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Chapter 15270: Difficult! 


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 Zuo Bin was slightly over ten meters away from Lin Feng. Even if Lin Feng was good at fighting and fast, he couldn’t be faster than a bullet!

Since Zuo Bin firmly believed that, he dared face Lin Feng like that. It was like he had already forgotten that Lin Feng had beaten scores of people alone!

However, Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all. He said indifferently, “Zuo Bin, you better put your gun away. Keep it to fight against the Brotherhood. I don’t want to know you. You are a moron. You don’t deserve a woman like Nian Ling Jiao.”

“Little Bin, don’t resort to violence! Do you want to go to jail?” Qi Xiao Hua was terrified. 

Zuo Bin shouted explosively, “No! Why do I have to be away from Nian Ling Jiao? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

As he was out of his mind, he accidently pulled the trigger. Bam! It sounded like a bomb in such a small room. It hurt people’s ears.

Qi Xiao Hua was so terrified she fell on the ground creaming, and put her hands on her head.

She hadn’t thought Zuo Bin would really shoot. She felt desperate. She had never met anyone like Lin Feng, who could compete with the Brotherhood and everything, and now Zuo Bin was going to kill him!

Killing people was a crime. Even if Zuo Bin was from a powerful and influential family, it would be difficult for him not to bear the consequences of his actions. He would be considered a murderer!

Actually, when Zuo Bin pulled on the trigger, he scared himself to death. He had lost control and had accidently pulled the trigger!

Someone collapsed and struggled not to die. Everything was happening in front of Qi Xiao Hua, but she didn’t see it because she didn’t dare open her eyes and see that horrible scene.

However, very quickly, she understood there was something wrong because of a voice.

She opened her eyes again and saw something astonishing. Lin Feng wasn’t the one on the ground, Zuo Bin was!

Zuo Bin’s left hand was bleeding. The gun wasn’t in his hand anymore. Fresh blood flowed out of his wrist.

“Zuo Bin…” Qi Xiao Hua was terrified. She took some steps backwards and raised her head. She saw Lin Feng, he was holding something shiny… a bullet!

Qi Xiao Hua felt dizzy. She didn’t understand what was going on. What was that bullet doing in Lin Feng’s hand?

Zuo Bin was struggling to get back on his feet. One of his wrists was crushed; he touched it and said in a trembling voice, “You… You… I’m not done with you…”

He opened the door and ran away. It took a few minutes before Qi Xiao Hua stood back up. She looked at Lin Feng and mumbled, “Lin Feng, what happened to Zuo Bin’s hand a moment ago? … He’s from a military family… It’s a disaster!”

Lin Feng frowned and turned his head to Qi Xiao Hua, “Military family? Don’t worry. He doesn’t pose a threat to me. I broke his wrist, that’s all. “

Qi Xiao Hua didn’t seem grateful when she heard that. On the contrary, she seemed even more scared. Lin Feng was just a guard? He was unbelievably strong. He didn’t fear a military family?

But Qi Xiao Hua understood that it wasn’t a suitable moment to ask Lin Feng about all that. Besides, she was afraid of him!

Lin Feng held the bullet between his forefinger and thumb. Qi Xiao Hua blinked, and when she reopened her eyes, the bullet had turned to metallic powder.

“Alright. You shouldn’t stay. Even if the Brotherhood doesn’t cause trouble, Zuo Bin will,” Lin Feng said, patting her arm.

Qi Xiao Hua understood. The reason why she hadn’t dared refuse Nian Ling Jiao and Zuo Bin’s union was that she feared Zuo Bin because of his background. Now, he was injured and couldn’t even protect himself.

“So… Where is Nian Ling Jiao? I’ll go and see her…” said Qi Xiao Hua.

“Oh,” Lin Feng said. 

Lu Zhan opened the door and asked curiously, “Lin Feng, what happened? Why is Zuo Bin injured?”

Qi Xiao Hua helped Lin Feng and explained everything for him. Of course, she had to find an explanation for the fact that Lin Feng crushed a bullet with two fingers.

“Lu Zhan, let’s go back to Jiang Nan. I need to check that Nian Ling Jiao is safe and sound. Otherwise, I will feel distracted if I go to Ye Ren Island,” Lin Feng said. He turned around and left the room.


Half an hour later, the three of them were in Lu Zhan’s car and driving towards Jiang Nan.

Nobody said anything during the trip. Lin Feng was seated in the passenger’s seat and had his eyes closed. Qi Xiao Hua was in the back and kept crying silently.

So many hardships... They were a rich family so they enjoyed a lot of things in life: good food, jewels, cars, and so on. People used to admire them.

Ever since Brother Cheng had shown up, everything had changed. Even though they had the De Sheng building, actually, it was just a shell. They had debts, billions and billions of yuan of debts.

Nian Ling Jiao and Zuo Bin were supposed to get married earlier and they would have relied on Zuo Bin’s background as a military family. They would have relied on his family to rise again, but now their dream had collapsed…


“Lin Feng, hurry up and wake up!”

Lin Feng was sound asleep when Lu Zhan shook him. Lin Feng sat up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Zhan pointed to the rear-view mirror. Lin Feng saw a bunch of electric bikes following them. There were lots of them and on each of them, with at least two people on each one. 

(Translator’s Note: It’s not uncommon to see more than two people on motorbikes in China…)

Lin Feng watched them as they arrived at the toll, causing a traffic jam.

Lu Zhan decelerated, and the bikes behind them also had to slow down.

“Lin Feng, what do we do? asked Lu Zhan.

If Lin Feng and Lu Zhan were only the two of them, then they wouldn’t need to worry about anything, but Qi Xiao Hua was with them so they had to ensure her safety.

Qi Xiao Hua shouted, “Those are Brother Cheng’s people!”

“Are you sure?” asked Lin Feng. He had given Brother Cheng an order and told him to get the fuck out of town. Guo Zhan Cheng would dare send more people to kill him?

“Yes, I’m sure. Those people even used to be from the Blue Group, but after Brother Cheng provoked the Blue Group and killed their leader, he kept the former members of the Blue Group. They also stole many of our businesses!” explained Qi Xiao Hua.

“Oh” Lin Feng said, “Oh, I see, it’s alright. Let’s continue. We can destroy them.”

Lu Zhan didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant, but she saw something strange in the rear-view mirror. Many of the riders were now in midair. They were all falling from their bikes.

Lu Zhan was astonished. Were they falling because of a bridge they had just crossed?

What he didn’t know was that Lin Feng had secretly released the Shi Guis. Lin Feng understood that in that city he had to be very discreet, so he needed to rely on other people to do things. He couldn’t just slaughter people in public.

There was a traffic jam because of the toll. Lu Zhan had to stop now. He could see everything happening behind now.

The Shi Guis in blue-green clothes were efficient. The bikers were already crawling on the ground.

After that, the bikes also started falling over. It was like in movies, where there was nobody on bikes and they drove themselves. It was scary.

“Ahhhhhhh! Qi Xiao Hua screamed when she saw something terrifying. A Shi Gui killed someone. The Shi Gui cut someone’s head off with a blade!

Blood flowed around the head. It looked like a watermelon. Some other heads were crushed to mush on the ground.

Even Lu Zhan, who was a special operations officer, had never seen such a thing. Their world existed thanks to the rule of law. They weren’t in a gory video game!

A dozen people were beheaded. Some others ran away. Where were those who wanted to kill them? Why had they disappeared?

Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng. His eyes were closed. Lu Zhan was confused. A moment before, Lin Feng had said he would crush them and now…? Had he set up an ambush?

But if he had, how had he guessed they would drive through here?

The queue became chaotic. There was blood everywhere. Some terrified drivers called the police. At that moment, someone moved forwards in front of Lu Zhan, so Lu Zhan continued on as well.

He didn’t drive too far after the barrier when they saw police cars and ambulances arriving. They were all driving as fast as they could with their loud sirens on. Some people inside shouted, “Move! Move!”

They had arrived quickly, but the question was, would they be able to save those people? 

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    Two people on a bike is standard assassination method. Driver maneuvers the bike, the passenger is the shooter. Closed helmets are masks that blend into the crowd and the bike can maneuver and escape even in traffic jams. Common everywhere in Asia.

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