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Chapter 1518: Some Files Disappeared!


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As Zhang Dui was awfully busy, an elderly woman came over from the files and archives room and said, “Hey, what a familiar face. I remember that person’s file! He didn’t look exactly like that, but they seem alike in spirit.” 

Zhang Dui quickly asked, “Where are the files?” 

The elderly woman was meticulous. She was good at sorting archives, and had a very good memory. She said, “In the files and archives room, section D, at the top of the shelf. The files are old. If I hadn’t checked files two days ago, I would never have thought of them!” 

The elderly woman took Zhang Dui to the archives room. When he looked at the files, he was dumbstruck and kept repeating, “Impossible! Absolutely impossible! They look so similar! How is that possible?” 

There were two pictures. One was of Lin Feng himself, and the other was of a girl of the same age. There was nothing about the girl. Zhang Dui didn’t understand. 

He didn’t understand. The files dated back to three years before, when some people had reported that someone had been beaten up and injured on the street. When the police arrived, the person had already died. In the end, they had never found the culprit, so they had brought that unknown corpse to the crematorium! 

However, nobody had thought that back then that during that night in the crematorium, something strange had happened. Lin Feng’s corpse had disappeared without a trace! 

Because of that, the police investigated again, but were quickly discouraged. Back then some people guessed that some of the victim’s friends had stolen the body because they didn’t want to incinerate him; they preferred burying him so that he could rest in peace. 

Zhang Dui took the files to Su Xiao Nuan. The two of them compared Lin Feng to the picture. They were now convinced Lin Feng was the one in the files! 

“Zhang Dui, what if he died and came back to life?” asked Su Xiao Nuan half-jokingly. 

Zhang Dui swallowed and looked at Su Xiao Nuan angrily. “Su Xiao Nuan, we’re at work. You’re not allowed to talk religious nonsense here. How could a dead person come back to life? Pfff!” 

Zhang Dui knew that Su Xiao Nuan was of the younger generation, so she liked silly jokes. She was a really confused person, as she kept praying using her mala. She said it was to scare ghosts away. 

Zhang Dui didn’t pay any attention to her religious beliefs normally, but this time, it was different. He didn’t feel comfortable. 

He remembered what Da Liu had said, that Lin Feng wasn’t a person. He had said Lin Feng was either a ghost or a zombie. Then, he remembered when Lin Feng had scared him only by glancing at him. And now the strange files…! 

Su Xiao Nuan didn’t dare say anything after Zhang Dui scolded her. She was young, lively, and dynamic. Suddenly, she shouted, “I know! He’s probably the younger brother of the one who died!” 

Zhang Dui was astonished. Indeed! How come he hadn’t thought of that? That was the most logical explanation! There was no other real possibility!


Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan went into Lin Feng’s cell. Lin Feng was bored to death. When he saw Zhang Dui, he asked, “Comrade, will you release me now? I am on duty tonight!” 

Zhang Dui put the files in front of Lin Feng and asked straightforwardly, “What’s your name? Isn’t Lin Feng your brother’s name? Where is your brother now?” 

If he could solve a case which hadn’t been solved for so many years, Zhang Dui would be very happy. 

Lin Feng glanced at the files. He was astonished. The woman drew Lin Feng’s attention! 

“Who’s that? Why does she look so familiar…?” Lin Feng suddenly remembered more things again! 

Lin Feng shouted and jumped onto his feet. He grabbed the files, then looked at the woman’s picture again and whispered, “Oh, it’s you! It’s really you!” 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan were happy and surprised. Lin Feng looked different at that moment, quite emotional. Surprisingly, his eyes became red, rather teary. 

“Hey! Who is that woman?” asked Su Xiao Nuan firmly. 

As she said that, the lights of the cell suddenly exploded. The pieces of the glass fell on their heads and necks. They were so hot and burned them. 

Zhang Dui hadn’t even had time to understand what was going on when other lights suddenly exploded and the pieces flew everywhere. The room was completely dark. Two red lights kept flickering in the darkness. The two officers shivered, even though it wasn’t cold! 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan shouted at the same time. They quickly ran out of the cell and realized there was no electricity anywhere. Emergency lights were already on! 

“Someone come here and save us! There’s a ghost…” Su Xiao Nuan burst into tears. She was shaking from head to toe. She nearly peed her pants. 

A few guards came over quickly. When the two told them what had happened, the guards took out their flashlights and went into the cell. 

It was dark inside. Lin Feng looked calm and composed. He was sitting in the chair calmly, looking indifferent. His eyes didn’t look abnormal at all, as if nothing had happened. 

“Can I leave, comrade?” asked Lin Feng, putting his hands in front of his eyes because of the flashlights, but he still looked composed.

“No, we still have questions to ask you. When the power outage is over, we’ll talk. For the time being, stay there and don’t move!” ordered Zhang Dui, trembling with fear. 


Half an hour later, the current came back and the lights went on again. Zhang Dui’s heart was pounding. Had he seen the red flashes because he was too nervous? 

 But Su Xiao Nuan had seen them too. They couldn’t possibly imagine flashes at the same time. 

The guards didn’t leave. Zhang Dui asked them to stay in the cell during the questioning, just in case! 

“Who is the woman? Are you sure you know the dead one as well? Who was he to you?” asked Zhang Dui, trying to keep calm. 

Lin Feng frowned, “What files? What picture? What are you talking about?” 

Zhang Dui was dumbstruck. There was nothing on the table. The files weren’t there anymore. The files had vanished without trace? 

“You…You hid the files?” 

Su Xiao Nuan glared at Lin Feng angrily. Where had he hidden the files? Probably in his clothes! 

Su Xiao Nuan ordered the guards to look for the files on Lin Feng. They searched his pants twice, but nothing. 

Losing archives wasn’t a trifle. It was an extremely important matter, especially in front of so many witnesses. Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui thus categorically stated that Lin Feng had hidden the archives!

 Zhang Dui declared, “If you don’t hand the archives over, we’ll keep you locked up for twenty-four hours and then we’ll come back to talk then.” 

Zhang Dui’s heart was fluttering with fear, and he looked extremely nervous. He swallowed and asked Su Xiao Nuan, “Little… Little Nuan, are you sure we weren’t dreaming when we saw the red eyes?” 

“Yes. I’m sure we weren’t. I’m not sure either… Zhang Dui. I think this guy is strange. Let’s release him. I’m afraid of him,” suggested Su Xiao Nuan. She was very pious. She thought Lin Feng might indeed be a ghost! 

Zhang Dui swallowed, and his hands were shaking. He frowned and said, “How can we release him? Why would we release someone about whom we have so many suspicions? And what about the files? I… I… I don’t believe in ghosts…” 

It sounded like he was trying to convince himself. He tried to look like a proper officer would. 

“What’s the point in keeping him locked in, then? We don’t have any proof. I think we should let him go,” replied Su Xiao Nuan. She had a special feeling. 

She remembered a series she liked, where they had captured someone who seemed suspicious, and then they had let him go… but they had then dispatched people to follow him! If they did that, they might find out the truth! 


Zhang Dui finally agreed. They didn’t really have a choice. They had no information about this strange man, after all. 

Lin Feng walked out of the police station. When he arrived outside, he turned around and looked at the guards and officers mockingly, grinning in a strange way. You want to follow me? Fine, we’ll play around. Hehe!… 

The police station was quite far from the Jinjiang residential district. Lin Feng could have taken a taxi, but he preferred walking down the road slowly. Even though he didn’t turn around, he could hear people walking behind him. 

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