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Chapter 1521: Murder Case From Yesterday Night! 


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Chairman Sun looked quite solemn. It was easy to see that something bad had happened. Lin Feng couldn’t be as resolute and decisive as he hoped about what had happened. He hadn’t noticed anything strange. 

Chairman Sun frowned, “Yesterday night, someone died in our residential district. Now the police are here. Come with me. The police want you to report.” 

When Lin Feng heard that, he frowned. The guards were extremely meticulous in their work in the district. The walls were very high, and there were electric wires at the top. They also had tasers. Could it be that someone from the residential district had committed the murder? 


Lin Feng followed Chairman Sun to the crime scene. When they arrived, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at a building, and more precisely at a window on about the twentieth floor. The police were looking around searching for clues and elements. The building was so high and there were guards at the entrance. How could a murderer enter the building? 

Lin Feng was lost in thought when he suddenly heard a familiar voice, “Hey, you ran really quickly the other day, huh?” 

Lin Feng turned around in surprise. Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road… Su Xiao Nuan! 

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, but remained silent. Su Xiao Nuan asked, “You’re the guard who was on duty yesterday evening? So where were you at the different times of your shift? Did you see anyone suspicious, or a suspicious car?” 

Lin Feng shook his head. He said he had been lazy. He had patrolled thirty minutes and then he had slept during the rest of his shift! 

They couldn’t blame Lin Feng. According to the rules, when guards were done patrolling, even if it was much earlier than expected, they could go back to the workers’ room and wait there until the next team did a route. But after Lin Feng had gone back, the next team had left but never come back. Therefore, Lin Feng had had no choice but to leave the workers’ room without waiting! 

“You better not ask them. Yesterday night, they were the ones who patrolled the most.” When Lin Feng saw Su Xiao Nuan seemed disappointed, he pointed to Da Liu and the others. Da Liu looked pissed, but Lin Feng ignored him. What Lin Feng really wanted to know was what the police had found upstairs in the building. 

Su Xiao Nuan took a pen and a sheet and said to Lin Feng, “Come with me. I need to ask you something.” 


Su Xiao Nuan took him farther away. When Lin Feng saw how solemn she looked, he said, “Go ahead and ask me whatever. I’ll go eat after.” 

Su Xiao Nuan looked Lin Feng over from head to toe. Then she put her forefinger on her lips and looked pensive. After a short time, she said, “You used to be an athlete? Or you were in the special forces?” 


“How come you can run so fast, then? How could you possibly be so fast for such a long time if you’ve never been trained? Tell me the truth. I don’t mean any harm to you. I’m just genuinely curious,” said Su Xiao Nuan. 

“I’m not lying. I’ve never been in the special forces, and I’ve never been an athlete. Why would I work as a guard here if I were an elite soldier or an athlete?” asked Lin Feng. Su Xiao Nuan had nothing to say to that. 

But Su Xiao Nuan had an idea. She looked at the young man in front of her. He looked young, about twenty years old. He was clean and well fed; he didn’t look like someone who had gone through a lot in life. 

However, she didn’t understand why he wanted to hide his talent from the rest of the world. A normal person would have looked for a better job a long time before now! 

“Are you interested in participating in a trial marathon? If you’re interested, I can recommend you. I am a member of the city running team.” Su Xiao Nuan looked at Lin Feng, her eyes full of hope. She also grabbed him by the sleeve and shook him. 

Lin Feng replied indifferently, “No.” 

Su Xiao Nuan was angry. She was a proud woman, and this guard was annoying and kind of rude! 

Su Xiao Nuan was a very attractive woman. Everybody said she was beautiful. Even as a kid, she looked like a princess, but Lin Feng didn’t seem to care about her beauty. 

“Hey! Lin Feng! I’m talking to you. Could you please pay attention?” Su Xiao Nuan was angry and shook her hand in front of Lin Feng’s eyes. 

Lin Feng looked at her and asked, “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you. Please repeat.” 

He didn’t sound apologetic at all. Su Xiao Nuan was furious and about to explode. She knew that Lin Feng had heard her and he was provoking her on purpose. 

Zhang Dui arrived and looked at Lin Feng curiously, then called Su Xiao Nuan over. Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui started talking. When Lin Feng heard their conversation, it caught his attention. Lin Feng was twenty meters away, but he could hear them very clearly. 

“Zhang Dui, did you find any clues?” 

“No. The murderer was extremely sly and meticulous. There are no clues,” replied Zhang Dui. He was disappointed. 

“Who was the owner? How come the municipality sent some experts to investigate?” Su Xiao Nuan asked.

Zhang Dui blushed and said awkwardly, “Eh… Let’s talk about something else. The comrade from the municipality just said they needed us for basic work; we should investigate the real content of the case.” 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel curious. The murder had taken place at his workplace. It had taken place at night and he had worked during the same night. What Zhang Dui had just said proved that the case was a strange one. Who had lived in that flat? 

But Lin Feng didn’t want to intervene. He couldn’t even figure out his own problems. He had to find his relatives, that was his main mission. He didn’t feel like interacting with his surroundings. 

Lin Feng was trying to think when he felt something cold, as if he had been thrown in ice cold water. It came from in front of him.

He guessed that something was trying to attract him. Lin Feng raised his head and saw something that might pose a threat to him! 

Lin Feng could see a dark silhouette behind the window of a police car. Ordinary people couldn’t see through those black windows at all, but Lin Feng could. 

He could see two eyes; a man was staring at him. When Lin Feng looked at him, the man looked elsewhere! 

Lin Feng was surprised. Who was inside the car? Was he a cultivator? 

If the man were an ordinary person, he couldn’t have given Lin Feng such an impression. Lin Feng’s intuition had gone off, which meant that cultivator was probably quite strong, or at least stronger than Lin Feng, who couldn’t use his full strength for the time being. 

Lin Feng’s abilities weren’t all back yet, so if the man’s level was higher than Lin Feng’s current level, he could pose a threat! 

The man in the police car was stupefied too. He frowned and whispered, “What’s wrong with me? How could a guard have some genuine Qi?” 

He kept shaking his head. He wanted to look at the man again, but when he raised his head again, he was startled. He opened the door of the car and jumped out. He looked around, but he couldn’t see Lin Feng anywhere. 

He was even more convinced that that guard wasn’t an ordinary person, disappearing from his field of vision in the blink of an eye. Not many people in Jiang Nan could do that! 

He went to Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui and asked, “What’s the name of the guard you were talking to just now?” 

Su Xiao Nuan didn’t know the man well, and he was wearing civilian clothes. She pushed him away and said angrily, “If you have anything to say, don’t touch me, just talk!” 

The man swallowed. Zhang Dui hastily intervened, “Officer Lu, the guard you were asking about is named Lin Feng. Why do you ask?” 

Su Xiao Nuan stuck out her tongue. However, when she heard Officer Lu’s name, she was startled. 

Su Xiao Nuan said hastily, “I’m sorry, Officer Lu, I didn’t know it was you!”

Officer Lu realized he had gone a bit too far. She was a woman and just did her job as well as she could. He smiled and said, “My name is Lu Zhan, Special Operations officer.” 

They shook hands. Lu Zhan asked solemnly, “Lin Feng is really a guard here?” 

Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan nodded and said yes at the same time. Zhang Dui looked at Su Xiao Nuan’s suspicious expression and asked, “Officer Lu, have you noticed anything wrong? Is anything wrong with that guard? I noticed there was something unusual about him…” 

Lu Zhan was startled. He looked at Zhang Dui and waited; he had noticed something wrong about Lin Feng? Could it be that he could see Lin Feng’s genuine Qi as well? 

When Zhang Dui saw how Officer Lu was looking at him, he told him everything he knew about Lin Feng, including what had happened at the police station and afterwards. Lu Zhan listened gravely. 

Su Xiao Nuan noticed Lu Zhan’s expression and her heart started pounding. She said in a trembling voice, “Officer Lu, do you think Lin Feng is the murderer?” 

She had chatted with Lin Feng for a while that day. If Lin Feng was the murderer, it would be terrifying. He had dared come and ask questions about the murder, while looking completely indifferent. He was probably a brutal murderer! 

No wonder they had been afraid the first time they had seen Lin Feng. He looked like a murderer! 

Officer Lu smiled and said, “Comrade Su Xiao Nuan, stay focused. Don’t let feelings and emotions affect your work. I just thought he looked familiar, nothing more. My question has nothing to do with the murder. I was just curious.” 

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