly Ancestors charged Lin Feng! Some used their fists, others were holding swords. They were all ready to kill! 

They were Earthly Godly Ancestors, one couldn’t underestimate them!

However, Lin Feng didn’t move, and didn’t even try to hide. When their extremely powerful attack was ten meters away from him, Lin Feng shouted suddenly, and was surrounded by dazzling golden lights!

When Lin Feng used his Ancestral Body to attack, he didn’t need to move at all. His strength just emerged and swept across everything! 

Boom, boom, boom!…

Three explosions. The ground and the sky shook violently. The fists and the swords moving towards Lin Feng all dispersed. 

The golden lights pushed the cultivators away. All the people who were attacking him disappeared in the golden lights. 

Some people exploded. Some people’s hands melted. Some people’s swords flew away and cut them into pieces, blood flying everywhere! 

The guards were elite cultivators, yet one of Lin Feng’s attacks sufficed to kill or severely injure half of them! 

After the explosion, Lin Feng’s way was open, and he continued on. Nobody dared try and stop him anymore. 


Lin Feng smiled icily. He quickly went to the elders’ meeting hall. Since the alliance was in the Demon Clan, it had to be in the great palace! 

As soon as Lin Feng entered, the dozen high level guards looked terrified. They were all Earthly Godly Ancestors, but when they saw Lin Feng, they were terrified! 

What was going on? Hadn’t Lin Feng disappeared with the Ancient Demon? Hadn’t he died along with the Ancient Demon? Why was he still alive? This was very alarming…

If they had known Lin Feng would ever come back, then they wouldn’t have gone to Shen Hai Sen Lin to the Yi Clan. Their leader had brought some elite fighters back, but now Lin Feng was in the South of the World of Battles! What did he want? 

“Call the leader. I have no time, and I hate wasting time. If he’s not here when I’m done counting to ten, I’ll destroy the building!” Lin Feng said without hesitation.

The guards wanted to tell Lin Feng that their leader had already gone to destroy the Yi Clan and that he wasn’t in the South of the World of Battles, but they were worried. If their leader learned they had sold him out, they would be punished! 

Therefore, they decided not to say anything for the time being. They were ready to die anyway! 

“Lin Feng, don’t cause trouble here. Our leader doesn’t have time to see you. If you really have something to tell him, you can tell us what your message is and we’ll transfer it to him…” the leader of the guards said audaciously. 

Lin Feng frowned. He could see from the guard’s expression that he was lying. Lin Feng released his godly awareness and checked the area! 

He bumped into a forbidden room. It had been isolated so that nobody could see inside. Lin Feng smiled icily and made his ancestral godly awareness even more powerful! 


The isolation energies broke apart, and there were two explosions. The door burst into pieces. Lin Feng couldn’t hear any voices… 

He inspected the area and his expression changed drastically when there was nobody inside. No Qi. No sound. It was empty! 

“Where is your leader? If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you all!” 

Lin Feng didn’t speak very loudly, but for those guards, it was like their brains were detonating. Lin Feng was like an evil demon. He had destroyed the isolation energies using just his godly awareness?! 

However, the guards didn’t dare say anything. Lin Feng was furious, so he used his Imperial Imprint! 

A gigantic golden Imprint appeared and smashed down on the roof of the great palace. There were rumbling sounds and the ceiling collapsed! 

The Imperial Imprint was as big as the whole palace. The massive palace collapsed and turned into a billion pieces. Lin Feng was magnanimous. He didn’t kill them all instantly! 

When the guards sensed his Qi, they were panic stricken and one of them said, “Lin Feng, don’t… Actually, our leader…” 

Even though they would be punished for revealing their leader’s secret, they couldn’t commit suicide for nothing. However, when that guard said that, the other guards next to him told him to be quiet! 

Lin Feng looked at them mockingly and pointed at the guard, “If you forbid him from speaking, I’ll make you speak. You have three seconds, if you don’t speak, I’ll kill you!” Lin Feng said straightforwardly. That man’s face turned grey. He knew Lin Feng was insane, but he also started submitting. In the past, he had heard about Lin Feng, but he had always thought Lin Feng was just a moron who had a false reputation. 

Now, he could see how strong Lin Feng was! 

Lin Feng was the first cultivator of the List of the World of Battles, and he had even defeated the Ancient Demon. Could it be that he had relied on luck every time? 

Being confident was good. Being too confident was dangerous! 

“Lin Feng, you want to compare your strength with me?” He suddenly looked at Lin Feng and provoked him! 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought someone would do that. He looked at the man. Some people submitted directly, while some others needed to be defeated first.

Lin Feng had a bad temper, but when that man provoked him, he didn’t get angry, he was excited. He rarely bumped into brave people. 

Lin Feng looked at him. Long and slim face, clean and white, a faint beard, nice proportions. He was a handsome man! 

“Hehe. Good. What do we bet?” asked Lin Feng excitedly. 

The man was relieved and replied, “Lin Feng, I’ll tell you the truth. You are very famous. I, Li Yan, don’t want to submit. Today, if you defeat me, these ten brothers will belong to you and they will never dare betray you. If I win, you kill yourself. Alright?” 

Lin Feng looked at the man’s face. He looked quite serious. Lin Feng nearly burst into laughter, but he respected the fellow and controlled himself. He respected this man who reminded him of himself when he was younger! “Alright! I accept. If I win, you are all mine, and you have to tell me where your leader is, come!”

Li Yan didn’t mind. He walked forwards and told the other guards to move a thousand meters away before he unsheathed his sword. 

Lin Feng frowned. What a good sword, he thought. The sword was extraordinary, its Qi was ancient. Lin Feng was surprised to feel some pressure! 

“Come, I’ll let you attack me three times without striking back!” said Lin Feng. He liked challenges. It was a good way to make an enemy submit. 

Li Yan was surprised, but smiled inside. Lin Feng was way too overconfident. Li Yan’s sword was an Ancestor’s sword, a precious unnamed sword. Even though he didn’t understand everything about it, just relying on its ancient Qi, he could easily destroy many powerful opponents. You’re strong, Lin Feng, but we’ll see if you can compete with my sword! 

Li Yan started chanting incantations, then his sword streaked across the sky, leaving a black trail behind. He was aiming at Lin Feng’s left arm! 

Li Yan felt some compassion for Lin Feng. He thought that killing him would be a pity, but Lin Feng had said he would let him attack without striking back! 

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