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Chapter 1524: Ambush!


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Lin Feng went back to the real estate office. People were still arguing inside. 

“Chairman Sun, you’re protecting Lin Feng! That’s a huge mistake! He made the power transformers explode! Then he destroyed some fridges! He’s a crappy guard and should get fired!” shouted Manager Zhang irately. 

Chairman Sun had no time to speak when Lin Feng arrived and said, “Manager Zhang, you’re right. The power transformer room exploded, but do you know why?” 

Manager Zhang stood there, feeling sudden pressure. He didn’t know why, but Lin Feng had become so smart. Each time he was around Lin Feng, he felt great pressure. 

He felt like his body was about to explode, as if Lin Feng could electrocute him just by looking at him! 

All the real estate investors looked at Lin Feng when he said that. They were curious to know what had happened? 

Da Liu pulled a long face. If Lin Feng exposed the truth, Manager Zhang may be fine, but not his brother-in-law. He might even have to pay the company back for the damages! 

Manager Zhang was worried and asked, “Why then?” 

Lin Feng smiled icily, turning his head and looking at Da Liu. He said to Manager Zhang, “You should ask your brother-in-law, he knows better than me!” 

Da Liu shouted “Lin Feng! You’re making unfounded and malicious attacks! Don’t accuse others of what you did! Bear the consequences of your actions!” 

Dai Yu wasn’t afraid. He felt confident because he had deleted the files of what had happened off the CCTV system! 

He was just worried about Su Qiang. Therefore, he wanted to tell Su Qiang to leave, but it was a bit too late. Lin Feng had come back too early. Besides, Su Qiang worked in shifts with Lin Feng. 

“Hehe, Da Liu, actually, I know everything you did. No need to tell me. All I want to say is, I can forget about what you did to me in the past if you treat me with respect now. If you offend me again, then…” Lin Feng stopped and crack! He punched the back of a chair, which exploded! 

Nobody dared say anything anymore. 

The chair was made of wood, and Lin Feng had broken it with only one hand. Some people wouldn’t be able to break that kind of chair with a hammer. 

Everybody now thought Lin Feng was a trained martial artist. Had he grown up in a Shaolin temple? 

Manager Zhang came back to his senses after a few minutes and said everybody could disperse. 

He hated Lin Feng already. He had been trying to take over the real estate company for a while already, and now the company was going through flourishing times in terms of earnings. It was on the right path. It was the best moment to take over the company, so he wanted to get rid of Chairman Sun. 

Initially, he had already formed an alliance with the others, but he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would suddenly return to normal. He had become strong and smart. Manager Zhang was furious. 

Manager Zhang called his sister. “Sis, people are bullying me, can you help me?” 

Even though Manager Zhang was thirty, he always talked to his sister as if she were his mother. 

The reason he had been able to open a real estate company so young was because he had relied on the wealth of his sister’s husband, his brother-in-law. His brother-in-law had invested one million yuan for him. 

“Hey, Da Neng! What’s wrong with you again? Who is bullying my little brother? Tell me. I will teach them a good lesson!” said Zhang Da Nang’s sister protectively. 

Zhang Da Nang was extremely happy when he heard his sister. Putting on airs, he said, “Sister, do you know some killers? I want to kill him!” 

His sister was shocked and hastily lowered her phone’s volume. Her expression changed drastically. She shouted, “Da Neng, how can you say such a thing? I can help you with anything, but not killing people. Are you out of your mind?” 

Da Neng said proudly, “Sister, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just kidding, but if you could help me find some martial artists to teach him a good lesson, that’d be great. He’s a stinky guard!” 

She giggled and asked, “You’re a manager and a guard dares bully you?” 

Usually, Zhang Da Nang was a show-off, so she had to tease him. “Sister, Sun De Xing defends him and the guard is a martial artist. He’s quite strong. If I don’t get rid of him, I won’t be able to get rid of Sun De Xing.” 

When Zhang Su Ling heard Zhang Da Nang mention Sun De Xing, she frowned, Sun De Xing was someone that her husband had introduced to Zhang Da Nang. He seemed like a smart and erudite person, and had given her a good first impression. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have let him cooperate with Da Neng. 

But then her brother had started complaining a lot about him. He even wanted to get rid of him! 

Thinking about that, Zhang Su Ling was annoyed. Her marriage was already on the verge of collapse, and she hated all the people who had something to do with her husband! 

Back then, when she was young and beautiful, her husband was really good to her, but a few years had passed and he had started playing around with some other women. Even though they hadn’t gotten a divorce, he almost never came home, at most once or twice a month!

“Alright. I’ll help you. I will find the strongest people in Jiang Nan!” said Zhang Su Ling, grinding her teeth. 

Zhang Su Ling dialed another number and called someone. “Sang Biao, where have you been? Why don’t you come and see me sometimes? Huh? Who are you seeing these days?” 

Sang Biao was a famous mobster. He had dozens of friends like him, all former prisoners. They collected bribe money from local shops and businesses in their area and ran underground casinos. 

Zhang Su Ling had met Sang Biao in one of his underground casinos and then gradually, they had gotten closer and had become lovers. Back then, Zhang Su Ling was like dry fire wood and he was like fire itself. Madness! 

“Sister Ling, I think about your nice ass all the time, hehe! You miss me? Where do we meet?” Sang Biao immediately proposed. 

Zhang Su Ling’s heart sped up. She hadn’t had sex for over ten days. Thinking about that, she immediately agreed to meet in a nice hotel! 


After having sex, Zhang Su Ling lay in Sang Biao’s arms and said seductively, “Sang Biao, you enjoyed yourself, so can you do something for me? Someone keeps bullying my brother and I’m looking for some people who could teach him a good lesson!” 

Sang Biao was happy when he heard that, as he was used to living like this. He had sex with beautiful women in beautiful hotels all the time, and the women needed a little bit of help sometimes. 

“Sister Ling, what’s the price?” asked Sang Biao, grabbing her bottom. 

Zhang Su Ling pushed his hand and said, “Fucking me was fun, huh? I’m not asking you for any money for that! Now you’re asking me for money?” 

If it had been before, Zhang Su Ling would have given him thirty to fifty thousand yuan, but since her marriage had deteriorated, she didn’t have any money anymore. 

Sang Biao didn’t get angry and hugged her even tighter. If she got divorced, she would have no money left at all! 

“Sister Ling, don’t get angry. I just meant a tip for my friends. Just see how much you can give.” 

Zhang Su Ling knew that if she didn’t give anything, those people wouldn’t make any efforts. That was the law of the jungle; wealthy people controlled poor people. Nobody could change that! 

Zhang Su Ling showed one finger and said, “Ten thousand, ten thousand.” 

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  1. Aaron Hill May 22, 2020 at 7:10 pm - Reply

    To be honest, I’m kind of worried about how this is going to end. This is literally the end of the book unless they make up an entire new world/realm. He’s at the 2nd to last stage of cultivation, he’s back on Earth, and he’s looking for his missing family.

    There comes a point to every story where either you end it with people wanting more or you keep going till when people beg for it to end. Whoever is writing the new book has already ended/forgotten so many crucial mysteries. There’s no mention of the poem “What is the date tonight”, he’s forgotten half of his wife/children, his main wife who went to practice hasn’t even shown up during crucial moments, and he hasn’t even started the Lin Clan and even just forgot about his son and hasn’t checked in on him even though he knows he’s safe before he went to Earth.

    Overall it’s sad because the first book made efforts to keep everything in line and having parts of the story matter later down the line, this second book likes to just add new parts and forget what got us here. So just find a decent way to end it, however that may be.

    • Orange Joe May 22, 2020 at 10:03 pm - Reply

      Its aimlessness kinda reminds me of Gantz. Shit story that I for some reason couldn’t stop reading.

    • Ovrlymm May 22, 2020 at 11:49 pm - Reply

      The date tonight was solved in book one with it being related to one of the forbidden territories and the ancient demon the one who he defeated towards the end the guy who merged with his buddy. But I agree it’s got a ton of loose ends and they don’t even remember his abilities like his absorbing strength or his beats or his sons and grandsons it’s sad really because they reintroduced things like alchemy and seals but wasted it. The ending is rushed and this may have been a cool way to keep it going with him having adventures on earth. Originally I thought he would be in the past squaring up against Greek gods or ancient Chinese gods that would’ve been cool. Alas it’s back to the same routine with a crappier mix of characters. Just like gantz it’s being pushed to the end without much thought. Just like any other novel that gets to good and becomes a hassle to manage but here we all are. We enjoyed the beginning so we are devoted to it but it’s not the same.

  2. Spetres May 22, 2020 at 9:56 pm - Reply

    got 200 chapter left

    • Grover May 23, 2020 at 6:03 pm - Reply

      I saw that it had 1900ish chapters….

  3. H May 23, 2020 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Yeah, i too have the same opinion. The story line got totally messed up. Its like he just wants to finish story as quickly as possible. I’m missing meng qing though. He just keeps adding new wives and keeps forgetting old ones… I mean, all his previous wive with whom he had spend 100s of years are not mentioned often and more importance is given to new wives. he even sidelined his most favourite wife meng qing. And in these resent chapters its mentioned that lin feng’s children are also missing but I’m still confused, did all of them went missing or only his prodigious son lin zu and his eldest sons lin ze tian and second eldest one because once he mentioned that he send his remaining children back to his spirit world. But all this is making me confused??.

    Also he is at the peak of cultivation i mean he is earthly godly ancestor, only a few people in martial world have higher cultivation levels and still on earth he is struggling against a tiny special operation officer??? i mean on earth he should be like a god!! But here we are?? lets see where this goes…

    Still i think earth’s arc should be made late… Matters at world of battles should have been neatly sorted out.

    So much had happened even lin feng had suffered much but his always companion Meng qing hasn’t appeared and even there is no mention of ice spirit and his other wives who were also training as ice generals under her… I mean what’s the meaning of all that training if they couldn’t even help him when he needed them.

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