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Chapter 1512: The Two Holy Cultivators of Hong Meng!


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The leader of the Yi Clan thanked Lin Feng repeatedly. He stood up suddenly. “I have something which could be useful for you during your journey…” said the leader of the Yi Clan. 

He took Lin Feng to the back of the palace. They entered a room, where the leader of the Yi Clan chanted a mantra. A crystal emerged from the ground, with something inside. 

Lin Feng didn’t understand and asked, “This is the present you told me about? What is it?” 

The leader of the Yi Clan opened the box and took out a spherical thing. He put it in Lin Feng’s hand and said, “It’s the most precious item the Yi Clan has. It’s an ancient cicada ant fragrance egg. It’s thousands and thousands of years old…” 

Lin Feng was confused. What kind of treasure was this and what could he use it for? Could it be that he gave it to Lin Feng only because it was rare? What else could it be used for? 

The leader of the Yi Clan said, “Hey, but those are just legends in the Yi Clan. It is said that it will hatch into a powerful beast. It’s a kind of extremely strong spiritual beast; its cicada fragrance is extremely strong. It can help people increase their cultivation speed, decelerate aging, and increase their life expectancy. It’s supposed to have many other advantages!”

Regarding the other advantages, Lin Feng didn’t care at all. It could increase a cultivator’s cultivation speed and decelerate aging, those were the most important things! 

Lin Feng put the egg in his ring. He might be able to use it on Earth. Who knew? 


They chatted about other things for another couple hours. After that, Lin Feng stood up and said goodbye. He headed straight to the Region of the Eight Corners. When he arrived, he had everybody gather together and got ready to tell them about his vision of the future. 

The next day, Lin Feng took some of the strong cultivators of the Region of the Eight Corners to all the different regions. He said goodbye to all his friends and also warned his enemies and those who might harbor evil intentions! 

At the same time, Lin Feng also told everybody about Mo Juan and the others who had attacked the Yi Clan. Lin Feng told everyone that on that day, he had killed dozens of Earthly Godly Ancestors! 

The whole world was shaken. Mo Juan was an extremely strong cultivator. Everybody knew of him. He used to be seventh in the List of the World of Battles, and now he was dead! 

Lin Feng’s cultivation and fighting abilities were incredible. All those people were terrified. They would never forget what Lin Feng had done. Those people couldn’t do any better than Mo Juan! 

Lin Feng warned all those people and also spread some false rumors. He officially announced that he was going to the center of Hong Meng to practice cultivation and meditate in seclusion. He said he might stay there for a long time, so he wouldn’t be able to do anything there for a while. The Old Mentor and the other members of the Region of the Eight Corners would stand for him. 

Of course, that was part of Lin Feng’s plot. He couldn’t tell anyone he was leaving. He had to make them think he was still around and could show up anytime. That way, nobody would dare cause trouble, but if anyone did, then Lin Feng would take care of them after coming back. He would avenge his people! 

When those people heard Lin Feng was going to meditate in seclusion in the center of Hong Meng, they stared at him with admiration. 

The center of Hong Meng was a special place. Nobody really knew what kind of place it was, because it was a forbidden territory and nobody could go there. Even if anyone dared, they never came back out alive! 

Lin Feng was going to meditate in seclusion there? It proved he had broken through to the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer! He had become one of the rare Heavenly Godly Ancestors of the world! 

The crowd sighed. Poor Mo Juan… He was a terrifying cultivator, but he had suffered a tragic death. He had provoked the wrong person. 

Initially, some people felt sad for Mo Juan, but now they felt ashamed to have thought that. Mo Juan had provoked the wrong person. Unfortunately, he had overestimated himself and underestimated his enemy! 

It was a fact. The weak were the prey of the strong. It was the law of the jungle. People respected the strongest cultivators, and looked down upon and hated weaker ones! 


Five days passed. Lin Feng would meet with Fu Xi and Dao Yi again tomorrow. At the same time, Lin Feng would also leave, so he decided to spend his last night with the core members of the Region of the Eight Corners and chat until sunrise, before leaving for Hong Meng. 

However, there was a problem with Lin Feng’s plan! 

As he was about to arrive in Hong Meng, he saw a gigantic crowd. There were people everywhere for hundreds of kilometers in all directions. Those people were cultivators from all the different regions of the World of Battles. They had been waiting there for a while already, because they wanted to see Lin Feng go into Hong Meng. It would be the first time they saw someone enter Hong Meng! 

When Lin Feng showed up, the whole crowd burst into an uproar. People kept cheering and clapping. No matter whether they knew Lin Feng or not, they all shouted, “Bon voyage, Divine Ancestor! We hope your meditation in seclusion will be fruitful! We will always protect the harmony and the stability of the World of Battles… The Lin Clan is the greatest one!” 

The ocean of people cheered and shouted. When Lin Feng passed in front of them, some of them burst into tears. Some of them tried to shake hands with Lin Feng excitedly, as if Lin Feng was the Ultimate God! 

Lin Feng sighed. Those people had gone insane, but Lin Feng was happy, as this was what he wanted to see. It proved that his plan had worked. Everybody thought he was going to meditate in seclusion in Hong Meng. Everybody thought he would come back to the World of Battles! 

Therefore, he didn’t need to worry the World of Battles would fall into chaos again! 

Lin Feng flew closer to the border with Hong Meng. As he neared Hong Meng, he heard someone shout his name, and saw dozens of ancestors and old men from different clans and sects. Those old men were the Overlords of the ancient times! 

They all came to see Lin Feng off! 

“Divine Ancestor, I represent the East. I am here to see you off. I promise you that we will obey the leaders of the Region of the Eight Corners. We will work hard while you are meditating in seclusion. We will take care of the World of Battles…” 

“Divine Ancestor, I represent the Southeast of the World of Battles. I came to see you off…” 

All the ancestors spoke to Lin Feng respectfully. Li Feng felt awkward. 

He looked grave and solemn as he said, “Thank you, thank you. I’m going to meditate in seclusion in Hong Meng. I hope that everybody will contribute to the harmony and stability of the World of Battles…” 

“Alright, Divine Ancestor, we’ll remember!” replied the ancestors in unison. 

Lin Feng turned around and said gravely, “If anyone betrays me, hehe, when I come back out, I’ll come and pay them a visit personally. Hehe. Hahahaha…” 

Lin Feng released an explosive Qi while saying that. His voice reverberated everywhere in the World of Battles. Everybody could hear him. Nobody would dare plot against his people anymore! 

In the end, Lin Feng bowed hand over fist and said goodbye. Then he turned around and disappeared!

Lin Feng didn’t know that after he entered Hong Meng, the people outside stayed there for much longer. They only left after a few days. Even more incredible, from now on, that place was a holy place where people came and waited. They all wanted to be the first one to see Lin Feng when he came out! 

Lin Feng didn’t know that he had become a religion in the World of Battles. A symbol. An emblem. All the clans of the World of Battles worshiped Lin Feng. They all had statues of Lin Feng… 

Divine Ancestor… Even the Human Ancestor and the Buddhist Ancestor had never been called Divine Ancestor!


Chu Chun Qiu stared at Hong Meng and clenched his fists. The Lin Clan had become incredibly powerful in the World of Battles during these years. But someday, the Chu Clan would replace the Lin Clan and would stand at the top of the World of Battles! 


Lin Feng finally arrived in front of the Holy Shrine of Hong Meng. Fu Xi and Dao Yi had been waiting for a while already. Lin Feng entered the palace, and Fu Xi and Dao Yi took him to a secret room in the center of the place. 

In the room was a secret teleportation portal. Fu Xi and Dao Yi had made it before to travel back and forth through space and time. When he entered the room, he saw a whirlwind of space and time energies. They were bright white and spinning. 

Actually, Lin Feng was feeling very moved. His dream was coming true. He would finally see the Earth again. The tunnel in front of him was a priceless dream coming true! 

“Lin Feng, are you ready?” asked Fu Xi. Lin Feng nodded resolutely. 

When Fu Xi saw Lin Feng’s steadfast expression, he nodded. He said, “Lin Feng, I have to tell you a few things first. This space and time tunnel may be a bit dangerous for you. You have to be focused…” 

Lin Feng looked nervous. This thing could be dangerous? Why? Could it be that he could end up in the wrong place? Could it be that he would be stuck halfway and get lost in the corridors of space and time? 

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  1. Tomfeng May 18, 2020 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    Anyway author, when ancient demon attack world of battles, where is human ancestors? Where is budha ancestors? Where is jeston?

    Why ancient demon only attack people from eight corner?
    Both human ancestor and budha ancestor were not helping lin feng at all.

    If fu xi and dao yi knew everything that happened in world of battles while they stayed in hong meng, why they didn’t come to aid linfeng when ancient demon attacked?

    Too many confusing story

    • Lin Zu May 19, 2020 at 12:16 am - Reply

      Hope I can help clear up some of your confusion friend. So the ancient demon was attacking the eight corners because that region is one of the weaker regions and Lin Feng poses a huge threat to him. The buddha’s of the west wont involve themselves with matters of the world, at least not in person but through other means. Ren zu strength doesn’t compare to the ancient demon, not only that, hes located in the east, while the eight corners is in the north(west) region so it would take him time to get there but hes also the most powerful person in his region so if he left, the east can suffer the same devastation at the eight corners. As for dao yi and fu xi, they’ve known about the ancient demon, cant go too deep into why they havent done anything. That’ll all be explain in the soon. They’ve also detached themselves from trivial matters of the world of battles. Trivial to them though, not everyone

    • Tomfeng May 19, 2020 at 5:49 pm - Reply

      Quiet unreasonable.

      When linfeng had a dream fighting chi you, all cultivators from world of battle were divided into 2 groups which support linfeng and not support linfeng.
      How come human ancestor and jeston not supporting linfeng?

      Before linfeng left world of battles to hongmeng, not even a single trace of human ancestor and jeston while it said all strong cultivators gathered at the entrance of hong meng to watch linfeng..

      • Grover May 20, 2020 at 2:19 am - Reply

        the story just leaves so many gaps. what happened to Meng Qing. she was supposed to be by his side at all times now but she has vanished from the story. What about the ice spirit in his spirit world, did she want to go to earth? it just feels like the author wanted to rush to this earth arch without the chapters it needed to close out the world of battles. rushed writing.

        • Tomfeng May 20, 2020 at 6:29 pm - Reply

          Yes agreed.
          The story jumps a lot which is looked like author wants to end this novel faster.

  2. Archie3zer0 May 18, 2020 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. Orange Joe May 18, 2020 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    Still down by 4 chapters.

  4. AzackX May 19, 2020 at 6:47 am - Reply

    Human ancestor knew he wasnt strong enough and just tried to protect his clan. buddhist ancestors don’t have anything to do with the outside world, they just help Lin Feng when he was about to die during the fight with the ancient demon. Without the buddhist ancestors helping him he would have died. And Fu Xi and Dao Yi said that the ancient demon isn’t even that much of a threat and when they decide to go out with Lin Feng they say that they are ashamed for meeting normal humans again. Meaning that they were a bit scared to go out in to the world of battles again because they thought people wouldn’t respect them. Keep in mind they aren’t people that randomly go out and kill people so they wouldn’t use fear to make everyone respect them.

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