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Chapter 1531: Qin Yue Ran! Trouble!


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 “According to the Huaxia Times, on year XXX XXX month XXX day XXX hour XXX minute, in Huaxia, a UFO penetrated into Earth’s airspace. People are panicking everywhere. Right now, the police are investigating…”

Lin Feng didn’t finish watching the news when his phone rang. It was Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan said, “Lin Feng, you’re lucky!”

Lin Feng asked, “Why am I lucky, Officer Lu?”

“Lucky with women, of course! You remember Qin Yue Ran, right? She just called me. She told me she wanted to see you. She wants you to become her bodyguard,” said Lu Zhan. He sounded amused.

Lin Feng was stupefied. What? Qin Yue Ran? Her guard?  Could it be that it was because he had taught those thugs a good lesson? But how was that possible?

“Lin Feng, come over tomorrow. I talked to Qin Yue Ran already and agreed on a time. Tomorrow morning, 9AM. Don’t be late. Making women wait is impolite!”

“Officer Lu, I am not becoming a bodyguard. Besides, I despise that person. I don’t like that kind of person. You tell Miss Qin I refuse,” Lin Feng replied without hesitation.

When Lin Feng said that, he heard Lu Zhan cough and choke into the phone. Lu Zhan said unhappily, “Lin Feng, you’re exaggerating. Being a bodyguard and a servant are two different things. Stop wasting time now. I told you to come, so you’re coming!”, and he hung up.

 Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “I haven’t even agreed and you decided for me…”

But since Lu Zhan had informed him, if Lin Feng didn’t go, it would come down to not giving Lu Zhan face. Offending Lu Zhan wasn’t an issue, but offending Qin Yue Ran would have serious and scary consequences!

Qin Yue Ran’s father was the Secretary in Jiang Nan. If a guard offended the Secretary, the consequences would be terrible.

Lin Feng decided to go and tell her personally that he didn’t accept. That way, he would be able to justify his decision and there would be no misunderstandings. 


As soon as Lin Feng entered the guards’ dormitory, Da Liu said glumly, “Lin Feng, you don’t need to work tonight.”

Lin Feng glanced at Da Liu and asked, “Why?”

“You’re having a cool life now. Officer Lu just called and said you had things to do tomorrow, so he said you shouldn’t work tonight. You understand?” said Da Liu bitterly.

Da Liu looked at Lin Feng in envy and jealousy. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would maintain contact with the police. It seemed like Lin Feng had drawn their attention. So I, Da Liu, want to draw Lin Feng to my side!

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Lu Zhan did things thoroughly. But it was fine; he didn’t feel like being on duty with Da Liu and the others, so he would be able to have a peaceful night that evening. 


The day after, Lin Feng went to the municipality early in the morning. Lu Zhan and Qin Yue Ran were chatting when Lin Feng arrived. Lin Feng said, “Hello, Officer Lu!”

“Lin Feng, little boy, you have no notion of time. Miss Qin has been waiting for you for such a long time. Couldn’t you have come earlier?” said Lu Zhan, blaming Lin Feng.

Lin Feng said it had been difficult to get out of bed, and that there were traffic jams.

Qin Yue Ran didn’t blame Lin Feng. She joked, “Lin Feng, Officer Lu was telling me how strong you are. Where did you study kung fu? Officer Lu seldom compliments others when it comes to kung fu.”

Lin Feng smiled wryly, “Officer Lu was joking. I’ve never studied kung fu, but I’ve been working since I was a child, so I’m quite strong.”

Qin Yue Ran didn’t contradict him. She pointed to a milk tea house and said, “Alright. Let’s go and have a milk tea. I haven’t even had breakfast yet!”

Lin Feng didn’t refuse, and they went to the milk tea house, ordered milk tea, and chatted.

“Miss Qin, Officer Lu told me you want me to become your bodyguard, but I’m afraid I can’t accept.” said Lin Feng.

Qin Yue Ran frowned and looked at Lu Zhan. Lu Zhan looked at Lin Feng angrily and said, “Don’t be so shy, Lin Feng! So many people dream of working for Miss Qin. If I weren’t extremely busy and didn’t have so many responsibilities, you wouldn’t have this opportunity; I would have seized it already!”

Lin Feng refused straightforwardly, “Officer Lu, you’re right, but the public security in Jiang Nan isn’t bad to the point that guards need to become bodyguards. Why would I become Miss Qin’s bodyguard?”

Lin Feng knew that Qin Yue Ran was an influential and wealthy young woman. She had to be vigilant when she was outside, but that was enough. If she wanted to recruit a bodyguard, she should check his background first. No matter what, Lin Feng didn’t understand why she would want to recruit a stranger like him.

Qin Yue Ran frowned and whispered awkwardly, “Actually, I’m having difficulties that I am reluctant to discuss. Someone is after me. I can’t get rid of them. Therefore, I decided to recruit a bodyguard. The bodyguard would need to pretend to be my lover in public. That’s the only way. I’d feel much safer with a bodyguard.”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought someone would be after a woman like Miss Qin. Was their background more powerful than hers?

Lu Zhan sighed, “… Nowadays, one should be free to be with whomever one loves, but parents still insist on sticking to old traditions and organizing marriage alliances with other families.”

Qin Yue Ran sighed, “It’s my dad’s fault. When I was a kid, he organized a betrothal for a boy and me. I hadn’t thought the other side’s family would agree and come to confirm the marriage alliance. I mean, like, what the fuck?! Reeeaaally?!”

Lin Feng was now convinced the background of the person Qin Yue Ran was talking about was powerful. He asked, “Oh come on! Just refuse. I don’t think anyone would dare offend you, Miss Qin.”

Qin Yue Ran shook her head and smiled wryly, “Let’s say it’s a bit complicated. My family has power and influence, but even my family can’t afford to offend his family!”

Qin Yue Ran told Lin Feng about the man. Lin Feng was extremely surprised. The man was the Young Master of the Feng Clan in Jiang Nan, a famous family of cultivators!

The Fengs had lots of contacts in different areas: criminals, government officials, and so on. They were among the most powerful people in Jiang Nan. Not many people dared offend them!

Initially, Lin Feng intended to refuse categorically, but when he heard the man was a cultivator, he suddenly felt competitive. Lin Feng really wanted to see what kind of cultivator the Young Master of the Feng Clan was.

No wonder Lu Zhan was so careful! Lin Feng clenched his fists and asked, “What is his cultivation level?”

Lu Zhan remained silent. Qin Yue Ran said, “Who knows? He went to Yue Ben to learn something Dao. It was over ten years ago. He’s been after me since he came back.”

Lin Feng was excited. There were other cultivators in Yue Ben?

Lu Zhan, as if he knew what Lin Feng wanted to ask, said, “Lin Feng, you may not know that in Jiang Nan, there are over ten cultivators who belong to Yue Ben. They are also the Feng Clan’s allies. Feng Shi Jie came back to the country to manage the cultivation academy of the family.”

Lin Feng was even more curious. He didn’t really care before, so his thirst for knowledge was even stronger. He asked curiously, “Officer Lu, what kind of cultivation do they teach in Japan? Traditional kung fu or real cultivation?”

(Translator’s Note: The author has been writing Yue Ben the whole time, which doesn’t mean anything, but still could be a name. However, now he says Ri Ben, which means Japan, we’ll see what he means later…)

“Hm… Karate, I guess, but some of the most gifted ones practice real cultivation. I’ve been there because some of our special operations officers were trained in the cultivation academy.”

Lin Feng wanted to say something when they heard the sound of squeaking tires coming from outside. Lin Feng saw a Ferrari drift to a stop in front of the milk tea house window!

Qin Yue Ran suddenly looked panic-stricken and said hastily, “Speak of the devil… He followed me again!”

The door of the car opened. A young man in a black suit came out. He was about a meter-eighty, with a crew cut haircut. He looked young and full of vitality.

But he also looked strange. He didn’t look bad, but extremely pale, as if he were sick.

But his real pure Qi was extremely thick and dense. Lin Feng couldn’t help but frown.

That Qi was so thick and dense… and invasive.

It was completely different from Lin Feng’s pure Qi. Lin Feng’s pure Qi was discreet. When he wasn’t angry, his Qi was never invasive, so it often surprised people.

If one had to use words to describe their Qi, Lin Feng’s Qi was like a sheathed blade, while Feng Shi Jie’s Qi was like a sharp axe made of bone!

Feng Shi Jie came in and sat down next to Qin Yue Ran impolitely, as if Lin Feng and Lu Zhan didn’t exist!

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