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Chapter 1522: Show-Down!


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After that, Officer Lu didn’t say much more, going back to the car. Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui looked at each other. 


Lin Feng was agitated too. He didn’t understand why there was a cultivator in the police car. Were cultivators involved in the murder case? 

Lin Feng felt some pressure, so when it was his turn to patrol, he decided to try and find out more. Shortly before arriving at the foot of the building where the murder had occurred, Su Qiang asked Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, let’s skip this one, I’m afraid…” 

Lin Feng knew that Su Qiang was afraid, but being afraid was no excuse not to do one’s work. Lin Feng remained silent and continued walking. Su Qiang followed him anyway. 

Suddenly, someone passed in front of Lin Feng’s flashlight quickly. Lin Feng tried to follow it with his flashlight and saw the thirty-fifth building. Someone was looking at him from there! 

“Who are you?” shouted Lin Feng loudly. They were wearing a face mask, so Lin Feng guessed it was an evildoer. 

It was June or July, it wasn’t cold. The only explanation was that he was the murderer. 

Su Qiang was terrified and fell on his ass. When he looked again, Lin Feng was already thirty meters away and running. Lin Feng switched his flashlight off because with his senses, he actually didn’t need to use a flashlight. Nothing could escape from his vision! 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the person would be so fast. He tried to chase them, but it was difficult. Of course, Lin Feng hadn’t used his full strength yet. 

Lin Feng knew he had to be careful when his opponent suddenly jumped and landed at least ten meters away. Ordinary people couldn’t do that. 

Lin Feng used some pure Qi. Su Qiang was already far away and wouldn’t be able to see him, especially in the darkness. First he had to capture the person in the mask. He might be the murderer! 

Lin Feng accelerated. The person in front of him struggled to get away from him but they were already in the northeast of the residential district. He had run into a corner! 

The person stopped, turned around, and glanced at Lin Feng. Then they turned around again and jumped over the four-meter wall! 

If anyone else had been there, they would have peed their pants. Who could jump that high? Not a human!

Lin Feng was merely surprised, and knew the person was a cultivator. Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t try to hide anything. Like the intruder, he jumped over the wall. 

When he landed, the person wasn’t far in front of him, and still running. They looked at Lin Feng and from their eyes Lin Feng understood the person was plotting something. At that moment, Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel surprised. He had been duped! 

Because those eyes were too familiar. Wasn’t that the man he had seen in the car the other day? He had done all this to make Lin Feng show his power! 

“Hehe, I hadn’t thought you’d show up in Jinjiang Residential District! A cultivator, hehehe!” The person looked down from his commanding position. 

Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t hide anymore. He had just jumped a four-meter wall after all. The other person had seen him! 

“Hah, I hadn’t thought you’d be so sly. You attracted me here. Since we’re all cultivators, tell me what you want from me!” said Lin Feng, going straight to the point. 

The person looked grave as he asked, “Did you commit the murder yesterday evening?” 


“Can you prove you didn’t kill them?” 

“Well, can you prove I did kill them?” 

“The person who died yesterday was one of my informants. A cultivator killed him. In Jinjiang Residential District, you’re the only cultivator, so who else could have killed him?” pressed the masked man. 

“Hehe. How strange. What about you? You could have killed him as well! Your informant may have wanted more money and you didn’t want to give him more, so you killed him?” said Lin Feng challenged him. 

The man was surprised. He hadn’t thought a guard would be so brave. Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, as if they were chatting about trifles. He had just told Lin Feng the man was one of his informants, and Lin Feng had turned his words against him! 

“But I wasn’t in your residential district yesterday evening!” rebutted the masked person. 

“Since you came tonight, who can say you weren’t here yesterday? You say the man was one of your informants, so it means you had permanent contacts. No matter what, you’re the biggest suspect!” 

At that moment, inside the residential district, someone called Lin Feng’s name, and they could see a flashlight. The man whispered, “If you don’t want your identity to be revealed, follow me!” 

The man left. Lin Feng didn’t move. He didn’t know that person. Should he follow them? After a short time, Lin Feng decided to do so. Since he could already use his ring, he was safe! 

The man led Lin Feng four hundred meters away. There was a vehicle on the side of the road there. It seemed like the man had planned everything! 

That person stopped and asked Lin Feng, “Who are you? You’re a cultivator, why do you work as a guard living incognito?” 

“Heh! Why would I tell you?” 

“Because I am a Special Operations officer in the police, and you are the biggest suspect in a murder case. You are under arrest!” The masked man’s silhouette flickered, and he appeared in front of Lin Feng. 

Only three or four meters separated them. The man was so fast, a strong cultivator. The masked man tried to grab Lin Feng, but failed. 

There was a flash, and Lin Feng disappeared. 

The man was astonished as he turned around hastily. Lin Feng was standing next to his car and smiling meaningfully. The masked man knew he was facing a strong cultivator…

Lin Feng’s agility techniques were more advanced than his. The masked man had gained the advantage by striking first, but Lin Feng had quickly struck back and seized it back. 

“Who are you?!” The masked person didn’t dare attack recklessly. Lin Feng might be able to hurt him, after all. 

“You’re boring and annoying. Why do you want to know who I am? All I can tell you is that I mean you no harm. That’s all,” replied Lin Feng indifferently. 

“You…!” The masked person didn’t know what to say. He had never bumped into anyone like this before. At least, not in Jiang Nan! 

Lin Feng seemed to be better than him at quarreling and at cultivation, making him angry! 

“Don’t blame me for being impolite if you don’t tell me! You dare use force against a police officer arresting you, so I can kill you on the spot by the authority of the law!” shouted the masked man. 

Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile icily, “Hehe, you’re fierce and dangerous, huh? Alright, no problem, then I’ll be straightforward, too. No matter who you are, I can make you disappear from the Earth forever!” 

Lin Feng sounded ice-cold. It was dark at night, so he sounded even colder. The masked man’s hair bristled. 

The masked man knew he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng; if he offended him, Lin Feng would kill him! But they were on duty, so even if they were in danger, sometimes, they had to take risks to solve cases! 

The masked man didn’t say anything else. His silhouette flickered as he charged Lin Feng and took out a police baton a meter long! 

Of course, it wasn’t a normal police baton. It was a cultivation weapon. It was stronger than bronze or iron! 

When Lin Feng saw the person trying to look imperious and menacing, he got angry. He had to teach him a good lesson! 

Lin Feng took the black sword out of his ring. It was a sword he had obtained from Li Yan in the Demon Clan before leaving the World of Battles. He didn’t know whether it still had powers on Earth or not. 


There was a loud sound, and someone groaned in pain. The masked man lost his baton, which flew dozens of meters away! 

The masked man was pushed back a dozen steps, staggering. He couldn’t raise his right arm anymore; it was dislocated! 

His face was distorted with pain. He controlled himself not to scream, his eyes wide. He was dumbstruck when he saw Lin Feng was unarmed. 

Lin Feng had unsheathed his sword, attacked, and put it back in its sheath in the blink of an eye. The masked man hadn’t seen anything. He thought Lin Feng had used his fists. 

“I said you better not offend me. Do you still want to arrest me?” asked Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. 

The masked man was shaking from head to toe. He used his left arm to relocate his right arm. It was a normal thing to do as a cultivator. After that, he could move it again, but it was painful! 

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