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Chapter 1530: Aliens?


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But if there was a sealed world, Lin Feng would have detected it. At that moment, the bone tablet came back to his hand. Ancestor Mo said, “Lin Feng, there’s something wrong. Why can’t I fly as far as I want to?”

Lin Feng looked at Ancestor Mo vigilantly and asked, “What do you mean? Could it be that you want to escape and run amok?”

Lin Feng was extremely worried about that. If Ancestor Mo slaughtered innocent people, it would be a catastrophe! 

“Ahem! Lin Feng, what are you thinking? That’s not what I had in mind at all. I just hope you’ll bring me back to the World of Battles. Besides, if you don’t feed me pure Qi regularly, I won’t live long. (Sigh) The Earth is a shitty place! Spiritual Qi is so rare here!”

Ancestor Mo was right. Lin Feng knew the Earth wasn’t a great place in comparison to the World of Battles, where spiritual Qi was thick and dense. That was probably the reason why there were so few cultivators on Earth? 

Ancestor Mo said, “I think I understand. I can only use my skills relying on your pure Qi. So if I’m too far from you, I don’t have enough pure Qi anymore and I fall down…” 

Ancestor Mo burst into tears again, but Lin Feng suddenly understood. It wasn’t an isolated world! It was a limit! 

Actually, inside Lin Feng’s body was a world of pure Qi. His cultivation hadn’t completely come back, so Ancestor Mo could only use his pure Qi when he was less than thirty meters away from him. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng couldn’t help but smile evilly. It seemed like he had worried too much. Even if Ancestor Mo wanted to escape, he couldn’t! 

“Ancestor Mo, since you understand, I can tell you that if you really wanted to escape as well, I wouldn’t stop you but then, nobody would take care of you anymore. You would have no pure Qi left and you would die!” Lin Feng smiled.

Lin Feng and Ancestor Mo both used their godly awareness to communicate. They didn’t need to speak. Ancestor Mo continued crying and said, “Sigh, it seems like I won’t be free again for a long time…”

Lin Feng remembered Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. He was sealed in the bone ring. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor hadn’t said anything yet. Had he starved to death? 

Lin Feng took the bone ring out and inspected it with his godly awareness. The inside of that bone ring was similar to the inside of the bone tablet. There was a palace, grass, trees, and all sorts of living things! 

But Lin Feng didn’t see Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, so he couldn’t help but feeling annoyed. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s cultivation level was now higher than Ancestor Mo’s, so it was unlikely that he had died before Ancestor Mo. 

As Lin Feng was worrying, someone suddenly came out of the great palace. It was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. Unlike Ancestor Mo, he didn’t look skinny; on the contrary, he looked fat! 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor came out of the palace and walked to the left. After two steps, he suddenly turned his head and saw Lin Feng. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor couldn’t help but gasp. He was terrified, and retreated. Lin Feng couldn’t help but burst into laughter, “Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, you used to have balls!”

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was covered in cold sweat. He said angrily, “It’s not that I’m scared, its that your eyes are too big. From here, half of the sky is occupied by your eyes!”

Lin Feng was startled. He saw them as small and they saw him as big, extremely big! 

The bone ring was different from the bone tablet. It was round, so it amplified the effect! When Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor saw him, he was naturally startled! 

“Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, you seem pretty carefree in there. Do you want to go out?” Lin Feng asked mockingly. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor looked much more indifferent than Ancestor Mo. He replied calmly, “Lin Feng, I have everything I need here. I can eat and drink as much as I want here. Why would I want to go out?”

Lin Feng looked around. The world inside the bone ring had grass, trees, rivers, and food, which explained why Xuan Yuan had gotten so fat. Lin Feng couldn’t help but ask, “Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, why is this world so much more powerful than Ancestor Mo’s? His world is completely desolate. There’s nothing. There’s no food, nothing to drink… He almost starved to death!”

Lin Feng put the bone tablet and the bone ring together. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Ancestor Mo glanced at each other’s worlds. Ancestor Mo looked at Xuan Yuan’s world in admiration. 

When Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor saw Ancestor Mo’s world, he snorted and said, “Hmph! He deserves to die. He never refined his inner space! I’ve been refining my inner space for a long time, and now it finally came in handy.”

Ancestor Mo stroked his beard and sniffed, “Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, you vile and petty person! You dare insult me after I almost starved to death. How can you blame me? Back then, how could I know I would end up in such a situation? (Sigh…) This is fate.”

When Lin Feng saw the two tiny primordial souls arguing, he couldn’t help but laugh. At that moment, he heard, “Hey, my friend, what are you doing? Show me?”

Lin Feng raised his head. It was an old man from the residential district. He was well known because he liked collecting old things. At that moment, he was holding two jade pearls. 

Lin Feng thought, You can’t play around with my items as you wish. My item is even older than the Earth! 

He said, “It’s not an old item. It was on the ground at a second-hand market. It was extremely cheap.”

However, the old man didn’t intend to give in and asked, “Since it’s not an old item, why have you been playing with it for hours and chanting incantations? Have you been ripped off? Did you think it was an ancient artifact? Show me! Come on!”

Lin Feng handed it over and sighed helplessly. The old man wouldn’t see anything unusual anyway. He was just curious. 

The old man looked at the item and said, “Little friend, those two things are old items. It looks like Han jade. I love it. Sell it to me?”

When Lin Feng heard him, he nearly burst into laughter. Han jade… Ridiculous! 

At that moment, Ancestor Mo and Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t seem happy. “Hey, old grouch, how much do you think he will sell us for?”

Lin Feng didn’t have time to react. The two old demons flew away from his hands and flew around in the air. 

The old man was terrified. His eyes and mouth went wide, and he dropped the two jade pearls he was holding. 

“Oh my… A ghost!” he gasped in astonishment, and fell down on his ass. 

Lin Feng was terrified this time. Not far away was a public square where old people loved dancing. They all heard the old man’s shout and came over. When they saw the old man on his butt on the ground in front of Lin Feng, everybody shouted. 

Lin Feng took his bone tablet and bone ring back. The few old women asked, “What’s going on, guard? Why did you push Mister Wang?”

Some people helped the old man stand back up and asked, “Mister Wang, do you need to go the hospital and get a CT scan? That guard is going to jail forever! How dare he hit old people!”

Lin Feng was annoyed. Where were they a moment before? Dancing on the public square! They hadn’t seen anything! Why did they accuse him? 

If a young person had accused him groundlessly, he would have taught them a good lesson, but they were all old people, so Lin Feng had to keep calm. 

“I didn’t push him. He fell down. If you don’t believe me, ask him!” Lin Feng said helplessly. 

At that moment, the old man came back to his senses and whispered, “What is that thing? Is it a magic weapon? Little friend, you shouldn’t play around with such things. It’s dangerous…” 

The old man told the old women Lin Feng hadn’t pushed him and told them about Lin Feng’s bone tablet and bone ring, so they were all curious. They all wanted to touch them! 

Lin Feng directly told them he wouldn’t let them touch his items and ignored them after that. He turned around and walked away. 

“Haha! Lin Feng, how was that? The old man was terrified. It was just too funny!” shouted Ancestor Mo, bursting into laughter. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor agreed, “I hadn’t thought that people on Earth would be so dull. The old man was terrified!”

Lin Feng said angrily, “Enough! In the future, don’t do shit like that again! Otherwise, I’ll destroy you!”

Lin Feng put the old demons back into his ring and ignored them. No matter how loud they called out to him, he ignored them! 


When he went back to the dormitory, Su Qiang was washing clothes. When he saw Lin Feng, he said, “Lin Feng, have you seen the news? It seems there are aliens on Earth…” 

Lin Feng thought Su Qiang was joking, because aliens only existed in science fiction stories. Maybe Su Qiang loved sci fi? 

“Oh? Is that so? You want to see aliens, huh? So be kind to them, it’s your chance!” said Lin Feng, smiling teasingly. 

But Su Qiang looked serious. He took out his phone, swiped a few times and showed the screen to Lin Feng, “Look, it’s all over the news! Some people took pictures. There really are aliens!”

When Lin Feng saw Su Qiang’s expression, he thought Su Qiang was ridiculous, but he was also curious. Lin Feng didn’t believe in aliens, but the video was fun. 

It was a dark sky. There were red lights, and a gigantic fireball fell from the sky. Lin Feng immediately remembered when he had come back to the Earth. 

If aliens really existed, then Lin Feng was one of them. Su Qiang then showed another video to Lin Feng. Same thing. This time, it was during the day. Same, a fireball fell from the sky. 

The reporter explained the phenomenon had started happening all over the world, but mostly in Huaxia. 

“According to the Huaxia Times, on year XXX XXX month XXX day XXX hour XXX minute, in Huaxia, a UFO penetrated into the Earth’s airspace. People are panicking everywhere. Right now, the police are investigating…” 

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