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Chapter 1510: I’ll Take Both! You and The Sword!


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Sword lights flashed. A gigantic black trail appeared behind the sword as it streaked across the sky. Explosive golden lights emerged from his body. When the sword collided against Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body, it rebounded and flew far away! 

Lin Feng’s left arm was numb. That sword was excellent! It numbed his left arm despite his Ancestral Body! 

Li Yan was even more astonished. He hadn’t thought his incredible sword would just bounce off Lin Feng’s golden body! 

How was that possible? Li Yan wanted to win even more. He had only used half his strength just now. Since Lin Feng was so strong, then he had to be a bit more brutal! 

Li Yan raised his sword again and got ready. He chanted his second sword incantation, which allowed him to use eighty percent of its strength. His blow shot towards Lin Feng’s belly. 

Lin Feng was ready. He also activated the defenses of his Ancestral Body as well as his Dragon-Phoenix Blood!

The sword Qi crashed against Lin Feng’s Ancestral Body. With a clang, it bounced again. Li Yan was in a bad situation, because the sword bounced and moved straight back towards his own belly! 

There was a slash, and Li Yan coughed blood, pushed back dozens of meters. Two long trails appeared in front of him as he slid back! 

At the same time, Li Yan could feel his sword was shaking violently. He could barely keep it in hand, and let it drop. When it crashed on the ground, a gigantic crater appeared, the sword disappearing into the deep pit! 

Li Yan looked desperate. He understood he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, so trying a third time was useless. If he tried again, he would just make a fool of himself! 

He regretted he had belittled Lin Feng a little just before. He personally didn’t mind submitting to Lin Feng, but what about his ten friends? 

Li Yan activated pure Qi and took a breather, then looked at his sword. However, he was stunned to find his sword had become surprisingly heavy. Li Yan used his full strength, but he couldn’t lift it! 

What’s wrong? Li Yan didn’t understand. His ancestor had made that sword, but now it was a hundred times heavier!

When Lin Feng saw Li Yan struggling to lift his sword, he was surprised. Could it be that Li Yan was injured? 

“Li Yan, hurry up and use your third attack. I still have lots of things to do. I don’t have time to waste here!” said Lin Feng. He hated people who wasted time. 

Li Yan gave up. He forced a smile and bowed hand over fist. “Lin Feng, no need. I lost! You are much stronger than me. I lost and I submit to you. I will always obey you from now on!” 

Lin Feng was surprised. He was starting to like Li Yan. He was efficient. Li Yan reminded Lin Feng of himself. He wasn’t a cruel man, so he wasn’t going to kill the fellow. 

Lin Feng walked closer to Li Yan. He lowered his eyes and looked at the fallen sword. He felt happy inside. That sword looked like it had been made for him. When Li Yan saw Lin Feng’s greedy expression, he nearly collapsed. Lin Feng wanted his precious treasure? 

“Lin Feng, I couldn’t lift my sword just now. So now, just to make it a little bit more challenging, and for me to regain face, I challenge you. If you manage to lift my sword, then I give it to you. What do you think?” proposed Li Yan. 

It was a heavy sword. His Ancestor had told him that it weighed a few hundred thousand jin. Ordinary people couldn’t lift it. Now, it was even heavier, so he wasn’t sure Lin Feng could lift it, right? 

“Oh,” said Lin Feng, satisfied. He lowered his head and looked at the sword. He grabbed the handle confidently and, hey! 

However, Lin Feng was startled; he hadn’t expected the sword would have no weight for him. He was so strong that when he lifted the sword, he used too much strength, so the sword flew high up in the sky and nearly disappeared, but Lin Feng flashed up and caught it first. 

When he caught it, the sword fell back and he nearly cut his waist. He looked unhappy. 

Li Yan hadn’t thought such a thing would happen! The sword had fooled him! 

“Li Yan, you said this sword was extremely heavy, but it is not. Why did you do that?” asked Lin Feng. Could it be that he had pretended to be weak to curry favor with Lin Feng? If that was the case, then Lin Feng would be disappointed. He didn’t like people who licked his boots! 

However, Li Yan was even more surprised than Lin Feng. When he saw Lin Feng could lift the sword so easily, he was even dumbstruck. How strong was Lin Feng? He could even throw the sword high up in the sky! 

“Lin Feng, I really couldn’t lift it. I’ll try again…” said Li Yan. He was dumbstruck. 

Lin Feng put the sword in his hands. Li Yan ground his teeth and let it fall. His body nearly collapsed under the weight of the sword. A new crater appeared under the sword! 

This time, Lin Feng understood Li Yan wasn’t pretending. The sword was truly heavy, that’s why there was a crater under it, but Lin Feng hadn’t found it particularly weighty at all! 

Why? Could it be that the sword had a different weight depending on who held it? How strange! 

Lin Feng then asked the others to try. Nobody was able to lift the sword. 

Lin Feng was convinced that that sword was a precious item. It was even more powerful than his Godly Battle Sword, and sharper, too. 

Li Yan could only be sad at that moment. That sword didn’t belong to his clan anymore. It wanted a new master! 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He was looking for clues. Li Yan thought Lin Feng was incredibly strong. His strength had to measure at least hundreds of thousands of jin. How incredible! 

Lin Feng suddenly remembered the leader and asked where he was. Li Yan told him. Lin Feng nearly burst into fury. 

Shen Hai Sen Lin! 

Lin Feng flashed and disappeared. 


An hour later, he arrived in Shen Hai Sen Lin’s sky. Lin Feng pulled a long face. Shen Hai Sen Lin was so big, how could he find him? 

In the end, Lin Feng checked the periphery of the forest. If those people wanted to destroy the Yi Clan, they would attack directly! 

As expected, Lin Feng went a hundred li farther and heard some explosions. He looked around and saw traces of a fierce battle. 

Lin Feng landed and shouted, “Mo Juan, old codger! I hadn’t thought you’d come here! Today, I will make you pay the price for provoking me!” 

That old codger was only inferior to Ancestor Mo in the Demon Clan. Ancestor Mo was already dead. His primordial spirit was sealed in the bone token, so Mo Juan had replaced him. 

He was wildly ambitious. He had collaborated with the Ancient Demon before to attack the Region of the Eight Corners. Therefore, when Lin Feng had disappeared, he had been one of the first ones to announce that Lin Feng had been killed by the Ancient Demon. He had then asked everybody to attack and destroy the Region of the Eight Corners! 

Those who had come with Kun Dao had decided to start a group to fight against the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners. Lin Feng had made Kun Dao lose face because of the Yi Clan. In the end, his life had been lost. Therefore, this time, they had to act fast and attack the Yi Clan in Shen Hai Sen Lin! 

They hadn’t thought Lin Feng would show up suddenly! 

“Lin… Lin Feng… Aren’t you dead? Are you a ghost?” gasped Mo Juan. At the same time, he got ready to fight. 

Lin Feng glanced at those people icily. They all looked furious and hostile. However, Lin Feng noticed they were also scared! 

“Hehe, Mo Juan, how could I be before you if I was? And I’m not sure you will see the sun tomorrow.” 

Lin Feng slowly took out the unnamed sword. He lifted it and a strong wind yin energies started blowing. The temperature suddenly dropped. The cold wind made them shiver! It was going to be a cold battle…

The people of the Yi Clan who were fighting just before looked as if their avenger or savior had appeared. They all cheered excitingly, “Lin Feng is back, Lin Feng is not dead…” 

“Our elder was right. Lin Feng hasn’t given up on the Yi Clan, he came to save us…” 

Many voices reverberated in the forest. When everybody heard the voices, they were extremely excited and their blood started boiling. They all started shouting Lin Feng’s name! 

Their shouts made the ground tremble! 

“Lin Feng, you… You… That sword is Li Yan’s sword…? You went to the Demon Region? What did you do to the people of my clan?” Mo Juan asked at that moment. He was afraid, and regretted everything. 

But it was too late. Lin Feng’s sword buzzed as Lin Feng said icily, “Mo Juan, you don’t need to worry about that right now. Your only concern should be your imminent death! How are you going to die?” 

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