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Chapter 1526: Qin Yue Ran’s Birthday Party!



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Lu Zhan stood up and opened the door. A thirty-year-old man was at the door. When Lu Zhan saw him, he said hastily, “Instructor Zhou, you’re finally here! Please come in!” 

Instructor Zhou came in and smiled. Lin Feng and Instructor Zhou glanced at each other. Instructor Zhou asked curiously, “Lu Zhan, you already have a guest?” 

He talked about Lin Feng as a guest, but in his eyes, Lin Feng could see the man was looking down on him. Small wonder, as Lin Feng was wearing the clothes of a guard. Compared to Instructor Zhou, he looked miserable! 

Lu Zhan hastily whispered, “Instructor Zhou, that’s Lin Feng, the one I told you about. He’s extremely strong. I lost against him!” 

Instructor Zhou couldn’t help but swallow. He looked at Lin Feng again and coughed twice. Then he shook his head. He seemed disappointed. 

Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, this is Instructor Zhou, his real name is Zhou Zheng Peng. You can consider him my teacher. I told you, you are the second Cultivation Spirit I have met in Jiang Nan; the first one is him!” 

Lin Feng stood up and nodded to greet him. He stretched out his hand to shake hands with Instructor Zhou. He was in Lu Zhan’s office, after all, and had to give him face. 

Instructor Zhou shook hands with him, but suddenly released real pure Qi. It was extraordinarily powerful! 

Lin Feng didn’t want to display his strength, but that kind of method was EXTREMELY dangerous! He instinctively released pure Qi as well! 

Instructor Zhou groaned in pain. It felt like his hand was being struck by lightning. His face paled, and sweat appeared on his forehead and dripped down. He was astonished. Lin Feng was even stronger than him? 

He couldn’t believe it. He was an Instructor in the Special Operations Department; he had never seen a cultivator stronger than a Cultivation Spirit! 

Lu Zhan noticed they had exchanged views on cultivation. When he saw Zhou Zheng Peng didn’t have the advantage, he was surprised. Could it be that Lin Feng’s cultivation level was above the Cultivation Spirit layer? 

“Lu Zhan, let’s go. Mayor Qin’s secretary is rushing us to go back! Let’s go!” said Instructor Zhou. He wanted to leave now because he had just lost. He didn’t even sit down. 

Lu Zhan said evasively, “Eh… I’m not going. I’m such an insignificant person. You go alone.” 

When Lin Feng saw they had things to do, he stood up and said goodbye twice. Instructor Zhou said, “Lin Feng, you can come with me. Today is Mayor Qin’s daughter’s birthday. He invited many people.” 

Lin Feng and Zhou Zheng Peng were shocked. Lin Feng looked at him curiously, “What? You’re funny! You said you were too insignificant to go! What about me then?! I’m off. See you!” 

Lin Feng went down the stairs. When he came out of the police station, he didn’t hurry to go back. He wanted to take a walk and see what the world was like. 

Heading left, Lin Feng walked around and looked at the buildings. Lin Feng suddenly heard someone shout. 

He turned around and was astonished. There was a red sports car driving sideways towards a child. It was sliding and its tires were squealing! 

Lin Feng instinctively ran to the child and grabbed him in his arms. The sports car was only half a meter away from him. It was about to hit him! 

Lin Feng naturally didn’t intend to get run over, so he took a deep breath and jumped three meters into the air! 

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t use his full strength, or he would have hit his head on the overpass hanging above him. 

The red sports car suddenly put on the brakes and stopped right where the child was before Lin Feng caught him. Lin Feng landed at the side of the car! 

The child’s parents ran over. They took their child in their arms and burst into tears. When the door of the sports car opened, two long legs appeared, then some long hair appeared, fluttering in the wind before revealing a young lady’s face. 

The young lady came out of the car and ran over to the child anxiously. When she saw the child was fine, she sighed in relief. 

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. The woman shouldn’t be driving. But since he had saved the child, he could leave. He turned around. 

“Hey, wait!” called out the young lady. 

Lin Feng turned around and asked, “Are you talking to me?”

The woman walked closer to him and looked over Lin Feng from head to foot while asking, “You seem quite strong. You managed to catch the child and jump so high up in the air. Anyway, thank you so much! Without you, a tragedy would have happened!” 

She was wearing high heels at least fifteen centimeters high. With those shoes, it would be surprising if she didn’t have accidents all the time! 

“No problem, but next time, you may not be that lucky. How can you drive with such shoes?” asked Lin Feng mockingly. 

When Lin Feng said that, Lin Feng heard someone sigh and say, “Miss Qin… Lin Feng… You… You know each other?” 

Zhou Zheng Peng and Lu Zhan arrived closer to Lin Feng and the young woman. The young woman smiled when she saw them and said, “Hello uncles!” 

Indeed, the driver of that car was Mayor Qin’s daughter, Qin Yue Ran. Zhou Zheng Peng and Lu Zhan were on their way to her birthday party. Now Lin Feng had no choice but to come. He couldn’t refuse anymore. 


Qin Yue Ran drove the three of them to a hotel. They got out of the car and went inside. When they arrived in the great hall, there were at least thirty tables ready. There were people almost everywhere. 

“Mister Lu! Here! I kept some seats for you!” someone immediately called out to Lu Zhan and Zhou Zheng Peng. 

However, they had omitted Lin Feng, so he felt awkward. Actually, Lin Feng could now escape easily if he wanted to. However, Qin Yue Ran came over and said, “Come to my table. That way, it’ll only between us young people.”

Qin Yue Ran prepared a seat for Lin Feng at the biggest table. There were only two people at the table so far. When they saw Lin Feng sit down, they frowned. Lin Feng was only a security guard! How shameless! 

As soon as Lin Feng sat down, a few people came bustling into the room. As soon as they entered, they came to the table where Lin Feng was seated. Lin Feng raised his head and was dumbstruck! 

Zhang Jing Wei, and Li Ze Cheng?!

Even though he hadn’t seen them for a very long time, the two people who had killed him still looked the same. 

They looked uncaring, as if they had forgotten they had killed someone. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought such a coincidence would happen. He had been trying to think of a way to find these two, and now they had come to him themselves! 

Lin Feng stared at Zhang Jing Wei, making her flush. If it had been anyone else, she would have gotten angry, but the guard in front of her was handsome enough that didn’t get as angry as she usually did. 

But that didn’t mean other people didn’t get angry. Her boyfriend was Li Ze Cheng. He was a proud, conceited, and wealthy man. How did anyone dare look at his girlfriend like that? 

“Hey! You, the guard! Where are you from, and what’s your name?” shouted Li Ze Cheng loudly. If it hadn’t been Qin Yue Ran’s birthday, he would have punched Lin Feng right in the nose!

But before crushing a dog, one had to know who his master was. Even though Lin Feng was dressed as a security guard, he was sitting at Qin Yue Ran’s table, the most important one, so he had to be careful. 

“Lin Feng!” said Lin Feng, neither hastily nor slowly, smiling icily. 


When Zhang Jing Wei heard that name, she was astonished, and started trembling. She was initially holding a glass, but she dropped it on the floor and it broke into a thousand pieces! 

She looked at that guard in terror. That name was one of her worst nightmares… 

Lin Feng. Lin Feng was the man whom Li Ze Cheng had run over and killed over a year before, the one who had kept chasing her. Was the guard in front of her that dead man? 

But very quickly, Zhang Jing Wei calmed down and shook Li Ze Cheng’s sleeve. Li Ze Cheng was dumbstruck too, but he was a mobster, a sly and vicious man, and looked indifferent. 

The Lin Feng he had killed didn’t look like the Lin Feng in front of him, so the two of them cheered themselves up, “They just have the same name. Nobody can come back to life in this world!” 

What they didn’t know was that the Lin Feng in front of them was indeed the one they had killed, but he was in the body of someone who had the same name as him. Only the soul was Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng knew everything they had done. 

A broken glass wasn’t a great thing at a birthday, so the atmosphere suddenly felt awkward. Luckily, someone broke the silence and continued talking. 

“Hello everybody. Today is my birthday. I’m now twenty years old. Thank you very much for coming. I feel really grateful, so first I’d like to toast…” exclaimed Qin Yue Ran, standing on the stage at the front. She raised her glass. 

The atmosphere became lively and cheerful again. Everybody wished her a happy birthday. Lin Feng also raised a glass and stood up, then downed his glass. 

Everybody started singing Happy Birthday. Zhang Jing Wei and Li Ze Cheng kept staring at Lin Feng, as if they were trying to find something unusual. Even though they were sure the one in front of them wasn’t the one they had killed, they couldn’t be sure someone hadn’t sent him there to sound them out! 

As everybody was singing, someone brought out the cake. As the cake was being cut, someone shouted, “Miss Qin, I am Bao Rui Lai, the president of Pearls Company. I brought you a present, a jade necklace. It’s of extremely high quality…” 

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