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Chapter 1511: Crazy Battle!


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Mo Juan trembled. He sensed some death Qi emerging from Lin Feng’s body…

“Lin Feng, listen to me… I was forced… Kun Dao forced me…” said Mo Juan. He knew that Kun Dao and Lin Feng were sworn enemies. Besides, it was because of the Yi Clan. He had thought of an excuse earlier already. He wanted to fool Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. The man who had brought everyone looked furious and shouted explosively, “Mo Juan, you’re making unfounded and malicious attacks. You took the initiative to come here and ask us to form an alliance with you. How could we have taken the initiative to contact you first?” 

“Hmph! Bullshit. The Demon Region would never take the initiative to collaborate with you…” 

They started arguing. Lin Feng started feeling furious and shouted explosively, “SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t give a shit about who you collaborated with or not. I just know that you decided to join hands to DESTROY my Region of the Eight Corners! You came here to kill my friends, the Yi Clan! It’s enough! You all deserve to die. None of you is going to leave alive!” shouted Lin Feng clearly. 

He considered Mo Juan’s assistants accomplices, and he didn’t intend to spare their lives, either. Mo Juan had plotted and now he had to bear the consequences for his actions. He coudn’t go back in time! 

“Hahahahahaha! Lin Feng, little friend, don’t think you can easily scare us! You’re alone. We are hundreds of Holy Godly Ancestors and a dozen Earthly Godly Ancestors. Even if we’re all going to die, we don’t intend to just sit and wait for death. We have to make it difficult for you!” retorted Mo Juan solemnly. 

Those people were friends, and they all said, “We’ll do all we can to kill Lin Feng and destroy the Region of the Eight Corners, as well as Shen Hai Sen Lin!” 

Lin Feng was sick of hearing these people. He didn’t say anything as his sword streaked across the sky. He had only had the sword for only two hours and he had not tried it out before. Now was a good opportunity! 

A trail of sharp Qi a thousand meters long appeared behind the sword. Mo Juan shouted and took out his own precious treasure, a scepter with a crystal and iron ball. The Qi of the scepter appeared and blocked Lin Feng’s sword Qi! 

The two threads of Qi collided, creating an explosion. Energies rolled in waves all around them, destroying trees around them for hundreds of meters. 

However, it wasn’t over! In the end, the sword Qi cut his scepter into two and continued moving towards Mo Juan’s chest!

Mo Juan stared at Lin Feng, dumbfounded. His scepter was a famous weapon in the World of Battles. How could it be cut by Li Yan’s sword? Could it be that Lin Feng’s Qi was just too powerful? 

He didn’t understand, but as he was lost in thought, he suddenly sensed something cold in his chest, as if his internal organs were being destroyed. He lowered his head… 

“Ah!” Mo Juan shouted. Blood appeared. His clothes were soaked in his own blood, and torn apart because of the sword Qi. He was already covered in cuts! 

Bam! Crash! Mo Juan fell on the ground, but he didn’t die. 

He decided to use his full strength. He grabbed some branches and tried to get back on his feet. 

“Lin Feng, you… Kill me…” 

Lin Feng looked at the others icily. His sword Qi had cut hundreds of bodies. At that moment, they all collapsed, one after the other. 

Some who were stronger dodged the Qi. Among them were some of Kun Dao’s servants. They looked exhausted and devastated when they saw all their friends collapse, one after the other. One of them ground his teeth and shouted, “You are evil, Lin Feng. Die now!” 

He flashed in front of Lin Feng, two balls of lightning appearing in front of him. They were several meters across and scorching hot. 

Lin Feng didn’t even move. He raised his sword and attacked again. Black lights appeared and collided with the two thunderballs! 

Boom, boom!

There were two explosions. Lin Feng was unmoved, but the man was blown away and crashed into a gigantic boulder. 

He fell to the ground and struggled to get back up. He coughed blood a few times and pointed at Lin Feng.

 “Brothers, destroy him!” shouted someone at that moment. Everybody understood they were going to suffer a violent death if they did not!

Suddenly, everybody charged Lin Feng. They threw punches and palm strikes, sword lights appeared, different balls of energy, ice energy, iron energy; Lin Feng was surrounded by people and attacks! 

Lin Feng felt as if he were being stung by billions of needles. Sometimes, it was the best way to attack. There were so many Earthly Godly Ancestors. They could easily destroy small mountains! 

These people were convinced that even if Lin Feng was strong, he was going to end up severely injured! 

When Lin Feng saw that, he activated his Ancestral Body! Lin Feng’s body lit up, and he grew to a giant’s size! 

There were several explosions. All the people who were attacking Lin Feng exploded when the golden lights reached them, shattering into millions of pieces. 




Intestines, heads, arms, tongues, eyes and other body parts flew around! 


After a short time, the atmosphere was extremely still. The hundreds of fighters were all dead. 

The members of the Yi Clan who were hiding and watching were dumbstruck. Nobody could believe it. He had killed so many Earthly Godly Ancestors in just a few strikes… Incredible!… 

“Could it be that Lin Feng broke through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer?” whispered someone. 

“How aggressive. Luckily, the Yi Clan, our clan, chose to form an alliance with the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners. Our leader is smart and wise. Otherwise, we would be dead now…” 

Everybody was whispering. Lin Feng looked normal again. He wanted to put his sword back into its sheathe, but at that moment, he had a bad feeling! 

The sword released an incredible Qi. That Qi didn’t thrust out. It seemed like it was absorbing something. Lin Feng could sense that incredible strength flow through his arms! 

Ah?! How is that possible? 

He saw some silhouettes emerge from the corpses; these people’s primordial spirits were all absorbed by the sword. 

Lin Feng and the members of the Yi Clan were all dumbstruck, and stared at the sword. Even though Lin Feng looked startled, he quickly understood everything. This sword could absorb cultivator’s primordial spirits, just like his Godly Battle Sword could absorb blood. 

After the sword absorbed all the primordial spirits, the corpses dried out and turned to powder, which blew away on the wind. 

Lin Feng put his sword back into its sheath.

 The people of the Yi Clan grabbed Lin Feng and cheered. They carried him back to the center of the Yi Clan on their shoulders. 

They had a pleasant lifestyle in the forest. It was perfect for them. They had built many wooden houses, many trees, houses in caves, and so on! 

There was a hundred-zhang-tall wooden palace in the middle. It was as beautiful as a painting!


Some guards brought Lin Feng to the great hall. Lin Feng glanced at the leader of the Yi Clan. The latter’s eyes were closed. The guard wanted to wake him, but Lin Feng refused. 

Lin Feng didn’t disturb him. He decided to walk around in the palace and wait. He turned around but at that moment, the leader of the Yi Clan, the old man with small feet, glanced at Lin Feng and frowned. 

“Lin Feng, what are you doing here? Come here and sit. Someone come here and bring some tea!” 

After a few minutes, a servant brought some tea. Lin Feng drank the special tea of Shen Hai Sen Lin. 

Lin Feng ate some sweets and drank some tea. He also told the leader everything about his adventures. When the leader heard Lin Feng, he looked astonished and sad. He had never thought Lin Feng would ever leave. He almost burst into tears! 

Lin Feng cheered him up, “Don’t look so sad. I am just going to my own world to sort out a few things. I may come back soon.” 

The leader of the Yi Clan sighed, “Lin Feng… if you leave, it’s a huge loss for the World of Battles. Are you sure you want to leave?” 

Lin Feng sighed. He had to leave to go and see his women and children. Lin Feng preferred not thinking about how they were doing on Earth. He wanted to see them with his own eyes! 

“Leader, don’t worry. I, Lin Feng, will organize everything before leaving. In the future, when I’m not here, the Yi Clan and the Region of the Eight Corners should keep in touch regularly. We’re allies. If there’s anything, the Region of the Eight Corners and the Yi Clan should help each other.” 

However, when Lin Feng told him he had gotten rid of the enemies who wanted to destroy the United Allies of the Region of the Eight Corners, the leader of the Yi Clan looked terrified. He was convinced that in the future, more enemies would pose a threat to them! 

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