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Chapter 1529: The Old Demons Are Back!


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Lin Feng wanted to go wash his face and have a rest, but he heard a hoarse voice calling out, “Lin Feng, Lin Feng!”

Lin Feng was startled. He was alone in the dormitory, so who was that? 

After a few seconds, Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised because that voice reminded Lin Feng of many things… Surprisingly, it was Ancestor Mo! 

Since Lin Feng had come back to Huaxia, he had been busy all the time. He had forgotten about Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, whom he had put in his bone tablet and bone seal ring. 

He hadn’t thought Ancestor Mo would call him. It proved his spirit had come back! 

Lin Feng replied hastily, “Ancestor Mo, it’s you?”

When Ancestor Mo heard Lin Feng, he cried out, “Lin Feng, why did you torture me? Why do you keep ignoring me all the time? I’ve been calling you for days!” 

Lin Feng blushed. He hadn’t ignored him on purpose. Since he had come back to Huaxia, his cultivation had disappeared. He hadn’t heard Ancestor Mo at all! 

But Lin Feng couldn’t tell Ancestor Mo that. Letting Ancestor Mo know his cultivation level had dropped wasn’t a wise thing to do. 

In the past, Ancestor Mo was a sly and scheming fox. In the World of Battles, he had tried to harm Lin Feng many times. Lin Feng had no choice to remain wary of him. 

“Ahem! Ancestor Mo, what do you want? Don’t waste time,” said Lin Feng calmly. 

“Lin Feng, can you give me some pure Qi. I haven’t breathed any spiritual Qi for so many days. If you continue bullying me, I’m going to starve to death…” Ancestor Mo implored him. 

Lin Feng was covered in sweat. He hastily looked inside the bone tablet world. There was a skinny old man in front of the great palace. He looked like a skeleton, his face looked like a skull. It was Ancestor Mo! 

It seemed like Ancestor Mo wasn’t lying. Lin Feng released some pure Qi into the bone tablet world. Lights appeared in the bone tablet world, and gradually enveloped Ancestor Mo. 

Ancestor Mo was overjoyed, and he greedily absorbed the pure Qi. Lin Feng wanted to say something, but a terrifying strength emerged from the bone tablet. 

Lin Feng was forced out of the bone tablet! Because he didn’t have much pure Qi, the bone tablet absorbed it greedily. Lin Feng was shocked. He had to stop this! 

However, Lin Feng was frightened when he couldn’t stop it. He struggled in vain. His pure Qi kept disappearing into the bone tablet. 

If it continued, the bone tablet would absorb Lin Feng entirely! He was furious and shouted, “Ancestor Mo, you dare injure me?!” 

Ancestor Mo was absorbing Lin Feng’s pure Qi greedily when he heard the loud shout. He was startled, and hastily stopped. 

Lin Feng hastily threw the bone tablet onto the bed. He was still shocked and furious. He had helped Ancestor Mo out of pure kindness, and the bastard had tried to hurt him! 

“What’s wrong with you, Lin Feng? Why did you say I want to hurt you? Could it be that you don’t have enough pure Qi?” asked Ancestor Mo. 

Lin Feng wanted to be angry, but when he saw Ancestor Mo’s sincere expression, he understood he had to pretend otherwise. He couldn’t blame Ancestor Mo. His cultivation had deteriorated, so he couldn’t compete with Ancestor Mo’s primordial soul! 

If Ancestor Mo had wanted to hurt him, he wouldn’t have stopped absorbing his pure Qi. When he understood, he explained, “Ancestor Mo, can you see the world outside of the bone tablet?”

Ancestor Mo didn’t understand, he blinked and then scanned their new surroundings. He asked, “Where are you? Aren’t you in the Region of the Eight Corners? It seems so small.”

Ancestor Mo had recovered a little bit thanks to Lin Feng’s pure Qi, so he could now see the world outside of the bone tablet. Lin Feng was in the guards’ dormitory, so it was naturally very cramped! 

Ancestor Mo didn’t know that at that moment, Lin Feng was on another world, the Earth. He wasn’t in the powerful and influential World of Battles anymore. 

Lin Feng didn’t hide the truth from him and told him everything. Ancestor Mo burst into tears and said, “Oh noooo! Lin Feng! Why did you hurt me? No! Why are you doing this to me? Why? Why did you bring me here? Why? I will never see my friends and family in the Demon Clan ever again…” He was almost crying

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He said hastily, “Hey! Old demon, if I hadn’t been merciful back then, you would be dead. Why did you say I hurt you?”

Ancestor Mo continued crying, “You spared my life, but now you left our world and I’m going to be stuck in this bone tablet forever. It’s worse than death! Kill me now, Lin Feng!”

He started banging his head against the walls of the palace inside the bone tablet. Lin Feng was angry. That old man didn’t know how to deal with people and he made no distinction between right and wrong! 

“Hmph! If you really want to die, I can kill you now!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. He lifted the bone tablet and got ready to break it. 

Ancestor Mo shouted suddenly, “Stop, Lin Feng! I… I don’t want to die…”

Lin Feng actually didn’t intend to kill him. Not many people could still talk to him. Ancestor Mo was like an old acquaintance now. Lin Feng wanted him on his side. 

“Hey, my life is horrible. I consider myself a prisoner!” said Ancestor Mo helplessly. 

Lin Feng smiled inside. Ancestor Mo loved life, huh? Lin Feng said, “Good. As long as you don’t die, you can be sure you’ll see the World of Battles again someday!”

When Lin Feng said that, the bone tablet started shaking. Initially, it was Ancestor Mo who stood up. Then the bone tablet left Lin Feng’s hand and floated into the air in front of him. 

Lin Feng and Ancestor Mo were both pleasantly surprised. Lin Feng remained silent. Ancestor Mo drove the bone tablet around the dormitory like an airplane. It flew under the beds and then just under the ceiling! 

Ancestor Mo shouted, “Hahahaha! Not bad! I regained my freedom!”

Lin Feng was worried that old demon would escape. If he escaped, finding him would be extremely difficult!

At that moment, someone opened the door of the dormitory. Su Qiang entered the room and saw the flying bone tablet. He was stunned, his mouth dropping open. 

“Lin Feng, what’s that? Are you studying black magic?” asked Su Qiang curiously. He reached for the bone tablet. 

When he touched the bone tablet, Su Qiang shouted and was blown away, falling in the corridor. Ancestor Mo was provoking Su Qiang on purpose. 

Lin Feng hastily caught the bone tablet and looked at Su Qiang who looked terrified, “Are you alright? I’m not studying black magic… It’s a… It’s a magic trick!”

Su Qiang didn’t really believe Lin Feng, but he stood up and looked at the bone tablet curiously. He didn’t dare touch it though. 

Su Qiang’s hand was purple and blue. Lin Feng’s heart twitched when he saw it. So that bone tablet could kill ordinary people? It meant he could use it as a secret weapon… 

Lin Feng cheered Su Qiang up. Then he left the dormitory and went outside. He said to Ancestor Mo, “Ancestor Mo, you almost killed that guard! Be careful!”

Ancestor Mo smiled, “Lin Feng, have you become a housewife or what? What is a life? Nothing. You’re talking as if I had killed more people than you, which is not the case, right?”

Ancestor Mo was right. Lin Feng had destroyed millions of lives, including gods. 

When he killed, he felt high-spirited and vigorous! When he saw enemies, he destroyed them! Only one thought came to his mind when he saw enemies: Kill them!

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He was in Huaxia, his homeland. People here were all ordinary and he didn’t have real enemies. He couldn’t slaughter people like he used to. 

As the saying went, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Since Lin Feng was in Huaxia, he had to abide by the rules. Besides, he had come back with pure goals; he wanted to transmit the Yan Huang Jing to various influential groups, so that they could ensure the safety of the world! 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng said, “Ancestor Mo, in the future, you’ll have to suppress your demon personality a little bit. On Earth, things work differently than in the World of Battles. I can’t cause chaos here. We can’t slaughter people. You understand?”

Lin Feng had to tell Ancestor Mo to be careful, otherwise, he would draw everybody’s attention and it would be impossible to clean up the mess. 

Ancestor Mo seemed disappointed and sniffed, “I’m now free to move again, but I can’t use my cultivation powers?”

Lin Feng remembered he could use the bone tablet as a weapon…

He walked to a small park in the residential district. There were a few trees there and usually nobody was there. It was a perfect place to try and practice using the bone tablet. 

When he arrived, Lin Feng noticed a branch on a tree as thick as an arm. Lin Feng said to Ancestor Mo, “Ancestor Mo, you want to use your cultivation powers, right? Now, go and cut that branch!”

Ancestor Mo moved towards the branch in the bone tablet and cut it off silently. Ancestor Mo didn’t stop, and started cutting the other branches chaotically. 

But the bone tablet suddenly flew twenty-some meters away and, as if it had crashed up against something invisible, it stopped suddenly and fell down. It crashed on the ground and immediately flew away again in the other direction this time. However, the same thing happened again. 

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Could it be that there was a sealed world around that tree? 

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