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Chapter 1528: Pieces of Trash Invited by Da Liu!


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Bam! Li Ze Cheng stood up and pointed at Lin Feng furiously, “You destroyed my ring, so now you have to pay me back for it!”

He didn’t scare Lin Feng. Lin Feng asked icily, “You want to act dumb?”

“Hehe. So? You can’t do anything to me, you fucking tramp! You better give me my money back, or you won’t be safe anymore in Jiang Nan!” shouted Li Ze Cheng threateningly. 

He was one of the four despots of Jiang Nan, and had been for at least ten years already. So many people worked for him. He could easily destroy this guard. 

Actually, Lin Feng didn’t think anything of Li Ze Cheng. A moment before, he had used pure Qi to break the necklace and make Li Ze Cheng shut up. He knew cutting off his hand there wasn’t appropriate! 


The birthday party lasted for three more hours. When Lin Feng came out of the hotel and got ready to go back to the residential district, Li Ze Cheng stopped him and said, “Little boy, you think you’re leaving? Give me my money!”

Lin Feng looked at the twenty-some strong young men around him. They were all holding knives and had tattoos. They were all like Li Ze Cheng’s brothers! 

“Li Ze Cheng, you better move. Otherwise, you won’t be able to blame me for being impolite.”

“Hehe, what can you do? You’re a security guard. Brothers, let’s destroy him!” shouted Li Ze Cheng. 

Li Ze Cheng didn’t even have time to raise his blade before someone had slapped him. It was not Lin Feng, but Lu Zhan!

“Stop. I am a police officer. Who dares cause trouble here? You’ll all be put under arrest!” shouted Zhou Zheng Peng sternly. 

Li Ze Cheng didn’t want to submit; he shouted and pointed at Lin Feng, “Wait and you’ll see. I will not let you off! Let’s go!”

Lin Feng had his hands clasped behind his back. Lin Feng hadn’t even moved when Li Ze Cheng had attacked him with his blade, as if all this had nothing to do with him. 

Lu Zhan naturally knew Lin Feng was strong, so he patted his shoulder and said, “Brother, if they provoke you again, tell me. We’ll teach them a good lesson!”

Lin Feng thanked him and then walked in the same direction as Li Ze Cheng and the others. He could see them in the distance, and smiled icily. 

If Lin Feng wanted to kill Li Ze Cheng and Zhang Jing Wei, he didn’t need to make any effort, but he didn’t do so now because he didn’t want them to die too quickly. 

Back then, he had liked Zhang Jing Wei, and considered her the woman of his dreams. He hadn’t thought Zhang Jing Wei would join hands with Li Ze Cheng to kill him! 

Lin Feng could remember that he had been pushed over ten meters away. Zhang Jing Wei hadn’t felt sad at all. On the contrary, she had even encouraged Li Ze Cheng! 

Since you cut ties with me like that, I’ll make you pay slowly. I won’t just kill you, I will make you suffer and wish you were dead!

Lin Feng wasn’t a heartless and cruel murderer, but he never spared his enemies’ lives. He hated Li Ze Cheng and Zhang Jing Wei, so he didn’t intend to let them off!

Li Ze Cheng arrived at a garden. It was one of his family’s companies, a logistics company, but Li Ze Cheng used it to gather there with his other criminal friends. 

“Fucking hell. That fucking bastard destroyed a good necklace!” Li Ze Cheng was furious. 

Zhang Jing Wei gave a cigarette to Li Ze Cheng and said, “Getting angry at a stinky guard is useless. It was just a necklace.”

Li Ze Cheng groaned icily and smoked silently. Then, he grabbed her and dragged her closer, then asked, “The most important thing is that his name is Lin Feng… It makes me feel uncomfortable…” 

Zhang Jing Wei’s hair bristled and she pushed him back hastily, “Shush! Don’t talk about that! Are you out of your mind? Don’t talk about that so openly!” 

When Lin Feng heard their conversation, he smiled icily. Those two were evil! No problem, he was going to have some fun with them!

Lin Feng stopped a taxi and went back. When he arrived, he saw ten young men waiting. They were all holding sticks. 

The ten men walked past him and stared at him. In the end, they surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng acted as if he hadn’t seen them and continued walking. 

When Lin Feng walked past, a young man attacked Lin Fen, shouting, “Are you fucking blind? Motherfucker!”

Lin Feng stopped and turned around. He looked at the young man and said, “If I’m not mistaken, Da Liu sent you, right?”

They were startled. The leader of the group said, “Fuck you, son of a bitch! You just harassed our brother, so don’t blame us for being impolite!”

After that, he attacked Lin Feng with his stick. He moved so fast his stick whistled in the wind. If it struck Lin Feng’s shoulder, it would break it! 

Lin Feng stood there as if he hadn’t seen anything. He didn’t do anything to dodge, leaving his attacker astonished. 

His wooden stick was a baseball bat. It was extremely tough, but now he was sweating coldly. If he aimed at Lin Feng’s head, he’d kill him! 

Even though Da Liu had told them to teach Lin Feng a good lesson, they couldn’t kill him, especially in front of everybody. 

As he was hesitating, Lin Feng suddenly raised his hand and grabbed the end of the baseball bat. With a crack, Lin Feng broke the top of the baseball bat off. 

The man didn’t even have time to shout before Lin Feng grabbed him by the collar and lifted him without making any effort. He snarled, “So, who sent you? Da Liu?”

The young man was covered in cold sweat. How strong was Lin Feng? He could lift a man weghing over a hundred jin!

“Eh… No… Sorry, brother. It was a mistake. I thought you were someone else. Sorry!” the young man looked at Lin Feng apologetically. 

“Oh? You’re the kind of person who doesn’t cry until they’re in front of the coffin? I will show how sad reality is usually…”

Lin Feng slapped him right in the face. He didn’t use pure Qi, but it was astonishingly strong. 

The man screamed. The teeth on that side of his face were all broken, and he spat out blood. 

The people who had come with him were furious when they saw their boss get crushed. They all raised their baseball bats and charged Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them bully him. They dared take the initiative to attack him? He didn’t need to give them respect! 

A few men screamed, and in three seconds, they were all lying on the ground, injured and bleeding. 

Lin Feng didn’t kill them, although he enjoyed hurting them. They stood up and staggered away. Lin Feng smiled icily, “Piss off now. You better not get in my way again, or I’ll crush you again.”

The leader of the group didn’t waste time. He hastily got back up and ran away. 

Lin Feng had seen Da Liu watching already. He was hiding in the workers’ room. Even though he had done all he could to hide, Lin Feng had seen him. 

Da Liu initially thought those people would help him vent his anger. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would crush them. How humiliating! 

Fucking hell! What should I do if my sister can’t even help me find people who are strong enough!, thought Da Liu. Then he came back to his senses, but Lin Feng had disappeared. 

Da Liu was starting to panic. He had organized everything after all. Da Liu was slowly pulling shut the window curtains when he suddenly heard Lin Feng’s voice! 

“Da Liu, you’re a sly bastard, huh? You sent some gangsters to hit me? Could it be that I haven’t hit you hard enough yet?”

When Da Liu suddenly saw Lin Feng, he fell on the couch behind him, squealing, “It wasn’t me! Really! It wasn’t me!” 

Lin Feng smiled and looked down upon him, “Alright. I believe you. However, if it happens again, you’ll lose all your teeth.”

Lin Feng left. Da Liu thought, Fucking hell! What a bunch of fucking trash! It would have been better to maintain harmonious relations! So-called tough gangsters, huh? Damn it! 


Translation of the Author’s Note: if Lin Feng had recovered his entire strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, he would be able to casually destroy an entire country, but he doesn’t intend to do that because it is his homeland, his beloved Huaxia. We need to keep his level a bit low. Before Lin Feng displays his strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer, he needs to meet Chi You, because Chi You is a Heavenly Godly Ancestor! 

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