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Chapter 1532: Shi Jie’s Provocations!


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Feng Shi Jie turned to Qin Yue Ran and smiled, “Not bad, huh? You came here to drink some milk tea and you didn’t call me? The milk tea here is shit. Come, I’m taking you to the best milk tea place in town, Japanese style.”

The waitress was about to greet Feng Shi Jie when he came in, but she ended up flushing when she heard what he said. She asked anyway, “Would you like anything to drink, sir?”

Feng Shi Jie grinned mockingly and said, “Hehe! I don’t drink the milk tea you sell here. You can’t even call it milk tea, you should call that mixture ‘additives mix’. The smell is enough to make me want to puke!”

The waitress turned even redder. Feng Shi Jie dared say their milk tea was fake in front of everybody. Feng Shi Jie was really arrogant!

Feng Shi Jie ignored the waitress after that and said, “Yue Ran, come on, let’s go. I’ve already booked a table in a nice place.”

Qin Yue Ran finally got angry and frowned, “Feng Shi Jie, could you please stop calling me Yue Ran! I have a family name, Qin! So call me Qin Yue Ran! Haven’t you seen I am with friends? Do you think leaving them would be polite?”

Feng Shi Jie glanced at Lu Zhan and Lin Feng and grinned, “Heyyy hey hey! Isn’t this Officer Lu? What are you doing here?”

What a humiliation. Feng Shi Jie had been there for a while already, and this idiot had pretended not to see them the whole time.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but didn’t say anything. Feng Shi Jie glanced at Lin Feng and said, looking down on Lin Feng, “Hm? I don’t know him. Could it be that he’s one of your friends as well?”

When Qin Yue Ran saw his scornful expression, she put her cup of milk tea back on the table stiffly and said, “Feng Shi Jie, are you done causing trouble? I told you I have a boyfriend! He’s my boyfriend!”

Lin Feng’s cheeks suddenly burned. Qin Yue Ran dared say he was her boyfriend?

But when Feng Shi Jie heard Qin Yue Ran, his eyes were suddenly filled with murder. He looked at Lin Feng icily. Lin Feng didn’t intend to be a coward and submit easily. Feng Shi Jie looked at him? So what? Lin Feng also looked at him straight in the eyes!

Lin Feng had already condensed pure Qi in his eyes. However, Lin Feng had to admit that Feng Shi Jie’s gaze was powerful as well!

An ordinary person would have gone insane. The most terrifying thing was feeling nervous when going into battle. If someone felt nervous at that moment, they would start crying and lose.

But today, Feng Shi Jie’s opponent was Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s cultivation hadn’t completely recovered yet, and he could use only a fifth of his it right now, but he had killed many people in his life. He had experience and besides, eye contact was an ordinary thing to do in the cultivation world.

But after three to five seconds, Feng Shi Jie frowned, and his eyebrows started shaking. His heart started pounding. Feng Shi Jie was stupefied. The man in simple clothes in front of him was so strong!

Finally, ten seconds later, Feng Shi Jie couldn’t stand it anymore. His eyes suddenly rolled and became extremely watery, then tears flowed down his cheeks. He had lost!

That was how cultivators compared the stability of their inner strength and pure Qi!

Feng Shi Jie rubbed his eyes, feeling awkward. He smiled and said, “I hadn’t thought you’d be so strong! Hehe, when you have time, we can exchange views on cultivation.”

Lin Feng didn’t frown or say anything. He turned his head and said to Qin Yue Ran. “Ran Ran, it’s sunny today; let’s go shopping!”

Qin Yue Ran was astonished. She had butterflies in the stomach when she heard Lin Feng call her Ran Ran, but she also understood why he did so; he was helping her in her plan to get rid of Feng Shi Jie!

“Alright, let’s go. Officer Lu, are you coming with us?” asked Qin Yue Ran.

Lu Zhan didn’t know what to say. He knew they were just pretending. But he couldn’t go with them, or it would come down to agreeing to be the third wheel.

Feng Shi Jie didn’t wait for Lu Zhan to speak. He hammered the table and broke its off. Feng Shi Jie swore ferociously, “Do you know who I am, little boy? You want to die or what?”

Lin Feng acted as if Feng Shi Jie didn’t exist though. He stepped to Qin Yue Ran and took her hand to help her stand up, then turned around and they walked away.

However, as soon as Lin Feng turned around, Feng Shi Jie charged and threw a punch. Even though he knew Lin Feng was a strong cultivator, he didn’t fear him. The Feng Clan was extremely powerful in Jiang Nan!

Even if Lin Feng was extremely strong, he couldn’t compete with the Feng Clan. Besides, Feng Shi Jie was convinced that his punch was enough to severely injure an ordinary cultivator!

But he was wrong. Lin Feng didn’t even turn his head around, he put his hand behind his back and blocked Feng Shi Jie’s punch without even looking. He shoved, and Feng Shi Jie was pushed back three steps.

Feng Shi Je’s hand suddenly hurt, and his arm started feeling numb. However, Lin Feng didn’t feel anything. He just smiled. If his cultivation had completely recovered, even the Most Exalted Lord Lao wouldn’t be able to compete with him!

When turning around, Lin Feng had materialized his bone tablet in his hand so that Feng Shi Jie would touch it.

Feng Shi Jie suddenly looked at his fist and paled. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He couldn’t believe it. His fist had turned black from the Qi! 


Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran came out of the milk tea house and turned right, heading down the street. Feng Shi Jie shouted from behind them, “Wait for me you fucking son of a bitch! I will destroy you!”

Feng Shi Jie jumped into his car and rushed off like a shot. Qin Yue Ran was finally relieved.

“Lin Feng, are you alright?” asked Qin Yue Ran immediately. She could tell something was strange even though Lin Feng didn’t say anything.

She knew he was just pretending. Qin Yue Ran felt guilty. “You’re really insane; why did you throw a punch? Couldn’t you just hide?”

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “Eh… If I had dodged, he would have thought I was afraid of him. Now he knows I don’t fear him. He can come again. I don’t mind teaching him a lesson a second time.”

Lu Zhan wasn’t far from Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran, and kept shaking his head. He thought the two seemed like a good match, like a brilliant young scholar and a beautiful woman, but Lu Zhan shook his head, “Unfortunately, Lin Feng was unlucky in life, but…”

Lin Feng turned around and walked towards Lu Zhan. Qin Yue Ran was stupefied and shouted, “Hey! Lin Feng! Aren’t we going shopping?”

Lin Feng didn’t answer her question, “I achieved my mission. Go shopping? What shopping? I don’t go shopping. I don’t like spending money!”

Qin Yue Ran clenched her fists. She really wanted to run after Lin Feng and punch him. She hadn’t thought he would propose that they go shopping and in the end what did he do? It was all a lie!

But thinking about it, she couldn’t help but sigh. They were indeed just acting. Besides, she was the one who had started it all. In the end, she had almost believed it was true!

“Lin Feng, are you really alright? I have medicine for inner injuries,” said Lu Zhan, taking out a jar. There were two blood-red pills inside.

Lin Feng took them and smelled them. They smelled fresh. His internal organs instantly felt comfortable. Lin Feng took them and threw them into his mouth, chewing them loudly!

Lu Zhan couldn’t help but gulp down and whisper, “Those pills were made using thousand-year-old snake blood… They should be taken slowly… Why… Why did you take them both and instantly swallow them?”

Lin Feng said disapprovingly, “Pfffff… Who said that? I don’t have rules. I enjoy taking medicine this way. Is there a problem?”

Lu Zhan shook his head, sighing, “It’s worth a thousand bucks. You should enjoy them. Actually, if you let them melt in your mouth, the taste is incredible…”

“What? One pill, one thousand bucks?” Lin Feng was speechless. He had thought they were worthless. Those crappy pills, one thousand bucks?

But in reality, Lin Feng’s heart also twitched. Since he had come back to the Earth, he was slowly getting used to the rules again. He was a guard, and he only earned about two thousand yuan a month. He hadn’t thought that in less than two seconds, he would spend what he earned in one month!

“Officer Lu, the pill was made using thousand-year-old snake blood, but which snake did it come from? Was it raised in captivity?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

He was on Earth, not in the World of Battles or the Continent of the Nine Clouds. A snake that could live one thousand years was incredible. Where was it?

Lu Zhan grinned, “Your question isn’t very smart. How could a human raise a thousand-year-old snake? Generations of people would be needed to raise it!”

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