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Chapter 1523: No Choice but To Cooperate!


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“You won,” the masked man admitted unhappily. “If you’re really not the murderer, then I hope you can help me find the real murderer!” 

Lin Feng believed the masked man was a policeman, but he didn’t intend to help at all. It wasn’t his job. 

“I regret that I cannot comply with your wishes. I have my own job. I wish you much success finding a suitable partner.” 

Lin Feng turned around and walked back to the residential district hundreds of meters away. The masked man didn’t want to give up as he called out, “I hope you’ll think about it. If you can help me, I can help you join the police department…” 

However, Lin Feng jumped over the wall and disappeared. The masked man took a deep breath. Lin Feng had almost broken his arm and it still hurt! 

The man looked for his baton, and found it was broken. He went to his car, started the engine, and disappeared in the darkness. 


“Lin Feng, where were you? Did you catch the man?” Su Qiang asked when Lin Feng came back. Lin Feng sighed helplessly and shook his head. The other guards looked astonished. They would never have dared chase a strange man alone in the middle of the night! 

Guards didn’t earn much money. Nobody was ready to risk their life for the salary they earned, but Lin Feng did, so the other guards looked at him with new eyes. 

As they were talking, Da Liu came in from outside. When he saw Lin Feng, he pulled a long face and said angrily, “Lin Feng, you just noticed there was something wrong and you didn’t report to me. You acted rashly and alerted the enemy without thinking of the consequences!” 

Lin Feng ignored him and sat down. Da Liu continued, “If you had told us, we could have caught him. You may have thought everybody would think you’re a hero, but no, because the offender escaped!” 

Lin Feng remained silent, and just glanced at Da Liu. Da Liu took three steps back. Lin Feng’s gaze was terrifying. He looked like a demon ready to eat anything! 


The next day, all the guards were called to the real estate office. Manager Zhang hammered the table and shouted, “Some people don’t know discipline, it seems! They crave greatness and success, huh? They refuse to comply with rules, huh?” 

Lin Feng naturally understood the manager was talking about him, but he didn’t care at all and acted as if he hadn’t heard anything. He just played games on his phone. 

Chairman Sun had given him that smartphone. Even though it was an old phone, it was still the best phone among the guards. Most of them couldn’t even play games on their phones! 

“Lin Feng! Can you pay attention?” shouted Manager Zhang. He was furious and hammered the table again. 

Lin Feng looked at Manager Zhang and said, “Manager Zhang, aren’t you putting the cart before the horse? When Su Qiang and I faced the man, do you think I was going to tell him to wait for me, then come back, report to you, and then go back to him? Would we have had a chance to capture him then? So what you mean is that when we see a potentially dangerous person in the district, we should leave them and run away?”

Manager Zhang was startled. Indeed, the thirty-fifth building was in the northeast of the residential district, and the control room was in the south. The distance between the two was a thousand meters. If Lin Feng had to come back each time there was a dangerous person, the residential district would quickly become a chaotic place filled with crime! 

Chairman Sun, who had remained silent the whole time, said, “Manager Zhang, you can’t blame Lin Feng. He’s a devoted and responsible person, after all. He does his best at work. It’s our fault for not having walkie-talkies. If we had walkie-talkies, we wouldn’t have had the issue.” 

Manager Zhang and Chairman Sun were rivals. Manager Zhang was furious because of what Lin Feng had just said, and now Chairman Sun was getting involved! 

Manager Zhang wanted to say something, but someone knocked at the door. The crowd heard Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui’s voices. The two of them entered the room and looked around. They waved at Lin Feng to call him over. 

When Lin Feng walked away, Manager Zhang shouted explosively and punched the table violently. “LOOK! WHAT KIND OF GUARD IS THAT? HE DOESN’T EVEN LISTEN TO A MANAGER! LET’S FIRE HIM! DAMN IT!” 

Chairman Sun coughed and said, “Manager Zhang, I don’t think Lin Feng has done anything wrong. He doesn’t obey you, maybe, but at least, he did what he had to do at work because he takes his work very seriously. I don’t think you’re qualified to fire him, right?” 


While they were arguing, Lin Feng was also arguing with Zhang Dui. 

“Lin Feng, what did you do? Officer Lu gave you a great opportunity and you refused? Officer Lu is a Special Operations officer! Many people wish they were on his side! Many people curry favor with him all the time!” Su Xiao Nuan explained earnestly. 

Zhang Dui said gently, “Lin Feng, think about it. You’re extremely strong and your salary here is so low! You can’t even save money! What a sad life!” 

What Zhang Dui said was true and Lin Feng knew that, but he didn’t want to quit for the precise same reason. They wanted to get rid of him, but he didn’t fear them; if he quit now, wouldn’t it mean he had submitted to them? 

Chairman Sun kept defending him. Now the other investors were trying to put Chairman Sun aside; if Lin Feng quit now, it would come down to letting Chairman Sun down. 

Lin Feng didn’t do such things. Besides, Officer Lu was weaker than him, so why would he follow him? He was a cultivator; the fewer people paid attention to him, the better! 

When Su Xiao Nuan saw Lin Feng remaining silent, she stomped the floor with her foot and shouted angrily, “Lin Feng! You’re smart! How come you don’t understand this is a great opportunity? Could it be that you want to be a security guard your entire life? Don’t you have a little bit of ambition?” 

Lin Feng suddenly had an idea; since he wanted to find Qing Huang Tian, Qian Jin Cai Yue, Nian Lin Jiao, Lin Zu, and the others, and that his cultivation hadn’t completely recovered yet, why not rely on the police? 

Lin Feng knew there could be more unexpected events in the future. Delays might bring more unexpected troubles. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng smiled, so both Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan smiled! 

It was the first time they had seen Lin Feng smile. He looked extremely handsome when he smiled. Su Xiao Nuan’s heartbeat accelerated, and she swallowed.

Su Xiao Nuan blushed, and her cheeks burned as she thought, Su Xiao Nuan, keep calm! What if the others notice something? They’d make fun of him! 

“Alright, go and tell Officer Lu that we can cooperate, but with some conditions. If he agrees, we can cooperate. If not, don’t mention it ever again!” stated Lin Feng.

“What conditions? Tell me. If it’s not illegal, I can accept in his name!” said Su Xiao Nuan excitedly. If Lin Feng really accepted to join the Special Operations department, they would become colleagues. That would be perfect! 

Lin Feng and Zhang Dui naturally didn’t know what Su Xiao Nuan was thinking. He said gravely, “Regarding the conditions, I want to talk to Officer Lu personally. Just tell him what I told you so far,” said Lin Feng mysteriously. Zhang Dui and Su Xiao Nuan were disappointed. They wanted to know what conditions Lin Feng had. 

But since Lin Feng had agreed, they didn’t dare say anything else. They were afraid to offend him! 

Su Xiao Nuan and Zhang Dui called Lu Zhan on the phone. Su Xiao Nuan asked Lu Zhan whether he wanted to talk to Lin Feng on the phone now, but Lu Zhan refused. 

Lu Zhan hung up and smiled. If Lin Feng accepted to work for him, it would be great. The Special Operations department would be at the apex of its power. Who would dare criticize the Special Operations department? 

The reason why he didn’t want to hear Lin Feng’s conditions on the phone was because he wanted to see Lin Feng personally to learn more about this mysterious man. 

Su Xiao Nuan saved Lin Feng’s phone number and said, “Lin Feng, in the future, we’ll be colleagues. If you need anything, just tell me. If I can help you, I’ll do my best.” 

On the way back, Zhang Dui asked Su Xiao Nuan, “How come you seemed so enthusiastic when you talked to that guard? Could it be that you started liking him?” 

Su Xiao Nuan stared blankly initially, but Zhang Dui nudged her back to her senses. She blushed. Zhang Dui saw that and was now seventy percent sure she liked him, but said, “Su Xiao Nuan, don’t forget what your father said back then. You have to obey me. I have to report everything you do to your father…” 

Su Xiao Nuan said, “Zhang Dui, could it be that you have no moral values? You reporting what I do professionally to my father is normal, but I am allowed a private life!” 

Zhang Dui said, “Su Xiao Nuan, do you think he looks handsome? He has no car, no flat… I’m not criticizing you, but your father probably won’t agree!” 

Su Xiao Nuan remained silent, extremely worried. Her father was extremely strict and he had extraordinarily high expectations for his daughter. He had even rejected some wealthy families’ requests. 

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