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Chapter 1513: Dangerous Journey!


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Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel scared for a few seconds, and ask, “Master Dao Yi, please tell me what kind of dangerous. I really want to go back to Earth, so I am ready to face dangers. Please don’t hide anything from me!” 

Dao Yi nodded. He looked grave and solemn as he said, “Actually, nothing TOO dangerous. But because you are not a Heavenly Godly Ancestor yet, the trip through the tunnel may have an impact on your memories, vitality, will and so forth. You may even get injured. So when you arrive on Earth, you may be amnesiac for a while…” 

“Ah?” Lin Feng was astonished. He wanted to go to the Earth to see Qing Huang Tian and the others. How would he find them if he lost his memories? If he went there and didn’t remember anything, what would happen to him? How would he find Qing Huang Tian, Qian Jin Cai Yue, Nian Lin Jiao, Lin Zu, and the others? 

What kind of joke was that? If that was the case, did he really need to go back to the Earth? 

Fu Xi and Dao Yi noticed Lin Feng’s pensive look. Fu Xi said hastily, “Lin Feng, don’t worry. Dao Yi is not done talking. What we mean is that to ensure your safety, we’re going to inject some of our strength of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer into your organs. That way, you’ll be able to travel through time and space without much problem. I can’t promise it will work a hundred percent, but at least you will not lose your memories forever…” 

“Oh,” said Lin Feng. There were still some risks, but Lin Feng understood that this kind of journey through space and time could be extremely dangerous. 

“So… What do I do if I become temporarily amnesiac? How long will it take before I regain my memories? Will I need to use some kind of jewel or skill or technique to remember?” asked Lin Feng. 

Fu Xi remained silent and after a long time, he said, “Lin Feng, you’ll have to see, we can’t predict the future. It may take a while or not…” 

Dao Yi looked desperate and said, “Lin Feng, we have to ask you one last time… are you sure you want to go back to the Earth? Are you sure you want to take this risk?” 

Lin Feng nodded without hesitation, “I am willing to take this risk. No matter what, I will take this risk!”

He didn’t care. Even if he was amnesiac for years and years, he had to go back. He had to go and save Qing Huang Tian and the others! 

When Fu Xi and Dao Yi saw Lin Feng was determined, they had nothing more to say. They had Lin Feng sit down cross-legged. Both standing on his sides, they put their hands on Lin Feng’s shoulders! 

If Pangu hadn’t left Hong Meng, they wouldn’t have needed to use so much strength. If Pangu had been there, all three Heavenly Godly Ancestors together, it would have been extremely easy to send Lin Feng to the Earth, and he wouldn’t have lost his memories at all. 

The three men were surrounded by a powerful Qi of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer. It emerged from Fu Xi and Dao Yi and surrounded them. 

The powerful Qi of the Heavenly Godly Ancestor layer penetrated into Lin Feng, surrounding his own Qi. The Qi in his body shrank until it couldn’t become any smaller. 

After that, the powerful Qi turned into a circle, and then into a purple crystal. 

“Lin Feng, everything is ready. Now, it’s time for you to enter the tunnel!” Fu Xi and Dao Yi said to Lin Feng. He nodded resolutely. Suddenly, he sensed a faint absorbing strength! 

“See you, Lin Feng!” Fu Xi and Dao Yi took their hands back, and Lin Feng disappeared into the vortex. 

Fu Xi and Dao Yi glanced at each other. They both looked grave and solemn. They were worried. They really hoped Lin Feng would arrive on Earth safe and sound…


Lin Feng was in incredible pain. The absorbing strength felt like it wanted to rip his body apart. If he didn’t have the purple crystal, his head and his body would already be in different places! 

Lin Feng closed his eyes. It even seemed like he had stopped breathing. Even though his eyes were closed, he could see what was going on in the outside world. White lights flashed in the darkness. They flashed faster, and faster! 

Lin Feng felt the temperature increasing around him. Lin Feng forced himself to open his eyes, and was promptly frightened. His body was surrounded by fire! 

The fire was burning the purple crystal; it was crackling and some blue smoke came out of the fires! 

The flames moved in a certain direction. He could feel heat spreading throughout his body. The flames were caused by a fusion of space and time energies. Lin Feng prayed he would survive, and that the crystal would resist the pressure. If not, something terrible would happen to him! 

Lin Feng was not just worried about his own safety. He also had his Spirit World. His friends and relatives were there. His parents were inside. A small incident could lead to the destruction of his Spirit World here! 

Lin Feng kept falling through that tunnel. The purple crystal was cracking more and more, and the temperature kept increasing. If Lin Feng hadn’t had an Ancestral Body, he would have died already! 

He was falling faster and faster. His consciousness started trembling, and Lin Feng started feeling dizzy. Some of his memories started intertwining and flashing. There was no logic. No rules. No logical patterns. The World of Battles. The Country of Eternity. The Ancestral World… 

Suddenly, everything stopped, as if his memories had been struck by lightning. No images, nothing but darkness. 

 Lin Feng fainted! 


Jiang Nan, a big international city in Huaxia, China…

The city had a flourishing economy, and there were many people. However, it had been going through hard times recently. 

Some people were hiding behind the door of the power transformation room and laughing. They looked out of the windows now and then. 

“Let me go. Who are you?” called out an angry voice inside the room. The man looked at three people icily, his eyes red. 

“Hehehehehe, funny little boy, hehe! Let’s lock the door and get back to work. Ignore him. We’ll see what we do tonight!” said one of the three security guards. 

The other guards nodded. The security guard took some chains and shouted, “Lin Feng Zi! You stay here and come back to your senses, we’re off…” 

He turned around but at that moment, a younger guard said in a trembling voice, “Da Liu, aren’t we going a little bit too far? What if Director Wang learns about this, he’ll punish us…” 

Da Liu was the oldest of the guards. When he heard the other guard, he cursed, “Shut the fuck up, damn it! If you don’t tell anyone and we don’t tell anyone, who will know? I’m warning you, if anyone learns about this, I’ll consider you to be the one who talked and cut your tongue!” 

He kicked the younger guard. The younger guard lowered his head. 

When the other guard saw Da Liu was angry, he hastily intervened, “Come on! We’re just locking him in for a short while. Nobody will know.” 

“Yes, indeed. We can wait until the patrol is done to release him. Everything will be fine.” 

The younger guard looked saddened and said, “Poor guy… and we…” 

The younger guard didn’t finish because Da Liu slapped him. The younger guard was terrified and didn’t dare say anything anymore. 

The few guards didn’t say anything either, walking away. They got about forty meters away when suddenly, they heard an explosion! 

People’s houses started shaking. The guards were terrified. They turned around, and their souls almost burst! 

The power transformation room was burning, filled with gigantic flames! 

“Oh no!” “Lin Feng Zi… He must be dead…” The younger guard was the first one to shout and run towards the power transformation room. Da Liu chased after him to stop him. 

“Are you fucking blind, Xiao Su? Shut the fuck up now! You better not tell anyone about what just happened. You understand? If you talk about it, I’ll destroy you!” shouted Da Liu threateningly. The other guards nodded. 

They had gone a little bit too far. In the past, they had enjoyed bullying Lin Feng, as he was a simple-minded guard. They enjoyed hitting him for no reason. Now and then they stole some money from him, but nothing had ever gone wrong! 

There were many batteries and transformers in the power transformation room. Lin Feng was stuck inside, so he may have struggled to break free and touched something accidentally. And now… 

“You… AAAHHHHHH! Look! Lin Feng isn’t dead! He’s coming out!” The younger guard shouted happily and pointed to the room.

The power transformation room was completely destroyed, and there was a silhouette in front of it. The person was covered in soot! 

The local residents had been startled and came out of their houses. Some people ran towards Lin Feng to save him. Da Liu looked wary suddenly. 

A moment before, he had hoped Lin Feng was dead. It would have been the safest option, as long as his people didn’t tell anyone else about what they had done. Dead people couldn’t speak, so he would have been able to blame Lin Feng for his own death! 


Translation of the Author’s Note: You probably wonder how old Lin Feng is and why he’s going to China? Shouldn’t he be three thousand years old by now? Well, the Earth and the cultivation world are parallel universes. Back then when Lin Feng left, he was about twenty years old. Regarding how old he is in the cultivation world, he’s going to be on Earth now, so the method is always the same: a few years may have passed. It’s a common principle in legends, where one day in Heaven is like one century on Earth, same concept. 

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  1. H May 20, 2020 at 5:45 am - Reply

    No….!! He is back to earth?? now this will take another storyline ??
    Man is was going extremely good until now. I hope u will take him away from earth again into martial world… Doesn’t matter which every it is world of battles, country of eternity which ever… Just don’t make this another story of IMMORTAL EMPEROR RETURN TO EARTH type…

  2. Ovrlymm May 22, 2020 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    This is stupid. If they put him back to the current year just when he “died” I’ll be pissed if they say Lin feng is in his old body but mistakenly put him in the past I’ll be pissed too

  3. Joke June 6, 2020 at 10:59 am - Reply

    The author says “where one days in heaven is like one century in on earth, same concept” so when lin feng leave earth its only a few years?, and isn’t said that lin feng already dead in earth, and his soul taken to world martial, is it a real earth or another earth, its mean that another lin feng still alive in earth before. Well very confusing, the author force some detail to make story continue.

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