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Chapter 1519: I, Lin Feng, Am Back!


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That late at night, there was almost nobody on the streets. Lin Feng was walking down the wide street. 

“Zhang Dui, what is he doing? Is he going back? Maybe he doesn’t have money to take a taxi? Should we continue following him?” whispered Su Xiao Nuan. 

“Shush! Shut up! What if he heard you?! I am the one who took the files and brought them to him; if someone finds out, I’ll be punished. I need to find the files!” 

Lin Feng was at least fifty meters away from them, but he heard everything. He couldn’t help but smile inside. Since you want to follow me, then let’s have some fun, don’t disappoint me! 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng started running slowly, as if he were having a night jog. Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui sped up, afraid of losing him. 

Lin Feng slowed down and then accelerated again. After a thousand meters, Zhang Dui was puffing and blowing, he tried to speak, “Little… Little Nuan… I… I can’t anymore… You chase him…” 

Su Xiao Nuan didn’t say anything. She was also tired, but she was good at running. She had finished third at the city marathon, so she didn’t think a mere guard could outrun her. 

Su Xiao Nuan didn’t need to stay with Zhang Dui, so she quickened her pace and caught up with Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but get excited. He hadn’t thought the policewoman would be so fast, but it didn’t actually matter. 

Lin Feng slowed down. The distance between Lin Feng and Su Xiao Nuan narrowed. Su Xiao Nuan was right behind. She cursed inside, Where is this stinky guard going? How come he’s so good at running? He is fast and has great endurance. He is as good as a professional athlete! If I didn’t hurry, I wouldn’t be able to follow him! 

But after that, something astonishing happened. Lin Feng went faster and faster. In the end, he was running over a hundred meters in less than ten seconds! 

Su Xiao Nuan understood she couldn’t catch up with him. How come he is so fast? 

A taxi suddenly stopped and Zhang Dui opened the door from inside. Thank God!, thought Su Xiao Nuan. She jumped into the taxi, and said, “Please drive faster. We need to catch up with that guy over there!” 

Zhang Dui gave some tissues to Su Xiao Nuan and teased her, “Su Xiao Nuan, I thought you were a good runner? What happened? He seems better than you!” 

Su Xiao Nuan groaned angrily, “What about you? You can’t even do anything. Your belly is huge because you’re a drunk! Anyway, I can’t run as fast as that guard! He’s really good!” 

After that, she said to the taxi driver, “Don’t lose him. He’s extremely dangerous.” 

The driver didn’t look happy. He turned his head and asked Su Xiao Nuan, “How could he run faster than my car? He doesn’t have wings, right? You think my car is crappy? Well, I’ll tell you one thing, a hundred kilometers per hour is not an issue for this car!” 

The driver sounded confident. However, he quickly regretted what he had just said. He was driving at thirty kilometers per hour, but the guy he was chasing was much faster. 

“Impossible. What the fuck is going on? A human can’t be that fast!” The driver was angry, so he stepped on the gas. 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan stared at Lin Feng. They couldn’t believe it. He was just too fast and too resistant. He was way stronger than an athlete. Even a world champion couldn’t run faster than Lin Feng! 

“Hurry up! He’s going to disappear!” shouted Su Xiao Nuan explosively. 

“I can’t! If I speed up, I may get a fine. I can’t go over the speed limit. You should call another car…” said the driver worriedly. 

Zhang Dui ordered him, “Hurry up! You’re helping us and we’re police officers! You won’t get a fine! I promise you!” 

The driver looked excited when he heard that. He clenched his teeth and shouted, “Alright! I trust you! We’ll catch up with him!” 

The taxi driver accelerated. His tires squeaked on the asphalt and smoke appeared behind them. He was now racing along at over a hundred kilometers per hour! 

Lin Feng looked calm and composed. His breathing was stable. This wasn’t difficult for him. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the car, grinning. He had been running for over ten li already. They weren’t far behind, so he had to resort to some tricks. 

“I’m done playing with you.” Thinking about that, Lin Feng took a deep breath and accelerated even more! 

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH! Zhang Dui, look! It’s like he’s flying!” shouted Su Xiao Nuan. It seemed like Lin Feng was now flying. Each time he took a step, he crossed a distance of over ten zhang! He was getting faster and faster! 

Zhang Dui was dumbstruck. The taxi driver was now covered in sweat. Lin Feng was running faster than his car, over a hundred kilometers per hour! If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe it! 

“Comrades, let’s stop chasing him… He’s too scary. He may be a ghost!” the taxi driver said in a trembling voice. 

He didn’t want to chase him anymore. Driving at over a hundred kilometers an hour wasn’t a good idea in his old car. If he sped up, he might lose control of the car and have an accident! 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan gave up. Lin Feng disappeared. 

“Zhang Dui, what do we do now?” asked Su Xiao Nuan when the taxi driver stopped the car. She didn’t know what to think. She had never seen such a strange thing in her entire life. 

Su Xiao Nuan was confused and scared. How could a guard be so strong? Was he a superman? Or a ghost? 

Zhang Dui started smoking a cigarette. After smoking half of it, he already felt calmer, and said, “We did our best. Let’s go back and we’ll see. What just happened is inconceivable. We have to report to our superiors.” 

He turned around and said to the driver, “You have a recording device, right? Come back to the station with us and give us the recording, we need it as evidence.” 

With that proof, they would be able to justify themselves. Just telling someone about it orally didn’t suffice! 

He had been happy, but at that moment, the driver said, “Sorry, my car doesn’t have one…” 

Su Xiao Nuan asked the driver angrily, “What is that supposed to mean? You don’t want to cooperate with us? That device right here is a recording device! How dare you refuse to cooperate with police officers!” 

The driver shook his head and said apologetically, “Comrades, to tell you the truth, I got this for ten bucks to scare people away. It’s actually empty. Look…” 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan looked, and their noses nearly started bleeding. As he had said, it was an empty shell. Zhang Dui cursed, “Fucking hell! What the hell? You’re a taxi driver with a fake recorder? I’m going to report you!” 

The driver was terrified and said, “Don’t be angry. Listen, actually, I’m not a real taxi driver. I just bought a taxi car so that people would believe I am a real taxi. Actually, I’m not licensed. I am doing this to earn some extra money…” 

Su Xiao Nuan almost choked. What a bastard! A scammer! 

“But no need to be afraid. I’ll help you testify. I’ll tell your superiors everything we saw. But please don’t report me. I have an eighty-year-old mother. She’s old and needs me. Please!” He looked at the officers imploringly… 


Lin Feng laughed. He had fooled the cops who meant him harm, so he was in a great mood! 

Lin Feng chanted an incantation, then put his hand on his ring. Some files appeared. He had regained some of his powers in the cell. His ring had suddenly activated, and had caused the power outage. At the same time, he had seized the opportunity to hide the files. 

“Zhang Jing Wei, Li Ze Cheng… I, Lin Feng, am back! Hehe! Back then, you ran over me, killed me and escaped. You hadn’t thought I’d come back to alive, huh? No matter where you are, I will find you and I will make you pay!” said Lin Feng, clutching the files. 

He crushed the files and they suddenly started burning. After a few seconds, only ashes remained, which the wind carried away…

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    Isn’t there a slight error in this chapter? It says that Zhang Jing Wei and Li Ze Cheng ran over lin feng with a car. But back to the first chapter of pmg 1 he saw them in a car, got in to a random car himself and rammed in to their car with the one he took.

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