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Chapter 1515: Absolutely Impossible!


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A nurse quickly came in. When she saw Lin Feng on the ground, she ran and grabbed him, and helped get him back on the bed. She said angrily, “What did you do? You’re still weak! You may become paraplegic! You can’t act recklessly like this!” 

Lin Feng’s behavior was beyond justification. What could he say? Telling the nurse he had just come back from the World of Battles wasn’t the greatest idea. What about telling her he needed to leave the hospital to go and see his wife and children? 

The nurse scolded Lin Feng, but when she saw he didn’t react, she just left. Lin Feng was in bed, but he didn’t feel tired at all anymore. 

Lin Feng was thoughtful. He wondered if he was still himself. He had just tried to use his skills and techniques, but they didn’t work! 

His Ancestral Body, his Dragon-Phoenix Blood, his Ten Thousand Buddhist Sutras, his Yan Huang Jing, his Spirit World… nothing reacted, nothing worked! 

Lin Feng was suddenly terrified. When he had come back to China, he had fainted. After waking up, he had become amnesiac for a short while. So far, everything seemed to be normal. Dao Yi and Fu Xi had told him those things would happen, but he had never thought he would become a piece of trash! 

Now, he was just a piece of trash without any skills or techniques. On top of that, he had wounds all over himself, and his face had been destroyed. How could he go and find Qing Huang Tian like this? Even if he was lucky enough to find them, how could he protect them, since he had become a piece of trash? 

The most terrifying thing was that his Spirit World didn’t react. Had it been destroyed during the travel through space and time? But his parents, and his other women, and… 

Lin Feng was lost in thought and his heart ached. At that moment, the door creaked open. Chairman Sun came in. He was holding a package. 

Lin Feng remembered him and everything he had said. He was a friend, not an enemy, was Lin Feng’s first impression. Luckily, he hadn’t completely lost his intuition, but he knew he had to remain careful. 

“Chairman Sun, thank you for coming to see me!” Lin Feng greeted him hastily. Chairman Sun was stupefied, and he walked closer to the bed. 

Chairman Sun noticed Lin Feng had changed. He used to be slow and simple. He never said thank you, either. How come he seemed so polite right now? 

“What’s wrong, Chairman Sun? Please don’t waste time beating about the bush,” said Lin Feng, but then he realized something; he had forgotten about his identity! 

But Lin Feng didn’t feel like pretending. Since he was now normal and didn’t have mental disabilities anymore, why pretend to be simple-minded? 

“Hehe, Chairman Sun no need to look at me like this. Are you surprised because I am not totally like before?” said Lin Feng in amusement. 

Chairman Sun flushed and nodded. He sat down on the chair next to the bed and looked at Lin Feng. The more he looked at Lin Feng, the less he recognized him. Could it be that Lin Feng had suddenly become a genius because of the explosion? 

Chairman Sun was suddenly excited. At the same time, he couldn’t help but sigh on the inside, because Lin Feng would never be able to move again… He would have no choice but to spend his entire life lying in bed. The doctor had said so! 

“Lin Feng, do you feel any better? Did you eat? I brought you some food.” said Chairman Sun, taking some boxes out. 

However, Lin Feng wasn’t hungry and he told Chairman Sun so. The latter didn’t believe him, and forced Lin Feng to eat a few mouthfuls! 

“You’re not a supernatural being. How come you’re not hungry? You’ve been in hospital for a week now, and the doctor said you were fed using nutritional fluids in IV. It would be strange if you weren’t hungry!” 

Lin Feng forced himself to eat a little bit, but quickly stopped again. Chairman Sun didn’t force him to eat more. He used simple words to explain to Lin Feng about his medical situation. Lin Feng was relieved that Chairman Sun was going to pay for everything! 

Lin Feng was also astonished and sad. What was wrong with his face? Sigh… Being an ordinary human was horrible and sad. When he was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he would have never been injured by the explosion of a power transformer! 


The two people chatted until nightfall. Chairman Sun left when the other patients got ready for bed. 

After Chairman Sun left, Lin Feng tried to use his skills and techniques again. He also tried to activate his Spirit World again. However, nothing worked, as if his Spirit World or his energies had never existed! 

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng looked sad and exhausted. Finally, he fell asleep. 

In the dark room, some patients snorted. Suddenly, a faint light appeared in Lin Feng’s dreams. It looked like the light of a candle. It kept flickering. 

The light surrounded Lin Feng’s body and flowed throughout Lin Feng’s veins extremely quickly. Lin Feng kept making sounds in his sleep. It was difficult to know whether he was moaning with pleasure or groaning with pain. 

After a long time, the lights became weaker and weaker and gradually disappeared. Everything returned to normal. 

When Lin Feng woke up, he felt better than the day before. He sat up without any issues and jumped off the bed. Surprisingly, he could stand on his feet! 

The nurse was giving a patient his medicine in the room. When she saw that, she was astonished and shouted, “AAAHHHHHH! You can stand? Aren’t you paraplegic?” 

Lin Feng was overjoyed. Since he could stand after one night, it proved he had not totally lost his powers. Thinking about that, he hastily tried to use his skills and techniques, and also tried to activate his Spirit World. 

In the end, he was disappointed again. It didn’t work! 

The nurse ran away and called the doctors. When they came into the room, they were dumbstruck. 

Lin Feng had taken off his top and had no scars anymore! He had the skin of a newborn! 

The doctors were really dumbstruck, especially since they had to cut him open. The incision was at least twenty centimeters long, but now it had vanished. 

“What’s going on? Is it really the one who was in the explosion?” a doctor asked the nurse. He was convinced it was a mistake. Otherwise, there was no logical explanation! 

“Doctor Li, I’m sure. He’s been in this bed the whole time,” replied the nurse, but she didn’t sound a hundred percent sure, because she couldn’t believe what was happening either! 

Lin Feng didn’t care about their reactions. He opened the drawer next to his bed and took out his clothes, then he put them on and left. 

“Hey, Mister Lin, can we do an additional examination, like a CT scan? We want to check whether your bones are damaged or not…” shouted the nurse, chasing Lin Feng. 

“Mister Lin, please wait! If you accept, we can cancel your medical fees…” 

Lin Feng ignored her at first, but when she said his medical fees could be canceled, he stopped without noticing. He had been there for seven or eight days, and the fees were already as high as two hundred thousand bucks. If Chairman Sun didn’t need to pay for him, that was the best! 

Lin Feng sighed. In the Region of the Eight Corners, he didn’t need to think about these things. He didn’t need money, and he had everything he needed! He could only sigh…


The nurse brought Lin Feng to an office. Some experts gathered around him and stared at him from head to toe. Then they started checking his medical records and whispering. 

Indeed, Lin Feng’s bones had been broken. Five of his ribs were broken, as well as his left arm, his fifth, sixth and seventh cervical bones… he couldn’t have recovered so quickly! 

However, he had. It was unbelievable. The professors were all excited and curious about Lin Feng’s case. 

The director tried to cheer Lin Feng up. This kind of condition was unknown after all. They needed to understand the reasons behind it. They might even discover some new treatment methods! 


Chairman Sun quickly heard about Lin Feng’s case. When he saw Lin Feng, he was greatly moved. He even burst into tears! 

The doctors finished examining Lin Feng. He seemed absolutely normal. His bones were not broken anymore. Lin Feng was perfectly healthy! 

When Lin Feng and Chairman Sun left the hospital, it was already noon. In the car, Chairman Sun asked Lin Feng what had happened. Lin Feng pretended to be confused as well. 

Science couldn’t explain why he had recovered. He couldn’t tell people about his secret, or the consequences would be dramatic. Some scientists might even kidnap him to study, like a mere lab rat! 

For the time being, Lin Feng had no energy anymore. He couldn’t protect himself properly. 

Chairman Sun took Lin Feng to the residential district, and then to the guards’ dormitories before leaving.

Lin Feng was left standing in front of the guards’ dormitories. He had mixed feelings. After innumerable hazards and hardships, he was finally back in China, and surprisingly, he was just an insignificant young guard here…! 

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