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Chapter 1520: Kill Myself? Nah, I Was Just Trying Something!


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When Lin Feng showed up in the residential district, Da Liu and the other guards were talking about Lin Feng and laughing. Suddenly, Lin Feng opened the door and stood there. He looked demonic. 

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” all of them shouted at the same time, shocked. 

“How… How did you get in?” shouted someone. Some people were already pointing at him. 

Chen Yong asked, “Lin Feng, did you get over the wall to come in?” 

But he trailed off, because that was impossible. The walls around the Jinjiang Residential District were four meters high with electric barriers at the top of them so burglars couldn’t come in. 

But then he remembered shocks didn’t work against Lin Feng… 

“It doesn’t matter. I just came here to work,” Lin Feng said icily. After that, he looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was a little bit after eight, so he had to go out on patrol. 

He took what he needed to go on patrol and left. 

Su Qiang caught up with Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at him curiously. All the guards looked at him as if he were a monster, but not Su Qiang. Even more surprising, he wanted to walk on patrol with him! 

Lin Feng remained silent, taking Su Qiang on patrol. They checked every corner in the district. 

“Eh… Lin Feng, are you alright?” Su Qiang asked finally. He was curious. His voice was trembling. 

Lin Feng just replied calmly, “I don’t look like I’m fine?” 

“Uhhh… Lin Feng, sorry about the other day. I didn’t mean to hurt you and bring you to the power transformer room the other time…” said Su Qiang. 

Lin Feng stopped and looked at Su Qiang. He tapped his shoulder and said, “Su Qiang, I remember everything you did and said. It has nothing to do with you, so no need to apologize!” 

Su Qiang nodded and asked, “Eh… Lin Feng… I’d like to ask you a question.” Lin Feng nodded, so Su Qiang asked, “Did you pretend to be stupid in the past?” 

Lin Feng knew what Su Qiang wanted to ask. His hand was Su Qiang’s shoulder, so he knew what Su Qiang was thinking. 

“Yes,” said Lin Feng. In any case, there was no real explanation; a mentally disabled person transforming into a normal person? Difficult to explain! 

Su Qiang looked pensive and whispered, “Lin Feng, Da Liu and the others said you were a zombie, a terrifying monster.” 

Lin Feng smiled inside, but remained silent. You say I’m a ghost? I don’t give a shit. But you better never offend me again. Otherwise, I’ll show you I can be even more terrifying than a ghost! 


Lin Feng checked the power transformer room. The door and the walls had already been fixed. There was a huge lock on the door now. If anyone dared try to break in, they would be punished severely. 

Lin Feng suddenly had a strange feeling. It was like there was something around the power transformer room he could sense and feel. Was it because there were electrical waves in the air? 

He remembered when he had just come back from the World of Battles. Surprisingly, he hadn’t felt anything when being struck by electricity. Lin Feng couldn’t help but think he had an extraordinary body. 

Su Qiang looked at Lin Feng. He thought Lin Feng was trying to remember the explosion and everything. Su Qiang regretted what he had done. If he had insisted, Lin Feng might have never been injured. Su Qiang felt like a coward. He was afraid when he was in front of Da Liu. 

Lin Feng turned his head and continued walking with Su Qiang. The residential district had dozens of large buildings. A patrol took time. 

“Lin Feng, I may not be working here in two days. I thought I should tell you.” 

Lin Feng asked, “You found a better job? Why are you quitting?” Lin Feng didn’t mind working here, why did Su Qiang want to quit? 

Su Qiang mumbled, “I don’t want to leave. It’s not easy to find a stable job, but Da Liu doesn’t want me to stay, so I have no choice.” 

Lin Feng understood Su Qiang’s situation. He was from a small village in the mountains. He hadn’t even graduated from primary school, so all he could do in life was work as a guard. He could only find difficult jobs. As a guard in a residential district, he could still earn more money than in a factory. 

“Su Qiang, no need to do what Da Liu wants you to do. In the future, follow me. He can’t fire you,” declared Lin Feng indifferently.

“But his brother-in-law is Manager Zhang. If Da Liu wants to fire me, I don’t think you can do anything to prevent that,” sad Su Qiang, “Manager Zhang also said he wanted to fire you!” 

Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. Da Liu wanted him to leave. If Chairman Sun hadn’t talked to Manager Zhang, he would have been fired already! 

Chairman Sun supported him, but Lin Feng didn’t feel like relying solely on him. He needed to find other people. If Lin Feng wanted to find another job, it would be extremely easy. He was strong and fast enough to do anything! 

Lin Feng had been impressed by Chairman Sun, so Lin Feng didn’t want to resign. Doing so would come down to humiliating Chairman Sun and giving face to Da Liu and Manager Zhang! 

Even if he wanted to leave, he would first tell Chairman Sun about it first. Chairman Sun had recruited a mentally handicapped person as a guard so he would have food and shelter. That was extremely kind! 

Lin Feng was convinced that if Chairman Sun hadn’t taken care of him for several years, his body would have died. He would have starved to death. If that had happened, Lin Feng might have had a problem coming back to the Earth. Would he have just ended up being a primordial spirit on Earth? Would he have been transferred to some dead body, and then have had to come out of the ground? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand how those things worked. In any event, he didn’t have time to think about those things. Thinking about things which had already happened was useless. 


Half an hour passed. Lin Feng went back to the guardroom. Da Liu wasn’t inside. Lin Feng and Su Qiang entered. The other guards all stood up and ran away! 

Lin Feng didn’t see Da Liu the whole night. He understood that Da Liu wasn’t feeling safe after Lin Feng had come back from the police station safe and sound. He had beaten Da Liu up, and he had not been punished? 


The next day at 6AM, it was time for some other guards to start their shift. Lin Feng went back to the dormitory and slept. Lin Feng felt unusually tired. Was it because of the trip to Earth? 

He slept until noon and woke up. He felt so weak. He looked around, and saw nobody. He was alone. Were all the guards trying to ignore him?  

Lin Feng looked around. He noticed Da Liu’s taser. Suddenly, he could feel his hand tingling. Then he grabbed and started it. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Suddenly, Lin Feng was excited. 

Lin Feng put the taser into his palm. Electricity penetrated into his body. It was incredibly pleasant. Lin Feng felt refreshed suddenly. 

“What’s going on? Am I immune to shocks? Or have I become more resistant since the accident?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. 

Since his body was resistant to electricity, he couldn’t help but look at the plugs on the wall… Lin Feng looked for an old safety pin and put it inside the nearest plug. 

Eh? Nothing? Lin Feng tried another plug. Bam! An incredible strength penetrated into his body. 

“Ah!” Lin Feng couldn’t help but shout. HOW AWESOME! It felt like when he had broken through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer in the World of Battles! 

“Lin Feng! What are you doing?” 

Lin Feng was enjoying himself when suddenly, someone kicked him. Lin Feng was angry… and then saw it was Chairman Sun! 

“Lin Feng, what are you doing, are you trying to commit suicide?” Chairman Sun kicked the safety pin away from him angrily. 

Lin Feng almost laughed to tears. Could he tell Chairman Sun it felt like he was feeding when he was shocking himself? He couldn’t, or people would really think he was an insane monster. 

Lin Feng smiled and said, “Chairman Sun, don’t worry. I was just trying something. Did you need anything from me?” 

Chairman Sun looked at Lin Feng skeptically and said, “Yesterday, when you were patrolling, did you notice anything strange?” 

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