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Chapter 1533: The Great Miss’ Bodyguard!


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 “But since it wasn’t raised by a human, how can anyone be sure the snake was really a thousand years old?” When Lin Feng saw Lu Zhan was calling him dumb, he tried to make things difficult for Lu Zhan on purpose.

Lu Zhan shook his head, “Come on, don’t play semantics. It’s just a name. Nothing can live for a thousand years after all, right?”

At that moment, Qin Yue Ran suddenly arrived and asked, “Where did you get those pills?”

Lin Feng was curious too. Where had Lu Zhan obtained such mysterious and precious pills? Ordinary pharmacies probably didn’t sell such things!

“Eh… At some auctions. I got twenty in total. I spent four times what I earn in a month!” said Lu Zhan. When he recalled the auctions, his heart ached.

“Since when are pills sold at auctions? I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Qin Yue Ran asked skeptically. She loved shopping and buying things, so she loved auctions, but she had never seen any auctions where pills were sold!

When Lu Zhan heard Qin Yue Ran, he smiled mysteriously and said in a low voice, “You can’t understand. Do you know the saying ‘different trades, world apart’? It means it is a closed book to people who are outside the profession. People who belong to the real cultivation world have their own auctions, but they’re underground and ordinary people don’t know about them.”

The three people walked and chatted at the same time. Lin Feng was curious about the underground auctions. He had to ask where and when there were auctions.

Lu Zhan said mysteriously, “Regarding the locations, I can’t tell you because people can only go if they are recommended. Besides, even if I told you, you wouldn’t be able to find them and even if you did, you wouldn’t be able to get in. But if you’re interested, I can recommend you.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help but sigh. As expected, different trades, world apart. Even though he was a cultivator too, he had only been on Earth for a short time, so there were things he didn’t know or couldn’t do. But Lin Feng already had some ideas.

“Officer Lu, what if I want to sell some items?”

“It’s generally possible, but you have to bring your items to the auction house and then they have to go through some validation and screening processes. The number of items is restricted each time. To have a chance to have your item selected, it must be good and easy to sell, and there must be demand for it. If your item is ordinary, nobody will want it!” explained Lu Zhan.

Lu Zhan then took out a leather pouch from his jacket’s inner pocket. He took a yellow scroll out from it. Lin Feng looked at it and Lu Zhan asked, “Do you know what kind of precious treasure this is?”

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know what it could be used for, with some common sense, it wasn’t difficult to understand. Lin Feng said loftily, “It’s just a talisman. It’s made of yellow paper and then red ink is used to draw those magic figures. It can be used to perform rituals.”

Lin Feng remembered he had seen such things when he was a child. Lu Zhan was astonished. Then he sighed and shook his head, “Lin Feng! Ah, Lin Feng! I really wonder where you learn all these things.” Then he added, “This is not a movie prop, it’s a genuine invisibility talisman! It costs three thousand bucks! You can use it up to five times! It’s priceless!”

When Qin Yue Ran heard that, she gasped with astonishment. She tried to take it from Lu Zhan’s hand, but Lu Zhan hastily snatched his hand back and said, “Be careful! It’s my precious treasure. I’ve been holding it for almost ten years! Don’t touch it!”

“Pfff! You’re just showing off! You think I believe you? Nothing can become invisible in our world. An invisibility talisman! Ridiculous!” said Qin Yue Ran.

But Lin Feng believed Lu Zhan. He didn’t need to lie about something like that. Lin Feng asked, “Have you ever used this talisman? Is there a possibility that it could be fake?”

Lu Zhan pff’ed and said angrily, “How could it be fake!? I’ve used it when I was spying on someone during a mission. He was completely unaware of me!”


As they chatted, they arrived in front of Lu Zhan’s dormitory. Many young men were in the area. They were all working out. Some of them were breaking stones with bare hands, some were playing darts, some were climbing the building.

Qin Yue Ran was interested in strange things. She said approvingly, “How strong! They’re even more skilled than acrobats!”

Someone looked at her angrily. They were practicing, how dare she compare them to acrobats?!

The man glared at Qin Yue Ran silently. Qin Yue Ran felt awkward and stuck out her tongue!

“Lin Feng, be my bodyguard. You’re the only one who can compete with Feng Shi Jie,” Qin Yue Ran implored him.

Lin Feng looked pensive and in the end, he nodded. Qin Yue Ran gasped happily, and hopped around while giggling, “Awesome! Awesome! I have a boyfriend… No… I have a bodyguard…”

Lin Feng said straightforwardly, “But on one condition. If you agree, I can be your bodyguard; otherwise, I refuse.”

Qin Yue Ran glared at him angrily and said, “Ugh! What condition? You just accepted!”

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly, “It seems you’re not willing to show some good faith, so forget it.”

Qin Yue Ran groaned icily and got in a huff, “You’re not nice! Tell me. What condition? I’m warning you, no presumptuous demands. I’m not an easy woman!”

A waterfall of sweat appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead when he heard that. What did “presumptuous demands” mean? What was an easy woman? He didn’t continue arguing and said, “Alright, I accept only if I can work outside of my usual working hours as a guard. I have to work, after all.”

Even though Lin Feng couldn’t be a guard forever, as long as there was no winner between Manager Zhang and Chairman Sun, he couldn’t quit. Lin Feng didn’t intend to leave Jinjiang for the time being. He had to help Chairman Sun, as he had helped him first.

Qin Yue Ran looked thoughtful for a few seconds, then frowned and accepted. Everything was changing. Qin Yue Ran couldn’t help but admire Lin Feng for his intelligence and wisdom. 


Lin Feng stayed until noon before saying goodbye to Lu Zhan and walking back to the police compound. When they arrived at the gate, Lin Feng said to Qin Yue Ran, “See you. If you need my protection, call me and I’ll do my best to come as quickly as I can.”

Qin Yue Ran said, “I need you right now, what do we do?”

Lin Feng thought she was making things difficult for him on purpose as a joke and shook his head. He couldn’t spend whole days having fun with her, after all. He also had things to do!

“Hey, why are you following me? I’m going back to Jinjiang.” When Lin Feng arrived in front of a taxi, he realized Qin Yue Ran was still behind him.

“I said I need your protection now. Since you don’t have time. I had no choice but to make concessions to ensure my own safety by following you…” said Qin Yue Ran. as if it were a logical thing to do. Lin Feng had nothing to say. She was entirely right!

But how was that protection? It was just two people staying together, nothing more. If they faced danger, alone or not, it didn’t matter.

Qin Yue Ran didn’t let Lin Feng speak. She stopped the taxi and sat down in the back. Lin Feng got in as well and asked the driver to go to the Jinjiang residential district. 


The taxi driver arrived quickly. Lin Feng got out of the car and said, “Qin Yue Ran, I’m going back to the dormitory to have a rest. Are you coming with me?” Lin Feng asked, convinced she would refuse. It would be troublesome if she followed him. Da Liu and the others were there after all.

Qin Yue Ran blushed. What Lin Feng had just said sounded so suggestive… But Qin Yue Ran smiled in amusement, “Don’t worry. Since you’re going to sleep and not to work, I can tell you one thing. Actually, I’m renting an apartment in this residential district. That way, it’s more convenient for you to protect me.”

Lin Feng swallowed. He couldn’t believe it and asked, “What? You’re renting an apartment in this residential district? Since when?”

Qin Yue Ran didn’t care whether Lin Feng was happy or not, she grabbed his arm and started walking, and at the same time, she said, “Don’t worry about that. All you need to know is that we live in that flat now!”

The fact that Lin Feng and Qin Yue Ran were chatting leisurely and freely in the residential district drew some apartment owners’ attention. They were just having a walk in the residential district. Everybody looked at Lin Feng curiously and strangely.

They all thought Lin Feng had never had a girlfriend. At least, they had never seen him with a woman before. Now he had just brought a really beautiful young lady, and she was holding his arm as they walked!

Of course, some people also felt angry.

“Hey hey hey! Hurry up and look! That guard brought his girlfriend! Hehehehehehe! How beautiful! What a couple!” whispered a middle-aged woman.

A woman next to her said, “Beautiful is beautiful, but we can’t be sure that woman is his girlfriend. She could be a prostitute, too. He’s a guard, how could he have such a beautiful girlfriend?”

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