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Chapter 1527: Ostentatious Ending!


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The jade necklace was on the table; it was dazzling, glittering, and translucent, extremely beautiful. No one was willing to be left behind, so everybody hurried and took out their respective presents. 

All sorts of presents piled up: cosmetics, clothes, jewels, and more. Lin Feng was the only one who had come without any present! 

Lu Zhan and Qin Yue Ran had forced him to come. He hadn’t had time to buy anything. 

Li Ze Cheng took out a necklace, too. It had a magnificent diamond pendant. Then he looked at Lin Feng. 

Everybody had put their presents on the table. All the presents were magnificent and expensive, but Lin Feng still hadn’t offered anything. 

Li Ze Cheng was from a wealthy family. He was conceited, and looked down upon people like Lin Feng. Sitting at the same table as Lin Feng was a humiliation to Li Ze Cheng. Now, he had an opportunity to humiliate Lin Feng! 

“Little guard, where’s your gift? Could it be that you just came here to eat and drink for free?” Li Ze Cheng looked down on Lin Feng and smiled mockingly, 

The wealthy pearls trader, Zhu Dai Fu, also smiled and giggled, “Young Master Li, you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to. Not everybody has money to buy gifts. Wealthy people are rare…” 

It sounded as if he were trying to help Lin Feng, but it was just a sly way of humiliating Lin Feng. He called him a poor man in front of everybody. 

Lu Zhan responded roughly, “You think you’re awesome because you are rich?” 

When Lu Zhan said that, the pearls trader was startled. He hadn’t thought someone would defend Lin Feng, and they were a police officer. He smiled and replied, “Officer Lu, I’m just joking. Really.” 

But Li Ze Cheng didn’t act like him. He looked proud and arrogant. His father was one the wealthiest people in town. He had lots of contracts. He looked down upon insignificant people like Lu Zhan. 

“Having money is not terrific, but when someone doesn’t have money, it proves they’re a piece of trash. Some people work their entire life, but never earn any money. Those people are rats!” declared Li Ze Cheng, grinning mockingly. Lu Zhan became red and clenched his fists. 

If he weren’t a cop or in public, he would have crushed the bastard! 

Lu Zhan hated wealthy kids who relied on their daddy’s money their entire lives. They considered everybody and everything beneath their notice. Many of them were ignorant and incompetent and engaged in barely legal businesses! 

Li Ze Cheng was considered an evil tyrant in Jiang Nan. He was one of the four evil tyrants of Jiang Nan. He was like a white tiger in Nancheng. Over a thousand gangsters worked for him. If they were not fighting, they were stealing cars or doing other illegal activities. 

“You better watch your words. You have a little bit of dirty money, so you think you can humiliate other people? I deserve the money I earn because I work hard for it. Without guards and police officers, life would be extremely difficult. Nobody would feel safe. Who are you?” 

Li Ze Cheng smiled when he heard Lu Zhan. “Hehehehehehe…. Good boy. Without you, the world would be in a state of great confusion, huh? Our private security guards at home earn much more than you. And our German shepherds eat better food than you!” 

He dared compare Lu Zhan to a dog? 

Lu Zhan was about to burst into fury when Lin Feng suddenly said, “The diamond on your necklace is fake. Why do you look so proud of yourself?” 

When Lin Feng said that, everybody was dumbstruck and looked at the diamond on the necklace. The pearls trader took it and looked it over. 

“Hehe, little guard, you’re wrong. Young Master Li bought it from our shop. It’s A-class. What you said will have legal consequences!” Zhu Dai Fu curried favor with Li Ze Cheng. 

Li Ze Cheng said furiously, “What did you just say? You said the stone was fake? Have you ever seen a fucking stone? You fucking tramp! You understand nothing! Fucking peasant!”

Zhu Dai Fu grinned and said, “Indeed, don’t talk nonsense. This necklace cost a hundred thousand yuan. You’ll never be able to afford such a precious treasure. You’d need to save for over ten years to buy such a necklace.”   

The others said, “That person is really going insane. He has no money and now he’s insulting people. “ 

Lin Feng smiled and said, “President Zhu, I know you sell fake goods. If you don’t believe me, we can bet.”  

Zhu Dai Fu loved gambling. When he heard Lin Feng mention a bet, he was excited. He shouted, “What do you want to bet? Anything you want!”   

Lin Feng pointed to it and said, “I bet that it’s just hard plastic.” 

Everybody burst into laughter, that guard was insane! Plastic? Anyone would notice it if it were plastic!

“You’re out of your mind. How could I sell fake goods made of plastic?”  

“We’ll see. Who can lend me a lighter? I’ll show you.”

Everybody burst into laughter. That guard had lost his mind. Everybody could see it wasn’t plastic! 

“Bullshit. How could I buy a fake diamond made of plastic?”

“You’ll see. If anyone lends me a lighter, I’ll prove it to everybody!”

Lin Feng asked someone for a lighter. Someone gave him a Zippo. If the stone was fake, it would melt! 

As Lin Feng lit the lighter, Zhang Jing Wei suddenly said, “If you want to bet, you need to put something at stake. We’re putting a necklace but what about you? You have nothing. If you lose, what do we do?”

Everybody had their own ideas. Some people thought Lin Feng should put all his money at stake. Some others thought Lin Feng should kneel down if he lost. Some others thought Lin Feng should pay with alcohol.

As everybody was talking, Li Ze Cheng said glumly, “I think we should bet something interesting. If you lose, I’ll cut off your hand, what do you think?” Li Ze Cheng was overjoyed. He loved being a gangster for that reason. His lust for blood was just too strong, so he couldn’t let Lin Feng off! 

Lin Feng pulled a long face as if he were about to flinch. Li Ze Cheng looked down on him and said, “What? You don’t dare? If you have no fucking balls, what are you doing barking in front me? If I want to, I can call anyone and they’ll come and destroy you!”

“Alright, I accept. What if you lose? Will you lose a hand too?” asked Lin Feng, pretending to be afraid, as if Li Ze Cheng had pushed him into a dead end. 

“Alright! The loser loses a hand! Everybody heard us!” Li Ze Cheng sounded confident. Lin Ze Cheng was convinced he couldn’t lose. A few experts had examined the diamond, and there was no problem. It was a high quality one!

Lin Feng didn’t waste time, and immediately lit the lighter. Lin Feng also secretly released energies into its fire! 

“I think that guard must be insane. He must be mentally disabled. I think he’s going to lose a hand! Poor him!” said a woman in a low voice. She knew a lot about jewels and she could recognize a fake diamond! 

“Only a moron would bet if they didn’t have doubts…” However, at that moment, something scary happened. The diamond began to burn! It smelled horrible! Like burning plastic! 

Everybody was dumbstruck. The diamond melted and dripped onto the table. Very quickly, it disappeared. 

Everybody was astonished, especially Zhu Dai Fu and Li Ze Cheng. Zhu Dai Fu was surprised because he had sold that necklace to Li Ze Cheng, and now Lin Feng had destroyed it using a lighter. It proved he sold fake goods. Even though Zhu Dai Fu was a famous and extremely rich man, he had sold some fake goods to Li Ze Cheng? It was despicable!

Li Ze Cheng didn’t understand. Had he really bought a fake necklace? Li Ze Cheng thought it was possible, especially since Zhu Dai Fu had recommended it to him. He had also given him a good discount. He had plotted against him?

Lin Feng gave the lighter back and looked at Li Ze Cheng, “What? I won. Now, you have to keep your promise.”    

Li Ze Cheng couldn’t possibly agree to lose a hand. He wasn’t stupid. He had never thought he could lose. He just wanted to torture Lin Feng. 

Besides, he was wealthy; he didn’t care about this tramp!

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    Still thinking how Mister Time traveled to earth to pick up Lin feng with his low cultivation level and still retained his powers on earth while Lin feng is one of the most powerful people on word of battles and still can’t even fly… or activate any skill

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    Michelstro u must have not paid attention on the first pmg1 mister time tells him how he brought him ??‍♂️??‍♂️ Dumb niggs.

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    Unlike lin feng, Mister time was taken there by a heavenly godly ancestor.

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