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Chapter 1514: Regaining Memories!


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But now he wasn’t dead! It wasn’t a good thing for Da Liu! 

Thinking about that, Da Liu ran in front of the crowd and told them to disperse. Lin Feng looked confused as he sat down on the grass. His hair was burned, and he was covered in sweat and soot. He looked like a beggar. 

“Hurry up and call an ambulance. That kid must be severely injured… He seems to be severely burned!…” shouted someone. 

“Wait! Don’t call an ambulance. He just got burned because of the batteries. A little bit of cream and he’ll be fine…” Da Liu began. The people looked at him in contempt. 

“You’re a guard and you’re not even protecting people! Can’t you see the gigantic blisters on his face? If they burst, he’ll get an infection!” 

“Indeed. You have absolutely no common sense! I studied medicine and I know that kind of accident shall not be taken lightly. We need to call an ambulance!” 

Lin Feng was sitting on the ground. He didn’t have a single thought. He felt exhausted and weak. When he saw all those strangers shouting in front of him, he fainted.


When he came back to his senses and slowly opened his eyes, Lin Feng tried to turn his head, he realized his neck was stiff, and he could only turn his eyes to look around. 

“Am I at a hospital? What am I doing here?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. He was in a hospital bed and there were other patients around him. 

A nurse came out, some people following her. They walked closer to Lin Feng’s room. The nurse smiled and asked him, “How do you feel? Are you still in pain?” 

Lin Feng tried to move his body and didn’t notice anything wrong. Only his face hurt. His head was wrapped up and it felt like there were billions of ants under the bandages. It was unbearable! 

When the nurse saw Lin Feng remained silent, she seemed disappointed and shook her head, she said to the people who were with her, “It seems like he hasn’t really come back to his senses. He must be amnesiac right now. If you need to talk to him, just tell me and I’ll tell him everything when he recovers.” 

“Nurse… Eh… His life is not at risk anymore, right?” asked Da Liu, pretending to be worried. 

The nurse nodded. Da Liu frowned and asked, “Will he suffer from paraplegia? Will his face be scarred forever?” 

The nurse nodded, “He will be scarred, yes. We’ll need to wait for him to recover before trying facial surgery. Regarding whether he will be paraplegic or not, he doesn’t have a chance to recover. He’ll never move again…” 

The nurse felt awkward because she hadn’t been very tactful, so she tried to say something nice, “Don’t be too sad. He’s alive, that’s the most important. Nothing is more important than life, right?” 

The guards pulled a long face, especially Da Liu. He frowned, but on the inside he was worried. It seemed like their troubles were just starting! 


The power transformation station was destroyed. There were no transformers left. The financial losses could be hundreds of thousands of bucks. As the guards of a small district, they were held responsible. 

When they heard Lin Feng would need facial surgery and would never be able to walk again, they were worried, as it would require even more money. They would need to spend so much money! Da Liu thought, I should have made him die much earlier! If he had died, we wouldn’t have needed to spend so much money. How inconvenient! 

After saying goodbye to the nurses, Da Liu and the others left without even sparing a glance for Lin Feng. They had to report on what had happened now! 


In the room, Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. He kept asking himself, “Who am I? What’s my name? Why am I lying in a hospital bed?”

He was trying to think as hard as he could to remember something, but nothing came to his mind. In the room, all the other patients’ relatives stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng heard them whisper, but it was like they were talking about someone else! 

“Sigh, look at that little boy. I heard some guard locked him up in the power transformation room. Then he fainted and was in a coma for an hour. Poor little boy…” 

“Look at his face. It’s as if he had been struck by lightning. He can’t even speak anymore.” 

“Don’t criticize him, he may overhear…” 

The people all chatted. Lin Feng kept hearing them and remembering what they said. He suddenly understood everybody was talking about him. He understood the nurse had been talking about him when she talked about Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was confused. His face had a problem? Even though he couldn’t remember anything, he was sure he was going to be considered an ugly monster! 

So before I became a guard, what did I do? How old am I? Will my parents come and see me? 

Lin Feng had so many doubts and questions. His brain hurt, and he felt weak. He felt more and more tired. Without noticing it, he fell asleep again. 


Jinjiang, an office in a small district… 

Some people were shouting loudly. Da Liu and the other guards were there standing in front of a wall. The fifty-year-old manager exclaimed, “What the fuck did you do? Why did you take Lin Feng Zi to another place? This is a catastrophe, a huge loss! Even a million bucks isn’t enough! Let’s see what you intend to do to pay it back!” 

Da Liu said, “Manager Zhang, you can’t blame us. Lin Feng said he wanted to go to the toilets. Usually, we don’t need to follow him to the toilets, but who would have thought he would go into the power transformation room and pee there. It’s probably because of the pee that the machines burst… Therefore…” 

“Bullshit! Even if that’s the case, you are guards so you have to be responsible. If you do things like that, I may lose my job!” shouted Manager Zhang, not calming down at all.

Manager Zhang looked at Da Liu angrily. He was angry at the idiot. You fucking loser. Usually, our job is easy. If you weren’t my brother-in-law, I would have told you to fuck off a long time ago!, thought Manager Zhang. 

Manager Zhang was the boss of a real estate company. At the same time, he was also an investor. He hated losing money. 

He turned around and looked at some real estate investors who were sitting at the table, such as Chairman Sun. If he hadn’t wanted to recruit Lin Feng Zi, they would never have had any issues! 

Nobody knew where Lin Feng came from. Chairman Sun said he had found him on the street and had compassion for him, so he had taken him back and offered him a job as a guard. 

Manager Zhang hated Chairman Sun on the inside. He pretended to be a good man all the time. He had found a fucking beggar on the streets and brought him back and now they were in trouble because of him. Poor who now? Poor Lin Feng, or poor Manager Zhang? 

Chairman Sun noticed that Manager Zhang was looking at him icily. It was easy to guess what Manager Zhang was thinking. He was all involved, after all. Chairman Sun sighed and stood up, “Manager Zhang, I am the one who brought Lin Feng in, so I have to bear responsibilities for my actions. I will pay for all his medical expenses, I promise…” 

Manager Zhang groaned icily and asked angrily, “You’re saying that as if it were simple and easy. I don’t know about his face, but do you know how much you’ll have to pay for all his surgeries? Besides, what if the law investigates? What if we all lose money because of a criminal investigation?” 

All those people, like Manager Zhang, were investors. Therefore, nobody could be protected. Everybody was insulting Chairman Sun on the inside. Nobody looked at him in a friendly way! 

Chairman Sun could see that, so he said without hesitation, “Nobody wants to go through such things. Since it’s already happened, I have to bear the consequences of my actions. Regarding the power transformation room, I will also pay for it. In the future, I will also pay for all of Lin Feng’s medical expenses. If you don’t believe me, we can sign a contract. What do you think?” 

Everybody looked pleasantly surprised. If that was the case, then everything was perfect! The power transformers were only a few hundred thousands of bucks, but Lin Feng’s medical expenses would be very high! 

Since someone agreed to take over the debt, why not accept? Someone said immediately, “Chairman Sun, you are brave and responsible. We admire you. Since it’s that way, let’s sign a contract!” 


The sky grew dark outside. Lin Feng suddenly gasped and panted. He sat up, covered in cold sweat. He looked around. Everything seemed so strange, and so familiar at the same time! 

Lin Feng came back to his senses, and remembered everything from the World of Battles and the journey home!

I need to find Qian Jin Cai Yue, Qing Huang Tian, Nian Lin Jiao, Lin Zu, and the others! 

Lin Feng got off the bed, but he immediately collapsed on the ground. When he fell, he tried to grab the IV hanger, which fell along with him. Clang clang, clang, bip, bip, bip! When the patients heard all those sounds, they were startled and gasped in fright! 

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