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Chapter 1525: Huaxia’s Cultivation Levels!


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Sang Biao frowned. Zhang Su Ling grabbed his chin and said, “What? You sleep with me, so ten thousand is enough. You know, I can find other people. You’re not the only person I know!” 

That wasn’t untrue. There were many gangsters in Jiang Nan. With her reputation and contacts, Zhang Su Ling could easily find people! 

Ten thousand yuan was already a lot. Sang Biao could get five thousand for himself and could give the rest to his friends as a tip to go and get drunk. It wasn’t a bad plan! 

Therefore, Sang Biao accepted. He stood up and made a call. He looked for four people who were used to doing clean work, people who were good at fighting. He told them to go to Jinjiang Residential District and look for Zhang Da Nang. Then, he told them to do what Zhang Da Nang told them! 

He hung up and jumped onto Zhang Su Ling again! 


At that moment, Lin Feng was getting ready to go and see Lu Zhan that afternoon. Lu Zhan had just called him and told him to meet him the day after at the Special Operations department. 

Initially, Lin Feng wanted to ask Lu Zhan to come to the residential district to talk to him, but Lu Zhan asked him to come because there was something he wanted to show him. Lin Feng was curious. 

Lin Feng didn’t waste time. His alarm woke him up before noon. He took a shower and left. He hailed a taxi and arrived in less than thirty minutes. 

When he got out of the car, Lu Zhan led the way. The guards didn’t check Lin Feng at all. If he had come alone, he would have never been able to get in. 

“What do you want to show me?” asked Lin Feng. 

Lu Zhan pointed to a small building and said, “You’ll see inside. You’ll be amazed!” 

The small building only had five floors. They looked kind of old-fashioned. As Lin Feng was looking, suddenly, someone jumped out of a window on the third floor and landed on the ground. 

Lin Feng was astonished. He nearly jumped to catch them, like a hero might, but Lu Zhan stopped him. That person landed on the ground and stood there firmly, they didn’t break their knees. 

Lin Feng wasn’t too surprised. It was only the third floor, after all. Lin Feng checked the height; it wasn’t a problem for him, either! 

The young man who had just jumped could see Lin Feng looking indifferent, which made him angry. He initially wanted to show off in front of a stranger, but it didn’t work. 

“Officer Lu, is that a new colleague?” asked the young man. One could see he was looking down on Lin Feng. 

Lu Zhan smiled and nodded, glancing at the young man. The young man turned around and took two steps back, then jumped from the ground straight to the balcony of the third floor, then from there to the fourth floor. He kept shaking his feet in the same way as he moved towards the fourth floor. When he landed on the balcony of the fourth floor, he waved at Lin Feng, looking satisfied. 

Lin Feng looked at the fifth floor. Even though his cultivation hadn’t completely come back, jumping to the fifth floor was still easy for him! 

Lin Feng smiled and walked to the flight of stairs. Lu Zhan was astonished. The young man on the fourth floor grinned. He thought Lin Feng would display his strength and in the end, he was scared away. 

Lin Feng wasn’t a moron. He hadn’t come to show Lu Zhan how strong he was. That would be extremely boring and childish. For the time being, Lin Feng didn’t know anything about cultivation on Earth. He couldn’t reveal his own strength so easily. 

Lu Zhan followed and took Lin Feng to the fifth floor, and his own office. He first made some tea for Lin Feng and then said, “Lin Feng, I heard you had some conditions for cooperating with me. Tell me your conditions, and I’ll see if they’re fair and legitimate.”

Lin Feng didn’t waste time and said straightforwardly, “First condition, our cooperation must remain secret. Apart from you, nobody else can know about our cooperation. Second condition, I still want to work as a guard, so I won’t be an official member of your team.” 

Lu Zhan was disappointed, but he could understand Lin Feng’s stance. Lin Feng was young and explosively strong. In other words, he was exactly what the Special Operations department needed! 

Of course, he also understood that he couldn’t force Lin Feng. 

He was weaker than Lin Feng, so if he tried to force him to do anything, Lin Feng would just laugh at him. Of course, he understood the saying, “If you have to use force to break a melon off the vine, it won’t taste sweet.” Indeed, if something was not meant to happen, it was no use trying to force it to happen. If he did, he might become enemies with Lin Feng. The game was not worth the candle! 

Actually, Lin Feng had another secret reason for coming to see Lu Zhan; he wanted to learn more about his surroundings. It would be helpful in the future. 

“You said you want to show me something? What is it?” 

After finishing his first cup of tea, Lin Feng got straight to the point. Actually, Lin Feng wasn’t excited or curious at all. He had seen so many things in his life already. He had seen all sorts of precious treasures! 

He had so many strange and mysterious things in his ring, including countless rare and precious old coins. He had more precious old coins than there were in total on the Earth! 

“Oh, yes, right! Come with me to the library.” 

Lu Zhan brought Lin Feng to a library. A safe was hidden in some books in the culinary section. Lu Zhan took a book out of the safe and held it extremely carefully, as if he were holding a sacred relic. 

Lin Feng read the cover, “Special Operations Department Cultivation Teaching Resources (CLASSIFIED)” Lin Feng was stunned. It seemed Lu Zhan was asking him for advice?! 

As expected, Lu Zhan opened the book and looked at Lin Feng respectfully. The first page was about true cultivation and levels. Lin Feng didn’t need to read the contents related to true cultivation, he just looked at the content related to levels. 

Lu Zhan and the others divided the different cultivation levels into the following categories: Cultivation Soldiers, Cultivation Spirits, Independent Supreme Unity Celestial Cultivators, Small Vehicle Golden Celestial Cultivators, Supreme Golden Celestial Cultivators, Spiritual Emperors, Dao Ancestors, and Primordial Spirits of Creation. 

Lin Feng wondered how strong Lu Zhan was based on that classification. What about himself? He was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, but how strong was he based on that classification?

“Officer Lu, you’re good at cultivation. What is your level?” 

Lu Zhan smiled wryly and pointed to the lowest level, Cultivation Soldier. He said in a deep voice, “I’ve been a cultivator for just over ten years. (Sigh…) It’s difficult when you don’t have a teacher!” 

He looked at Lin Feng imploringly. Lin Feng understood, but didn’t say anything. He couldn’t agree to something so easily. 

Lin Feng had seen too many horrible things in his life, including massacres. He was convinced that the same things could happen on Earth. He couldn’t be sure Lu Zhan was a friend. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to teach a new disciple and then have his disciple betray him! 

Besides, Lin Feng had his own issues. His cultivation hadn’t completely recovered. How strong would he really be after completely recovering? Therefore, he couldn’t afford to train someone who could potentially surpass him and become an enemy! 

Lin Feng read the book with interest, but quickly realized the book wasn’t complete. When he arrived at the Independent Supreme Unity Celestial Cultivator section, Lin Feng raised his eyes and looked at Lu Zhan curiously. 

Lu Zhan smiled wryly, “You want to ask me why this book is not complete? Eh… It’s a long story…” 

Initially, the book was a photocopy. It was said that the original copy was in the Imperial Palace (Translator’s Note: probably Palace Museum in Beijing). It was one of the books which could never be revealed to the public. 

Lu Zhan said that the way he had obtained the photocopy was an absolute accident. He had obtained it through very special communication channels, so he considered it a precious treasure. 

Regarding what communication channel, Lu Zhan didn’t hide the truth from Lin Feng, “I got this book at an underground auction house. I spent ten years of savings to buy it. I still have access to the contents of the Independent Supreme Unity Celestial Cultivator level, so it was worth it!” 

Most copies only introduced up to the second level. Copies that included the content for higher levels were extremely rare. Even if someone had them, they wouldn’t sell them easily! 

“Are there many people who can practice cultivation like you in Huaxia?” asked Lin Feng without realizing it. 

Lu Zhan frowned and replied, “I don’t know. Real cultivators don’t show up in public that often, I guess. They all keep their identity secret, like me. Only when I bump into other cultivators, I…” 

He didn’t finish his sentence. He remembered how he had lost against Lin Feng, so he felt awkward. These were modern times after all, an era of science. Celestial beings were rare. They might not even be strong enough to compete with the whole world! 

Revealing their identity could be troublesome and dangerous! 

Lin Feng also gave himself some rules. He warned himself he had to hide his strength. He couldn’t continue showing other people he had superpowers!

Finally, Lu Zhan couldn’t help it anymore and asked, “Lin Feng, your cultivation level is higher than mine, much higher. What is your cultivation level?” 

Lin Feng smiled wryly and said, “Me? Just one level. I’m a Cultivation Spirit. I have no teacher, either. I think I’ll be stuck at this cultivation level for the rest of my life!” 

Lin Feng was just pretending. He also tried to intimidate Lu Zhan so that Lu Zhan wouldn’t develop harmful intentions towards him! 

“Oh, you’re a Cultivation Spirit! Hehehehe… You’re the second Cultivation Spirit I have ever met. I’ve never heard of anyone who had a higher level!” sighed Lu Zhan. He was moved. 

Cultivation Spirits were much, much stronger than Cultivation Soldiers, even if the Cultivation Spirit layer was just above the Cultivation Soldier layer. 

Lin Feng sensed some Qi outside. Even though he could only vaguely sense it, he knew that person was coming closer, and he frowned. 

“Officer Lu, someone is coming to see you. I’m not disturbing you anymore.” Lin Feng wanted to seize that opportunity to leave without losing time. 

Officer Lu was surprised, and looked at Lin Feng curiously, “Who?” 

Lin Feng smiled and remained silent. As expected, less than thirty seconds later, someone knocked at the door. Lu Zhan couldn’t help but be surprised. Lin Feng was extremely talented. He had detected the visitor before him! 

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