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Chapter 1517: Special Suspect!


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Chen Yong took out his mobile phone and showed Lin Feng the home screen with the date and time. Lin Feng looked at it. He was astonished. I left for such a long time… and only a few days passed on Earth… 

Had Qing Huang Tian and the others landed in the same place and same time as he had? 

What if they had landed in the past or in the future? They wouldn’t even be able to meet! 

Lin Feng was lost in thought when he heard someone running. He heard Da Liu shout, “Lin Feng, come out here!” 

Lin Feng realized Da Liu hadn’t been in the laundry room. Lin Feng came out and saw Da Liu and a group of people. 

Lin Feng was surprised; those people were police officers. Could it be that Da Liu wanted to sue Lin Feng for beating him up? 

Da Liu stopped when he saw Lin Feng and even worse, he retreated. He was still terrified! 

“Officers, that’s Lin Feng. He’s not a human. He… He’s a zombie! He’s extremely strong. He threw me to the ceiling using only one hand…” 

Da Liu became hysterical. The two officers were surprised. The policewoman looked at Da Liu as if he were insane. The male officer said, “Please be responsible. You know that lying to police officers can be punished by the law.” 

The policeman couldn’t possibly believe Da Liu. Manager Zhang, who was Da Liu’s brother-in-law, slapped him in the face to bring him back to his senses. 

“Officer, he’s the guard who hit my little brother. Arrest him!” Manager Zhang said to the policeman.

The policeman pushed Manager Zhang’s hand away and replied angrily, “Don’t give us orders. We’re police officers, we know what we have to do. How could we possibly arrest someone because you want them arrested? We haven’t even investigated yet!” 

Manager Zhang reddened. The two officers said to Lin Feng, “Hands on your head, kneel down, don’t move.” 

Lin Feng didn’t feel like obeying, but he didn’t have powers yet, so trying to resist the police solely relying on his physical strength wouldn’t be a wise decision. 

The police officers checked Lin Feng and didn’t find any weapons, so they let him stand back up. 

“You beat him up?” asked the policeman, pointing to Da Liu. Lin Feng looked at Da Liu calmly, but remained silent at first, trying to think. 

Da Liu exclaimed, “He beat me up! And all the others as well! They are all witnesses! They saw everything!” 

Chen Yong and the others were already behind in the corridor. The officers called them over and asked them what happened. 

When they said that Lin Feng had thrown Da Liu to the ceiling using only one hand, the officer looked angry again. So many people said the exact same thing. He didn’t interrupt them, but he shook his head. 

The policewoman asked Chen Yong, “What did you just say? He didn’t fear the taser?” 

Chen Yong was happy to see the policewoman finally believed him, “Yes, we used one that delivers hundreds of thousands of volts, but it did nothing against him!” 

Another guard exclaimed, “He even used the taser on himself. It didn’t work at all.” 

Lin Feng looked completely indifferent, as if those people weren’t talking about him. 

The female officer looked at Lin Feng curiously. He was less than one-meter-eighty, relatively skinny, and his skin was extremely white. He didn’t look like someone who could throw Da Liu to the ceiling using one hand. 

The female officer stared at Lin Feng. She couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that his skin was so white. She looked at his silky white hands and sighed. How unfair! She was a woman, she took care of herself every day, but her skin wasn’t as good. Her skin was worse than a guard’s skin! 

Lin Feng looked back at the female officer as well. She looked fine, but too serious. 

The policeman looked at him icily when he noticed Lin Feng was looking at the female officer.

Lin Feng’s expression was sharp, he looked scary, like his eyes could pierce through their souls. He looked dangerous! 

It was like Lin Feng was looking at his prey, and Da Liu was his sworn enemy. Da Liu was terrified, as if he were facing death! 

The police officers felt uneasy, but this wasn’t normal. They had participated in lots of dangerous situations, and knew how to handle them. They also knew how to recognize when people plotted. They had never seen such terrifying eyes! 

The two officers had doubts. Were the things the witnesses had just said really true? 

Da Liu had said the same thing before. He had even said he had doubts about Lin Feng! Was he really alive? Was he a ghost? Was he a zombie? At the beginning, the police officers thought he was crazy, but now… They kind of believed it! 

Bah! What’s wrong with me? I, Su Xiao Nuan, have a bad feeling. Strange, because I am a really good fighter and I’ve seen lots of things in my life, but I don’t think monsters exist!, thought the policewoman. 

Manager Zhang lost his patience and said, “Comrades, there are so many witnesses! Will you arrest him or not?” 

The policeman didn’t reply to Manager Zhang. He whispered something in the policewoman’s ear. “Little Su, have you noticed this fellow’s strange eyes? He looks ferocious. He may have been convicted in the past. We should take him back to the police station and ask him some questions. What do you think?” whispered the policeman. 

Su Xiao Nuan had noticed it, too. They were police officers and were almost never scared, but Lin Feng did look fierce and cruel. Police officers had good intuitions. 

“I’ll do what you think is the best,” Su Xiao Nuan nodded. 

The two people had walked away from the crowd and whispered so nobody could hear them. Nobody… except Lin Feng. He could hear them very distinctly! 

Lin Feng smiled icily inside. Those two officers are really good at doing their work, eh? You only glance at me once and come to the conclusion that I was convicted before? If I could use my Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, I would destroy you! 

Thinking about his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, something happened in his body. Could it be that his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill was the first thing to gradually come back? 


In the end, the two officers took Lin Feng with them. When Da Liu and Manager Zhang saw Lin Feng in the police car, they were so happy that they burst into loud laughter. Finally, the annoying little moron had been taken away! 

Manager Zhang would tell Chairman Sun later. He would tell him that Lin Feng had beat up his colleagues, so Chairman Sun wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Lin Feng anymore. 

Chairman Sun and Manager Zhang were both investors in the Jinjiang Real Estate Company, but because of various reasons, including the elections, neither of them was willing to submit to the other, so the tensions between them had grown even stronger. 

Chairman Sun was the one who had wanted to recruit Lin Feng as a guard, but Manager Zhang thought recruiting a mentally disabled person was ridiculous. Paying a wage to a freak for nothing was a waste of money! Now he had finally seized an opportunity to get rid of Lin Feng in a perfectly legitimate manner! 


Lin Feng sat in the back of the police car. He looked at them through the metallic panels separating the front and back. Lin Feng was annoyed because he only remembered his life in Jinjiang, but he didn’t remember anything from before then! 

(Translator’s Note: He said he remembered everything including the World of the Battles before, so the author must have forgotten. It may be on purpose, we will see later.)

What would he say to the officers at the police station? If he told them the truth, they would never believe him!

Very quickly, they arrived at the police station. Lin Feng was put in a cell. The male officer asked Lin Feng for his ID card, but Lin Feng waved it off, meaning he didn’t have any. Actually, Lin Feng didn’t know whether he had one or not, but he didn’t have one on himself right now.

The policeman thought Lin Feng was hiding his identity on purpose, so he was even more convinced Lin Feng was a criminal. He went to the Household Register Department and asked the one in charge to check all the Lin Fengs in the city! 

“You can’t fool policemen, especially with science and technology nowadays. The Household Register Department website contains the data of everybody in the country. Even if you are not from Jiang Nan, we will find your data anyway!” declared Zhang Dui. 

Over a hundred people had that name in the city. Some of them were dead, so he omitted them immediately, then he sorted the list based on the people’s gender. In the end, only seventy were left. Zhang Dui started comparing the pictures. 

There were all sorts of people, but extremely ugly or handsome people were rare, and Lin Feng was particularly handsome. 

Over ten minutes later, he finished comparing Lin Feng to all the pictures, but he didn’t find anyone. Nobody looked like him so he started having a headache. Could it be that Lin Feng had used a fake name? Or could it be that he was… a woman? 

Lin Feng’s skin was extremely white, and it also looked rather soft. Zhang Dui got excited when he thought Lin Feng might be a woman… So… he had to check! 

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