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Chapter 1516: Ghost or Zombie?


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Even though he wasn’t happy, he also knew he had to face reality and suffer in silence. He opened the door and entered. Da Liu and the others were sitting inside playing poker. There were sunflower seeds everywhere on the table and the ground! 

Lin Feng frowned. He remembered he had been bullied before. Suddenly, he started feeling angry. 

Even though he didn’t understand, he wasn’t sure whether he was the same Lin Feng as in the World of Battles. Was his soul in the same body as before? Or was he like he used to be on Earth? 

No matter what. He could feel that this body had been through lots of hardships, but since he had woken up, he wasn’t mentally disabled anymore. He was now smart, so people couldn’t bully him anymore! 

Da Liu and the others were astonished when Lin Feng showed up. The doctors had told them Lin Feng’s face had been destroyed and that he would never be able to move again, he would spend his entire life in bed. But now… it seemed like he had completely recovered. How was this possible? 

“You go and play elsewhere. I want to tidy my bed,” Lin Feng said indifferently.

Da Liu was astonished and angry. Lin Feng’s ice-cold tone pissed him off. He had never thought this little retard would ever dare look down upon him. Lin Feng had never dared say anything in the past. On top of that, he had asked them to leave? 

Six people lived in the dormitory. There were three bunk beds. Lin Feng’s bed was at the bottom. All the other beds were clean and tidy except Lin Feng’s, because Da Liu and the others sat on his bed all day! 

“What did you just say, Lin Feng Zi? You asked us to go elsewhere?” Da Liu hadn’t even had time to talk when Chen Yong shouted back. He wanted to show Da Liu he was loyal and devoted, so he stood up and walked towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked grave as he grinned. He replied neither slowly nor quickly, “Indeed. You heard me well. I asked you to leave my bed. I want to tidy it up a little bit.” 

“You think you’re awesome, huh? Motherfucker!” shouted Chen Yong ,tapping Lin Feng’s left cheek with his finger. He had lots of strength in that finger, because he always hit people’s cheeks with it! 

Lin Feng grabbed Chen Yong’s wrist and pressed on it with a little bit of strength. Chen Yong screamed and fell down on his knees in front of Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng wasn’t able to use skills and techniques like in the past, but his physical strength was terrifying! Chen Yong’s wrist was broken! 

Da Liu and the others were dumbstruck. They used to hurt and injure Lin Feng. They still remembered when Lin Feng used to look at them imploringly. They had never thought he’d strike back someday! 

Da Liu was the leader of the guards. How could he let Lin Feng make a young colleague kneel down with force? He ran towards Lin Feng and threw a kick at Lin Feng’s belly! 

Lin Feng kicked Chen Yong away and exchanged feet, throwing a kick upwards right at Da Liu’s chin. Da Liu shouted in pain and fell down on the floor hard. 

Da Liu struggled to get back on his feet and shouted at the same time. “Brothers, come! Let’s kill that fucking asshole! ARGH…” 

The other guards all obeyed Da Liu, because his brother-in-law was the general manager. They all grabbed their sticks and attacked Lin Feng, aiming at his head. Lin Feng had no choice but to use his arms to block the attacks. 

Bam! Boom! Boom! Bam! After a short while, everything was quiet in the dormitory. Lin Feng looked at the guards who were lying on the floor and grinned. Weaklings! How dare you provoke me? 

But Lin Feng was in pain too. He had used his arms to block their attacks just before, and they hurt. He wanted to rub them, but he refrained, showing Da Liu and the others that he was extremely strong! 

When Da Liu saw Lin Feng defeat his men with five attacks, he was infuriated. He took his taser out of his bag. 

The taser was an electroshock weapon. When he pressed the button, explosive blue lights sparkled at the tip of it!

Da Liu ran towards Lin Feng, cursing, “Lin Feng, you fucking asshole! It seems like you don’t want to work here! I’m going to show you how wrong your decision to provoke me was!” 

The dormitory wasn’t that big. Da Liu tried to push Lin Feng in a corner and thrust his taser into him. Da Liu knew that the shock was tens of thousands of volts, so Lin Feng was definitely going to faint! 

Lin Feng was stuck in a corner, so he could only use his arm to block it. The electrodes struck his arm. However, Lin Feng was dumbstruck when it didn’t do anything to him. On the contrary, it felt rather pleasant. 

When Da Liu saw the shocks didn’t do anything to Lin Feng, he was surprised, but he seized that opportunity to thrust it at Lin Feng’s face. Lin Feng was much faster, and grabbed the tip of the torchlight where the blue sparks were coming out! 

Blue lightning moved throughout Lin Feng’s arm. But Lin Feng was fine, he didn’t feel any pain. On the contrary, he kept smiling as if it were awesome. 

Da Liu was starting to be scared. He didn’t understand what was going on. However, he suddenly had an insane idea. What if Lin Feng had turned into a ghost? 

Could it be that Lin Feng wasn’t alive… Could it be that he had died at hospital and turned into a ghost? 

Da Liu thought it was unlikely, because it was the middle of the day. Ghosts never showed up during the day. So there was only one explanation… the Lin Feng in front of him was probably a zombie! 

Da Liu was suddenly covered in cold sweat. He was convinced he had understood what was going on. In his terror, he dropped the taser. He wanted to escape! 

But Lin Feng grabbed his collar and lifted him up with only one hand. Da Liu promptly peed his pants. He knew how heavy he was. He weighed at least two hundred jin. If Lin Feng were a living person, he wouldn’t be able to lift him up with only one hand. 

“Lin… Lin Feng, I’m sorry… Please… Let me go, I beg you!” Da Liu was trembling from head to foot. 

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him off. He remembered all the times he had been bullied. All the times he had had to wash their clothes and their feet… 

Lin Feng threw Da Liu to the ceiling of the dormitory violently. The ceiling was at least four meters up. 

Da Liu crashed against the ceiling and then fell back on some beds, bouncing off and crashing to the floor! 

Da Liu almost fainted. The other guards all saw that Lin Feng had turned into a real demon. None of them dared attack again. 

They all retreated to the window. They wanted to jump out of it, but it was barred! 

Lin Feng took the taser and played around with it. He used it against himself as if it were a massage device. It felt incredible. 

Was it because he had been electrocuted in the power transformer room? 

“Lin Feng, please let us go, please! We’ll never bully you again! I beg you…” 

“Lin Feng, we will never use your bed again. We’ll tidy it for you right now…” 

Everybody was scared and alarmed. Lin Feng was trying to think of a way to make these people submit. When he heard them propose to help with his bed, it caught his attention. 

“Since it’s that way, I will spare you today. Go and wash my clothes and bedding. Remember, I like it when my clothes are very clean. If there’s one stain on my clothes, I will punish you with a shock!”

The guards ran in all directions to get done what he had just asked them. Lin Feng was overjoyed, but he didn’t think he would get rid of the issue so quickly. 

He walked over to the window. The residential district was new and modern. Even though the buildings weren’t as majestic and incredible as in the World of Battles, it was more tranquil and calmer! 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of Qing Huang Tian, Nian Lin Jiao, Qian Jin Cai Yue, his children, Lin Zu, and the others… 

Could Fu Xi and Dao Yi be sure that his relatives were on Earth? 

Were they even together? Had they ended up in different places? What were they doing? Did they miss him? 

Lin Feng felt sad. There were so many people in this boundless world. How could he find his relatives? 

Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat when he thought of all the issues! 

He had forgotten another extremely important thing. What was the date? 

Lin Feng came out of the dormitory and went to the laundry room. Chen Yong was crouching down, washing Lin Feng’s socks. He looked very serious when he saw Lin Feng. He was afraid he had offended Lin Feng again. He nodded and said, “Lin… Lin Feng, I’m sorry. I never should have bullied you…” 

Lin Feng ignored him and asked, “Tell me the date.” 

Chen Yong was dumbstruck. Guards were really strict when it came to dates, since they worked in shifts. When Lin Feng asked him that, he swallowed hard! 

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